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Graphic Designer

Westminster, Maryland, United States
March 10, 2018

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Michael Dion

Freelance Graphic Designer


Michael Dion is a versatile graphic designer with a keen eye for the spatial relationship of elements on a page and a natural flair for typography Hee possesses a strong working knowledge of all aspects of graphic arts production from concept to inal printing and is a self-taught expert in several desktop publishing software programs as well as experienced in a variety of other graphics-related computer programs


* Associate of Arts Degree with Heonors, Art and Advertising Art/Advertising Design Option, Montgomery College, 1984

* Engineering and Computer Programming Curriculum, University of Maryland, 1977-1978

* Assorted courses and seminars on Desktop Publishing, Printing, Computers, Business, Investing and Personal Finance Experience

* Full-Time Freelance t/a MDGraphics, August 1989-Present. Operating my own one-man desktop publishing service and graphic design studio, including handling all aspects of the business such as accounting and marketing as well as design and production I also hire out to organizations needing desktop publishing help on a temporary basis

* University Research Corp., March 1984-August 1989. Graphic Designer Media Division

Created a variety of business-type graphics, such as graphs, charts, vu-graphs, and forms, for technical reports, proposals, and other business publications Designed and produced, from concept through inal production, a variety of print media including brochures, flyers, posters, etc for in-house corporate needs, as well as outside clients Also designed logos, stationery, corporate identity, packaging, and displays for a number of diferent outside projects and organizations Responsible for training other media division staf in the use of computer graphics and desktop publishing software and recommendation of software purchases to corporate ofcers Printed Text Supervisor/Illustrator (URTEC)

Supervised the graphic production of all printed-text technical lessons for University Research Corp 's Technical Education Center (URTEC), from transferring and translating word processing iles to phototypesetting, through page layout, and inal paste-up Streamlined the typesetting process to avoid cutting in lots of corrections at paste-up Artist/Illustrator (URTEC)

Responsible for development of original line art for technical manuals, vu-graphs, slides, and other types of presentation materials Produced computer screen graphics for a Social Security Administration computer-based training program using monitors with enhanced color graphics and touch-screen capabilities Graphic Assistant (URTEC)

Assisted in the production of vu-graphs and slides from illustrator's original art Assembled artwork and developed shooting scripts for creation of training ilmstrips Also prepared stats and paste-ups for printed text technical manuals for the military

Major Works

* Maryland Pet Gazette, annual advertising and informational magazine for products and services for Maryland pet owners, 8 years

* MBD Maryland Local Business Directories, bi-annual direct mail advertising directories, 8+ years

* SCBA Newsletter and Expo Ad Materials

* Renewable Resources Journal, Renewable Natural Resources Foundation 5+ years

* Focus on Women Magazine, 1-1/2 years

* Wedding & Event Videography, 72+ page Bi-monthly trade magazine (formerly Wedding Videography Today), WEVA International, Inc, ongoing production for 18 years

* WEVA EXPO Annual Program Guide and convention signage, WEVA International, Inc, ongoing for 18 years

* Promarta booklet of Creating Efective Presentations

* M G Roth Logo, business technology reseller and services, M G Roth & Associates, Inc, 2000

* Jeaneology Logo, logotype for a vintage blue jeans remanufacturer, 2000

* Rockport Heomes Custom Floorplan Booklet, Te Rockport Group, 1999

* Series of bi-lingual Booklets on Drug Abuse, Ofce of Substance Abuse Prevention, 1990

* Prevention '90, calendar of drug abuse prevention events, NCADI, 1990

* Te Space Station Power System booklet NASA, 1989

* NHeLBI Kit '89 Resource package for organizations and physicians involved in educating the public about heart disease, lung disease, and stroke National Heeart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NIHe, 1989

* NICSE Institute Services brochure National Institute for Child Support Enforcement

* InfoLine, InfoMemo, and Director's Memo newsletters National Heeart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NIHe

* Promotional Brochure Center for the Support of Children

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