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Mandarin CSR. Speak, read, write and type Simplified Chinese

Quezon City, NCR, Philippines
March 28, 2018

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Mr. Choni Lim updated Mar **, ****

** ******** **. ****** ****

Smart # 092*-****-*** Globe # had expired and I am not able to send messages.

No health, drugs, gambling or smoking problems

Filipino Citizen


OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Mandarin call center job 目地 取得 国语客服中心工作

Computer Skills: Microsoft 7, Word, Excel, Internet E-mail

Detail Oriented and Systematic 详细 和 系统性

Flexible and Self-motivated 变通 和 负责

Multilingual: Chinese Mandarin only, English, Tagalog

多语言: 国语,英文,菲语

- I have 4 English-Chinese- Industry trade books : 英汉文 标准行业书

1.) Automation 自动化 600+ pages

2.) Mechanical (Automotive) 机械 - 汽车 1,120 pages

3.) 25 Industries (trades) 产业 1,657 pages

4.) Medical record writing terminology 病历写作与记录用语 374 pages. Bought 2/11/2018


7/10/ 2017- Teleport Online gambling 网络赌博

12/29/2017 Mandarin CSR back office. M - F 11 - 8 pm.

Salary : 60, 000 Php. December bonus 25,000 Php.

Bilingual Super agent : Responsible for players on 5 online gambling websites ( USA, Canada)

1) 2) 3) 4) Joe

5) > sports > NBA, baseball, football, Poker: Omaha Poker, Texas Hold Em Poker

Horseracing wagers: 赛马赌注

Straight bets: WPS = Win, Place, Show 直接赌注

1. Win Bet ( 1st place winner) 赢注

2. Place bets ( 1st and 2nd place winner). Normally pays less than a Win bet on the same horse because the entire pool is split into 2 groups: Those whose horse finished first and those horse finished second. 下赌注 第一和第二赢家

3. Show Bet > ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner). Split between 3 groups of people. Pays less than Win or Place bets.显示赌注 第一, 二, 三赢家

Exotic Wagers: 奇异赌注

Exacta > 2 horses> 1,2 > The horse # player selected, must finish in the exact order 1 and 2

Trifecta > 3 horses > 1,2,3 > The horse # player selected, must finish in the exact order 1, 2 & 3.

Superfecta > 4 horses > 1,2,3,4> Horse # player selected must finish in the exact order 1,2,3 & 4.

Quinella > 1,2 Selecting 2 finishers in a race in any order.

Daily Double > 2 consecutive races. If 1 leg lost. the entire wager is a loss.

Pick 3 > Selecting 1st place winners in 3 consecutive races. If 1 lost entire wager is a loss.

Pick 4 > Selecting 1st place winners in 4 consecutive races. If 1 lost entire wager is a loss.

Other type of horse racing wagers:

1)Daily Double Rules:

Scratched rule #1: if it's a loss there's no consolation. If it's a win there's a consolation.

Scratched rule #2 depends on the racetrack if there would be consolation or refund.

2)Coupled entry > 2 or more horses running together as a single betting unit. The horses has the same #.

3)#1 and #1 A = 1 bet.

4)Next 5 races

5)Today's Tracks

6)Futures & Propositions


8)Horse betting rebates

The first 3 months we reply to players through email in English. for us to get acquainted with the company'spolicy. Payments through Credit card, Bitcoin 比特币(Cryptocurrency), money gram ( bank transfer).

Rapid transfer 转帐 (Canada ). CBC Check By Courier 支票用快递, etc...

Players transfer from restricted to unrestricted states or country and vice versa.

前三个月我们是跟玩家用英文电子邮件回电 让我们熟须公司网络规定 和玩法 到了第五个月 还是没有玩家在跟我们交谈 所以我们已经听到工司要把我们赶走

Since these sites are only allowed in the US, Canada and Australia. Agents are not able to review or study the rules & regulations. The website is able to detect, if site is being accessed by restricted countries like Philippines.

We can only see the answers at KB (Knowledge Base ) Portal. No time to write down notes. Most of them is remembered through memory. Due to time constraint, our instructor do not have time to stop during training.

No reviewers or notes to bring home for review. We must pass all 10 assessments (exams).

Most of the employees are long time employees. New trainees decided not to continue due to information overload and exams. We don't even have time to read the information on exams that are given. All just snip and paste to the Word pad and take the exam using Google to get answers. Even 3 year veterans fail the examinations.

Employees coming from other departments are called Super Agents. They are trained for other websites. Usually transferred from 1 department (website) to the other. If they have accumulated or experienced all 5 Gaming websites . They may be transferred to another department called All Stars. Their salaries are increased and trained as officers.

The Bilingual team translated the canned response ( Ready made answers) from English to Mandarin for Bovada Casino. The terminology hasn't been decided. Each Bilingual has his own terminology. Teleport will decide which terminology to use. After we finish the Bovada Casino translation, they gave us a copy of Teleport's terminology using Excel.

1.Benefits : After 3 weeks of training, we received our HMO card ( Health Medical Organization) AVEGA-IntelliCare Health insurance card for up to 100,000 pesos. Up to 3 dependents allowed

2.Monthly team building allowance PhP 2,000/ person/ month

3.No late incentives Php 2,000 / every 2 weeks.

4.Every month a middle class Ala Carte restaurant is invited to the pantry. Free meals for over 200 employees.

1.福利 > 三个星期的训练之后 我们得到公司健康維護組織卡HMO Card (医疗保险

2. 每个月 每一个人有两千菲币团队整训

3. 无迟到奖金 每两个星期可以得到两千菲币

4. 每一个月公司会请一个中等餐厅到配餐室请两百多个员工吃饭

December bonus 25,000 Php. plus grocery items. Received the bonus on Dec 5.

Our tax deduction is only 10 to 11,000/ month.

Reason for leaving : Our Team Leader is from the FS (Financial Services). The Bilingual group consist of 3 persons. We were included in his team under his management. He is always busy doing other things. Always going to the meeting. Work schedule conflict. We would only meet 3 days in a week. Our Team Leader (TL) told the FS team to help us. But colleagues replied, Bilinguals need to treat them.

Our FS Chat colleagues are not providing the right answers. They always give conflicting answers. When we ask through the Hip Chat for Bilingual, consisting of Team Leaders who can reply. They provide different answers. We would then need to correct it again.

Then after correcting it. Raise our hand again. And most of the time, the first TL that replied to the answer is now busy and need to answer to his own team. The next TL would check and give a different answer . It's not correct, and we need to correct it again. By the time we got it correct, it would have taken us an hour to get it right.

Some FS colleagues require us to treat them pizza every month. For Bilingual team to get some answers. Because my Bilingual colleague started to treat them with Pizza Hut. They require us to treat the whole team (13 persons). Pogi (handsome) points. Because they know our salary is higher than them. After I told this is the last treat. They never give the right answer. We never asked them again. Bilinguals would try to answer it on our own. Raise hand through the HipChat, to have Team Leaders from other groups check, if our answers can be sent to the Player. That's the only time we'll know if our answers are correct or not. We usually wait for the Team leader's. As they have their own team to attend to. Their priority is their team.

Answers can be found at KB (Knowledge Base) only. It consumes a lot of reading time. We are required to raise hand and ask Team Leaders if our reply is correct. before we send it.

We also have themes every month. Basketball uniforms, basketball hats, all-black every Monday due to football season. Picture taking every month for the themes. It consumes a lot of our time. Instead of concentrating on finding the right answers.

Bilinguals are also pressured to help the team win December's theme. Our group's theme was Maui. The FS team was only 2nd place for 5 consecutive years.

On November 30. After my work, I stayed for 2 hours and helped the team in hanging the handicrafts. But before leaving, I checked the placement of the decorations we made and I knew we would lose. I told our Theme Leader., I have to re-position the decors as we will lose. She agreed. The result ? We were the champion and got the award of 10,000 pesos. We used the funds for our Dec 26 Christmas party at Beech Restaurant. We also used the team monthly build-up allowance 2,000 pesos/ per person.

We rented a booth with karaoke for 3,000+ pesos, consumable (food included). Made our last exchange gift of 300 pesos. Plus take home appliances for everyone.

双语也有压力帮队赢十二月份的主题 是夏威夷Maui 主题

在十一月三十日 我下班后 我流下来 花掉两个小时帮忙挂摆件 离开之前我再检查 而知道会输 所以我告诉主题队长 我需要再调整摆设 她同意 结果我们得冠军 奖金壹万菲币 奖金用在Beech餐厅庆祝圣诞节和唱KTV. 还有每一个人得到家用具

On my last day, HR asked me to tell them about the problem. Cause this is their first time to handle Bilinguals. Abby said she would correct the problem, but won't be able to see her improvement. She was thankful for caring for the remaining Bilinguals.

最后一天, 人事部问我 告诉她有哪些问题 因为这是第一次聘请到双语 她说她很高兴我还是关心剩下的双语人员 她说她会改进而她可惜我 看不到她的进步

2 months before Team Manager Giselle asked me if there was any problem. I informed her about the problem. She gave us a new Team Leader Hector. He was excellent in providing answers and explanations, but then he was sent to training. Again we would meet only 3 days in a week.

On our fourth month, Bilinguals received Chat re-training. No Mandarin chat players received for more than a month and Bilinguals knew company would be terminating us anytime. .

第四个月之后 公司再训练 我们交谈 可是还是没有交谈玩家 双语已知道公司会随时把我们解雇.

Certificate of Employment and salary records are available if needed.

7 Team Leaders (TL) at Teleport gaming were suddenly terminated at the end of November 2017. Company informed them that they were not doing anything. 1 TL with 7 years work was given the ultimatum. Sign the resignation paper or she will not receive 70,000 pesos for the termination.

All agents received their bonus on Dec. 4, 2017 plus Holiday food packs.

My comment on this is because they are Team Leaders and their bonus are much higher than most of the employees. That is the main reason for their termination.

7 个队长被解雇 公司说他们没在工作 1个队长做了七年而公司说她必须签辞职书不然她不能那到七万菲币

我觉得队长被解雇是因为圣诞节到了 不想发队长高红利 一个队长做了七年 如不签辞职书不能收七万菲币

05/05/2017- Inform Marketing Agency ( Inform 营销机构)

05/31/2017 Mandarin Lead Generation Specialist (outbound call agent)

国语线索专家 ( 往国外打通 客服人员

Salary: 70,000 pesos Work hours: M - F 8:30 - 5:30 pm

First Account : ShoreTel VoIP Voice over Internet Phone

ShoreTel l通過互聯網電話的聲音

Shortel VoIP have more features than Avaya phones.

Shortel 網络電話可以转到手提电脑或手机 Avaya 电话就没办法

Requirement: We can only call/ talk to the IT Manager. No other person is

qualified to talk to the Lead agents.

Minimum order is 200 telecom sets. Companies must have the budget

of 1 million pesos ready, to qualify as lead. Calls up China & Hong Kong

leads daily. We have only 1 week to find the leads. If there are no plans or

budget is not ready they are not qualified as lead.

Our agency only provided company names and telephone numbers. Other

information we need to search for it by ourselves on the internet.

We are required to check IT Manager names at LinkedIn. But it is not


We must join and pay LinkedIn from our own pocket to get this service.

For LinkedIn to provide me, the employee names and office positions.

I have to search at the Mandarin Website. IT Manager names are not

published on Chinese site either. I have to call the companies & ask the

names of IT Manager. Companies do not give the name of the IT Managers

Secretaries or operators think we are just scammer. Some companies have

scammer number detector.

ShoreTel 条件: 我们只能跟信息技术经理谈这些事情.其他人没有资格跟

我们谈 公司给的线索,只是工司名字和电话号码.其它的资讯要自己找.

LinkedIn 服务需要自己交钱.

ShoreTel 须求: 线索的预算时间. 需要买两百件的统一通信电话, 资金的一

百万该准备好 才可以算是一个线索. 我们只有一个星期找线索

Second account : Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 惠普企业

Hardware and Cloud software storage 卖硬体和虚 拟软件存储

Server (on/off premise / private or combination ( public & private). 服务器

Storage ( Blade/ Rack or Tower type) 存储(刀片/架 或 塔型

Network infrastructure(switches交换器, access points交换口,router路由器

Cloud (on/ off premise file storage ) 虚 拟( 在 或 不在现场存储档案

Software ( Firewall/ Anti-virus) 软件(防火墙/ 防毒

HPE requirement : We can only talk to the IT Manager. We have only 1 week

to ask. The fund of 1 million pesos must be prepared and ready to purchase

to qualify as lead.

惠普须求: 我们只能跟网络经理谈这些事情. 在一个月内,经理须要预


Third account: Online search for leads in Taiwan 在网上找台湾线索

Research the companies in E-magazine. Required to translate Mandarin to

English if there are no English names. Type in Simplified Chinese .

The Taiwan government does all advertising for the export oriented

companies. The Taiwan government prints the Taiwan Trade monthly

magazines from electronics, fishing, computer, etc.. for free. You can get a

free copy every month at the Taipei World Trade Center. Computex Taipei,

Bicycle Trade, Fishing Trade Show, etc... sponsored by Taiwan government.

For Hotels, Apartments, B & B, restaurants, etc... They get free advertising

from Trip Advisor. 台弯政府免费帮外销工司处理广告的事情

Employees have not familiarize the campaign yet. Within the week you

must have the quota. Otherwise you are terminated.

The same as the financial trading it is quota based. You may get the quota

this week, but not sure the next week.

Quota is simply lucky timing. Companies that happen to have the

budget/ fund ready even before you made the call.

数额是运气刚好 您还没打到公司之前 他们已经批准预算

An un-stable job for employees. Agent hiring and terminations every week.

员工还没熟悉工作 而下个星期员工需要拿到额度 不然被解约 更外

汇一样 这个星期拿到额度 可是下个星期没把握 不稳定的工作

I am not an IT graduate but because of my computer sales in Taiwan &

technician background. It helped me to understand easily.

Certificate of Employment available. 获得就业证 (獲得就業證).

05/06/2016- Scoot Airline 酷 航

02/28/2017 Mandarin CSR Call agent ( Reservations - ticketing )中文客服人员

Singapore Airline parent company 新加坡航空 母工司

Salary: 60,000 pesos. 3:00 pm - 12 midnight ( closing ). Night differential plus

Overtime (OT). 65,000 above. December bonus 7,000 pesos.

Uses the SkySpeed (Airline booking system) 使用Skyspeed 行空售票系统

to help Scoot Airline 酷航, and affiliate airlines like Nokscoot Airlines酷鸟航空( Thailand ), Tiger Airline虎 航 passengers who are unable to book online. Purchasing flight reservations, re-booking (re-scheduling), baggage, meals, seats, etc... 买机票, 从订, 行李, 餐点, 座位, 等等

Handle voice support from China, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, etc. .

Mandarin callers can speak in English, but Scoot agents are required to speak in Mandarin only. 处理打来的华人. 客服人员只能用中文沟通

Assist passenger (pax ) complaints, concerns and inquiries via phone calls, emails to Scoot 酷航, Nokscoot 酷鸟, Tiger虎航 处理打来的乘客问题

Experience in handling complaints and resolutions due to online problems. 处理乘客上网问题 抱怨和解决有经验

Helps Zendesk email dept of Scoot & Nokscoot to translate medical certificates from Simplified Chinese ( China) or Traditional Chinese ( Taiwan) to English verbally for email team to approve/ dis-approve voucher or credit card refunds, etc...

帮英文电字邮箱部门 翻议诊断书. 简体字或繁(正)体字

Helps guest to pay using their credit card (Visa and Master Card) through the SkySpeed system. 帮乘客信用卡 万事达或委士 付款

Inform guests how to use credit card correctly when they book online.


Inform guests how to send the medical/ death certificate to feedback form on Scoot website, etc...

教乘客怎么寄诊断书 (医疗/死亡 ) 到反馈箱(长见问答 )

helps pax to redeem voucher (re-booking) due to medical conditions or death 帮乘客赎回机票使用抵用券.

Explains how to use MMB (Manage My Booking)管理预订for payment or adding any other services they need 教乘客使用管理预订和其它服务等等

Schedule change ( re-booking) due to weather ( typhoon/ flood/ fog/ snow ) or plane scheduled maintenance / cooperation with the airport on departure date. 帮乘客从订机票因为天气不好或飞机维修(保养).

The company doesn't require agents to sell the Scoot connecting flight insurance called SCOOT THRU. Still I was able to sell 100 % through the phone.

虽然工司没有免强我们卖酷航接机保险 称为 酷转服务.我还是在电话推售了100% .

If pax are interested in regular insurance. SPI regulation: We should inform pax to call our affiliated insurance company instead, and inform guest: Only Licensed Insurance agents are qualified to provide these information.

假如乘客对一般保险有兴取. 工司规定,我们该通知乘客说需要打给保险公司 只有保险工司才有资格提供这些讯息 他们有考执照

I receive 35 - 40 calls per day. A colleague named Bryan gets about 50 calls, but he made too many mistakes. He was terminated after 3 months. He had worked at AirAsia before. Other agents received fewer calls because they were selling food & cosmetic products to our colleagues.

Note for employers : Scoot agents have the pax insurance benefits & compensation information from affiliated company except the price.

Mandarin-Cantonese Team Leader (TL) Berwin Go cannot read Mandarin.

SPI promoted him to TL but never received the salary of 90,000 as agreed.

I had perfected my personalized (tailored) communication skill for the airline

account. Online booking problems, etc...


Most pax would listen to my advise instead of filing a complaint to feedback

form due to wrong information given by travels agencies.

Travel agencies booking errors > group bookings/ meals/ baggage requirements. I inform passengers how to correct the problems.

Pax who weren't able to board the plane on time is the biggest problem.

Scoot / Nokscoot Airline Check-in / departure time is early by 1 hour. Sometimes a group of 5 pax are left behind. Pax wants refund. Usually it would take agents minimum of 15 minutes to over 1 hour for passengers to understand. Since I perfected my own script. It would take me 2 to 5 minutes of explanation for them to agree. Usually pax would not buy new tickets. But some passengers would buy new plane ticket from me instead of not departing. Some pax would need to check their schedule, before booking.

如果乘客迟到没有登机 通常客服人员 需要跟乘客讲15分钟到1个小时以上 但是我以经沟通完善设计 只需要两到五分钟的时间解释 乘客也会跟我购买新的机票 通常如有这个事情发生 客服人员不卖机票,只挂电话

If there is schedule change due to weather or plane maintenance. Non-stop calls from time in, until time out from work. Re-confirm the flight,

re-sched the flight date within 7 days, voucher refund, etc...

假如天气不好或飞机需要维修. 这个时后就会不段的电话通. 从打卡时间到下班. 改日期 抵用卷退款, 等等...

Irate passengers or callers would constantly thank me for giving them the correct or vital info. Need to retain regular customers also get new passengers. I would rather have quality calls than 2 minute calls

发怒乘客一直感激我 因为我给他们对的和重要的讯息

I never had any complaint from re-booking, pax or travel agency payments. Even though they are always rushing us.

我从来没有重订 乘客 或代销店意见 不管乘客每次赶我们

I noticed that travel agencies prefer to pay me. Using their company credit cards. It would reach around 50,000 yuan. I seldom hear my colleagues getting agency payments. Even though calls are on rotation basis.

我发现平常代销店比较喜欢我帮他们缴钱 使用他们公司的信用卡 我很少听到其他人员接代理商缴钱的事 即使电话是轮流的

Colleagues are imitating every word I said since I have tailored my own communication skill/ script for Scoot Airline. Making passengers delighted

同事在模仿我说的每一句 因为我已经完善设计我的沟通技术.让乘客更开心

SPI-Global was sold to SPI-CRM on January 2017.

Because a lot of English & Mandarin agents didnt work on December &

New Year holidays. Singapore Airlines decided not to re-contract.

Scoot Airline dissolved the account with SPI.

SPI doesnt want to pay the compensation for terminating Mandarin agents,

due to dissolved account. SPI transferred Mandarin agents to PAL ( Philippine

Airlines) account, as English agent. Salary 15,000 pesos/month.

On Nov 2017, I received my Tax Refund of 30,000 pesos. The monthly

deduction for tax was 20 - 24,000 pesos/ month.

SPI didnt give the tax refunds to Mandarin agents who were transferred to


Reason for leaving: Scoot account dissolved due to poor management.

离开原因 帐户被解散.因为很多员工在年假,没有去上班. 因为公司管理不好.

SPI Espana, Manila contract with Scoot Airline until March 31, 2017

We never received the HMO Health Care benefits after 3 months of work. I worked at SPI for 9 months.

I received the Perfect attendance certificates for May & June 2016

在 5月和 6月份收到 400全勤和证书

400 pesos Sodexo gift cheque for perfect attendance. 收到400菲币 礼品

Certificate of Employment available 获得就业证 (獲得就業證)

Received my Tax Refund of 30,000 pesos on Nov 2017. 获得三万菲币退税

I made an Airline terminology book which I can easily recall when hired again as Airline representative.

11/29/ 2015 - Trip Advisor 旅行顾问 工司 Mandarin Call agent & back office emails

1/15/2016 World's biggest travel advisory 世界最大旅行顾问公司

Salary 55,000. Plus O.T. 65K+

Answer calls also translate the Zendesk (templates 样板) to Chinese, to

reply to customer emails. Some templates are 1 page long.

There were 2 Floor Leaders (FL) to provide 15 new agents the titles of

the Zendesk (templates or macro = set of prepared answers) to reply the

emails or calls.

Computer Technicians to fix the problems were absent due to holidays.

Reason for leaving : APEC ( Asia Pacific) group. First batch of 7 Foreign

Language agents was suddenly formed but company wasn't prepared to

handle it.

亚太经合组,第一批 被成立.可是工司没有准备对付 外语批被停用

We had to wait for Floor Leader (FL) to tell us the Zendesk template title to

reply the emails. We were not taught about the title during training.

Specific title is needed to reply to the customer. It takes FL 10 minutes to

help 1 agent. More than 10 agents have to wait. Most of the time we are on the

phone. Guest are waiting for our answer. They would usually hang up after

more than 2 minutes.

There were no Zendesk (templates 样板= prepared answers ) for foreign

languages. We have to translate it, to be able to reply to emails. Also the

Zendesk answer need to be revised as answers are only half correct.

Zendesk 答案需要修改因为只有一半才是对的 修改然后加其他资讯

Our translated answers need to be sent to HQ (Headquarter) first for

grammar verification. 我们必须 翻译才可以回复电子邮箱. 答案需要寄


I save the translated Zendesk (answers) in case I have the same question in the

future. 我把中文答案存到电脑, 下次不需要翻译同样的问题

New Team Leader (TL) Raquel(Kelly) handled the multi-lingual group.

Cannot speak any foreign language. She admitted she doesnt know what to do,

since she was new to handling foreign group. TL keeps changing her

mind on what work we need to do first. We can always hear the

frustration. First batch of multi-lingual was discontinued due to her zero


队长Raquel (Kelly)不知道,什么事情该先做. 每次厅到 挫折感. 第一组被

解散 因为她无经验

I received 2,100 pesos tax refund even though it was only 1 1/2 months


Certificate of Employment available. 获得就业证 (獲得就業證

9/4 - 16/ 2014 Welder job 焊工 Specialized Products Services Inc. ( SPSI ) contract with

Republic Cement was only 13 days. Work location Batangas Plant.

We were required to do jack hammering when we arrived at the job site. Lift/ throw the sacks of rocks to the dump truck. A laborer's job. Our hands are shaking when welding due to the construction jack hammering.

Cold shower only at the dorm. We bathe at 5 am so we dont get sick or heart stroke due to tiredness from heavy work.

We have to wash our own long sleeve work clothes by hand as there are no washing machine. Each worker has 4 (safety) work shirt. Our shirt & pants are wet with perspiration before lunchtime . But we had no shirt to change/ wear . It takes 3 days to dry a shirt. Absolutely need to wash it every night.

I had to go to the laundry shop to let them wash my pant. I could'nt soak my hands in water too long.

Our meals dried fish (tuyo) everyday &every meal time. They deducted our salary of 900 pesos for the meals. 13 days work.

After the 13 days contract of SPSI with Republic Cement 民国水泥 finished, I

went back to CMPI (City of Malabon Polytechnic Institute) to improve my


I am almost perfect with my welding skill and very satisfied. 电焊技术练好 I

gave myself some rest on June 1, 2015 due to low blood pressure.

6/ 4/ 2013 - Alenaire Airconditioning Phils. # 712-2144 to 52 制冷與冷气技师

7/ 25/ 2013 Refrigeration & Aircon Technician 300 hours OJT ( On Job Training )

Caroline S. Romero HR & Admin. Mgr. 在职培训

We have to hand carry the heavy oxygen/ acetylene cylinders to the work

place, when there is work to be done. Push cart is not advisable as it would

damage properties or injure persons. 推车不可用. 会损坏财产和伤人

No harness ( lifesaving belt ) for our protection so we don't fall off the building. Most of the repair jobs are outside the building from 5th floor up. The belt cost 3,000 pesos up each. I usually go outside the building, but if there is 1 mis-step of my footing or installation deteriorated, and can't hold our weight. That would mean the demise (death) of both technicians on the spot. 工司没有 救生具皮带(三千菲币)如果装置 生锈/退化,这会导(導)致死亡

COE Certificate of Employment available. 获得就业证 (獲得就業證

1/5/ 2013 Xforex Online Foreign Exchange Trading (Malaysian- Chinese account )

2/10/ 2013 Mandarin Call agent (outbound) 网上外汇交易 Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

We call our leads (prospects) daily to Malaysia in Mandarin. Our team leader bought the leads from the last trading company he worked for. The leads were not interested. Mandarin group was discontinued.

Salary: Php 45,000.


1/ 3/ 2012- Audi/ Volkswagen Benz Repair shop 汽车美容 (02) 2218-1113,

3/ 31/2012 Auto Detailing ( Buffing, Polishing, vacuuming, car body sanding, etc

#87 Hsi Yen Rd., Hsintien City, Taiwan (02) 2753-7912

Also help the Taiwanese auto mechanics do sanding work on the door panels to

make sure no dents or blemishes can be seen. Worked with Taiwanese Auto


Reason for leaving: Sick w/ flu for 2 weeks due to winter season work. I got rid

of the flu after I stayed in Phils for a month. Winter cold makes us weak.

Tropical Philippines is best for me.

Salary: NT$ 28,000 + free lunch

12/10/ 2011 MASTER Auto detailing shop. On Job Training for 2 weeks

#563 Ching Ping Rd., Chonghe City, Taiwan 中和市 汽车美容

Owner Mr. Wu # 095*-***-*** worked @ 3M detailing center for 3 years.

5/ 12/ 2011 New Life Homecare ( 02 ) 715-3125, ( 02 ) 881-8412

5/15/ 2011 Custodial Psychiatric Care Facility @ #484 Alegria St. Sampaloc, Manila

44 hours OJT of Psychiatric Clinical Rotation to elderly & adult

Caregiver OJT Certificate given on Dec. 7, 2011 保管精神病 护理設施

United States of America

( 12/07/07 to 07/07/08 ) Caregiver for 87 year old ENT( ear, nose, throat) Surgeon

眼耳喉外科医生 Dr. Paul, in TriBeCa, New York near World Trade Center, then went to

Maine State, Oquossoc ( their summer home near Canadian border). 住家保姆

Dr Paul has muscle weakness due to hernia (cancer 癌症), hip bone fractures 胯骨折,

asthma 气喘, slight dementia. 痴呆症.

He had 2 separate operations of tubes inserted at the back of chest to remove water inside his chest. His wife was letting him sip water at night, while patient was lying in bed.

My job is to assist him brush his teeth.

Let him use the walker as much as possible

Rub moisturizer & put his clothes on after bathing him

Cooks meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) if his wife is busy. Sometimes I feed him, if he is weak.

Let him do exercises as much as possible.

Tapping (Cupping ) his back daily for 10 minutes ( 2 times ) daily. As ordered by the doctor.

I work 12 hours daily, weekly rotation, with a another caregiver. No day off for 7 months.

Because of my medical background & fluent English. Dr Paul & I were able to communicate on the same channel. He was able to laugh more often. His son Jonathan noticed that his memory got better.

His son Jonathan also went to State of Maine. While father & son were discussing something at the living room. Jonathan suddenly called me and said that when he gets old he wants me to take care of him too, and the kind of care I give his dad.

I was in Taiwan on Sept 9, 2008 Friday. I received an email from his son Jonathan Chodosh, that his dad died peacefully. Rest in peace Dr Paul. Such a good doctor.

He would surely be still alive had I not return to Asia due to overstaying.

Salary : US$ 150/ day = US$ 4500 month x 7 months

1/ 26/ 03 to 11/07/07 Worked as professional Caregiver ( Salary : US$ 150/day = US$ 4,500 month for 12 hours or 24 hours). My patients are retired surgeon, architect, professor, policeman, etc... Most of my patient have multiple disease. Alzheimer, incontinent( no control of urination or bowel movement), unable to stand up, need to use wheelchair. If needed, I would cook meals for them.

If patient dies due to sickness, I would work as Carpenter assistant. While waiting for my next patient.

Before I worked as a Caregiver. I have also worked as waiter for 4 months in Japanese restaurant at Washington DC.

Baker in San Francisco, 4 months Baker in New Jersey, As summer came, my work was cut to 3 days a week. No students eating at the bakery. I decided to find other job. As salary was not enough to pay for my rent.

Also worked as Warehouseman for a Carpet Showroom in Lenkert Carpet @ San Francisco for 6 months.(COE available). My German employer decided to close the warehouse as the rent was getting expensive. And decided to retire and return to Germany.

It's easier to find a caregiver job, so I concentrated on that job.

Taiwan, Republic of China

(10/ 1999 to 6/ 2000) Global Manpower Agency ( Taipei )

Mandarin - English Translator: Salary NT$35,000 (Php 49,000) 8 hours only. M-F and 2 Sat half day.

Brings documents to Vocational & Employment Administration Center and apply for OFW ( Overseas Filipino Workers ) caregiver or DH ( Domestic Helper ) hiring.

Bring documents to Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) Center

Brings CLA documents to Taipei Court for public notary.

Brings CLA documents to Manila Economic & Cultural Office (MECO).

Brings caretakers to hospital for medical check-up (arrival, 6 months, 1, 1 , 2, 2 years).

Bring caregivers to police station for finger printing. Apply for Alien Residence Certificate (ARC). I bring their ARC cards to the police stations yearly for extensions.

Picks and types monthly information about Taiwan & Philippines monthly.

Global Newspaper given to Filipina Domestic

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