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Senior Reservoir Geologist (GeoModeler)

March 15, 2018

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Personal Data:

Name : Mohamed Nabil Mansour Amin

Date of Birth : 28/09/1981

Nationality : Egyptian

Address : Cairo, Egypt.

Telephone No : +2-012********

E-mail :


Military status : Done

Marital status : Married

Education : B.Sc. Geology, (2002), Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University.

Current position:

Senior Reservoir Geologist (Geo-Modeller) within (BAPETCO-Egypt) J.V between Shell International and EGPC (From 01-09-2014 till Now).

Previous position:

Senior Reservoir Geologist (Geo-Modeller) within (Dolphin Energy-Qatar) J.V between Total International & Oxy and Moubadalla

(Short Term Project from 10-02-2014 till 11-08-2014).

Reservoir Geologist within (BAPETCO-Egypt) J.V between Shell International and EGPC.

(From 01-12-2004 till 01-02-2014).

Professional experiences:

13 years of experiences in oil & gas industry within big operating companies as

- Dolphin Energy Limited (Qatar).

- BAPETCO (Egypt)

Experience with Clastic & carbonate reservoirs Geo-modelling.

Experience in Carbonate Reservoir GeoModelling as below :-

- Deep Carbonate Reservoir _Chalky lime stone (Apollonia Reservoir, Western Desert- Egypt)

- Shallow Carbonate Reservoir_ Carbonate Ramp (Khuff Reservoir, North Field- Gulf Area)

Experience in Clastic Reservoir GeoModelling as below :-

- Fluvial Deposits system _Stacked Reservoir (Kharita Reservoir, Western Desert-Egypt)

- Tidal Deposits System _Channels & Bars (A/G Reservoir, Western Desert- Egypt)

Experience working in well and reservoir management, with in a multi-disciplinary team.

Rotation between main teams with in production Geology Sector (Operation, Study, WRM).

Within Operation Team:

Follow up drilling operations for oil and gas wells (vertical, deviated and horizontal) via cross-sections, maps, correlation panels to be as plan and evaluate all data gathered while drilling and interpret it geologically.

Extract Reservoir Subdivisions prediction, writing the well proposals and well result reports.

Share with different team members the well plan and validate the trajectories on the 3D geological models.

Determination of Core point, prepare coring program and had a chance to Core witness.

Loading all Available Geological, geophysical, dynamic data into the main project.

Attend Daily Operation morning meeting.

Extract isopach, isochore, structure maps, cross section, Stratighraphic Correlation for the reservoir interval using updated well data.

Write well results report after drilling the well to be as reference in the future.

Provide technical coaching to less experienced geoscientists within the asset and Petroleum Engineering Department.

Within Study Team:

Joined Development team with in Bapetco as (BED-1, 3, 15, 16, 17, 18, 3-C-9) also in NEAG +AESW area.

Creating a conceptual depositional model using well data, log signature, dip meter, bore hole image and core data which can be applicable in the 3D static model.

Integrates all subsurface geological, geophysical, dynamic data in order to expand the producing trends and generate new drillable prospects.

Construct well correlation based on Sequence stratigraphy concepts to be match with ell data.

Constructing 3D static model (Structure. Facies. Porosity, Permeability. Uncertainty) for reservoir simulation using PETREL software.

Calculating GIIP and STOIIP within 3D Static model for reservoir interval via (PETREL).

Perform deterministic and probabilistic volumetric calculations.

Run some geological realizations that can be used for Simulation to test the application of water flooding on the reservoir interval.

Constructing Uncertainty Model taking in consideration the uncertainty in structure, contact, petrophysical parameters and reservoir geometry to show (P10, P50, and P90).

Generating Tornado plot to highlight the key factors in the uncertainty of the reservoir volume.

Share in Bapetco Development Plan meeting (Decision makers) per area of interested.

Extract the geological part in ARPR & FDPs.

Construct -3D model for carbonate reservoir (Carbonate Ramp) and calculate GIIP for it.

Integrate and update Permeability model with current KH from well test result.

Provide technical coaching to less experienced geoscientists within the asset and Petroleum Engineering Department.

Within W.R.M Team:

Calculate residual reserve around the wells using different drainage radius to take decision if we keep it as producer or convert it as injector well to accelerate the production from up dip wells location.

Identify opportunities for reservoir surveillance activities and well interventions.

Preparing presentation for well by well review and present it to the team.

Provide Management with the different reservoir development option to help in achieving the production goals.

Represent Long Term Opportunity presentation related to company activity within Annual Meeting with share holders.

Support the team by all Geological contribution that they need it.

Active member in Water Flood Team with different pattern strategy for production acceleration.

Proven ability to work as part of an asset team with multi culture.


Strong analytical/communication skills.

Presentation skills.

Back ground on seismic interpretations.


AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop in Mumbai, India (December, 2017).

Technical Evaluation Project for Top Management in American University in Cairo ( Feb,2016)

Integrated Technical Review with STCB Centre in Bangalore, India within (September, 2015).

Working Safely (May 2013, BAPETCO).

Schlumberger Wire line - New Technology (2013-Cairo,Egypt)

IDP awareness &coaching overview workshop (May 2012, Bapetco).

Fracture Carbonate field trip in Abu Roash area (Giza) (Nov. 2010, Bapetco).

Fluvial reservoir workshop of Qatrani – Qasr El Sagha outcrops-El Fayoum, Egypt (Jan. 2007, EREX & Shell).


Bahariya Oasis Field Trip for Clastic Reservoir Architecture ( December,2017)

Advance petro physic for Conventional & Un Conventional Reservoir (Feb.2016, EDS)

Tech log Borehole Image Interpretation (Dec.2015, Schlumberger).

WRM (Dec.2012, SHELL)

Advanced Facies model for reservoir simulation (November.2012, EREX)

Integrated reservoir modelling (IRM) for carbonate (Sep.2011, Shell Rijswijk)

Coring and core analysis (Oct. 2010, Petro skills).

Basic open hole-logging formation evaluation (Feb. 2009, OGS).

Property modelling (Dec. 2008, Schlumberger).

Structural interpretation in petroleum exploration and development (Nov. 2008, EREX).

English courses at the British Council, ILC.

Geostatistics and advanced property modelling (Oct. 2008, Earthworks).

Awareness Reserves training in (Oct. 2006, Shell).

PETREL introduction (Sept. 2006, Schlumberger).


Arabic (native language).

English (very good). English courses at the British Council.

Extra activities:

Driving, sports (Football), travelling and reading.


Ahmed Toukhy (Geomodelling Head-Shell Egypt)

Ahmed Saad ( Development Geology Head-Bapetco,Egypt)

Adel Achi ( Simulation Head-Dolphin Energy, Qatar)

Mr. Hassan Karaaly (Reservoir Geology Manager-PetroSallam,Egypt) +2-012********

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