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TOP Manager

Gdańsk, Pomeranian Voivodeship, 80, Poland
March 27, 2018

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I’m a dynamic and communicative with extensive experience in marketing and sales.

tel. +48-888******

Gdańsk, Poland

Date and Place of Birth:

August 29, 1980, in Weimar, Germany

Related Knowledge:

• PR-technologies and

reputation management.

• NLP (Neurolinguistics

programming), psychology

of influence, consumer

behaviour, team building.

• MS Office, Photoshop,

Lightroom, Corel Draw,



Polish – Advanced.

Russian - Native language.

English – Pre-advanced.

German - Intermediate.

Spanish - Beginners.

Italian - Beginners.

Personal qualities:

systematic approach to

problem solving, creativity,

pronounced leadership

qualities, vitality, ability to

work in a dynamic mode,

mobility, communication,

sociability, responsibility,

commitment, integrity,

willingness to learn.

Social status:



05.2017 to the present IPS –International Post Service (Poland), the President.

09.2016 to the present WP CAPITAL (Poland), Wealth Manager, owner.

09.2016 to 05.2017 GERDA BROKER (Poland), Wealth Analyst.

06.2015 to 01.2018 Oliwa Park apartments (Hotel services in Gdansk), owner.

03.2014-08.2016 Consulting Company XO Corporation (Poland), CEO.

10.2014-12.2015 PR agency Medium (Poland), director of International Communications.

01.2012-01.2014 International Trade Co (Russia/Italy), CEO (sales of luxury goods and accessories for restaurants / B2B).

10.2009-09.2013 The District Council of Deputies Svetlogorsk (Russia), MP/Chairman of the Commission on international relations and tourism.

03.2009- 01.2012 Group of Companies "Baltic resorts" Russia, CEO (Network hotels & entertainment centre).

03.2008-09.2013 The City Council of Deputies of municipality "Primorie" (Russia), Member of Parliament.

02.2007-01.2014 Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers (Russia), the director.

02.2008-03.2013 Group of Companies of Alexander Kovalsky (Russia), (network of restaurants premium and mid-level), Development Director (Acting: HR-management, marketing, PR).

03.2006-02.2008 Premium Club DYAGILEV Project® (Moscow), promoter/marketer.

03.2001-03.2006 Kaliningrad Regional Parliament RF (Duma), the assistant vice- chairman of the Commission on international relations.

09.2004-07.2006 The Baltic State Academy of Russian Federation, Senior Lecturer Department of Management (Disciplines: strategic management, innovation management, management and the fundamentals of management).

01.2001-08.2004 Fitness Club "Iron man", owner.

01.2001-08.2004 Regional Public Charitable Foundation "Olymp", Director

(Responsibilities: project management, fundraising, interaction with government, commercial and public structures, staffing, organizing and conducting training, PR, 40 staff).

08.1999-12.2000 Elite Information’s Agency (Russia), general manager (responsibilities: PR, recruitment, collaboration with foreign partners, the organization of the structural units, promotion of humanitarian projects).

07.1998-08.1999 Hotel "Hansa" (Russia), Marketing Manager.

07.1997-07.1998 Hotel "Hansa" (Russia), Junior marketing specialist.

Social activity and citizen participation:

09.2016 to the present Associations FACT– free art & culture transfer, the Vice President,(Vienna, Austria).

07.2004-12.2009 The Club of Young Politicians, the President.

06.2010-07.2013 Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Russian Federation, Coordinator/Member of the Board.


10.2014-06.2015 Gdansk's School of Banking (Poland), department of finance and management, postgraduate studies: “Psychology in Business” with the certificate Franklin University.

09.1998-03.2004 Economics Department of State Technical University (Russia), upon graduation I got Master Degree in Economics and Management.

09.1997-06.1999 High School of Management (Russia), department of management, upon graduation I got qualification of “Personnel Manager”.

Additional education:

• The course for specialist investment funds market, Union Investment TFI S.A., 09.2016

• Training Brian Tracy's "Psychology of Selling" (Gdansk, Poland), 05.2016.

• The course "Coaching and mentoring with the certificate Franklin University ", WSB (Gdańsk), 06.2015.

• The course "Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence", Case Western Reserve University

(USA), 06-07.2014.

• The course "Social Psychology", Wesleyan University (USA), 07-08.2014.

• Culinary workshops with Italian chef Renato Cucinotta (Italy), 09.2013.

• Culinary workshops with British chef Jamie Oliver (Moscow, Russia), 04.2013.

• Course: "Influence on subconsciousness. Technologies of effective negotiations and sale". – Moscow school of psychology, 01.2013-03.2013.

• Seminar of Oleg Nazarov - the best Russian restaurant critic: "Restaurant on hearing – so the guests will be present. Modern methods of restaurant promotion." (Kaliningrad, Russia), 05.2011.

• Seminar of Oleg Nazarov - the best Russian restaurant critic: "Blow the mind of the guest! PR as the most effective way of promotion" (Moscow, Russia), 09.2010.

• Course of local government development in the University of Missouri – St. Louis (USA), 10.2007.

• The Bundestag of Germany (Berlin), Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, training, 12.2004.

• Course: "Introduction of marketing information system in enterprises" (Russia), 09.2007.

• Course: "Reality Transurfing", Vadim Zeland (Moscow, Russia), 10.2006.

• Course: "Corporate Business Training Courses on Marketing Strategies and Selling Techniques", John Von Achen, (Moscow, Russia), 2005

• Course: "Manipulation of mass consciousness. Propaganda and anti – propaganda” – Institute of electoral technologies" (St. Petersburg, Russia), 10.2004.

• Spanish – Russian seminar on the development of local government. (Madrid and Murcia), 04.2004.

• The Moscow School of Political Studies, 2002 -2003. Course of the most effective electoral technologies – Institute of electoral technologies" (St. Petersburg, Russia), 03.2004.

• Seminar "Training for trainers", The fund them. A. Moser (The Netherlands), 02.2003.

• In-depth study of psychology (NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, psychology of influence, consumer behavior, social psychology, crowd psychology, community psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, team building, personality psychology, political and global psychology) High School of Management, 1998- 1999.

For more information:

• A member organizations "The Employers of Pomerania", "Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce".

• A member Associations "Pomeranian Business Club", "Our Gdansk" and "Slow Food Poland".

• A member of Global Investor Club and member of the National Union of HR managers.

• Author of the book "Business Planning. The European Experience".

• I have a driver's license.

• I have Polish and Russian citizenship and the title of Lord of Scotland.

Interests / Hobby:

Travel, art, cooking, fitness, squash, photography, books, writing screenplays.

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