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Social Media Manager

Loganville, Georgia, 30052, United States
March 12, 2018

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Elizabeth Puckett

**** ********** *****, ********** ** 30052 - (678) ***-**** -

I have an exceptional editorial sixth-sense, and passion for great content. When it comes to creating and marketing great content, it takes both a mathematical and highly technical approach, and is then combined with creativity and drive.

As a Content Manager and Editor, I am responsible for idea creation-to-execution of

press releases, blog posts, sales page copy, ebooks, whitepapers, and more. Once the

content is expertly executed and meets high quality standards, it is then my job to make sure

it reaches the intended audience effectively. This puts me close to the bottom line when it

comes to increasing revenue through readership, client acquisition, and ad traffic.


Content Planning

Managing a Content Calendar

Content Creation

Content Marketing

WordPress and Related Platforms


Brand Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Managing Contributors



Editor/Group Editor

In my role as the Editor of Power and Performance, I am responsible for the creation,

management, and distribution of digital content across Power and Performance websites

and social media channels. The site’s traffic has nearly tripled since I was made lead on the

title. As a result, ad traffic is at an all time high, and our clients are very satisfied with the


My daily contributions include:

Creating and posting news articles relevant to the respective titles in a timely manner

Creating evergreen and long-form content

Covering events, including in-person coverage and broadcasting across our networks

Performing Editorial duties for contributors and freelancers

Marketing each piece of content posted on the site

Maintaining an editorial calendar

Run and track reports as needed across the webpages as well as social media pages

Analyze data and adjust routines and content plans to ensure continued growth



As a daily part of the AutoCentric Media companies, and, my workload consisted of writing articles in a journalistic tone. Articles

range from daily news, to in-depth tech pieces, to car profiles, and everything else you could

imagine. This position started off as a freelance project, before I turned into the Group Editor.

The readership has greatly increased as my tone has encouraged return/loyal readers, as

well as a high-level of interaction. This, as you can imagine, has been a great benefit for the

site sponsors.

This position required:

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

A goal driven mindset

An obsession with deadlines

Creative thought

Ability to work independently and mange my time accordingly

High level of skill with Wordpress

Ability to interview clients and vehicles owners

Speed and accuracy

Ability to market and promote content and brands


Content Manager

My role at Spork Marketing/Spork Publishing evolved quickly. On a daily basis, I managed the outgoing content for multiple clients who have enlisted the services of Spork. This included creating/pitching ideas that will both draw traffic and create interest from our audience. I was also involved in the writing process, managing a group of skilled writers, and working on ongoing projects for our clients. My daily activities also included social media management and growth. As a result, Spork was able to sign 20+ new clients in the first 12-months of my contract, starting from only six when I was hired.

My responsibilities included:

Managing a team of freelance writers

Researching trends for blog posts and social media

Idea creation for 16 active clients

Personally producing 80+ pieces of content monthly

Email outreach

Client interviews

Working directly with the company director to ensure all quotas are met

Social media coordination


SEO Expert/Content Creator

I was a professional freelance/contract Content Manager and Editor full-time since 2011, until a client made an offer to have me work for them on a full-time bases. I have served hundreds of clients in almost every industry on the web; from mainstream media sites, to small business owners, I have been able to provide companies with the content they need to grow their business.

My pieces included, but were certainly not limited to:

Promotional Writing

News Stories

Journalist Contributions


Car Features

Installation/Tech Articles

Blog Posts

Web Page Content/SEO Driven Content




Product/Project Development and Marketing Specialist

As a Product/Project Development and Marketing Specialist at Mustangs Unlimited, I worked directly with the Marketing Manager to develop and execute short-term and long-term projects.

My daily responsibilities included:

Project Planning

Content Management

Product Marketing

Administrative Assistant Tasks Under the Marketing Manager

Installation/Tech Articles

Web Page Content/SEO Driven Content

Hobbies and Interests

I have a passion for photography and racing. If I can't be behind the wheel, you'll often find me behind the lens. Otherwise, I spend a lot of my free time learning new skills, and doing anything to keep my mind wondering and curious about all things.


SD Dawson

Interactive Marketing Professional

February 18, 2016, SD managed Elizabeth directly

Elizabeth is an exceptionally gifted automotive writer and editor with an impeccable work ethic.

Anyone can claim to be a subject matter expert but Elizabeth eats, sleeps, and breathes cars and knows exactly what resonates with other car lovers and enthusiasts. She applies that knowledge to her writing and her passion for all things automotive translates on page to tell a unique story each time.

From turning pieces around with seemingly impossible deadlines, managing and coaching other writers, forming content promotion strategies, and growing social media profiles, I've seen Elizabeth handle her projects with expertise and remarkable grace under pressure. Her pleasant attitude, consistent follow-through, and undeniable talent are huge assets for our team. I'm a fan of her work and love the fact that she runs and leaps and refuses to walk.

Laura Dominguez

Marketing Administrative Assistant at Spork Marketing, LLC

June 10, 2016, Elizabeth was senior to Laura but didn’t manage directly

Elizabeth is pleasant, professional and efficient in all tasks - and is an exceptional person to work with and for. She is decisive and directs well, keeping tasks completed on time and workflow steady and organized, all in a positive, witty manner that promotes cohesion among staff members. She is an asset to any team!

Jason Lancaster

President of Spork Marketing, LLC

May 15, 2016, Jason managed Elizabeth directly

Elizabeth offers a unique combination of skills: She is a capable journalist and writer, as well as a very knowledgeable and experienced "gear head." Elizabeth's personal interest and experience with all things automotive - from fixing and repairing her vehicles herself, to various projects (including a fast Firebird) - make her one of the more knowledgeable automotive writers I've ever met.

Elizabeth's range as a writer is noteworthy as well. In her time at Spork, she authored press releases, blog posts, sales page copy, ebooks, whitepapers, and more. Elizabeth could write whatever we needed - be it a script for an animated video or a detailed step-by-step guide to installing new wheel bearings.

Elizabeth is an asset to any company.

DeJuan DeBose

Business Development Representative TheARGroup

June 19, 2012, DeJuan was a client of Elizabeth’s

Ms. Elizabeth Puckett is a great writer and amazing person to work with. Working with Elizabeth, I've discovered:

She's a very skilled writer

She pays close attention to details

She works well as a team and also a leader

She works hard to give the best results

She is very trustworthy.

Elizabeth has done excellent work for me and I would definitely recommend her.

Keith Koons

Owner at Upstate Synergy

June 19, 2012, Keith was a client of Elizabeth’s

Elizabeth is a very talented writer that takes pride in being dependable, courteous, and highly creative. She was always my go-to writer whenever a problem arose or there was a tight deadline involved and never once did she let me down. I simply cannot say enough about her writing talent...she is fantastic!

Please visit my professional LinkedIn profile for more information

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