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Project Engineer

March 14, 2018

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Current Address: Kuwait – Alrequi

Permanent Address: AlAboor – Cairo / Egypt

Mobile : +965 – 66446705 / 24894883

E – Mail :


Objective: Seeking a challenging position in the field of Planning Mechanical and Cost Control Engineering in a multinational company where my academic and professional background can be applied and can further contribute to the growth of the company.

Personal Information:

Name : Mohamed Ashraf Fouad Nabil

Date of Birth : 18th Aug, 1979

Nationality : Egyptian

Military Status : Exempted

Marital Status : Married


Company: Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Location: Kuwait

Duration: February 2014-present

Position: Planning and Cost Control Engineer for KNPC Projects

Job Objective:

The development of schedules which represent the plan for execution of the PROJECT, consistent with COMPANY requirements and reflecting the total scope. Monitoring system, which continually compares actual performance with, planned performance and allows early review and corrective actions on deviations. Adaptation of special controls into the overall control plan including making all PARTIES aware of the SCHEDULE requirements

Job Description:

oParticipate in finalizing project execution strategies

oAssist in developing all planning, scheduling tools, measurement parameter, risk management (using Primavera Risk Analysis software)to be used in control, monitor, and reporting of project status.

oReading project Contract/Condition, and become familiar with all project specification, procedures and Codes.

oIdentify clear project scope, responsibilities, project milestones, Payment Conditions.

oProvide support in preparation of overall summary schedule for Study, Design & Implement Stages.

oReviews the overall projects schedules, look ahead schedule and detailed projects control schedules with risk analysis data prepared and submitted by other agencies involved in a project, for senior planning engineer approval, together with revisions / updations of the same.

oPrepare Monthly Progress Report and other specialized reports. Highlights the project performance-norms-rates-trend/ critical activities-path/areas having impact on projects schedules under senior planning supervision.

oCoordinate and reply various internal/ external queries.

oConduct Coordination Meetings of planning engineers and projects progress review meetings.

oPerform Project Delay Analysis and provide recommendations based on this analysis.

oAnalyze projects concerns and suggest mitigation action.

oAssist in implementation of Carry Over Budget (COB), COB schedule and budget expenses, as required.

oAssist in establishment and amendment of various procedure, which helps in standardization/ unification of planning functions.

oAssist on monitor, control and eliminate schedule deviation and projects change and variation orders.

oAssist on review all project planning procedures submitted by Contractor/ Consultant.

oReport Lesson Learnt & best practice to promote knowledge sharing.

oPerform tasks as entrusted by management time to time.

oParticipate in HS&E, QMS and other such initiatives.

oAssist on project closing phase and preparation of Fixed Assets Records.

oCoordinate with PC-costing engineer for all discipline reports.


Location: Kuwait

Duration: March 2012-January 2014

Position: Senior Planning and Cost Control Engineer for KOC/ KNPC Pipe Line and piping Projects

Job Objective:

Defining the Cost Estimation standardization, Planning Process, Schedule developing, Cost Analyze, Invoicing method of statement and Progress Monitoring of Various Engineering and Construction Activities of Oil and Gas Pipe line and Piping

Job Description:

oDefine the Project Profile including the scope of work, method of statement, performance factors, Project Norms, Project Responsibilities, work break down structure, manpower Histogram, cash in and cash out graph, break even study, payment condition, ….)

oReading the contract and preparing the project profile (mile stones, scope, rates, responsibilities, payment terms)

oCreate the project base line schedule of work

oBuild the project Measurement system (PMS) with activities weightage and update weekly bases.

oBuild the project Budget including all the resources (direct/non direct), overhead and profits.

oUpload all the activities resources on the P6 Schedule and extracting Project Plan S- Curve.

oControl and Plan for the project resources with histogram.

oIssue bi-weekly look ahead schedule for the balance activities matching with the project productivity rates.

oUpdate the Schedule with the actual resources and progress.

oPrepare resources and progress Daily Reports, analyze and define, discuss with client.

oPrepare Monthly Invoices with the entire buck up and support documents.

oPrepare invoice summary and log.

oPrepare for monthly cost report and coordinate with cost engineers.

oPlan for the projects revenue and comparing with actual cost monthly wises to analysis the project trends and gross Profits.

oAnalyze the reports and give feedback to project manager.

oSubcontract agreement control. (Scope, invoices, progress, logs).

oPlan for the balance activities and the required resources.

oPrepare the budget for the balance project phases.

oCollect and discuss with all the parties for the project areas of concerns, activities behind schedule and over budget areas.

oCoordinating with the client for the progress and invoices.

oDiscussion and meeting attendances.

oVisiting all construction areas to monitor the week and beak phases.

oPrepare MPM (Monthly Presentation Management) Report showing the project history and trends.

Executed Projects:

oKuwait National Petroleum Company Piping (for Re-Routing) and Painting work of North LPG Tank Farm Project with GS Engineering and Construction.

oKuwait Oil Company Gas Compression Services for GS 16 and Gas Re-injection at Minagish in West Kuwait.

oKuwait Oil Company WARA PRESSURE MAINTENACE PIPING AND PIPE LINE PROJECT (Steel Structure and Building Work, Equipment Installation Work, Piping Work, Pipeline and Flow Line Work-Burgan Field).


A subsidiary Company of KHARAFINATIONAL

Location: Kuwait

Duration: October 2006– March 2012

Position: Planning and Cost Control Mechanical Engineer (Acting unit Head) for Fabrication Services.

Job Objective:

Defining the Estimation Roles, Planning Process, Schedule developing and Progress Monitoring of Various Engineering, Procurement and fabrication projects for industrial equipments, pressure vessels, storage tanks, process skids, prefabricated pressure piping, Stadiums, Evaporators and infrastructure steel Jobs during the pre-award and post-award stage.

Job Description:

Coordinating with Estimation Section for Preparing Level 1 Schedule and Evaluation projects budget at the pre-award stage.

Reading project Contract/Condition, and become familiar with all project specification, procedures and Codes.

Identify clear project scope, responsibilities, project mile stones, Payment Conditions and complete project Profile.

Create Project Work Break Down Structure. (Breakdown of the project into manageable sub set, each of these sub set can be referred as a major task of the project).

Develop Master base line schedule showing all project activities with respective relations, float, coding, hierarchy and schedule Critical path.

Obtain client approval for Project base line schedule and freeze it as a target schedule.

Preparing manpower/ Equipment resource plan, resource leveling and obtain the consent of Operation Manager.

Coordinate with other disciplines, i.e. Engineering, Materials Procurement and Fabrication/ Construction to obtain the work progress report.

Monitoring all the Schedule activities, Follow up and Update the actual progress information on the project schedule of work.

Prepare Look ahead Schedule and forecast reports.

Feed the project management with any schedule deviation base on the actual progress, feed the entire department for any activities impact and rearrange for resource distribution in order to meet the contractual delivery.

Perform and act with OH& S procedure.

Apply with HSE and Quality System.

Monitor the deviation on the actual progress and necessary action shall be applied.

Revised and update the current schedule of the work as the project progress through its success stage.

Insure that Safety standards are achieving throw project phases.

Claiming for Impact time and cost from client due to any deviation on the contract mile stone from the client side.

Build Project Measurement System, Externals and internals reporting system and project S- Curve.

Update and maintain S- Curve based on the actual progress to show the current progress as well as projected trend for remaining period.

Prepare with attendance for all project meeting (kick of meeting, Pre inspection meeting, Steering Commitment meeting, HSE/ Quality system meeting and project closing meeting).

Insure that the resources consumed rate within the project budgeted rates.

Using all schedule tools as of performance measurement parameters (schedule variance, Variance at completion, Earned Value).

Prepare close out report at the end of the project declaring that all the project activities has been completed with client satisfaction, resources loading allow and shall serve as a historical record/ information and the data shall be utilized for upcoming project.

Executed Projects:


ERP (Oracle)& Microsoft Projects Organization system for Module work in progress, bill of materials and materials resource planning.

Primavera Version 3 and Version 6.

Static Pressure Equipments and Tanks:

AXIA Howmer, Natco, Petrofac, Fooster wheeler, Sicon (CCC), Tecnimont, TR, KBR, Siemens and Parsons Pressure Vessels and Columns.

Technimont and Foster whealer U/G PY Gas Vessels.

KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) Cladded pressure vessels for Saipem/Eni).

Petreco/ Cameron Cladding Vessels (ASME Div.2) –Separators and Slug Catchers.

Petrofac ASAB Full field development project for ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operation Dearators and Desalters.

Petrofac HIC, Desalters and Low Pressure Vessels

Petrofac CE marking- Div.2 Laggan Tomore Pressure Vessels

Siemens and TR-Spain Tanks.

Stadiums Projects:

Birdair NELSON MANDELLA –South Africa Stadium.

Birdiar CAP TOWN-GREEN POINT –South Africa Stadium

Birdair AL Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed International – kuwait Stadium Ardiea.

Desalination Plants:

FISIA ITLY Shuiaba Desalination Plants Evaporators and Dearators.

Process Skids:

Glycol De-Hydration Packing Unit Bapco (The Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C (Closed).

Petreco/ Cameron Dehydration BS-160 Skids for KOC.

Saipem Steam Flood for Joint Operation projects.

Piping and Pipe Support Projects:

Technimont Aromatic Site.

Gathering system/Booster station for Cameron/Petreco Piping.

Petrofac Amalgamation Site.

GC-BS 160-140-130 for Saipem/KOC Company.

Saipem BS-160 Pipe Spools and Pipe Supports Fabrication

Petrofac Elmerk-Algeria Pipe Spools Fabrication Project.

Hyundai Piping Spools Fabrication and Deliver for Sabiya Power Plant

Saipem BS-171 Piping spools and Pressure Vessels Fabrication.

MEGA Project:

TOTAL E& P UK -PETROFAC Laggan Tormore Developments-Shetland Gas Plant Skids, Modules, Pipe Racks and Stick Built.

Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generator.

Nooter / Eriksen Daelim Industrial Heat Recovery Steam Generators Units for LPG Train 4 at MAA Refienary-Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

Shut Down and Maintenance Projects:

Sabya/ Sulaybia Shut Down Plant

Sulaybia Sewage plant.

Basins Shut Down Projects.

Previous Experience:

Company: PETROJET- Kattamia Central Workshop

Location: Egypt

Duration: April 2003– October 2006

Position: Planning and Cost Control Engineer

Job Objective;

To perform schedule development, maintenance and monitoring activities as directed and lead planning and scheduling activities when delegated.

Job Description:

To develop all planning and scheduling tools to be used in control, monitoring and reporting of project status.

To identify scope of schedule activities.

To determine milestones to support project schedule, including identification of contractual milestones.

To establish activity durations and sequence for specific work disciplines.

To identify inter-discipline restraints or interfaces which define activity sequences and work with the performing organizations and units to coordinate work sequences within total project plan.

To develop quantity release or installation curves for a specific work discipline and review quantity logs to ensure total quantities are represented for each discipline.

To assist in the development of manpower requirements for specific work disciplines and assist in resource leveling analysis to perform quantity and manpower resource loading for assigned schedules.

To determine critical path activities for work areas and / or work disciplines and monitor schedule deviations and proposes corrective action/work around solutions.

To identify and reports activities which have a critical or potential impact on schedule.

To prepare schedule, manpower, and quantity progress, Look Ahead Schedule and performance reports.

Studying and review all offers and project contracts.

Project Budget (Labor, materials, overhead, transporting…) studying, priced and Cost study performed, Monitoring and time control sheet preparing.

Resources Loading and Study on Primavera System.

Kick of meeting and Pre inspection Meeting arrangement.

Follow Up, solving technical problems, Progress Reporting, Correction actions and advice with recovery plan.

Executed Projects:

Elevated Flare Package For Burullus and UGD Companies Project Manager.

Suspended Ordinary& Storage Tank for Mitsubishi and LNG Companies Project Manager.

Shell& Tube Heat Exchangers For Burullus and Enppi Companies Project Manager

Pipe Line Skids& and Pressure Vessels For Enppi and Petrobel Planning Engineer.

Piles& and Slope Tank for Aramco Company Planning Engineer.

Three Phase Separator, Blow Down and Instrumental Gas Skids for Qarun, Zeitco, Petrobel and Enppi Companies Planning Engineer.

Low Temp. Separator& Gas/Gas Heat Exch. Skids For Gupco Company Planning Engineer.

Heat Exchanger Repair for UDHE/MCE Company Planning Engineer.

BP/ KBR SAQQARA Project ( Vessels, Traps, H. Exch Planning Engineer.

Company: DELTA/Egypt for CARTON

Location: Egypt

Duration: August 2002– April 2003

Position: Production Engineer

Job Description:

Follow up the Production Phases and process cycle.

Insuring Equipments working with Best Efficiency.

Working for High Quality carton Product.

Managing the workers in order to perform maximum progress/ Efficiency.

Maintaining good quality of the product.

Solving on spot all production problems.

Shut down and maintenance activities.

Reporting for Laboratory and Production to the top management.


1996–May 2002 B.SC. In Mechanical Power Engineering form Faculty of Engineering – Helwan University, Egypt.

Final Year Grade: Good

Total Grade : Good

Graduation Project Grade: Very Good


ILI (International Language Institute) Certificate Level P-4 on 1996

Primavera Level -3 Certificate From Cairo University on Jul.,2003.

Cost Control Certificate From American University on June., 2004.

Mechanical Engineering Master Degree on Sep, 2004.

AutoCAD 14 2-d Certificate From Cairo University on Feb.,2005.

Managerial and Leadership Development Certificate from American

University on March., 2005.

Management Science Certificate from American

University on April, 2005.

ASME Inspector Level-II in radiographic test (alpha& X-ray) on Oct./ 05.

ASME Inspector Level-II in MPI test (magnetic) on Dec./ 05.

ASME Inspector Level-II in PI test (penetration) on Feb./ 06.

ASME Inspector Level-II in UT (ultrasonic) on .Jun.,/ 06.

P102 P Course-Project Management in Primavera P6 release no. 7.


Arabic mother tongue

Fluent in English (Read, Write and Spoken)

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Points, Access).

AutoCAD 2-d

Visual basic Version 1

Primavera version 3 and Version 6

Microsoft Project

ERP Organization for work on Progress, bill of materials and Materials Resource Planning.

Training Experiences:

Arabian Organization Industrialization - SAKER factory: June 1999 – September 1999.

PETROJET Company in Sectors:

A)Central Workshop: June 2000 – September 2000.

B) Maintenance Workshop: June 2001 – September 2001.

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