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management. accounts payable. accounts receivable.

Lancaster, CA
March 14, 2018

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Lancaster, C A (805-*-**-****

N ichole C onner


To b e a n a ctive e mployee w ho c ontributes t o t he m ission, v ision, a nd v alues o f the c ompany, a nd t o i nteract, o n a p rofessional l evel w ith t he o ther e mployees. To g ive e xcellent p erformance, a nd t o t ranslate m y e xperience, k nowledge, skills a nd a bilities i nto v alue f or t he o rganization. Experience 06/07 - 0 7/09 Grand V ista H otel Simi V alley, C A Front D esk R epresentative

● Customer s ervice / G uest s ervices

● Phone a nd I n-house r eservations

● Banquets a nd m arketing

● Night A udit

08/09- 0 5/10 Forever 2 1 Simi V alley, C A

Co-Manager/ A ssistant t o s tore m anage

● Opening / c losing d uties, e nd o f d ay, c ash d eposits.

● Daily s ales g oal r equirements.

● Crew / s taff m anagement, s cheduling, t ime o ff r equests, c omplaints.

● Visuals, z oning, c ustomer c omplaints, a nd c ustomer s ervice. 07/2012- 0 8/2014 Home S ecurity S tore Riverside, C A Processing/ A ccounts R eceivable

Business t o B usiness S ales M anager

● G.L e ntry, w rite o ffs, c ash d eposits, c heck d eposits, c ustomer r efunds, chargeback / d isputes, f raud / o rder p rocessing, o rder v erification, c redit c ard verification a nd p rocessing .

● A.R r eport, p rofit a nd l oss, a nd a ssisting t he c ontroller.

● B2B S ales, w holesale p ricing, m onthly s ales g oal r equirements, c ustomer service. T he l ast m onth e mployed t here I p roduced $ 85,000 i n s ales a lone. 08/2014- 0 2/2015 Westec S ecurity, L LC Calimesa, C A Lead D ivisional S ales M anager

● Expanded t erritorial s ales b y 9 5%.

● Commercial a nd r esidential s ales.

● Chamber o f c ommerce.

Education 2009 Moorpark C ollege Moorpark, C A

● Business M anagement

Current L ancaster B eauty s chool. L ancaster, C A

● Cosmetology


Dirt b ike r iding, c amping, d ays a t t he b each, m y d ogs, v olunteering f or a p et rescue, c ooking/baking, e lective c ourses a t t he l ocal c ommunity c ollege.

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