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Engineer Drilling

March 16, 2018

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Mobile: +58-414-*******

House: +58-086-*******

Adress: Guayana City, Venezuela

DOB: 27/05/1978

Status: Divorced


Petroleum Engineer with 13 years of experience in the area of drilling and completion of exploratory, stratigraphic, development and well drilling wells with controlled pressures in the northern areas of Monagas, Venezuela (Jusepin, Furrial, Punta de Mata, El Tejero ) and south of Monagas in the fields of Cerro Negro and Morichal Carabobo Division to make safe, reliable and profitable operations, time and productivity by applying best practices and operational procedures to comply with established drilling programs. Advanced technical knowledge in drilling, workover and subsoil operations (BCP pumps, BES, Lifting by Gas Lift, Pumping Mechanical Insertables, String of Cabillas). Experience with fishing equipment, repair of casings with Squizze secondary cementation, change of well heads due to leakage, time of use or modification of the production group; supervising the activities of drilling operations in deep wells (Vertical, Type "S" and "J") of 20,000 ft TVD (high pressures and temperature) and shallow wells (Horizontal Short, Medium, Long and Multilateral Wells) of 4000 ft TVD, 10,000 ft. MD. Re-Entry wells using diverting tools (Track Master, Whipstock), with application of high performance directional equipment (MDF, MWD, LWD, RSS, Geo Pilot, Bottom Motors, Turbines, equipment for the expansion of holes (Rhino Reamer ), control of parameters in drilling activities through Mud Logging booths, runs and cementation of coatings for the different phases and hanging shirts, well control operations, experience in the use of water-based fluids, oil base (100% Mineral and Drilling.) Evaluation of wells with DST / TCP string in exploratory and advanced wells, I have experience in the supervision of well services with Coiled Tubing, Well Testing, Cannonade, Fine and Electrical Wrapping, Chemical Stimulation, Fracture, Safe Abandonment. of Wells Inspection and certification of drilling equipment from 750 hp up to 2000 hp Training as Operator of MWD and directional driller, maintenance of the telemetry system MWD preventive and corrective.

Participation in the development of well drilling and completion programs, ART risk analysis system, formation of daily work groups to follow drilling operations under strict compliance with environmental regulations, legal and company regulations .

Academic Information:

B.S. PETROLEUM ENGINEER, July, 2006.Universidad de Oriente. Maturín, Venezuela.


2014-2018:Senior Drilling Engineer, PDVSA-Venezuela.

Working position: Coordinate and lead technical discussions to prepare drilling programs through direct interaction with employees (more than 50, between Engineers, Supervisors) and service lines involved in the project. Supportdrilling supervisor onsite with all the necessary tools to cover the entire operation, through planned meetings to achieve the objective of drilling activities. Ensure and coordinatetimely subprograms for well construction (run coaters, cementing, testing integrity and influx, unplanned detours, fishing, etc.), through the adequate allocation of contracts in order to impact in the least possible the drilling schedule. Maintain track of spending vs budget to establish the resources that need improvement in the short term. Review and analyze the adjustments to the schedule and budget for well construction, through meetings or workshops with technical and administrative staff. Monitor well construction operations through scheduled meetings and inspections of operational areas, visualizing deviations and take corrective actions to ensure project success. Verify and validate services reports from contractors.


Company Man Drilling Rig and Workover, PDVSA-Venezuela.

Review and implement well programs approved by appropriate authority in compliance with the technical specifications, expertise and customer requirements to enable operations to run as planned to ensure compliance in type'' S'' and'' J'' 20000 ft TVD deep wells. Horizontal wells of 10.000 ft MD, 5.000 ft TVD, construction of 40 wells annual with a minimum time of 18 days per well, reducing the days of scheduled time. Develop and maintain inventory of tools and supplies, according to the requirements of the contract and fluid being used in the operations. Make the appropriate orders and maintain stock of spare parts or materials in place for its good performance. Control and direct all daily operations including well control, personnel security, environment and maintenance of the wellbore to avoid unscheduled stops during operations. Carry out a check of all specifications and measures tools and equipment utilized in the well. Conduct inspection at the time of delivery of the tools ensuring that the tools used are fit and meet the standards. Place in DIMS reporting operations drill system by filling data every 8 (hours) keeping informed consultant and engineer any abnormality. Perform quality check of the data to allow the company to establish statistics and making decisions improving drilling process. Coordinate the mobilization of the required equipment to the next well. Coordinate the implementation of the pre-boot tests before starting operations in a well to confirm whether your computer is capable of initiating operations and ensure the good performance of electromechanical equipment. Comply with the procedures established in the operational procedure manual. Supervise drilling crew, evaluate their behavior and suitability for the activities assessing the need of training to improve their skills.


Well Site Drilling Engineer,PDVSA-Venezuela.

In charge of Drilling Operations, responsible of:

Well Site:

Evaluate drilling programs and give recommendations based on field experience.

Distribute and explain drilling programs to the company man, tool pusher, services companies and other rig staff.

Provide advice on Health, Safety and Environment, according to specific operations.

Collect and consolidate all relevant drilling information during operations using Landmark System by Halliburton (Drilling Information Manager System). The new version is Open Wells.

Continuouslychecking drilling parameters and give advice in order improve drilling efficiency.

Special supervision on directional drilling operations, wellbore positioning and geometrical configurationof the well trajectory.

Report to a Senior Drilling Engineer: Daily Drilling Report, most relevant daily events and any other information required.

Make tools, materials, equipments and services requirements based on forecast analysis of the drilling operations.

Supervision of casing, packers and liner running operations.

Supervision of cementing jobs (casing string, Squeeze, Plugs).


Create and manage databases with: Operational time, costs (planned vs real), mechanical elements into the well (Casing, Packers, PCP), survey report, drill bit record, drilling fluid properties.

Evaluate and give recommendations based on non-productive time analysis.

Consolidate rig inventory and make requirements depending on future jobs.

Submit End of Well Reports.

Provideengineering advice to Contracts Department in order to improve future tender process.

Evaluate new technology projects, give recommendations depending on field experience.


MWD Operator / DirectionalDrillersTraning, San Antonio International-Venezuela.

Preventive and corrective MWD telemetry system, connection and programming of probes for geosteering, records control, tool faces to achievedirectional driller orientation. Directional Drillers Training.


Engineer Physical Measurements, San Antonio International-Venezuela.

Capture information of dynamic fluid levels in producing wells using the Echometer. Conducting dinagraphy, using a dynamometer cards as a tool to capture information to evaluate and make recommendations for maintenance or replacement of subsurface pumps (BCP and conventional pumps rocker, Lufkin and Mark II type) to optimize production operations.


Supervisor of Environmentand Solid Control Technician, KMC OILTOOLS-Venezuela.

Rig SDS-50 Supervisor of Environment. Developing plans for temporary storage of water-base and oil based mud. Control the process of disposal to ensure that activities are performed mitigating any adverse environmental impact.


- Leader of Operating Engineers.

-Knowledge and application of safety standards QHSE

-Ability to work with multidisciplinary teams (fluent Spanish / English Intermediate).

-Strong knowledge in related software engineering discipline of production: OFM, DIMS, CENTINEL, OPEN WELL.

-Strong knowledge in assembly and modification of drilling from 750 hp to 2000 hp.

-Strong knowledge in drilling tools, drill pipes, directional tools, bits.

- Management-worker staff the rigs.

- Ability to work under pressure, proactive, good communication, planning and leadership teams.

- The ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with minimal supervision.

- SIRET Management Tool for approval of payment of payroll workers drilling.

- Ability to investigate the facts and / or implementation of improvements through root cause analysis.




-Eng. Emerson García, Company Man Drilling ROSNEFT, Venezuela,, Telephone: +58- 414- 7719814.

-Eng. Yanez Eglier, ADNOC Offshore, United Arab Emirates, / +971-*********.

-Eng. Fernando Landaeta. Petroleum Development Kuwait / KOC. Cel: +968-****-****.

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