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MWD LWD Field Engineer

Callao Region, Peru
7000 USD per month
March 22, 2018

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Names: Luis Alfredo ESTRADA VERA Citizenship: Peruvian

Address: Al. Jose de la Riva Agüero 292, Surco, Lima Age: 55 years old Phones: +51-12823055 / +51-996****** Status: Married Place of Birth: Lima, Peru. Languages: Spanish-Native/English E-mails:,


National University of Engineering, Lima - Peru (Ago. 1981-Dec. 1988) BSc. Geologist Engineering


Extensive experience working with advanced technology and over 25 years in the oil and gas, wide knowledge in projects and service management, with correlative professional diversification as: Exploration Geologist, Mud- Logger Geologist, Well-site Geologist, M-LWD Engineer on Formation evaluation and Consultant. Solid experience in works with multidisciplinary teams and under pressure. Organized, honest and reliable. Effective communication in Spanish and English. Trained in Safety, Health, Environment and Survival (Theory and Practice). Assurance and quality control of products and services. Operational risk management analysis.


Feb2015 to Present: CONSULTANT on Drilling of Wells Deviated. Venezuela-Peru-Middle East

MWD-LWD Consultant

Specialist on operations, equipment and tools for drilling of wells deviated in the Oil and Gas industry, M-LWD telemetry system: Pulse Positive, Negative and Electromagnetic. Tools: Directional, Gamma Ray, PWD, Resistivity; and diverse surface gears and Applications M_LWD software.

Venezuela: Trained directly by PDT MWD systems in Houston to coach and give support to the MWD PetroServicios staff in Anaco-Venezuela both as theoretical and as practical on MWD tools and software.

Peru: MLWD Field Engineer and support for NEWSCO Directional Drilling (SAC) Peru. Newsco MLWD Systems (Directional-Gamma-PWD) y Extreme Engineering EM (Directional-Gama-PWD), in Talara Peru.

Inspection, assessment, inventory, QA/QC, records, handle of data, log interpretations and maintenance.

Sep2013- Jan2015: VIKING INTERNATIONAL Ltd., Diyarbakir - Turkey Directional Drilling Department.

Senior Technician-Field Supervisor M/LWD

Coordination of operations and logistic. Assistance and support to the Field Engineers at the rig site.

Test, assessments, records, Control inventory and maintenance of equipment and tools MLWD, spare parts, supplies, consumables and the preparation of the kits ready to go at the oilfield operations

MLWD tools inspection. QA/QC of all the products and services.

Communication and interaction with customer. Support and Log interpretations of Gamma-Resistivity.

MLWD tools: GE’s System positive pulse, Directional, Gamma and Resistivity (Centerfire). HPC’s System positive pulse, Directional, Gama & Azimuthal. Mezintel Logging software. Oil Field: Turkey.

Sep2012- Sep2013: DIRECTIONAL PLUS of Venezuela (a Cathedral Energy Services Co.) Directional Drilling Department.

MWD – LWD Coordinator

Coordination of all the operations and logistic of the department, as well as staff of Field Engineers.

Permanent communication with Customer (Geologist and/or Drilling Engineer).

Records, Control and inventory of all equipment and tools MWD_LWD, spare parts, supplies or consumables related to the field operations. Interface and coordination with the customer.

MWD-LWD tools: EM System (electromagnetic) and positive pulse, Gamma and Resistivity WPR from APS-Technology. Oil Field: Venezuela and Canada.

Sep2004- May2012: GE Oil & Gas, Conroe – Sugar Land, Texas - USA Downhole Technology Division

Technical Services Engineer, MWD / LWD

Technical Specialist on control and measurement of Directional Drilling wells, types: Straight, “S”, Slant, Re-entry y Horizontal (middle radius), as shallows as deeps. Data acquisition and logs generation.

Specialist on MWD systems of kind diverse: Negative, positive and Electromagnetic.

Down hole tools: Directional / Gamma Ray / Resistivity at the Rig.

Assistance and support to the customer by phone, E-mail and at the oilfield, shop, wherever he needs to fix suddenly issues.

Provide training to the customer’s staff on use and operation of MWD / LWD tools and software.

Pre and post physical inspection and test of tool string & surface system.

Maintenance (strip down and re-build) of tool string and surface systems.

Records and Reports of performance and behavior of the equipment and tools.

Inventory and Quality Control of tool string and surface equipment of MWD - LWD.

Test and assess the Performance and behavior of new products at oilfield and/or facility test such as new pulser generation, Rotary Steerable Project, others.

Specialist: On Geolink System tool MWD mud pulse of kind negative / Gamma Ray.

On Geolink System tool CPR (Compact Propagation Resist.) and TRIM (Induction.

On Pilot System tool MWD Mud Pulse of kind positive. On Tensor System tool MWD Mud Pulse of Kind positive / Gamma Ray.

On Tensor Center fire LWD (Gamma – Resistivity)

On E-Link Systems (Electromagnetic tool).

Oil Field in : Venezuela, Canada, USA, UAE, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and China.

Aug2000 - Nov2003: RYAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES of Venezuela. Directional Drilling and Well site Data Management Field Engineer MWD-DD1 and WDM

Technical Specialist in Directional Drilling using the Ryan’s System MWD positive designed by Tensor.

Type wells: “S”, Slant, Straight and High Inclination, as shallow as deep downhole tool: Directional.

Data acquisition Knowledge on Directional Drilling as DD1.

Installation, control and monitoring of the drilling parameters using TruVu Pro systems, as Well site Data Management (WDM), on Real Time transmission (by Network) from the Rig to customer’s office.

Equipment and tools of Surface: Sensors, PC’s, remote monitors, use of fiber optics or wireless and Wits transmission. Oil Field: oilfields in Venezuela.

Jan1997 – Jul2000: DAILEY de Venezuela S.A.

Directional Drilling Department.

Field Engineer MWD, Consultant

Control and measurement of Directional Drilling; type wells: Straight, “S”, Slant, Horizontal (middle radius) 3D wells, as shallows as deeps; using the GEOLINK’s system MWD of kind: negative pulse.

Downhole tools: Directional / Gamma Ray. Support Engineer as DD1 to the Directional Drilling.

Data acquisition and log generation. Mud type used: oil and water based. Jobs in onshore and offshore.

Pre and post physical inspection and test of tool string & surface system. Oil Field: at all Venezuela.

Aug1995 - Jan1997: SERVICIOS HALLIBURTON of Venezuela Directional Drilling Department

Field Engineer MWD / Gamma Ray

Control and measurement of Directional Drilling; type wells: Straight, “S”, Slant, Horizontals (middle & long radius), Relief, as shallow wells as deeps. Hole size of different diameters in Offshore and Onshore.

Halliburton’s systems MWD Mud Pulse DIS-II of kind: positive and RX4/Gamma Ray and Pathfinder System. Knowledge of ASCII, CSV files. Management and record of data base and plotted of logs.

Basic training in resistivity tool. Logs interpretations. Mud type used: oil based and water based.

Pre and post physical inspection and test of tool string & surface system. Oil Field: oilfields in Venezuela.

Nov1993 – Aug 1995: SERVICIOS HALLIBURTON of Venezuela Surface Data Logging Department (Mud-logging)

Mud logger Geologist Senior

Formation evaluation from lithologic descriptions, oil & gas evaluation control and drilling parameters controls geopressure control: Shale density, Exponent “dc”, shows. Preparation of Master Logs (mud logs) Exploration & development wells throughout using Halliburton's DILOG, Sensor Installation, calibration and maintenance. Oil Fields: oilfields in Venezuela.

Dec1991 - Nov1993: BAKER HUGHES INTEQ (EXLOG) de Venezuela Mud logging Department

Mud logger Geologist

Duties and responsibilities as above. Detection: Gas Trip, Formation and Connection. Exploration & development wells. Using the Baker's D.M.S. data acquisition systems. Oil Field: Monagas, Venezuela.

Jan1989 -Jun1991: GRAÑA MONTERO PETROLERA (GMP S.A.), Lima - Peru Exploration & Production Department

Exploration - Production Geologist

Geological Evaluation of Oil fields; data acquisition from field, sampling and measurement on site, photo geological interpretation & analysis; structure and strati-graphic cross section and maps, contour, isopacheous & pay zone maps, log interpretations-geological applications, Core analysis & description; well geological control, geological reports. Staff Geological studied: Block Carpitas-Zorritos, Talara- Progreso Basin, Peru.


Jan-Mar/2004: OMNI DRILLING TECHNOLOGIES. Calgary, Alberta - Canada. Field Engineer MWD

Abr-Jun/1999: SERVICIOS HALLIBURTON de Venezuela. Monagas - Venezuela Mud logging Department (SDL). Geologist Consultant. SPECIAL TRAINING, CONGRESS & SEMINARS:

Oct1989 Geological Application Logs. Schlumberger, Lima - Peru.

Mar1990 Basic Log Interpretations. Schlumberger, Lima - Peru.

May1991 Well Testing & Cased hole Logs. Schlumberger, Lima - Peru. Dic1991 Basic Mud logging Course. Baker Hughes Inteq. Maturin - Venezuela.

Ago1995 Logging Application Software (MWD/Gamma Ray), Halliburton. Anaco Venezuela.

Ago1995 P.D. System (Directional Drilling Software) Halliburton. Anaco – Venezuela.

Jul1996 Intro to Survey and MWD, Halliburton. Anaco – Venezuela

Jul1996 DIS2 Directional Operations, Halliburton, Anaco – Venezuela. Jul/2003 Defensive Drive Course, Ryan Technologies. Maturin – Venezuela.

Jan/2004 H2S ALIVE, Petroleum Industry Training Service. Calgary, AB-Canada

May2006 TRIM resistivity tool (Geolink) practical Course. Calgary, AB-Canada.

Jan2007 Navigator Software Course (Introduction), Conroe, TX - US Jan2008 MWD Operator Training. GE- Energy, Sugar-land, TX - US

Jan/2008 Center-fire Resistivity Operator Training. GE-Energy, Sugar-land, TX - US

Jan/2008 Log view II Operator Training. GE-Energy, Sugar-land, TX - US Dec/2008 Introduction E-Link Operations, TX - US

Dec/2008 Introduction to Compact Propagation Resistivity CPR Operations, TX - US

Dec/2008 Introduction to TRIM Maintenance, TX - US

Jun/2009 B.O.S.I.E.T., LA - US

May/2009 CPR/AED and First Aid, TX - US

May/2010 SDT Repair and Maintenance. GE-Energy, Sugar-land TX - US May/2010 SDT Pilot Operations. GE - Energy, Sugar-land TX - US 2008-2012 Annual courses of HSE - QC/QA, GE Oils & Gas Conroe - Sugar Land, TX – US

Mar2012 HAZOP – Work Permit, Module A and C-Supervisory Level. Maturin - Venezuela

Sep2012 MWD – LWD (WPR resistivity tool) APS-Technology, Connecticut- US

Nov2012 H2S ALIVE, ENFORM. Calgary, AB-Canada.

Nov2012 Standard FIRST AID CPR/AED Level C, Canadian Red Cross, AB-Canada.

Apr 2013 Well Control / Work over, Maturin – Venezuela.

Mar2016 Operational and Maintenance MWD Course. Pulse Directional Tech. Houston – USA 4

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