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Engineer Maintenance

Panama City, Panama, Panama
March 10, 2018

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Rafael E. Riveros G.

Corregimiento Parque Lefevre, Ph Green Bay Tower 4, 16th Floor, #16C, Costa del Este, Panamá

Home: +507-***-**** Mobile: +507-****-****

MWD-LWD /Directional Driller

Multilingual (Spanish, Portuguese, English) highly skilled professional with more than fifteen years of experience in Directional Drilling, three years as a Drilling Engineer in the oilfield services (onshore/offshore), and five years as a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. Forward thinker, methodical problem solver, and analytical in all facets of Drilling/Rig management. Adept at driving projects through collaborative relationships with customers, vendors, and team members. Conscientious supervisor who leads by example and ensures all staff are thoroughly trained. Seeking a Drilling Engineer role or Directional Driller on a team that values organization and targeted problem solving, which leads to consistent project success and organizational sustainability.

Core Strengths

Drill String Development/Design

Directional Drilling Specialist

Drill Engineering

RSS, Mud Motor, Drilling Turbines

Predictive Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Hydraulics Modeling

Directional BHA

Re-Entries Slim Hole

Drilling Fluids/Gas Turbines

Well Planning (Horizontal Wells)

Casing Design/Windows Casing

Torque and Drag

Horizontal Well/Horizontal 3D

Maintenance Engineering

Technical Expertise

MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access) DDToolbox WellWiew Anti Collision Software DOX Maxwell Horizon Well Architect Advantage Power Plan Corel Draw Version 7.0 Windows 10/Windows 8 IWCF Level 2 Gamma Ray Resistivity Geosteering tools Nuclear (Triple Combo) LWD Engineer

Professional Experience

Schlumberger México, Poza Rica, Veracruz & Villa Hermosa, México City 02/2009 – 07/2016

Drilling Engineer / Directional Driller Senior

Key Roles & Accomplishments:

Drilling Engineer: responsible for the design and implement drilling programs, Drill String and Directional BHA and its tendencies including, Casing Design, Torque and Drag, Hydraulics Modeling, and well planner to horizontal wells 3D, J Side track, Windows casing, participates in all drilling engineering duties related to assigned rigs, monitoring trends and performance operation, among other.

Well Design experience covering a range of operational requirements Horizontal Well, J, S, and High Pressure (HP), Operations and working with Land rigs and Platforms. Performs modeling for torque and drag

Directional Driller leader and mentor of PowerDriver (Rotary Steerable System) in the Tertiary and Mesozoic Projects Wells in Villahermosa, Mexico for type J, S, Horizontal with UBD and MPD Wells.

Drilling Optimization experience in Stuck pipe prevention and mitigation through Identify stuck pipe mechanism root cause, remedial action Lead Directional D at the 1st successfully Exceed 675 (RSS), Pemex, horizontal Wells Poza Rica, Mexico. Lead Directional D and Instructed with Mud Motor and RSS X5, X6Orbit, HPHT without/with real time, and Vortex including, 6000m/18000 ft horizontal well in Villahermosa

Lead DD at Remote Operation Center (ROC) •Monitoring trends in the performance • Interfaces with all internal and external customers • Verify critical data entries in surface software systems and validate drilling assembly offsets • Maintain accurate well logs and survey records for ATG III Project, Project and Pemex Project at ROC; ROC maintains 4 people per cell including Well Engineer, WSS (company man), Directional Engineer, and working together in the same cell to communicate and guide 3 wells simultaneously; guided drilling operations and well completion operation through remote and held wells’ performance, until they exceed previous standard operating (1st Latino America ROC for the last 11 years)

Lead DD in Wells including, high angle wells with Mud Motor in UBD, MPD Well, Horizontal well, Horizontal 3D, Sland well, J well, Sidetracks, Re-entries Slim hole, UBD and MPD with Hole opener/Under reamer 13 3/8” bit – 14 ”, 12 1/4 “ bit – 14 “, 9 5/8” bit – 12 1/4 “ Well

Lead DD with Mud Motor and RSS X5, X6, RSS Orbit with 17 1/2 “bit x 19” Rhino and 12 1/4 “ bit to 13 “ BHE (Borehole enlarge Rhino Reamer), with Equion, - Colombia

Rafael E. Riveros G., Page 2

Baker Hughes Brasil, Macae’, Brazil, R.J. 06/2008 – 01/2009

Directional Driller Engineer III

Key Roles & Accomplishments:

Responsible for Directional Drilling (DD) with Downhole Mud Motors and Rotary Steerable Systems in Exploration and Production Wells, Vertical, High-Deviated, Horizontals 2D-3D, Slant, “S” Type

Worked as second-hand Sur Atlantic Ocean in Semi Submergible Rig and Barge Rig as 1st hand DD Ultra and Xtreme motor; 2nd hand in DD for Autotrak G3 (last generation) Well, section 42” Casing driller, 26”x36” Hole Opener, 17 ”, 12 “to Petrobras 3000mts TD

Schlumberger West Venezuela S.A., C. Ojeda, Zulia, Venezuela 1999 – 06/2008

Directional Driller Specialist III and MWD-LWD

Key Roles & Accomplishments:

DD lead in Lake Maracaibo, Bachaquero, Barinas, Apure (VZW) for PDVSA, Shell (8 Slot Platform Well, section 30”, 17 “, 12 “, 8 “) including North seeking Gyro Chevron, Repsol CNPC

Worked as a 1st hand DD with PDM and RSS X5 without/with real time, Xtra, and Vortex for 3 years; 2nd hand to drill for the first time, the challenger horizontal well in CNPC (4800 ft extended horizontal section) in Lake Maracaibo (and was recognized by NSA) on Semisubmersibles, Barge Rigs, and Drilling Barge Jackup rig

Leader for MWD/LWD and D&I Services in Gamma Ray and Resistivity tools; types of wells include, Horizontal well, Horizontal 3D, Sland well, J well, Deep well (17000 ft), Short Radios, Sidetracks, Re-entries, and Slimhole

Worked as 1st hand DD and MWD-LWD at Petrotech Esperanza: Platform, Sland well offshore (Section 30”, 17 “, 12 “) Talara, Piura, Peru’

Run GR and Resistivity tools while working as MWD/LWD Field Engineer during 1999 – 2002

Three time 1st MWD hand (25-degree Slant well) on the first D&M 2 5/8” Slimpulse in 8” OC collar (rig mount) job in Venezuela, drilled in Barinas field (VZW) for PDVSA (zero problems encountered, finished 10 days ahead of schedule) bullets in the order beginning with one that broadly describes the job from the 10,000 ft. level

Career Notes

Signum Servicios C.A, Manager Maintenance Department, C. Ojeda, Zulia 1997 - 1999

Coral Servicios C.A, Operation EIC, C. Ojeda, Zulia 1996 - 1997

Interlago Transport C.A, Operation EIC, C. Ojeda, Zulia 1995 - 1996


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Maintenance Engineer (Turbo Machines, Junior Teacher – Eureka Engineer Inventors)

University N. Experimental Rafael M. Baralt, C. Ojeda, Zulia

Thesis with Honors: Computerized Simulator System of the Behavior of LM 2500 Turbines Gas

University N. Experimental Rafael M. Baralt, C. Ojeda, Zulia


Drill Bit School: Baker Hughes Training Center, Macae’, Brazil

Directional Driller, HSS, Copilot, ATK School: Baker Hughes Training Center, Macae’ Brazil

Directional Driller School (Level II), United Kingdom Training Center, Newark, UK

PowerDrive Course (RSS Tools), United Kingdom Training Center, Newark, UK

Rafael E. Riveros G., Page 3

Directional Driller School (Level I), United Kingdom Training Center, Newark, UK

Management Tools, Oilfield Services Course, Denver, USA

Specialist 1M MWD School (Level I), Sugar Land Training Center, Houston, TX USA

Well Site& HSE Course (Completed & Approved)

Circadian Rhythm Level 1 Commentary Task Assessment First Aid Level 1-2 Fire Safety Level 1 Hazardous Materials Level 1 Lock-Out Tag-Out Level 1 Mechanical Lifting Level 1 Noise/Nuisance Level 1 Permit To Work Level 1 PPE Level 1 Pressure Level 1 Substance Abuse Level 1 Workshop Safety Level 1 Radiation Update Electrical Safety Level 1 Employee Security Level 1-2 Substance Abuse Level 1 Health and Hygiene Level 1 Explosives Level 1 Environment Level 1 H2S Safety Level 1-2 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Level 1 PPE Level 1 Malaria Prevention for Non-immunes Lithium Battery Level 1 y 2 Radiation Level 1 Working at Heights Level 1 & 2 Health Campaign "Heart Attack Prevention" Off Shore Survivor, Valid until: 19-06-2014 Back Safety LRN Legal Compliance and Ethics HSE System Baker Employee Security Centrifugal pumps: 120 Hrs Gas Turbines Basic Corel Draw Version 7.0 Windows 7/Windows 8 Microsoft Office Drilling Fluids Stuck pipe prevention

Directional Drilling

Rotary Steerables (Schlumberger - Power Drive, Schlumberger- Xceed, Baker Inteq Autotrak. G3)

3-D Wells Geosteering Tool Operations Gyro Steering Operations

Casing Drilling Sub Sea (MSL at 500 mts 2000mts) Power Plan, DOX, Schlumberger

Anti-Collision Software, Schlumberger, Baker Inteq

Directional Wells: - Horizontal Wells - Slim Hole Drilling - Short and Medium Radius wells

Sidetracks - Re-entries – UDB - Under reaming BHA Assembly

Mud Motors (SLB: Powerpack, Max, and ERT; Inteq: Ultra, Xtreme and UltraXtreme) IWCF Level 2

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