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Manager Power Plant

Fairfield, CA
March 14, 2018

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A professionally qualified, highly experienced Senior Technician. Extensive exposure to high standards of Pharmaceutical Research and Development as well as Semiconductor Industry, Medical Devices, Facilities Manager for Biofuels development in the Bay Area, overseas Fisheries Development and Construction. Very well versed with cGMP, Clean room environment and safety awareness procedures training in STOP specialized by several repeated training sessions for safety and accident prevention. Experienced in equipment sourcing, technical equipment analysis, evaluation, qualification and operations. Can create User Requirements, SOPs, preventive maintenance and calibration procedures. Trained other personnel on proper equipment usage and be cGMP compliant. Experienced in facilities planning, installation, electrical, HVAC, Electrical Power conservation, analysis and Surveying, built electrical panels and controllers for electro mechanical devices. Trained for Hazmat control. Proficient with computer operations. Used software such as MS Word, Excel, and People Soft. Used People Soft in most of the Equipment purchasing. Did a lot of comparative quality analysis and equipment pricing for at least 3 or more vendors before presenting my final recommendation to purchase.

Professional Experience

International Fisheries Development. Naga City, Philippines 08/22/2009-Present

General Manager

Established a partnership in the development of fishing industry in Naga City Philippines. Created growth techniques, for breeding resilient variety of fish, projected marketing studies to maximize profitability. Performed hands on training on repairs on pumps, motors and grass cutters, tractors and repair and setup fish processing plants to properly sterilize fish for canning and distribution. Planned and manage the construction of multiple ponds, sorting pools, made above the flood levels, complete with water pumping stations, waterways to allow proper regulated water flow allowing automatic overflows when excessive rain occurs. Designed proper drainage at time of harvest. Implemented vegetation control using grass cutters, tractors, backhoe, bulldozer and manual Labor. Built Hydrogen generator to augment the pumps fuel consumption. Built several wind generators to produce 60 kilowatts of electrical power projected for commercial distribution.

Amyris Biotechnologies Emeryville, CA 05/12/2008-11/08/2008

Facilities Manager

Created a daily facilities and power plant inspection checklist to determine any immediate corrective action to keep the entire facility working and abide to the EHS&S and MSDS specs.

Maintained all the equipment to keep the plant and laboratories in safe working environment, complete inventory of materials needed to support the laboratory, the plant and the work shop. Performed the initial research for the correct equipment prior to purchasing. Make a completed study and comparative quality and pricing to abide by the budget guidelines and GMP specs. Verify and check all alarm and monitoring systems are functioning and assign priorities taking up any work overflow to maintain quick response to resolve emergencies. Adhered to Emergency and Fire Drills regularly as required by Fire Department EHS&S protocols. Provided Fire extinguishers that are compliant, tested ventilation and emergency exhaust for hydrogen, Built Hydrogenator with twin 10 gallons to supply clean hydrogen fuels for laboratory Bioreactors sustaining sugar eating bacteria to produce clean deizel fuel using liquid separators without refinery process. Maintained emergency lighting and their updated batteries. Trained for HAZMAT emergency with handy HAZMAT suits and provided Temporary HAZMAT room. Always tested emergency showers in readiness to any chemical accidents with all the emergency 911 and other emergency phone numbers. Check daily boiler blow downs, De Ionized water supplies, Chillers and Steam Temperatures, Autoclave, Glass wash equipment, waste water, Vacuum and Compressed air, Inert gasses, building temperature, maintained -4 degrees Cold room, 24/7 work coverage and building security.

Abbott Vascular Santa Clara, CA 06/11/2007 – 12/26/2007

Senior Process Equipment technician

Installed, performed Equipment Qualification following the Safety protocols derived from EHS&S on Machine Solution Stent Crimper, Press, Sliding Servo Crimpers, AFM-10 Hot Stamp, Crescent Design Split Mold, Mettler Toledo Micro Balance. Performed a plant visit to coordinate specifications performed an actual test run of Crescent Design Split Mold making sure all materials followed the MSDS recommendations and are FDA approved and follows the EHS&S compliance. Additional safety guards and electronic safety sensors that I recommended after the Test Run needed to be added after the plant visit prior to final purchase approval.

Performed Profile Programming and First Line Maintenance on all of the Drug Eluting Stent manufacturing equipament.

Trouble shoot Vacuum pumps, Blowers for March Plasma System. Proper Voltage and Amperage readings indicated imbalance in the Three Phase circuit recommending shortening of the excessive cable length to eliminate the Voltage Drop on the two cable phases to result into equal voltage readings on all three phases supplying the Vacuum pump for the March Plasma.

Created User Requirements for a Met One Airborne Particle Counter HHPC-2.

Created Final Reports for equipment qualification.

Made sure documentations are compliant to User and Safety requirements. Emergency and Fire Drills were implemented as required by Fire Department.

Pacific Dental Prosthetics Laboratory Fremont, CA 03/22/04 – 06/08/2007

Co-Owner/ Sales and Senior Technician

Performed the planning and construction of the clean room, maintaining EHS&S practices providing proper work ventillation, good lighting minimum 50 ft candle of illumination on safe work tables surfaces. Performed equipment sourcing, purchasing, installation and maintenance on all equipment. Gloves, Eye protections, dust masks, First Aid Kits, Fire Extiguishers, Emergency and Fire Drills were implemented for fire code requirements, emergency lightings were provided.Initialized Sales calls. Created wax profiles on castings, fabricated bridges and dental prosthetics.

ATI OROS, Alza Corp/Johnson & Johnson Mountain View, CA 07/24/97 – 3/1/2004

Senior Engineering Research and Development Technician

Rebuilt and modified Dose Sipping Technology (DST-LSAM) powder delivery, prior to sale of technology to Alkermise Inc. Built and sold several of the vacuum operated Dose Sipping Technology Machines to other Pharmaceutical companies for multiple use in drug deliveries and Tobacco Manufacturing Companies to test Cigarette filters.

Built Liquid Filling, Tablet Banding, Capsule Drilling machine for our time release Drug Delivery Programs using Electro/Mechanical and Pneumatic principles redesigned controllers from mechanical to digital controller for accurate repeatability using Allen Bradley PLCs.

Designed, built frames and safety guard enclosures for equipment. Completed Safety training sesssions in STOP conducted in house for safety and accident prevention.

Performed maintenance and calibration on equipment used for research.

Resolve corrective actions with vendors on equipment function, specification and warranty.

Used People Soft program for purchasing of materials and equipment such as Glen Mills Micronizing equipment for Nano Particle research including Freeze dryers, Mixers, Chillers, Liquid Filling Machine, Banding Machine, drilling Machines, vacuum pumps, Vibratory sorters and laser used for tablet color recognition sorter.

Trained other personnel to properly run and operate Machines that I built.

Provided additional training on the following equipment: Ram Optical Inspection, Distek, Spectrum Analyzer, Centrifuge and Nano Particle Milling Machine.

Created cGMP specifications and facilities planning drawings for equipment installation. Created electrical, HVAC, Nitrogen, pneumatic user requirements and preventive maintenance, SOP and calibration procedures. Coordinated with contractors, vendors and machine shops.

Procured FDA approved materials, supplies to build, operate process equipment.

Created BOM for future equipment rebuilds.

Cirrus Logic Inc.Fremont,CA 11/25/96 - 05/19/97

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. Sunnyvale, CA 12/24/92 - 11/22/96

Cypress Semiconductor Co. San Jose, CA 09/18/89 - 07/17/92

Systems Engineer / Senior Electronic Technician

Saved Cirrus Logic $250,00.00 a year by creating an index time measurement circuit for Epson/Seiko IC handler saving 2.5 seconds in test time out of a usual 8 seconds.

Modified repair process for extremely expensive contactors for IC tect handlers for Cypress Semiconductors and Maxim Integreated Products.

Repaired and maintained and calibrated Semiconductor Test Handlers and Systems such as Semtek, Aseco, Aetrium, Mega Test plus a wide variety of other electronic test systems involving electro/mechanical equipment, optical sensors and hydrogen IC degreasing machine for laser markers.Prepared drawings for modification projects. Coordinated with different machine shops to perform fabrication resulting in production efficiency.


Associate Degree in Computer Technology – Control Data Institute – Madison Avenue New York N.Y.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering – University of the East- Manila, Philippines

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