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LPN 38 yrs. Worked for the school district medically dependent child

Danville, Illinois, 61832, United States
30.00 hour
March 13, 2018

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Career Summary:

As Licensed Practical Nurse I have 38 years of integrated experience. Conscientious Nursing Professional dedicated to nursing service excellence. A Detail oriented individual with excellent communication, negotiation and organiza- tional skills.

A highly versatile Licensed Practical Nurse who works independently with minimal supervision or as part of a team.

An LPN with advanced nursing knowledge communicating data with the team. Physically fit patient advocate performing direct nursing care for our Veterans. Medcor Inc.

4805 Prime Parkway

McHenry, IL. 60050


01/10 - Present day. Full Time over 80 hours.

My Title: Medical Administrator for McLane Midwest Grocery Distribution. My Nursing judgment is cognizant and my demeanor is professional. Facilitated documentation of Refrigerator Temps, in accordance with our Vaccine storage requirements. Established in house drug screening policy eliminating costs for the company. . Working in this environment, I illicit direct communication from our Team. My computer skills are Proficient, with Excel, PowerPoint and Word. I maintain a Strong Work Ethic. I accommodate the need. I administer Medor’s Formulary of over the counter medications and document the results. I gather data, investigate and enter claims online for ESIS our Workers Compensation carrier.

"Project Immunize" Flu Clinic I established annually. The Flu Vaccines administered #101 in 2017.

“Project "Summer” Walk" was a Wellness Objective I developed. Criteria Patients : Medical history, Med Allergies and Medications they are currently on are documented on the log and in EMR. I introduce myself to my patients, I access my assigned patients, TPR BP, and chest sounds, Inquire regarding any pain on a scale 1-10. I document in EMR and check patient later to see if the Medication was effective.

Utilized Jump bag for injuries, Medcor Protocol EPI, Glucose, and TD. Supervisor: Linda Weeks 217-214-***-****

Danville Healthcare

Thomas J. Pliura, MD., JD. PC.

Physician & Attorney at Law

210 E. Center St.

P.O. Box 130

Le Roy, IL 61752

Ph. 309-***-****

Fax 309-***-****

Administrator: Phone: Sue Cook RN BSN 1-217-***-****. 03/07- 09/09. Full Time- 80 hours.

Responsibilities: Provided care and treatment for patients at the Surgery Center, preoperative and post operative care with Cataract and Laser Surgeries, Tubal Ligations, and Colonoscopies. Operated Lab and maintained the Appropriate CLIA Certification. Utilized Phlebotomy skills, IV therapy Skills and Operated Centrifuge for lab testing. Setup the calibration on OSCAR (Audio Booth) and maintained the Certification. Performed Auditory testing and Audiograms testing

Performed Calibrations and Controls for the Hemocue, Accu-Check device, Urinalysis device and per- formed the tests.

Performed Pregnancy tests, Rapid Strep tests and Mononucleosis testing and document the results. Checked Medications, Exam Kits and Crash Cart for Expiration date and documented the results. Cataract Surgery Patients approximately 35-40 Cataracts and 35-40 Yags on Mon. and Wed. Aftercare Instructions on Cataract Post Operative care assembled, and printed. Reviewed the instructions with the patient and family members. Emergency Care -all age groups are seen.

Walk in treatment for Urgent Care patients provided. Obtain the patients Height and Weight and their relevant Medical History, medication allergies and cur- rent medications they are taking and document on the EMR and Paper chart. I Setup Nebulizer Treatments, Peak and Flow measurement and document the results. Assemble minor surgical trays and Lidocaine (with and without EPI) for Provider Incision and Drainage, Suturing and Cyst removal trays. Assist with above procedures sterile and non-sterile. Inspect Crash Cart supplies, I checked the batteries, meds and expiration dates. Offsite Medical Surveillance for Businesses Performing Lipid Panels, Hepatic Panels, EKG's and Pulmonary Function testing. I would assist Dr. Pliura at Danville High School performing sports physicals at no charge.

Home Care


Hired for Employment by Mary Cade.

Excess Coordinator @ CCMSI

2 East Main Street Suite 208

Danville, IL 61832.

217-***-**** – Phone

217-***-**** – Fax


Full time 40 hours to 50 hours a week.

EXPERIENCE: Established Care Plans, Administered Medications and Treatments. Geriatric population, Patient is 85 year old male Diagnosis: CHF, Transfusion Purpura, Recurrent UTI, and Thrombocytopenia

Urinary Retention, Foley Catheter Indwelling, Osteoarthritis, Gout. Intake Output Daily, AD Complete, Care Re-Orient Time and Place often. Activities of daily living Complete care Acuity- 4 Bowel regiment Q 3 days Supp. Thicken Fluids, non- ambulatory Sara Lift transfers WC bound. Involuntary Bowel-Depends

Meal Preparation TID, Administer Medications as ordered QID. Patient is an 82 year old female, Diagnosis: Mild COPD, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia Degenerative Disease Cervical Spine.

Intake Output Daily

ADL Complete Care Acuity -4

Re-orient all 3 spheres.

Mobility- Ambulates, Fall Risk, Runner.

B/B Care Incontinent/Involuntary wears Depends.

Sara Lift Transfer at times.

Walker and WC utilized.

Meal Preparation TID and Medication QID.

Veterans Administration Illiana Healthcare

05/02 TO 07/05

2000 East Main Street

Danville, IL 61832

Full Time 40 hours +

Duties Included: Started at hospital on 58-2 Medical Surgical Nursing Primary Care. Vitals taken each shift, Medications passed via Bar Code Administration, Insulin's and Accu checks. Post operative Trans Urethral Resections on 2nd Floor North Surgical and Tooth Extractions and Cystscopies.

Medication passes QID plus Activities of Daily Living for all patients. Care Plans Examined for proper patient care and activity Voluntary Transferred to Locked Psych:

Responsibilities: Shift 12 midnight to 8 AM, Charge Nurse Team Leader, Computer, IT designate. Pixus Counted manually with another Nurse once a week. Infection Control Nurse for 103-3 Locked Psych.

I created a spreadsheet with RX ordered and days given. VS Q shifts anyone on Antibiotic. If elevated documented, any missed doses documented, Peak et Trough (Lab) value applied, and Effective/Non Effective documented. Midnight Meds all must be crushed for Lock Ward.

Bar code administration used to pass the 6 pages typed medication 103-3. The Heaviest medication passes for all 3 shifts.

Medication Pass took 2 hours each morning. The Insulin's were all Sliding Scale. I had 10 to give.

Accu checks needed completed! Aides were instructed to have this completed before initializing Morn- ing care.

I Supervised 4 aides.

I am a GS 6 step 10. Reason for leaving:

The VA closed the 103-3 Psychiatric Unit and 106-6. Mental Health Unit. Dr. Wrestler's Office,

09/01 -05/02

501 Springfield Avenue,

Champaign, IL 61802.

Full time 40 hours always usually 48.

Title: Office Nurse.

Duties Included: Multi-physician office consisted of 4 Providers. Duties Included: Triaging patients, maintaining the sample drug closet, assisting providers in treatments and care. Preparing charts on Reorder medications for Providers. Printing Aftercare Instructions and education materials for patient’s labs and tests etc. Schedule Drug Representatives time lunches and Webinars. Assisting Dr. Ujolla from University of Illinois on Saturdays with Colonoscopies, Surgical procedures- Vas- ectomies, Cyst removal.

Ordering all injectable medications, performing EKG's, Managing Lab, and testing PT. INR., Glucose etc and documenting.

Clinic Work: VS, History on each patient, HT. and WT. Allergies to Medications, What meds they are now taking. What is there pain level? Collected Urinalysis specimens, tissue and biopsy containers for lab testing. Each Patient always gets a copy of their labs when they return in follow. Check with each Provider RX refill calls. I Called in RX for Providers at end of the day to Pharmacies. University of Illinois McKinley Health Center


1109 South Lincoln Avenue,

Urbana, Illinois 61801.

Full Time 37.5 hours.

Title: LPN ll

I am the nurse for Two Providers: A Women's Health and Men's Health Physicians and 2 Physi- cians Assistants.

We had a Full functioning in house, Laboratory, Radiology Department and Pharmacy. My Duties included surgical procedures: Twice a Week Surgical Trays setup for 2 rooms. Surgical procedures: Cyst removal, Pilonidal Cyst removal and packing daily treatment, Bilateral Toe Nail Removal and Tampon removal.

I performed Spirometry Testing Preoperative and Postoperative with Medication for the Johnson’s Space Center a 90 minute Testing collaborating with Sport well and the Exercise Physiologist. Pulmonary Function screening for ROTC Aviation students. EKG’s and Ear Wash preformed with Welch Allen Ear system. Performed Computer scheduling of appointments and stocked rooms. Established the Schedules for self appointments. Assisted on Development of Fast Track for URI and UTI triaging. Performed BAT testing, HIV testing along with education and counseling. I would visit the Residence Halls with Flu Vaccines, Meningitis Vaccines and Rapid Strep tests. I would email of our students as well as maintaining the Wellness Program at the Residence Hall. I was selected to purchase a Spirometry Machine under $2000.00 dollars. The old one still had Bellows. So difficult to clean and it was deteriorating. The Spirometry Machine I chose as the size of a laptop PC. Preprogrammed and used for the Johnson Space Center Cadets and others in McKinley. Pre and Post Spirometry with Medication the Provider requested. I used a wooden box 8 inch or 12 inch in height to push these very fit adults. Once I hit the target Heart Rate usually 150 beats a minute then a baseline was established. I would block the schedule for 90 minutes with the Exercise Physiologist from Sport well. I was selected the only LPN to teach all the other nurses on the care and use of the machine. I was a member of the World Wide Web committee.

I would volunteer for New Orientation for Students and Parents Educating them on McKinley Health Center.


2010-Present – Danville Area Community College

Parkland College 1994-1999

Millikan Institute Successful Team Leading LPNs

1990 – Teachers Aid Certification

1977-1979 – Danville Area Community College

1974-1977 – Danville High School

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