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Regional Sales and Marketing Manager - WR

Mecca, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
March 10, 2018

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Dear Mr. /Ms.,

I am a management professional with 20+ years of outstanding track record in driving business growth through strategic B2B sales, marketing and business development initiatives, possessing allied exposure in key account management. I am coveting a challenging position in a dynamic organization to contribute accrued skills in formulating organizational objectives and charting a mutually beneficial growth path.

As apparent from my CV, I have displayed exceptional proficiency in strategic planning, business development, sales, market research and client servicing. I have developed sales and marketing strategies that have contributed handsomely to the gross turnover of my current employers. I also possess extensive experience in market penetration by researching on market trends and formulating sales and marketing concepts to enhance product diffusion into virgin markets and augmenting client base. My knowledge of market analysis, devising marketing plans for clients, client relationship management, with a focused result oriented approach, will, I am sure succeed in making a marked difference.

My qualities as a professional have so impressed my employers, that I have often been allotted multifaceted profiles. My key skills include strategic sales/marketing, product development, target setting/ achievement and customer satisfaction. I have utilized my strong negotiation skills, analytical thinking and creative problem solving capabilities in countering competitor initiatives and shaping challenges into concrete achievements and sustainable business growth. I believe my commitment to excellence, ability to work with and lead teams towards achieving great results and my immense knowledge and skill base will give me a unique and informed perspective from which I can add significant value to your business and make me a valuable team member. My attached CV details my experience. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications further.


Ashraf Borham Mohammad


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

Mobile: +966-*********




A management professional with 20+ years of outstanding track record in driving business growth through strategic B2B & B2C sales, marketing and business development initiatives, possessing allied exposure in key account management, coveting a challenging position in a dynamic organization to contribute accrued skills in formulating organizational objectives and charting a mutually beneficial growth path. I regard myself as a person with a good creative and organizational skill, open-minded to changes and eager to achieve success. My ability to lead people always helped me to be successfully to master any difficult assignment.

Consequently, I have set my career goals and my aim in life, very high. My commitment, the drive for success, hard work in terms of quality, innovative approach, together with my ability to motivate my team I have always achieved an outstanding success. KEY SKILLS

Strategic Planning, Strategic Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Key Account Management

Budgeting, Forecasting, Variance Analysis, Target Setting and Achievement, Contractual Negotiations

Standardized Policies/Procedures, Quality Analysis/Control, Client Development, Sales Analysis/Targets

Market Penetration, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Staff Management, Managerial Decision Making

Product Promotions and Distribution, Marketing Campaigns, Client Relationship Management

Brand Management, Product Management Performance Reviews, Driving Growth, Revenue Generation

Recruitment and Training, Coordination and Development, Team Management, Management Reporting

Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Communication, Ability to Work under Pressure

Analytical Ability, Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Time Management

Computer Related Skills: MS Office, MAC OS and Internet Usage ASHRAF BORHAM MOHAMMAD

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

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Regional Sales and Marketing Manager - WR

Advanced Foundation Contracting Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia July 2016 – Dec 2017 Key Skills

Working to develop Low Current solutions by adding new concept of Automation and cost optimization as following :

.1. Office Automation : which is including S.W (MPS) and hardware ( MFP ) to do management, control and security by save the cost of printing environments at any Customers.

.2. Building Automation (Building management system, renewable power generation developer using solar system application and Lighting unit LED Tech.) to reach for our slogan The cost optimization : Using KNX Association is the creator and owner of the KNX technology – the worldwide STANDARD for all applications in home and building control, ranging from lighting and shutter control to various security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, metering as well as household appliances, audio and lots more. The technology can be used in new as well as in existing home and buildings.

.3. IT Solutions : By leading communication systems integrator. The products and services to be offered include solutions for data centers and all classes of communications networks. Offered solutions include a range of hardware technologies (devices), software-based analytical & management systems and end-to-end services. The tools and expertise offered are used to analyze and improve all aspects of technology within a specific business framework; allowing companies to achieve an optimized business network infrastructure.

Area Sales and Marketing Manager - WR

Samir Photographic Supplies Company Ltd (Samir Group), January 2005 – June 2016 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Crafted an impressive growth path rising from the position Sales & Marketing Specialist to Area Sales and Marketing Manager -WR within a short span of time. Designation Chronology:

January 2005 - June 2016 : Area Sales and Marketing Manager –WR.

January 2000 - December 2004: Sales and Marketing Key Accounts Manager.

January 1997 - December 1999: Sales and Marketing Specialist.

Sales Process


Solution Selling

Sales Process

Direct Sales

Sales Management

Sales Operations

Account Management


Business Development


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

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Played a vital role for conducting sales and marketing activities of office equipment, high digital production printing and IT field providing complete business solutions.

Successfully administered 5 sales Rep. and managed the department office imaging inclusive of copier

/professional output department.

Played a vital for supporting projects department in providing complete solutions at control and monitoring rooms, large screen display from BARCO Co.-Belgium . Key Responsibilities:

Strategizing, managing and expanding entire business according to organizational goals/ strategies. Coordinating with sales/marketing staff to support rapid sales growth through multiple channels with a high level of efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness.

Developing and implementing business sales plans/strategies, marketing initiatives to accommodate division/corporate goals. Directing sales forecast activities and set performance goals accordingly.

Reviewing and assimilating information pertaining to prospective scope for product innovation, prevalent competitor activities and market conditions, to optimize strategies and market positioning.

Directing, monitoring and overseeing overall activities of the account executives, handling all aspects of their performance and acting as a resource to enable them to leverage client relationships to maximum extent possible to obtain a competitive position in the industry.

Reviewing/ assimilating information pertaining market segmentation and penetration strategies gearing towards the expansion/ development and consolidating the objectives established by the organization.

Targeting potential clients, expanding current accounts, developing account strategies, negotiating and closing revenue-generating relationships with leading prospects for enhancing profits and market share growth.

Delivering exceptional customer service by proactively building customer relations through soliciting feedback, addressing/ resolving customer complaints.

Administering revenue/expense goals, ensuring goals are met through appropriate planning/organization of staff, inventory and expenses for short/long term success.

Overseeing training of new/existing employees/account executives, explaining company’s policies/practices. Conducting regular trainings, motivating team members to enhance performance, developing result- oriented team, through selective mentoring/recruiting. Sales and Marketing Key Account Manager - WR

Samir Photographic Supplies Company Ltd., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia January 2000- December 2004 Highlights as Sales and Marketing Key Accounts Manager:

Efficiently managed various large accounts inclusive of Islamic Development Bank, The biggest group of companies Construction and Contracting, National Commercial Bank, Government, Militarily Segments and Semi-Government Organizations.

Key Responsibilities as Sales and Marketing Key Accounts Manager:

Identified and developed new business opportunities by conducting extensive market research to generate leads for subsequent development, performed key account planning and maintained favorable business relationships with key accounts.

Developed and implemented an integrated range of marketing concepts/strategies consistent with the overall goals/objectives of the business.

Instituted/directed development/implementation of budget and long term financial plans to achieve the category's volume, profit and spending objectives.

Analyzed market trends to develop opportunities for new approaches and alternative service delivery strategies to enhance service levels and reduce expenditures, hence lead to refined service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

Mobile: +966-*********



Conducted market research, competitor analysis to conceptualize counter strategies and prepared research- based reports and sales forecasts for senior management.

Collated customer feedback and market research, monitored customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts, successfully resolved customer complaints regarding sales/service. Submitted periodic status reports to head office.

Approached potential clients in the industry, with product based solutions and customizing cost quotations to increase customer base.

Kept abreast with competitor initiatives and market trends to formulate long and short term strategies for enhancing company revenues.

Sales and Marketing Specialist - WR

Samir Photographic Supplies Company Ltd., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia January 1997- December 1999 Key Responsibilities as Sales and Marketing Specialist:

Lead various marketing and advertising activities/ campaigns in accordance with the brand sales and performance to ensure maximum brand exposure and increase consumer traffic.

Devised marketing plans and conceptualized strategies to identify/ capture target consumer base while having a firm eye on objectives, based on extensive research of marketing processes. Planned and executed all upcoming events of the company.

Reviewed customer’s application, analyzed their needs, prepared proposals and presentations inclusive of technical designs thus providing superior client service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction by ascertaining all delivery deadlines and commitments to customers are met.

Analyzed market studies, competitor and strategies for Main Frame Large Copiers with Digital Technologies and networked extensively among target clientele to enhance product penetration in the market.

Researched present/ future market opportunities/ trends with the objective of recommending to senior management suitable strategies/ tactics to exploit these opportunities for sound and profitable growth.

Kept close tabs on market dynamics and competitor activities, performing feasibility studies and recommended improvements to the higher management on increasing revenue growth. Macintosh System Product Specialist.

Zaman For Computer and Technology, Abaha, Saudi Arabia April 1994 - December 1996 Key Responsibilities:

Identified and analyzed core business processes to design appropriate technical information systems for achieving significant improvements in critical performance measures inclusive of cost, quality, service and speed.

Managed the entire system development life cycle inclusive of preparing detailed technical specifications, providing time/cost estimates, writing/documenting code and reviewing test plans to assure quality code subsequent to testing

Planned and devised ways of optimizing existent resources to improve throughputs, thus enhancing system performance parameters.

Developed and analyzed alternative approaches to system development problems and provided appropriate solutions for meeting technical needs at minimum cost, consistent with delivery dates of the project.

Hired competent IT personnel and provided technical support in areas of system implementation, operation and interface with existing systems.

Provided demonstrations and end-user trainings on various applications to assist clients in implementing, diagnosing, solving/ escalating technical issues of company's applications. Previous Professional Experience:

July 1992 - February 1994: Marketing and Technical Support, CompuTech, Cairo, Egypt, ASHRAF BORHAM MOHAMMAD

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

Mobile: +966-*********




Ambassador University Corporation,State of Oregon, United States MBA (In Marketing Management), August 2006

Qualitative Studies Institute,Cairo, Egypt

BSC. Computer Science, June 1998

Institute of Administration and Computer,Cairo, Egypt Computer and Administration, July 1991

Trainings Attended:

November 2015 : Kodak Company, NexPress Digital Press ( Operator Training to train the end user ).

November 2013: RICOH International, Unlock the Power! Production Printing Business Group

October 2013: Kodak EPS/IPS Sales Training including Nexpress SX sales tolls.

March 2013: RICOH Academy Europe, Production Printing Solution Boot camp.

January 2011: RICOH International, Production Printing Seminar.

January 2011: ISB Worldwide, Leading Bold Change - Our Iceberg Is Melting.

June 2006: Intech International, The Art of Negotiating, Influencing, Communication and Conflict solution.

April 2002: NRG International Limited, Solution Training.




Date of Birth: 30 April 1971

Nationality: Egypt

Visa Status: Residency Visa (Transferable # 208-***-****)

Marital Status: Married

Driving License: Egypt; Saudi Arabia

Languages Known: English and Arabic


Nassif Chaoul - Business Manager at Samir Group Company Contacts: +966.505849432,

Dammes Ledeboer - Business Manager at The British International School Contacts: +966.504595133,

Jacques Gouws - IT Manager at The British International School Contacts: +966.504690861,

Danny Estephan - Business Manager at (RICOH) NRG International Ltd Contacts: +961-***-****,


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

Mobile: +966-*********




Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

Mobile: +966-*********




Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

Mobile: +966-*********




Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Email:

Mobile: +966-*********



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