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Project Mechanical Engineer

Tanauan, CALABARZON, Philippines
March 22, 2018

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Emerito F. Jose

Cell: +639********* or +639*********

Skype ID: emerito002 or emerzon2929

Career Objective: Seeking challenging environment and assignment where my knowledge and experience can be utilized improve performance, skills and profitability of the company. Ability to work in pressure environment with deadline.

Work Experience:(Total 16 Years and 3 Months)

DaelimEngg.& Construction August-2012 to June-2015

Sadara MFC Project,Jubail K.S.A.

Material Supervisor

●Analyzes various shipping/receiving records to determine priorities, assignments and work methods required to meet schedules, utilizing knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates.

●Organizes layout storage/stock areas considering size, weight and related factors of items stored.

●Hires, coaches, reviews, supervises, and terminates assigned employees, or makes effective suggestion and recommendations that are given particular weight regarding the employment status of assigned employees.

●Compiles special or routine reports for management regarding financial or operational matters of assigned area.

●Analyzes history to resolve discrepancies between stock control records and inventory on hand; accountable for accurate, up-to-date records and stock.

●Oversees, organizes, and coordinates annual inventory process.

●Verifies prices/costs paid for incoming materials and contacts vendor if discrepancy arises.

●Ensures adequate safety measures are followed to protect university property and personnel.

●Monitors work and examines records for accuracy, neatness and conformance to policies and procedures.

●Recommends and implements new or changes to procedures to improve efficiency.

●Performs or assists subordinates in performance of duties.

●Participate in ordering of stock items to replenish levels.

●Advises subordinates with question or problems in any aspect of work activities.

●Design, develop, and implement solutions for dramatically improving material flows through the factory using Lean Principles. The design includes material arrival at docks through staging for delivery to line-side locations. The focus will be on developing innovative new solutions for manufacturing that leverage automated system.

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●Supervises employees engaged in verifying and keeping records on incoming and outgoing shipments and in preparing items for shipment; Oversees incoming and outgoing shipping activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and condition of shipments; Supervises employees who count,weight, and identify items in receiving and shipping department.

●Studies shipping notices, bills of lading, invoices, orders, and other records to determine shipping priorities, work assignments, and shipping methods requires to meet shipping and receiving schedules, utilizing knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates.

●Determines routing and legal load limits of trucks according to established schedules and weight limits of state.

●Inspect loading operations to ensure compliance with shipping specification; Seals loaded boxcars and truck doors.

●Inspect material handling equipment for defects and notifies maintenance personnel or contacts outside service facility for repair.

●Direct movement of shipments from shipping and receiving platform to storage and work areas.

●Compiles records of unfilled orders.

●Posts weight and shipping charges; Prepares bills of lading

●Provides supervision, training, scheduling, and guidance to shipping personnel.

●Ability to foster and develop a strong team of material handling personnel through selective recruitment, through and consistent on-boarding process, training, and coaching, and identification and addressing of competency gaps within team includes proactively planning for

labor needs in light of production ramp up, communicating job expectations, performing employee performance and objectives reviews, and managing team in alignment of company policies and procedures.

●Ability to meet material conveyance or warehouse operations financial objectives by participating in budget preparation, forecasting requirements, planning for capital expenditures, securing company property and assets, and analyzing and resolving inventory variances.

Daewoo Engg. & Construction May-2009 to May-2012 Algeria Oman Fertilizer Project, Oran Algeria

Material Control Supervisor

●Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in lifting, transporting, storing, and loading materials and products by use of conveyors, cranes, hoists, or industrial trucks, applying knowledge of plant layout and material-handling equipment and procedures.

●Studies receiving or shipping notices, requests for movement of raw materials and finished products and reports of warehousing space available to develop schedule for material handling activities.

●May confer with supervisor of other department to coordinate flow of materials or products.

●May verify or prepare records, such as routing slips, material requisitions, and job orders.

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●May supervise activities of shipping and receiving personnel.

●Capable of defining material conveyance operations system to include: developing processes for conveyance-or warehouse-related activities, defining materials related aspects of new production lines, determining equipment needs and utilization, defining storage and material handling requirements and ability integrate and align physical process with systematic processes.

●Drive improvements within material flow by planning layout and space requirements, reducing line impact, analyzing and reviewing product flow, and evaluating and proposing new equipment options.

●Maintains safe work environment by establishing, following and enforcing standards and procedures. It also requiring coaching and motivating team to proactively address potential safety issues and concerns.

●Support advanced trouble-shooting and improvement of existing warehouse management, inventory control, and material flow systems.

●Determines space requirements and position of shipment in boxcars and trucks and lays out position of shipment.

Hyundai Engg. & Construction December-2007 to January-2009

Khurais PetrochemicalProject, Riyadh K.S.A.

Material Controller

●To arrange warehouse logistic to the instructions of the Site Manager; To manage information relevant to arrival of materials at site and their availability at the warehouse; To coordinate the availability of shipping documentation and feed the warehouse data base with proper information.

●Co-ordinate any necessary action to support customs clearance of materials; To manage receiving, check, storage and preservation of materials delivered at site; To issue any supply non-conformities and follow-up the relevant resolution.

●To manage the receiving, check, recording and traceability of material certificates; Initiate claims against vendors for missing materials and/or non-conformity with the relevant purchase order; To keep records about the handling of materials, using corporate software system.

●Perform feasibility analysis by the company software system; To keep on records of surplus materials for possible sale at the of the project.

●Goods receiving, handling and logging of inventory materials and tooling through the company’s SAP/ computer modules.

●Preparation and checking of shipping documents including dangerous goods declarations with, MSDS for such items for safe handling.

●Loading and unloading of half-height containers, baskets and other onshore container as required.

●Conducts and improves forecasting activities and methods in order to maintain effective inventory levels.

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●Develops and maintains documentation and procedures for demand planning processes and systems to ensure the material needs and requirements are effectively met.

●Responsible for identification of material requirements, acquisition, and need dates and coordination of project management/operations, procurement, and engineering to

maximize material availability and minimize surplus.

●Performance of these activities to the specified procedures.

DesconEngg. & Construction May-2005 to May-2007

Dolphin Energy Onshore Facilities Project, Ras Laffan Qatar

Material Coordinator

●Coordinates and expedites flow of materials, parts, and assembles between sections or departments, according to production and shipping schedules or department priorities, and compiles and maintains manual or computerized records; Reviews production schedules and related information and confers with department supervisors to determine material requirements to identify overdue materials and to track material.

●Requisitions material and establishes sequential delivery dates to departments, according to job order priorities and material availability.

●Examines material delivered to production departments to verify conformance to specifications.

●Arranges in-plant transfer of materials to meet production schedules.

●All associated duties in the safe, efficient operation of the production department.

●Responsible in receiving & checking of company materials deliveries, duties to check the quantity & quality of items received, as per Purchase Order description and specification required.

●Responsible for the acquisition and inventory management of materials required for companies to resell or use for their own production.

●These duties may also require different education or experience background depending on the nature of the acquired materials.

OlayanDesconEngg. & Construction August-2003 to July-2004

Saudi Methanol Jubail Project, Jubail K.S.A.

Material Coordinator

●Computes amount of material required to complete job orders, applying knowledge of product and manufacturing processes.

●Compiles and maintains manual or computerized records, such as material inventory, in-process production reports, and status and location of materials.

●May move or transport materials from one department to another, manually or using material handling equipment.

●Work closely with production management, scheduling, inventory and planning departments.

●May arrange for repair and assembly of material or part.

●May monitor and control movement of material and parts on automated conveyor system.

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Al-Nahr Pipe Manufacturing & Construction April-2000 to April-2002

Brega Plant, Libya

Material Controller

●Keep track of consumable materials, electrical tools, equipments, valves, CS/SS fittings,gasket,lamination kit and chemical and etc. where expiry dates are applicable and issue accordingly.

●Responsible for maintaining high degree housekeeping at lay-down yard and warehouse.

●Loading and unloading materials with detail packing list, master packing list or delivery notes.

●Arrange to offload material in lay down area according to preplanned area for various units and modules.

●Keeping the material by placing proper wood packing so that to avoid soil contact to material and metal to metal contact of material.

●During material offloading check material unit number, module number, received quantity and physical check for Over Shortage or Damaged material (OSD) material.

●In case of OSD material same is mentioned on delivery note and packing list and simultaneously follow up is done with supplier to correct it.

●Received material documents are clearly file for computer recording and audit propose.

●Material Received Report (MRR) is made on the basis of delivery note and packing list.

●OSD report is made if in case OSD material found and forward same to concern discipline and supplier.

●Being as a main contractor, all subcontractor we handled properly for both receiving and issuing of materials with proper approved Material Release Sheet.

●Give instruction and awareness to worker for safety for self, environment and material.

●Maintain good housekeeping for safe work condition.

●Undertake owners QA/QC checks on received materials and identify and arrange for any additional inspection.

●Working closely with the logistic to determine the effective way to received material (Air,Road or Sea).

●Extensive experience in handling of piping material metallic and non-metallic pipes and piping components such as elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, valves, gasket, stud bolts/nuts of various types of metal like MS, CS, SS, CI, GI, various Alloy and Copper etc.

●Handling onshore and offshore GRP, GRV,GRE Pipe, elbow, con reducer etc. from vendor and properly offload without damage.

●Received ductile iron pipe, elbow, gland express gasket, standard gasket, lubricant and properly offload concern laydown area and update with system for identification.

●Maintain properly packing list incoming shipment details receiving accordingly.

●Responsible for effectively implementation and maintaining of color code identification on gasket and CS, SS pipes and fittings.

●Receiving of pipe rack structural steel beam gratings, HDG anchor bolt and nuts.

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Trigon Management & Industrial & Construction May-1994 to December-1997


Project Support Assistant

●To undertake duties as directed / requested by the Project Officer to support the delivery and implementation of distinct projects; which focus on early years, children & young people, capacity building for health and any other projects that may arise.

●Track project deliverables using appropriate tools.

●Constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders.

●Present reports defining project progress, problems and solutions.

●Implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs.

●Handle request for information and data.

●Prepare written responses to routine enquiries; Schedule & coordinate meetings appointment

●Prepare agendas for meetings and prepare schedules; Minute taking.

●Contribute to the work of Catalyst as appropriate; Will require to travel to meetings.

●Undertake any other duties as appropriate and within the post holders capabilities.

●Have responsibility for one’s own health and safety in accordance with Catalyst health and safety policy.

M.S. Al-SuwaidiEngg. & Industrial &Construction October-1989 to March-1994

Rastanura K.S.A.

Material Controller/Checker/Expediter

●Material handling the quality of materials as per specification and requirements of client.

●Documentation and handling of materials as per inventory issueance and dispatch.

●Managed and supervised and loading and unloading of materials at site.

●Responsible of availability of resources and logistic supports of entire system.

●Documentation and handling of as per inventory issueance and receiving materials traceability preparation of materials inspection report.

●Material receiving and storage & its data update into computer system and stock log file.

●Receiving inspection of material received and prepares unopened package log if necessary.

●Inventory check and its data update in computer system and stock log file.

●Material receiving, storing, data updating into MMS and computer system and maintain stock log file.

●Inspection of received material and preparation of Material Receiving Report (MRR).

●The receiving inspection are performed in controlled and systematic manner to verify compliance of items with their supporting documentation to requirements of the purchase order/ contract.

●The above inspection to consist of a check on quantity ae the condition of packages and obvious damaged only.

●The result of inspections are documented, filed and distributed to the relevant personnel.

●Performed inspection activities including proper preservation activities.

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● Minimize equipment and personnel time by preplanning material movements to storages locations.

●Document any claims contractor may have with the inland transportation subcontractor prior to unloading.

●Confirm that the materials received are exactly those claimed by contractor by the freight forwarder or the vendor to have been shipped and that they are in good order.

●Accurately report on a timely basis of the all received materials, which to use for planning, control and local supplier payment.

●Performed general physical activities in order to load, unload, sort and move products and materials by hand or using basic material handling equipment.

●May participate in replenishment, letdowns, shipping and receiving.

●Operate, navigate, or drive mechanized material handling equipment.

●Inspect material handling equipment, structures, or materials to identify problems or defects.

●Read work orders or receive oral instructions for work assignments.

●Complete daily production sheets or work tickets.

●Maintain storage areas and carry out general yard duties.

●Mark and/or tag containers with identifying information.

●Assemble product containers and crates.

●Pack containers and re-pack damaged containers.

●Install protective devices, such as bracing, padding, or strapping, to prevent shifting or damage to items being transported.

●Attach sling, hooks, and other devices to lift cargo and guide loads.

●Provide on the job training to new/junior material handling staff’

●Provide information for the completion of incident reports in relationto health and safety issues or material spills.


●Undergraduate - 1981 to 1984

Bachelor of Science on Mechanical Engineer

University of the East

Caloocan City, Philippines

●Graduated - 1976 to 1981

Nolasco High School, Secondary

Manila, Philippines

●Graduated - 1970 to 1976

Yangco Elementary School, Primary

Manila, Philippines

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Leadership,Coaching, Time Management, Monitoring/Assessing Performance, Judgement and Decision Making, Active Listening, Speaking, Critical Thinking, Management of Personnel Resources, Persuasion, Reading Comprehension, Service Orientation, Coordination, Social Perceptiveness, Negotiation,Instructing, Planning Process,Safety Management, Data Entry Management, Dependability,Reporting Skill, Analyzing Information, Dealing with Complexity, Maintain Workers Discipline and Productivity,Teamwork and Sharing of Knowledge, Organization and Deadline Oriented,Huge working experience in Material Handling in Oil and Gas Industries and In depth knowledge of integrated


●Direct, advise, coach, train, supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of material handlers, and co-ordinate work activities with other supervisors or managers.

●Perform tasks in multi-temperature environments.

●Implement and enforce material handling/policies, and regulatory compliance procedures.

●Determine compliance with laws, regulations, and/or standards and complete appropriate documentation as required.

●Requisition materials and supplies and perform day to day administrative tasks.

●Inspect material handling equipment, structures, or materials to identify the cause of errors or other problems or defects.

●Collaborate to problem solve and recommend solutions.

●Review work throughout the work process and at completion to ensure that it has been performed properly.

●Check specifications of materials loaded or unloaded against information contained in work orders.

●Recommend staffing actions, evaluate staff performance, and develop staff succession plans.

●Resolve staffing challenges.

●Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships.

●Prepare production and other reports of information such as employee time and wages, daily receipts, and inspection results.

●Provide information to co-workers and staff by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.

●Examine freight to determine loading sequences.

●Inventory and audit an existing material regularly accounting for transit and short falls.

●Supervise, motivate, and evaluate staff to reach goals and document inventory transactions.

●Analyze and plan form materials with unusual lead times, storage needs on delicacy.

●Oversee processes and security, to ensure flow of materials meets delivery and production goal.

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●Reduce obsolescence and waste of materials.

●Carry out policies passed down a hierarchy from the level above; Organized the work group.

●Plan short-range action-steps to carry out goals set by the level above; Enforce rules.

●Assign jobs to subordinates; Delegate projects to subordinates

●Direct tasks, jobs and projects; Train subordinates

●Develop group cohesiveness; Lead and motivate subordinates

●Solve routine daily problems; Discipline subordinates

●Control or evaluate performance of subordinates and the department- performance appraisal

Computer Skill:

●Certified and Experience in MS-Word,Excel,Power Point,Spreadsheets and PDF

●Experience in Outlook, Internet, Asset Management

Personal Information:

Date of Birth : Dec. 02, 1964

Age : 51

Marital status : Married

Gender : Male

Nationality : Filipino

Passport No. : P2278531A

Date of Issue : 12 March 2017

Expiry Date : 11 March 2022

Language Known : Tagalog, English and Arabic

Permanent Address : Block-22 Lot-2 BahayPangarap Sampaloc-4 Dasmarinas

Cavite City, Philippines


I Certify that the information on furnished above is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Emerito F. Jose

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