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Safety Research

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
March 11, 2018

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Dr. Muqtedar Ahmed Patel. D. Pharm; Ph.D.

Group Leader Antibacterial Drug Discovery and Development

Wockhardt Research Centre, D-4, MIDC Area

Chikalthana, Aurangabad-431001


For Official contacts:

Mobile: +91-942*******

My skills:




Biological Chemistry

Life Sciences

Drug Discovery

Drug Development

Regulatory Toxicology

New Drug Regulations

New Drug Filing

Preclinical CRO

Antimicrobial Resistance

Professional Experience: Jun 1995 to date

More than 22 years of extensive and focused experience in drug discovery and development, including all aspects of toxicological and preclinical disciplines.

Presently working since Jun 1995, as Group Leader in Preclinical Safety assessment Division and Animal House at Wockhardt Research Centre, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

Principal assignment includes strategizing in-house drug discovery program; recommend plans and proposals for identification of lead candidates. Member of the Drug Discovery core-group at Wockhardt for assessment of over-all profile of NCE and propose further action on ‘go-no-go decision’.

Oversee and plan exploratory and regulatory assessment and evaluation of antibacterial new chemical entities (NCEs) for their safety/toxicity, generate structure toxicity relationship (STR) data.

In-depth toxicological evaluation of developing drug by assessing its genotoxic potential, as any target organ toxicant, reproductive toxicant, and any system toxicity potential.

Having thorough practical hand in handling of all types of small and large animals used for toxicological studies.

Developed an understanding on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to spur discovery program for bringing antibiotics on today’s unmet medical need.

Well versed with current biological knowledge of gram positives and gram negatives, and antibacterial targets. Up keeping of information and knowledge of global firms involved in antibiotic research. Well acquainted with various agencies in USA and Europe involved to spur antibiotic discovery programs worldwide.

Updated with current legislations, guidelines, incentives fillings to spur antibiotic discovery and development to treat most difficult pathogens.

Communications with various agencies involved in antibacterial discovery and development of antibiotic therapy.


Actively involved in establishing state of the art facility and time to time up-gradation of drug discovery facility to ensure it as fully functional.

Contributed significant role for the identifications of laboratory equipments and instruments, and done time to time interactions with biomedical instrument companies to execute purchase, installations, qualifications of all lab instruments and equipments.

Involved in data compilation, statistics, image transfer and maintenance of animal house records (animal records, air conditioning/ventilation, lighting,) metabolic cages, cages as per international specification, humidity and temperature recorders and data-logging systems.

Yearly planning and preparation of annual capital and revenue budget for preclinical safety assessment division and animal house and man power requirements.

Active role in establishing the preclinical discovery team of scientists and research technicians to make facility functional. Also involved in setting facility for Quality Control testing of biotech products and animal-house. Presently, heading a team of 5 scientific staff for overall activity of preclinical safety section.

Designed and written authorized laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs) and organized proper quality system for preclinical safety assessment division and biotech QC.

Designed and devised a new experimental phototoxicity model to investigate the Fluoroquinolone NCEs having phototoxicity potential in mice. (First of its kind in India).

Have planned protocols and executed toxicity studies along with toxico-kinetics studies, including acute, sub-chronic, phototoxicity, mutagenicity (in vitro & in vivo), teratogenicity studies, short term study models for determining myelosuppression, chondrotoxicity and CNS effects.

Under antibacterial program, till date 6000+ NCEs have been screened from various antibiotic classes, Fluoroquinolones, Oxazolidinones, Ketolide, and beta lactam enhancers.

Have standardized quality control screening models for assessment of bioassay on erythropoietin hormone, bio-identity on Insulin/its analogues, and abnormal toxicity tests as per European, US and Indian Pharmacopeia for qualifications of recombinant biotech products in the form of API or formulation for market purpose.

Taken key role to outsource several GLP studies in international contract research organizations (CRO) to conduct IND enabling toxicokinetic, safety pharmacology and short as well as long term toxicological studies for regulatory submission.

Our drug discovery projects were undertaken by international CROs for example Huntingdon Life Sciences. UK; Southern Research Center, USA; Toxicon, USA; RCC, Swiss; Biotest Limited, Czech Republic and Advinus Therapeutics, Bangaluru, India.

Well versed with the regulatory requirements and guidelines for toxicology screening of NCEs for US-FDA, EEC (EMEA), OECD and DCGI.

Was promoted year in years 1997, 2000, 2004, 2010, 2014 & 2018, and currently holding a position of Group Leader at Preclinical Safety Assessment Safety Division and Animal House of Discovery--Antibacterial.

Experimental & Instrumental skills in hand

Handling of rodents and non-rodents for all types of in-vivo experiments. Very well hand in dosing of animals by oral, intravenous, subcutaneous routes etc.

Expert hand in animal organ isolation and cell separation to conduct in-vitro experiments to investigate mechanistic approach of chemical exposure to target organs.

A very good hand of handling Beagle Dog animals to conduct short and long term exposure of chemicals.

Extensive expert in operating of all types of biochemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, urine chemistry analyzers etc (1. Worked on Vitalab Selectra model from Merck; Dimension Xpand model from Siemens and Integra400 model from Roche Diagnostics for range of biochemistry parameter evaluations. 2. Worked on 3 part ActDiff model from Coulter, Celldyne model from Abbott to estimate hematology parameters of experimental animals)

Isolation of all types of organ from experimental animals to study the effect of chemicals on target organs.

Good hand of all types of tissue processing for the preparation of histopathological examination (Worked on Leica and Medilab Histopathology Instruments).

A good hand of using microplate reader for ELISA based experiments.

An expert hand of using Flowcytometer for various cell based applications (Worked on FC500 Model from Beckmann & Coulter).

Worked on gel electrophoresis for DNA, Protein based assays.

Very good hand of evaluating genotoxic potential of chemicals by employing in-vivo micronucleus assays in rat and mice.

Very good hand of evaluating genotoxic potential of chemicals by employing in-vitro human lymphocyte assays.

Very good hand of evaluating genotoxic potential of chemicals by employing in-vivo chromosomal aberration assays in rat and mice.

A good knowledge to work on microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, nucleic acids related techniques.

Patent information

International Publication Number: WO 2017/168393 A1

Title: Pharmaceutical Composition Comprising Antibacterial Agents.

Inventors: Nandanwar, Manohar; Kansagara, Atul; Nagori, Rajendra; Patel,Muftedar Ahmed Iftekhar; Chauhan, Bhaskar; Deo, Keshav; Patel, Mahesh.

International Filing Date: 31 March 2017 International Publication Date: 05 Oct 2017


An ordinary member of “Malaysian Society of Toxicology” Malaysia.


1. Wockhardt Research Centre has awarded with “Significance Performance Award” and a Gold Medal in year 2003 for valuable and key role in preclinical development of NCEs.

2. Wockhardt Research Centre has awarded with “10 and 15 years’ Long Service Award” in year 2005 and 2010 for giving integrated service with continuous efforts in preclinical development of several NCEs.

3. UGC has granted educational scholarship during second year of M. Sc. course.

4. University has awarded “University Post Graduate Merit Award” as stood first in University Dept. of Biochemistry (August 1994).

Industry and academic joint activity

1. Have guided several post graduate students of pharmaceutical education for their curriculum research work. The guidance included development of experimental animal models to study pharmaco-toxicological effects of drug. For example, studied the Linezolid associated toxicity in rat with special reference to the effect of drug on mitochondrial functions.

2. Was appointed as judge during scientific research poster competition of post graduate research students held at “Y. B. Chavan Post Graduate Pharmacy College” Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India in year 2016.

3. Worked as reviewer for research articles which are to be published in “Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology”, a peer reviewed journal from Elsevier publication having an impact factor more than 3.

Conferences Attended

1. 34th Annual Conference Conducted by IPS India (Sanjay Gandhi Medical College,Nagpur, India in November 2001).

2. 35th Annual Conference Conducted by IPS India (DRDEO, Gwalior, India in November 2002).

3. 36th Annual Conference Conducted by IPS India (Delhi University, Delhi India in December 2003).

4. XXIV Annual Symposium on Veterinary Pathology Conducted by IAVP India (At Pune in Nov, 2005).

5. Annual conference organized by STOX India (At Bangalore in 2007).

Training Courses Attended

1. Attended workshop on “Current Techniques in Genetic Toxicology” from Dec 1st to 15th 2004 at Industrial Toxicology Research Centre, Luck now (UP). INDIA.

2) Attended workshop on “Pharmacoinformatics: QSAR and QSTR” from Mar 1st to 3rd 2006 at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Chandigarh. INDIA.

3) Attended workshop of “Study Director” from American College of Toxicology in year 2012 at Bengaluru Veterinary College, Bengaluru, India.

Publications and Posters

Shetty N. M., Sundar R. Balaji M. R., Nandanwar M. B., Kansagara A. J., Patel M. I., Gupta S. R. (2002). An Ideal Model for Evaluation of Phototoxicity presented by R. Sundar at Conference of Society of Toxicology, (STOX), held at Kolkata, India.

M. V. Patel, S. V. Gupte, N. M. Shetty, Y. Chugh, V. D. Pawar, M. B. Nandanwar, S. R. Sundar, A. J. Kansagara, M. I. Patel, S. R. Gupta, N. J. De Souza, H. F. Khorakiwala. (F- 431) WCK 771 – An Investigational FQ with high Intravenous Tolerability. Presented by M. V. Patel at 43nd ICAAC 2003, Chicago, USA.

N. N. Shetty, M. B. Nandanwar, A. J. Kansagara, S. A. Mulla, M. I. Patel, S. R. Gupta, M. V. Pate, H. F. Khorakiwala. Evaluation of Bone Marrow of Oxazolidinone NCEs in Mouse Model by Oral Route. 46th ICAAC 2006, San Diago, USA.

N. M. Shetty, M. B. Nandanwar, P. Kamalavenkatesh, M. I. Patel, S. R. Gupta, S. S. Mahajan, S. S. Mohire, K. P. Sivanesan, M. V. Patel, H. F. Khorakiwala. WCK 2349: A Novel Fluoroquinolone (FQ) Prodrug-13 Week Oral (PO) Safety Profile in Cynomolgus Monkeys (F1-2133a), 47th ICAAC 2006, Chicago, USA.

Nasir ali Shafakat Ali, Shaikh Zakir, Muqtadir Patel, Mazahar Farooqui. Synthesis of new a aminophosphonate system bearing Indazole moiety and their biological activity. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 50 (2012). 39e43

Muqtedar Iftekhar Patel; Surinder J Makhija. Effects of Linezolid and Metformin Combination on Vital Biochemical Functions with Special Reference to Lactic Acidosis in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. Volume 4 (3): 2013.

Muqtedar Iftekhar Patel; Surinder J. Makhija. Toxicity assessment of Linezolid and the beneficial effects of human erythropoietin in mice. European Journal of Experimental Biology, 2012, 2 (6):2172-2181

Satale Shrikant, Nandanwar M.B., Udaykar A.P., Patel M.I., Kansagara A.J., Patel M.V. Uranyl nitrate induced acute nephrotoxicity in mice. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology. Year : 2013, Volume : 37 (1).

MB Nandanwar, AJ Kansagara, MI Patel, SR Gupta, RD Yeole, MV Patel. WCK 4873 (Nafithromycin): Safety Studies of Novel Lactone-ketolide in Rat and Dog. Wockhardt Research Centre, Aurangabad, India. Poster presented at Microbe 2016, USA.

MB Nandanwar, AJ Kansagara, S Satale, MI Patel, SR Gupta, RP Chavan, RD Yeole, MV Patel. WCK 5222 (Zidebactam, Zid) and WCK 5222 [Cefepime (FEP-ZID]: Repeated-dose Toxicity in Rat and Dog. Wockhardt Research Centre, Aurangabad, India. Poster presented at Microbe 2016.

Sunil B. Jadhava; Samreen Fatema; Muftedar Ahmed Iftekhar Patel; Mazahar Farooqui. Novel pyrazoles: M. Tuberculosis growth inhibition and synergistic study. Chemistry & Biology Interface. Vol. 7 (2); March – April 2017.

Educational Qualification

Course Institute/University Year

D. Pharmacy Shri. Channabasweshwar 1989

Pharmacy College, Latur

Maharashtra. INDIA

M. Sc (Biochemistry) Dr. B. M.A.U. Aurangabad 1995

Maharashtra. INDIA

Ph. D. (Biochemistry) Dr. B. M.A.U. Aurangabad 2017

Maharashtra. INDIA

Title of Ph. D. Thesis: “Toxicity Assessment of Combined Drug Administration”

Brief description of research work:

Safety issues of Linezolid (an antibiotic used to treat MDR Gram positive pathogens) in combination with other medicinal agents like r-hu-Erythropoietin, Gentamicin and Metformin were studied. Linezolid causes bone marrow suppression and results into thrombocytopenia, red cell anemia etc. It also causes lactic acidosis and changes in renal parameters. Most of Linezolid associated changes are due to inhibition of protein biosynthesis of mitochondria. Above potential of Linezolid was studied and investigated along with other medicinal drugs which are likely to be prescribed. Both, beneficial and harmful effects were assessed when drugs are taken in combination. Current work was performed by using suitable animal models.


Dr. Mazhar Farooqui; Ph.D.

Principal-Dr. Rafiq Zakaria College for Women

Aurangabad-431001, Maharashtra


Contact: +91-942*******

Dr. Zahid Zaheer, Ph.D.


Y. B. Chavan Pharmacy College,

Dr. Zakaria Campus



Dr. K. Nandakumar (Prof)

Department of Pharmacology

Manipal University

LG-2, MIT Campus

Manipal-576 104,

Karnataka, India

Tel: 91-944*******

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