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Information Teacher

Greene County, NY
March 16, 2018

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I worked as a psychic for ** years online and in private practice, I have been a psychic consultant for 2 fortune 500 companies, and one government agency, worked as a psychic consultant on 2 motion pictures, i have a CASAC degree which enabled me to work in my specialty area which is healing relationships, this is where my heart lies, my psychic understanding of why a relationship has ended or is falling apart is the area where I excel. ., As a psychic and empath I usually know where ones spouses, partners or love interest is emotionally or psychologically blocked. Retrieving this information often speeds up the entire process of making up and helps heal relationships to avoid breakups I am a degree Reiki Master and a Reiki Teacher - I have lectured extensively on psychic abilities, and was a staff writer on Psychic Abilities for 7 years for a metaphysical Magazine as long as the feedback that I am receiving is positive and reflects accuracy I will continue to serve my clients to the very best of my ability...i keep integrity at the top of the list when I am reading for someone and I keep my heart free of judgement and full of compassion. It is very important to me that all readings are kept confidential and all identities anonymous, . I do what I call designer readings as each reading is specifically designed for the individual, No 2 readings are thesame just as no 2 people are the same. I do not use tools. I come from a long lineage of psychics, my mother and great grand mother were both psychic, my sister and my daughter are as well. None of ua have ever used tools or sought to improve our abilities. Either you are born this not, I have been psychic since childhood, I receive my information in readings from inner visions and from audio transmissions. I love what I do with all my heart. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than assisting someone in connecting the dots of their life which in turn enables them to attract the greatest love of their life.

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