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Fung Shui Artist

Mount Vernon, IA, 52314
March 14, 2018

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When I was ** …I loved painting pictures.

When I was 14 …I loved writing poetry.

When I was 22…I loved illustrating and writing books.

When I was 29..I did my first art show, displaying my seven volumes of illuminated manuscripts…based on my philosophy of art, color theory, chakra and consciousness theory…a multi media presentation.

When I was 31 . I did my second art show based on the continued journey through the chakra system….’patterns of thought’…which was part of the grand opening of the Del Mar Communications Center…a LIVE broadcast event …that also was the beginning of an art series program…containing a book, large mural, sculptures, drawings and paintings and photography and THE EVENT….and documentary…based on my art work based on electroencephalograph produced brain wave color coded thought ‘drawings’….

When I was 34.. I walked across America with the great peace march doing research for my third art show based on ‘peace’…it was a nine month …prayer-meditation-contemplation….walk across America….with my final ‘show’…a simple prayerful song -performance peace UP the 897 steps of the Washington Memorial.. I believe the stairs had been closed to the public since 1969… I received Senate approval when no other branch of government would allow the simple act of artistic expression…The .Russian Walk followed the next summer…it was during the American Walk that my art was totally ‘outside’ the box and I referred to myself as a theoretical artist on returning home to Aspen, Colorado…

When I was 36 .. I did my first and only group show at the prince of peace church in Aspen with a group of some of the best local Aspen photographers of the day… I did a multi media non traditional ‘sculpture’ called the centerpeace…

When I was 38.. I did my fifth art show called, the story of art….another studio multi media non traditional community involved art show.

When I was in my 40’s… I did a art performance peace of ‘doing’ a native american medicine wheel encompassing america…that took many years, was based on intuition and took me all around the nation …with being artist in residence at georgia o’keeffe’s old home in santa fe one of my favorite art ‘acts’..very hilarious….the center of the medicine wheel was done with a global reunion of healers, medicine men, intuitive s, and many many wacko people from around the world …at Camp Courageous …that was the culminating show of my sixth art show….very multi media, very non traditional, very outside the box…very healing….which lead to number seven in the series of my ‘testament of will’ based journey through the chakra system art shows…the birth of Makiah Orion Miller that I delivered to the planet June 22 1999 at our country Solon home…Makiah came from the center of the native American Medicine Wheel encompassing the nation….the energy of that medicine wheel was spiraled around the planet via Jamaica….

When I was 49 .. I did my final art show, a retrospective….followed with “infinite and eternal blessings world tour” spiraling from Iowa City..Solon…Mount Vernon…Marion ….around and around and around the planet….

So ….how do I describe my art…other that I AM my art…WE AM…our art…co-creating and co-designing systems of Paradise Utopia …where ever WE be.. I do own ‘ I be art’ .com.. I believe… I love having the blank screen as my canvas …filling a page with multi media theoretical conceptual art … enjoy sharing instantaneous artistic expession all around the world without leaving my studio….enjoy BEING ‘thenewipadartist’….enjoy expanding my concepts of ART with every breath…every new perspective of oneself…my favorite medium is consciousness and THE DANCE with the creator….infinite and eternal and within THE ONENESS….consciousness is my medium….the unified field my canvas…

As you can tell ….being a minimalist theoretical non traditional artist can be challenging in expressing oneself….but truly… a very simple easy day to day existence of attempting to stay focused on my number one addiction ….BREATHING….

I am taking on the creative challenge of selling all my past art work to raise money and awareness for the Makiah O Miller foundation…pelodom.


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