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Engineer Process

Jacksonville, FL, 32202
March 15, 2018

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Rafael Pichardo

**** ******** ******* *** *, Jacksonville, Fl 32207

Home: 904-***-**** Cell: 904-***-****, and/or

United States Citizen

Chemical engineer with expertise on continuous and batch unit processes at manufacturing facilities,

Highlights of expertise include:

Polymers and Resins.

Extrusion of Polymers Plastics.

Specialty Chemicals; Sulphonation & Sulphation.

Spray Drying Powders; Towers current & counter current, BagHouses fines recovery

Fat Splitting Towers; Sweet waters processing, Multi-Effect Evaporation and Distillation; Fatty Acids & Glycerine recovery, Ion Exchange Equipment Operations.

Edible Oils Refinery; Soy-Beans, Degumming, Solvent extraction with recuperation, Neutralization, Bleaching/Filtration, Deodorization.

Laundry & Toiletries Soaps; Liquid & Bars.

Hydrogenation Catalyst; Hard Fats, Esters (Biodiesel)

Pulp processing, Virgin & Recycled Digestion. /Paper Manufacturing, Rolls, Tissue and Napkins Towel.

Water/Waste Water Treatments’; Filtration, Reverse Osmosis/ Sludge Deposition, Organic Methods. Oversee operation of Equipment Associated with Boilers (Steam generation, Air Compressors and electrical distribution. Strong knowledge of Process

Equipment principles, (Maintenance, Shutdowns, and Turnarounds)

Pilot plant (R&D scale-up) on Toll Manufacturing settings, Proper scaling up of Laboratory Data to Commercial design.

Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, Power Point/ AutoCAD & Mini Tab.

Process Safety Management, Analyzed and Suggested the use of the proper Personal Protection Equipment, after a rigorous Job Risk Analysis and proper Evaluation of Process Safety Behavior by Layers Assessment, Prepared Project Completion reports for Clients, Ensured; compliance with all plant environmental regulations, and Incident report are

Completed with appropriate root causes and corrective actions. Performed Yield/Heat and Material balances with Process Flow Diagrams; for all process phases, including Air emission calculations to support environmental regulations. Applied OSHA, Lock-out, Tag-out, energy isolation and confined space Rules.

Extensive experience training and supervising Production personnel. Provided support/backup to superintendent and Area supervisors when needed on 24/7; 365 days/yr, chemical manufacturing settings.

USA citizen and standing TWIC card holder. Open to relocation.

Supported Capital project engineers, over the detailed design phase, equipment purchase, construction, installation, Training (Technicians & Operators) and start-up.


Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing, Master Black Belt Villanova University, ` Orlando, Florida 2006

Master of Science: Engineering Management, New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, New Jersey 1988

Chemical Engineering, BSChe / Cum Laude University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 1984

`Languages: Bilingual, Spanish and English

Work History

Randstad Staffing

Jacksonville, Florida Jan 2017 – Present

Bacardi (Imeson Park)

Bottling & Packaging Units

Continuous Improvements on Assembly packaging lines

Oxford International Corporation

Palm Gardens, Florida Mar 2013 –Dec 2016

(Provides highly skilled professionals across North America, I have worked for them, in a variety of assignments as Production Engineer, Senior Chemical Process Engineer, Plant Engineer, Project Engineer, all in a contracted role.)

Find below few of the Corporations and locations served.

Jacksonville, Florida 20 months Continuous Improvement Consultant Engineer


Provided professional services to a variety of Chemical Manufacturing Facilities nationwide and overseas, Guiding and supervising the activities of the Operations Departments to ensure the business commitments in regard to safety, environmental, quality, production performance, cost performance, and people development are Met.

Resolved specification and commercial issues, manage correspondence, provide periodic updates, ensure customer satisfaction, and negotiate / coordinate as appropriate

Managed the financial performance of assigned projects or components

Ensured on-time delivery in accordance with contract

Managed project risk issues including receivables, claims, contract changes, margin enhancement, and effective project closeout

Lead project team through contract reviews to identify & manage risks, monitor financial and operational performance against the agreed timescales, and initiates corrective action where appropriate

Responsibility for managing OTR matrix teams including Engineering, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Logistics, Finance and Services.

Contracted job completed.

Future Fuel Chemical Company –Batesville, Arkansas

4 months

(Future Fuel has the people, facilities, and technology to offer a variety of specialty chemical products, including fine and performance chemicals in quantities ranging from a few hundred pounds to many millions of pounds.

Toll conversions and custom syntheses are also available for meeting specific customer needs.)

Senior Process Chemical Engineer


Developed and improved manufacturing processes by studying product and manufacturing Methods.

Provided manufacturing decision-making information by calculating production, labor and material costs;

Reviewed production schedules; estimated future requirements.

Production Leader in charge of production trials for toll manufacturing.

Prepared product and process reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information and trends for Clients project invoicing.

Kept equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services;

Led processes safety risk analysis

Contracted Job completed

Great Lakes Corporation Brominated products & Specialty chemicals,

El Dorado, Arkansas 12 months

(Great Lakes Chemical Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bromine and brominated chemical products)

Production Engineer


Prepare weekly cost review data for controllable spend, near misses, OEE data report, and production.

Prepare and manage MOC's as needed & handle equipment related issues.

Led the Oberline Pressure Filters Project that enhance operational & functional capabilities, resulting in a 12% production Area increase.

Sponsored and Led a Training program on the operation and service of a New Filtration Equipment for Technician & Operators that increased capacity by 12%.

Coordinated and scheduled Runs on a variety of production lines like chemical extraction and hydrogenation.

Write Capital Authorization Request for equipment replacement and work with suppliers to define costs and best options.

Contracted Job completed.

Jayhawks Fine Chemicals – Galena, Kansas (Division Evonik) 13 months

(Manufacture Intermediate chemical products for pharmaceutical industry.)

Process Engineer


Executed Process Hazard Analysis for continuous & batch processes, calculations for the Flow line and release valves to make sure that the sizing and specifications were adequate for the Flow rate, if the regulator valve goes wrong.

Performed Process Engineering Calculations for the flow Release and Evacuation of Safety Process valves to ensure the sizing and specifications, were adequate for the Pressure rate, and Release if the regulator valve goes wrong.

Saved an important amount of $ money on penalties from OSHA, readjusting and calibrating several

Process safety and vacuum breaker devices.

Updated process flow diagrams (PFD's), piping and instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID's), rewrote SOP's as necessary, managed MOC's.

Contracted Job completed.

Evonik Cyro LLC, New Orleans, Louisiana Feb 12 – Feb 13

12 months (Evonik is one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies with roughly 33,000 employees generated sales of €12.91) billion and an operating result (adjusted EBITDA) of €1.9 billion. New Orleans manufactured polymers.)

Production Engineer


Deep Interaction with production and maintenance personnel; coordinated Meta Methyl Acrylate Distillation Columns Maintenance Shutdown, which decreased Plant downtime by 30%. Worked with a team of three engineers, selected and installed new equipment and instrumentation that resulted in the application of a Six Sigma $Yield increase project.

Worked with a team of three engineers, selected and installed new equipment and instrumentation that resulted in the application of a Six Sigma $Yield increase project.

Trained Technicians and Operators on the usage and handling of Acrylonitrile, Acetone Hydro cyanide and others toxic and hazardous raw material involved on the production of the Meta Methyl Acrylate Polymer (MMA).

Authored operating and shutdown procedures.

Conducted a Cost Analysis for the Production Yield of the MMA, which turned into a Six Sigma project, which saved more than US $250,000 per month on Raw Material, by every 1% yield on reaction increased verifiable on the Storage Raw Material Farm Inventory.

Retrained technician and operators to handle production metrics more efficiently. Actively involved on Management of Change (MOC) procedures.

Updated P&ID’s, wrote safe procedures to adjust the changes involved.

Company restructured and replaced the management team with European staff. I left company with severance and was recommended to another division / Jayhawk Fine Chemicals.

Cesar Iglesias CxA – San Pedro de Macoris Dominican Republic Jan 09 – Nov 11

(Manufacturing powder, detergents, soaps, oils. Specialty chemicals.)

Project /Plant Engineer


Led a project team of 5 engineers to turnaround, overhaul, Install and start-up of a 150 Mt/day used soybean oil refinery.

Completed project on time and within budget (saving 20% of the original scheduled cost).

As a Senior Process Engineer, I was assigned to evaluate the Edible Soybean Oil Refinery methods.

The evaluation brought out that the Neutralization step, which involves the addition of Caustic Soda to eliminate the Free Fatty Acids (FFA), was discharging the Soap Stock(impurities) with at least 10% of the Oil fed to the batch Neutralizer, due to the fact of a very primitive separation method; GRAVITY.

An alfa Laval automatic continuous centrifuge was installed at cost of $300,000.

This initial high cost was recovery in 3.75 months, since the oil recovered amount for 80tons/month/US$1,000/ton. $300,000/$80,000/month=3.75months.

The centrifuge discharge showed no oil residue in the Soap-stock, 99.7% oil recovery from the new separation method installed.

The additional profit for the next year = 12months X $80tonXUS$1,000/ton=US$960,000+ the retail price of the oil (recovered +processed), and sold in the market.

Researched manufacturing processes, equipment and technologies to determine most efficient and effective methods of production and refining soybean oil.

Modernized the Used Soybean Oil Refinery with New equipment accordingly with the best technology in the business market

Saving more than US$200,000.

Contracted job completed.

Flint Hills Resources – Odessa, Texas Oct 07 – Jan 09

(Manufacturing plant polymers)

Process Engineer


Monitored performance for process equipment and systems to gather and define critical parameters Indicators (KPI).

Troubleshooted polymerization processes

Worked with a team of engineers that selected equipment and specified instrumentation valued at US$ 4MM that improved the performance and quality of the water treated for use in cooling towers and heat exchangers.

Plant shut down.

American Technical Ceramics – Jacksonville, Florida Sep 06 – Sep 07

(Semiconductor Etching /Plating and Manufacturing)

Process Engineer/Etching Area, Process Owner


Supervised Etching process, managed the use and storage of a variety of hazardous chemicals used in the operation, directed and trained process operators in the preparation and use of the chemical solutions, applied process safety risk analysis.

Supervised and overview plating processes.

Plant moved overseas and I got laid off.

Holland Pump Company, Jacksonville, Florida Nov 03 – May 06

(Manufacture of a variety of Portable pumps and water systems)

Field Maintenance Technician


Transported & Installed Portable Water Systems, performed maintenance duties on dewatering portable systems, diesel driven pumps / turbines, and rotary positive displacement pumps; diagnosed and replaced broken or fault

Accessories, including Air & Oil filters, and vital fluids on operating system.

Company; cut down labour force and I got laid off.

Previous Employment before Coming to the USA. Oct 85 – May 03

Cesar Iglesias CxA – San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

(Manufacture of, powder and solid; detergents, laundry soaps, Edible oils & Specialty chemicals)

Plant and Process Engineer


Supported daily operations of different processing units, production; maintenance and environmental capabilities.

Led the group that successfully implemented a change of technology and equipment (Film Reactor) for the manufacture Of Sulphonic Acid (specialty chemical from sulphur trioxide and alkyl benzene).

This place the Enterprise able to sell this raw material

To the competitors in the market (Unilever, Colgate Palmolive dr, P&G and others).

This reactor was totally Fab-shop in the Dominican Republic using authorized mechanical drawings of one supplier that Bid the reactor over $US1MM and a long lead time delivery, the reactor was installed without down-time, making a product with a better yield (97%) and excellent (honey bee) color, with a savings on Reactor construction by a least $US700,000 dollars.

Implemented a recipe to produce synthetic detergent bars, that replace Sodium Carbonate (powder) by Caustic Soda (liquid) to neutralize the Sulphonic Acid, results: Avoid the Unit Shut down by lack of one raw material, loss of more than $US800,000 dollars for not have the product (synthetic detergent bar) available in the warehouse for sale in the market.

Coordinated the effort to analyze existing processes to identify no-compliance with existing regulations and closed the identified Gaps.

Led the data collection effort of the site to facilitate yearly budget planning and better use of the plant resources.

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