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Health Public

Pretoria, GP, South Africa
March 12, 2018

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Names : Welheminah Bonolo Morongwa

Surname : Mkhomazi

Date of birth : 18 February 1995

Identity number : 950**********

Nationality : South African

Gender : Female

Marital status : Single

Health status : Excellent

Home language : Tswana

Other languages : English, Tsonga

Criminal offences : None

Driver’s licence : In progress

Institution: Monash South Africa

City/Country: Johannesburg, South Africa

Qualifications: Bachelor of Public Health

Year completed: 2017

Institution: Monash South Africa

City/Country: Johannesburg, South Africa

Qualifications: Monash South Africa Higher Certificate of Higher Education Studies (Foundation Programme).

Major: Health Sciences

-Introduction to Behavioural studies

-Technology for University Studies

-Academic English A

-Mathematics A

-Understanding University Learning

-Mathematics B

-Health and Development

-Academic English B

Year completed: 2014

High School: Christian Progressive College

City/Country: Pretoria, South Africa

Qualifications: National Senior Certificate

Final Year Subjects: Mathematics, English (FAL), Physical Science, Life Science, Computer Application Technology, Setswana (HL), Life Orientation.

Year completed: 2013

Postal address : P.O BOX 763



Physical address : 3157 Mashimong

Section 5E

Cell phone : 083*******/083*******

Email :

Computer skills

-Proficient with Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet

Hard working and reliable

Work well with others and independently

Remarkable time management skills gained due to expected deadline for completion of tasks during my studies at Monash South Africa and my internship at World Vision South Africa.

Good attendance record at school and university

Willing to train and gain further qualifications

Good communication skills developed through many presentations, group work and high essay marks at university due to strong writing skills

Ability to capture data (good typing skills, familiar with graphs, charts and tables)

Name of company: World Vision South Africa

Position: Child Protection Intern

Start date: August 2017

End date: October 2017


Collecting data

Data capturing

Data analysis

Name of project: Football Without Boarders

Position: Life Skills Facilitator

Start date: January 2017

End date: November 2017


Facilitating life skills for Football without Boarders (HIV/AIDS prevention program for young soccer players)

Co-ordinating Girl CluB Activities and teaching young female boxers on health education issues such as:

-Health and education

-Hygiene practice

-Children’s rights

-Gender equality

-Crime, drugs and alcohol abuse

-Leadership and communication skills

Enjoy reading novels




Name of contact person : Mr Michael Kudakwashe Mapfunde

Contact number : 061-***-****

Occupation : Director (Football Without Borders)

Company : Football Without Borders

Email :

Name of contact : Ms Pontsho K Segwai

Occupation : Technical Manager of Child Protection

Mobile phone : +278********

Telephone number : +271********

Email :

Company : World Vision South Africa

Name of contact : Mr Malope, M

Contact number : 012-***-****

Occupation : Principal

Company : Christian Progressive College

Career Goal

My goal is to use all my skills and experience gained through my studies and university placement to reach the company expectations. In addition, also improve my experience and knowledge by performing every requested task in the company with responsibility and best effort which can increase my personal and professional development.

Career objective

To use my skills, knowledge and experience I have acquired during my placement and studies in Public health. Also to use the skills and experience in a company to full fill their requirements that can also offer me professional development and self-development and help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals.

The key selection criteria

I actively became a Life skill facilitator at Football Without Borders which is a project that focuses on supporting the girls and boys who live in disadvantaged communities by using sport particularly soccer and girls boxing programs for social change in the environment they live in. Being a member of the organisation has helped me gain presentation and some communication skills as most of the time I was required to deliver messages in front of the community members using different presentation methods such as presentation using PowerPoint and presenting without visuals. Furthermore, as I am interested in programs that manage HIV/AIDS and children’s health, participating in the project has helped me gain understanding and knowledge as I was giving information about HIV prevention, testing and care to the community members. Educating children about their rights, health, and education and reporting abuse has also helped me gain skills of working with children. From these experiences I also gained self-confidence and self-awareness of realising that I enjoy working with people from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. So far since I have been working at Football Without Boarders as a life skill facilitator it has greatly influenced me to work with other people as a team in which it helped me gain problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, to plan and organise effectively and gain some of the skills from my team members who had more experience than me.

My internship at World Vision (WV) has helped me understand the working environment as so far I have gained more practical work than being in the classroom doing theory only. I have seen my placement at WV as a key learning experience as it allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in a working environment. Being in the child protection group, I was given a task to capture data in the log frame which I had to use Excel to capture the data about eliminating sexual and physical violence against children. My supervisor gave me and my team members another task of capturing the data on excel about pre and post workshop results in which we had to work together as a team. Another task was based on creating a Facebook page for awareness to young people to help address violence and collecting data of locations that have children who are most vulnerable in South Africa. From this experience so far I have learned to work independently without continuous supervision, but I should always ask for help from my team members and supervisor if there are issues I cannot solve. I gained more time management skills as I had to meet the set deadlines for completion, organising effectively, prioritise tasks and the ability to take responsibility which are important for the workplace. In addition, being able to use research skills such as collecting and capturing data, and using excel which I learned in public health and apply the skills at World Vision. These skills have been essential to my knowledge as I gained self-motivation and confidence due to the tasks I have done at World Vision which was a great use to the organisation. Therefore, being at World Vision has given me the opportunities to gain understanding and knowledge of my strengths which need to be improved.

In response to the selection criteria of the application, I believe I am the best person to be chosen because of the above mentioned experiences, skills and knowledge I have gained at World Vision, Football Without Boarders and also during my studies as a public health student at Monash South Africa. Therefore, the skills and experience I acquired at World Vision and Football Without Boarders will help me perform extremely well if I am chosen.

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