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Manager Truck Driver

South Africa
March 10, 2018

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find out more about our funds:

Changing jobs? Retrenched? This fund is the perfect way to safeguard your retirement savings should you no longer be able to continue your membership in your employer’s Pension or Provident Fund. By transferring your retirement savings to the Sygnia Preservation Fund you can preserve your investment capital, as well as the tax benefits you accumulated through your retirement plan. WHO SHOULD INVEST? The Sygnia Pension and Preservation Fund is most suitable for:

• Individuals who are leaving employment as a result of resignation, retrenchment or dismissal and want to preserve their retirement savings;

• Savers whose employer has closed down their existing occupational retirement fund;

• Non-member spouses awarded a pension interest in a spouse’s retirement fund as part of a divorce order who wish to transfer that interest to a separate preservation fund. WHAT INVESTMENTS MAKE



Any unit trusts or unitised life funds available on the Sygnia Alchemy Investment Platform. Please note that your investment choice must comply with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act. Once invested in the Sygnia Pension or Provident Preservation Fund, we will monitor the compliance for you on a monthly basis. The key elements of Regulation 28 impose the following limits to your investments: 75% Domestic and international equity

25% International investments

25% Domestic and international property

10% Hedge funds



Minimum contribution:

• Initial lump sum of R50 000




Additional contributions are allowed only if it is a benefit from another approved retirement fund. WHEN CAN I ACCESS


You can access your investment by retiring from the Sygnia Preservation Funds after your 55th birthday, or earlier if you are permanently disabled due to injury or illness. At retirement from the Sygnia Pension Preservation Fund you may withdraw a maximum of one-third in cash and use a minimum of two-thirds of the capital to purchase a post-retirement income from a registered insurer. Should the proceeds be equal to or less than R247 500 you may withdraw the full amount in cash. At retirement from the Sygnia Provident Preservation Fund you may withdraw your entire accumulated capital as cash. If only a portion is taken as cash, the balance must be applied to purchasing a post-retirement income from a registered insurer. At retirement the portion of your Preservation Fund transferred to a post-retirement annuity, such as a Living Annuity, is free of tax. The portion taken as cash may be subject to tax. WHEN CAN I WITHDRAW


The Sygnia Preservation Funds allow for one full or partial withdrawal from your investment prior to retirement, subject to the applicable legislative requirements. The withdrawal will be subject to the relevant withdrawal tax tables applicable to retirement fund lump sums. CAN I SWITCH MY INVESTMENT


Yes, you may switch between investment funds available on the Sygnia Alchemy Investment Platform at any time and at no cost.

Sygnia PenSion

and PreServation FundS

SAVINGS GOAL: PreServe your

retirement FundS

find out more about our funds:



You may transfer from an existing preservation fund to the Sygnia Preservation Funds. You may also transfer out of the Sygnia Preservation Funds to another approved preservation, retirement annuity or occupational pension or provident fund. WHAT ARE THE TAx



The Sygnia Preservation Funds offer you the same significant tax benefits you obtain by saving through an occupational pension or provident fund:

• At retirement from the Sygnia Preservation Funds, the portion of the accumulated benefit transferred to a post-retirement pension product, such as a living annuity, is free of tax. The portion taken as cash may be taxed.

• All taxable growth, including interest income, net rental income, dividend income and capital gains, is free of tax. WHAT HAPPENS TO MY


In the event of your death prior to retirement, the value of your investments in the Sygnia Preservation Fund will be distributed to your dependants and/or nominated beneficiaries. Please note that dependants take precedence over nominated beneficiaries in terms of the law. If no dependants are found and no beneficiaries were nominated, the death benefit will be paid to your estate as a lump sum. The value is determined on the date of the liquidation of your investments. The dependants and/or nominated beneficiaries may elect to receive the benefit as an annuity, as a lump sum or as a combination of a lump sum and an annuity. Annuity payments will be taxed as income in the hands of the dependants and/or nominated beneficiaries at their marginal tax rates. Lump sum payments will be subject to the relevant retirement tax tables applicable to retirement fund lump sums. CAN I CEDE MY INVESTMENT? No, you may not cede your investment in the Sygnia Preservation Funds, nor use it as security for any debts or commitments.



No, you may not borrow from your investments in the Sygnia Preservation Funds. IS MY PRESERVATION FUND


Yes. Creditors may not attach your accumulated benefits. find out more about our funds:

Sygnia Financial ServiceS (Pty) ltd iS a licenSed Financial ServiceS Provider (FSP 44426). Sygnia Financial ServiceS (Pty) ltd regiStration no. 2010/015491/07 caPe town: 7th Floor The Foundry Cardiff Street Green Point Cape Town 8001 T +27 21 446 4940 F +27 86 644 4572 JohanneSburg: Unit 40 6th Floor Katherine & West Building West Street Sandton 2196 T +27 10 595 0550 F +27 86 206 5173 durban: Office 2 2nd Floor Ridgeview 1 Nokwe Avenue Ridgeside Umhlanga Ridge 4319 T +27 31 001 0650 F +27 86 206 4421 Fees



Sygnia Unit Trust and Unitised Life Funds

NO ADMINISTRATION FeeS apply on Sygnia unit trusts and unitised life funds. All external-manager Unit Trust Funds

Administration fees are charged as follows when you are invested in external-manager unit trusts: Sygnia Investments Annual Administration Fee (excl VAT) Value of all accounts Sygnia Funds external-Manager Funds First R2 000 000 0.00% 0.50%*

Over R2 000 000 0.00% 0.20%**

* 0.50% (excl VAT) is levied on the proportionate value of the external-manager funds below R2 million.

** 0.20% (excl VAT) is levied on the proportionate value of the external-manager funds above R2 million. Please note: While Sygnia does not charge any administration fees in respect of its own funds, Sygnia takes into account all your investments with us when assessing the R2 million threshold, including your investments in Sygnia funds. For fees relating to the underlying investment managers, please refer to the Sygnia Alchemy Funds document available on request, or online at INVESTMENT


These vary widely across the Sygnia Alchemy fund range. For a detailed breakdown of fund-specific fees, please refer to Sygnia Alchemy Funds on our website. FINANCIAL ADVISOR FEES These are negotiable with your financial advisor within the following parameters: Initial fee: Maximum of 3.00% (excl. VAT) deducted prior to the investment being made Annual fee: Maximum of 1.00% per annum (excl. VAT) If an initial fee in excess of 1.50% is deducted, the annual fee is limited to 0.50% per annum. Ready to apply? Please contact the Sygnia Client Service Centre on 0860 794 *** (**** SYGNIA) and we will be happy to assist you. REqUIRED


• Copy of South African barcoded ID or valid passport (if a foreign national)

• Proof of bank details

• Signed application form

• Proof of deposit/transfer into relevant Sygnia bank account I’VE ALREADY OPENED




The Sygnia Alchemy Platform is a one-stop online solution to your investment and retirement planning needs. Visit to register. DISCLAIMER:

All information and opinions provided are of a general nature and are not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. We are not acting and do not purport to act in any way as an advisor or in a fiduciary capacity. No one should act upon such information or opinion without appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of a particular situation. We endeavour to provide accurate and timely information, but we make no representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information and opinions. We do not undertake to update, modify or amend the information on a frequent basis or to advise any person if such information subsequently becomes inaccurate. Any representation or opinion is provided for information purposes only.

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