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Petroleum Engineer, MSc Petroleum Geosciences, Reservoir Engineer

Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
March 14, 2018

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Conjunto Residencial Villa Delicias, Edif. Villa del Sur 1, Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela.

Mobile: +58-414-*******, Tel: +58-261-*******, e-mail:


Date of Birth: 16/02/1981

Born site: El Vigía, Mérida State

Age: 37 years

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Venezuelan


Petroleum Engineer and MSc in Petroleum Geosciences with 10 years experience in the oil industry, holding the position of Reservoir Engineer, with expertise in exploration and production of various types of reservoirs and different types of fluids (from gas condensate to heavy oil), reservoir simulation, reservoir characterization and reserves certification. Ease of integration with different disciplines such as geology, petrophysics and geophysics, with intermediate knowledge of each. Looking for exposure to a wide range of projects through training and professional development, eager to progress quickly.


MSc in Petroleum Geosciences

November 2009 June 2011

Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP School)

Trained in new concepts, new technologies and new tools in geology and geophysics, at the level of both sedimentary basins and reservoirs

Petroleum Engineer

January 2002 December 2007

Zulia University

Studied subjects related to well drilling, formation evaluation, well completion, production and optimization, enhanced oil recovery, reservoir characterization and simulation, among others


April 1999 December 2001

Zulia University

Studied matters related to general chemistry, analytical chemistry and laboratory analysis. No culminated.


PDVSA - Petrowarao, Reservoir Engineer

August 2008 Present

Have continually led annual projects for quantification and certification of oil and gas reserves, both in mature and new fields, achieving more than 245 MMB and 480 MMCF certified, including gas condensate, light and heavy oil.

Continuously monitoring of multiple types of reservoir, including gas condensate, light, medium and heavy oil ; with natural flow and different artificial lift, such as gas lift and PCP, in consolidated, non-consolidated and naturally fractured reservoirs. This include identification of well problems and technical proposal for drilling, workover and well services

Have been in charge of characterizing fluids properties through PVT analysis and other laboratory tests to generate synthetic PVT.

Participated in the drilling of exploration wells of heavy oil and gas condensate, being in charge of the evaluation of potential, DST testing, data acquisition, among other activities.

Have experience using software for reservoir modeling and dynamic simulation, material balance, PVT analysis, pressure test analysis, well optimization, among others.

FAVELCA, Reservoir Engineer

April 2008 July 2008

Investigated different techniques of reservoir management and production to improve oil recovery factor, identifying well problems and proposing solutions to optimize production, such as new perforations, coiled tubing cleaning, etc.

Petrociencias Foundation, Support Engineer

June 2007 March 2008

Mainly involved in two projects:

1.Constructing a National Reservoir Simulator: conducted the study and selectionof the system of linear equation solvers: conjugate gradient and its variations. Also the study and selection of preconditioner methods, such as domain decomposition, multigrid, constraint pressure residual, among others

2.Phase III of the BACH 18 Reservoir Integrated Study: Selected the most representative stochastic model by using a streamline simulator (FrontSim), as well as history matching of pressure and production data by using PETREL and ECLIPSE. BACH 18 is a reservoir with more than 150 wells, Np > 300 MMBls and water injection since 1970's.


Advanced knowledge in reserves estimations and certification

Advanced knowledge in handling reservoir pressure, data analysis, well test and reservoir simulation. Basic knowledge in seismic acquisition and interpretation.

Ease for working with isopach - structural maps.

Great ability to work with computer-based programs, with experience in software such as ECLIPSE, PETREL, FRONTSIM, PipeSim, OFM, MBAL, Kappa PVT, Saphir, among others.

Easy to work with programs such as Office, AutoCAD, Sigemap, among Others

Ability to organize, prioritize and work quickly and accurately under pressure, heavy work load and deadlines. Facility to obtain new skills and knowledge.


Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, Serconet, Maracaibo, 2017

OMI Certification 1.13, 1.19, 1.20, 1.21 and 3.26, TM Educational Services, Maracaibo, 2015.

PETREL Fundamentals, Schlumberger SIS, Maracaibo, 2013.

Computer-based Pressure Test Analysis, ESP-OIL. Maracaibo, 2012

Oil and Gas fields Exploitation and Development. RAVAZE. Porlamar, 2008.

PETREL Reservoir Engineering. Schlumberger SIS. Maracaibo, 2008.

Risk for presence of H2S. Maersk Safety Services. Ciudad Ojeda, 2008

Fundamentals of Seismic Exploration. Petrociencias, Maracaibo, 2007.

Fundamentals of Exploration and Production. Petrociencias, Maracaibo, 2007.


Heavy Oil Latin America Conference & Exhibition, Porlamar, Venezuela, 2014

Participation in the thesis competition of the 1 st South American Oil and Gas Congress with the “Study of compartmentalization in thin reservoirs”. Maracaibo, 2011

Participation in the poster session of the 1st Technical-Scientific Engineering International Congress with the poster “Use of Streamline Simulators for selecting the most representative stochastic model in the construction of a dynamic model”. Maracaibo, 2007

Speaker in the 1st Technical-Scientific Engineering International Congress with the conference “Methodology for the construction of a dynamic model by using numerical simulation”. Maracaibo, 2007.

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