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Petroleum Engineer

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
50000 CAD
March 13, 2018

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Sedigheh Mahdavi

Reservior Engineer

Email:, Tel: +1(709)***-****, St. John's, NL, Canada


Reservoir engineer and doctoral degree (PhD) in application of gas based enhanced oil recovery EOR methods. 4 years of experience in a project engineer. Expert in supervision, strong team working skills, highly interested in new challenges and looking to learn.

Implement laboratory EOR processes

Expert in simulation of EOR processes

Co-supervising joint industry projects

Deep knowledge in setting up equipment’s in EOR lab.

Expert in CMG, Eclipse, IPM, PVTsim, Multiphase Flash, HYSYS, Image Analysis, Inkscape and Corel Draw software.

Expert in economical evaluation of EOR methods.

Participating in professional and public volunteering events

Member of professional societies.

Eligible for PEGNL membership

Professional Experiences


Research Assistant (RA) in Hibernia EOR Laboratory, Memorial University, Canada

PhD Research: Experimental, Theoretical and Simulation Study of of Carbonated Water Injection (CWI) in Complex Reservoirs founded by Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador (PRNL) and Hibernia Management and Development Company (HMDC).

Simulation of three phase compositional change processes.

Expert in micromodel fabrication and developing high pressure micromodel.

Teacher assistant (TA) in fluid dynamic, process engineering thermodynamics, phase behavior of petroleum fluids, thermodynamics and heat transfer.

Leader of master of oil and gas students


Project Engineer, Center of Research, Technology, Innovation and Management, National Research Oil Company (NIOC), Iran

Expert Assistance in Project Implementation and Monitoring

Project Engineer, Head of EOR and Asphaltene Laboratories, Petroleum Research Center-PUT University, Iran

Co-supervising Industrial and Research Projects:

oExperimental, Modeling and Economical Study select the Best EOR Method for Producing the Residual Oil of Naftshahr Oil Field.

oExperimental and Modeling Study of Asphaltene Precipitation in Porous Media of Azadegan Oil Field.

oTheoretical, Experimental and Simulation Study of Hydrocarbon Gas, Non-Hydrocarbon Gas and Water for Increasing Oil Recovery in Azadegan Field-Sarvak Formation.


Master Degree in Reservoir Engineering


Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering

Institutional Experiences

Industry coordinator in European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).

Liaison with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) and Student Societies, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) chapter.

Reviewer in Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering.

Reviewer in Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering (JPGE).

Reviewer in 3rd and 4th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE)

Reviewer in Reviews in Chemical Engineering Journal.

Contests and Olympiad

1st Winner of PhD level, SPE Student Contest, 2016, Canada region.

2nd Winner of Master level, Iranian SPE student paper contest, February 2009.

Patent: Application of Hydrophilic Nano Silica Particles for Decreasing Surface Adsorption of Anionic Surfactants.

Patent: Experimental setup of Asphaltene Deposition in Porous Media.

Journal Publications

S. Mahdavi*, R. Kharrat, Asphaltene Precipitation Prediction Using Micellization Model Based on Experimental Data, Published in Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology, Volume 29, Issue 11, April 2011, pages 1133-1146.

M.A. Mousavifar, R. Kharrat, A. Parchizadeh, S. Mahdavi, Comparison between EOR methods (Gas Injection, Water injection and WAG Processes) in One of Iranian Fractured Oil Reservoirs, Published in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2012, ISSN 2229-5518.

K. Salahshoor, S. Zakeri, S. Mahdavi*, R. Kharrat, Asphaltene Deposition Prediction Using Neuro-Fuzzy Model Based on Laboratory Measurements, Published in Fluid Phase Equilibria, Elsevier Journal, Volume 337, 15 January 2013, Pages 89-99.

P. Bahrami, S. Mahdavi, H. Firoozinia, Prediction of Gas Injection Effect on Asphaltene Phase Envelope, Published in Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Revue d'IFP Energies nouvelles, November 2014.

M.A. Karambeigi, R. Kharrat, S. Mahdavi, Investigation of Inhibitors Performance on Different Asphaltenic Crude Oils, Under publication in Journal of Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, May 2011.

N. Akhlaghi, R. Kharrat, S. Mahdavi, Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage by CO2 Injection, Published in Journal of Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, July 2012, 34:1619–1627,

S. Mahdavi*, R. Kharrat, Thermodynamic Modeling of Asphaltene Precipitation in one of South Iranian Oil reservoirs, Journal of Technical & Professional Exploration & Production, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), Published in July 2009.

Y. Ahmadi, R. Kharrat, A. Hashemi, P. Bahrami, Sedigheh Mahdavi, The Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the Reversibility of Asphaltene Precipitation, Published in Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology, 7 July, 2014, 32:18, 2264-2274

P. Bahrami, S. Mahdavi, R. Kharrat, Y. Ahmadi, L. James, Asphaltene Laboratory Assessment of a Heavy Onshore Reservoir during Pressure, Temperature and Composition Variations to Predict Asphaltene Onset Pressure, Published in The Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 29 Dec 014.

P. Bahrami, P. Kazemi, S. Mahdavi, H. Ghobadi, A novel approach for modeling and optimization of surfactant/polymer flooding based on Genetic Programming evolutionary algorithm, Volume 179, 1 September 2016, Pages 289–298.

Recent Conferences Publications

S. Mahdavi, L.A. James, Investigation of Water Flooding and Carbonated Water Injection (CWI) in a Fractured Porous Media, Presented at the Society of Core Analysts Symposium (SCA), Vienna, Austria, 27-30 August 2017.

S. Mahdavi, L.A. James, Pore Scale Investigation of Carbonated Water Injection with and without Gravity, Presented at the Society of Core Analysts Symposium (SCA), USA, 16-21 August 2016.

S. Mahdavi, L.A James, CO2 Neutral Offshore Oil Platforms, presented in 65th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Calgary, October 2015.

S. Mahdavi, L.A James, Technical and Economic Considerations for Using CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in an Offshore Environment, presented in 64th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Niagara Fall, Toronto, October 2014.

S. Mahdavi, L.A. James, A General Review of High Speed Computation in Reservoir Simulation, presented in High Performance Computing Serving Symposium (HPCS), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 23-27 June 2014.

M. Khederzadeh, S. Ostadrezaei, R. Kharrat, H. Bagherzadeh, S. Mahdavi, M. Khalifeh, Investigation of Effective Mechanisms in Permeability Reduction Due to Asphaltene Deposition through Porous Media, published in 10th SPE International Conference and Exhibition on European Formation Damage, SPE-165197-MS, Netherland, 5-7 June 2013.

R. Kharrat, S. Mahdavi, D. Ghorbani, A Comprehensive EOR Study of a Highly Fractured Matured Field- Case Study, published in SPE Conference, SPE 153311, Denmark, 4–7 June 2012.

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