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Santa Cruz, CA
March 05, 2018

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Senior-level bilingual executive with worldwide management experience in multisite operations, Project engineering, Industrial manufacturing, Maintenance, Finance, Food processing, Food Security,and agricultural background. Versatile career marked by numerous accomplishments across industry lines.


$1.8+ million sales generated by introducing innovative product line to untapped

Global market.

30% in energy costs saved in 1st year by revamping ill-performing HVAC system.

Energy Efficiency Strategies. In the Fresh, Frozen, and Drying Food Processing Industry implemented Energy Efficiency Assessments to provide owners, managers, and operators of commercial and industrial facilities the energy conservation to reduce the energy, save money and increase profit. Many projects have a rate of return of 50 equivalent to a payback of 2 years.


Food Processing, Plant Engineering, Operations, Management: Fresh Packing, Vegeetable/Fruit Cold Storage. IQF. Caning, Asptic, Beverages, High speed filling/closing, metal food and veberage Can Lines Vegetables/Fruit Dehydration,Freeze Drying. Material Handling, Warehousing. Packaging, Form/fill/seal, Blister, Labeling Systems.

Beverages, winery glass, bottling, laveling/casing. Wine aseptic filling.

Extraction grape juice for wine industry by the installation of the HRS Bucher Unipektin press.

Turn key pecting manufacturing plant from apples including the HRS Bucher hydraulic press

Experience with: HVAC Systems, Clean Rooms, and Laboratories, Process piping and CIP Systems, Central Heating/Cooling Plants. Several effects Evaporative Systems, HTST, Instrumentations and Controls. Powder milk reconstituted and milk processing plants.

Quality Control, Research & Development of new and improved technologies involving new product development. HACCP, Food Safety and GMP in Manufacturing Processing, Packing, or Holding of Drugs.

Managed, directing, monitoring, schedule, scope and implementation of plant Projects and Maintenance Programs. Direct, coordinate, and exercise functional authority for planning, organization, control, integration and completion of engineering projects. Determines feasibility of designing new plant equipment or modifying existing facilities/equipment considering cost, available space, time limitations, company planning and safety factors.

Overall responsibility for plant operations including production, engineering, quality control, safety, forecasting, financial reporting, senior level staffing, budgeting, and labor relations. Improve manufacturing operations, recommends and implements equipment upgrades; monitors, and tracks equipment performance; meets manufacturing requirements in a competitive market.

Contract negotiations and management of co-packers for Value Added products.

Broad experience in analyzing and forecasting division capital needs.

Responsible for providing plant operations leadership and management coordination to site technical programs. Responsibilities include: working with management/program managers to create schedules and projects plans; overseeing resource planning, risk Management; facilitating strategic and business planning efforts; managing meetings; and interfacing with Budget Analysis, Business Development and Public Relations & Communications to develop systems solutions.

Proactive risk-taker in order to identify large scale systems problems, formulate solutions, and partner with technical customers and other business organizations in implementing the results.

Good communication skills, including development/delivery of presentations, proposals, and reports. Strong interpersonal skills, both one-on-one and in group environments.

Energy Efficiency Strategies.

Energy efficiency opportunities iexist across various sectors, with substancial opportunities in the Agri- industrial sector, in which improved motors, pumps, and boilers, use of co-generation; and improved industrial systems/processes could substantially reduce energy cosumption

Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Measures may be found in any number of building systems or

components such as: Lighting systems, Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Chilled water system,

Thermal storage systems, Air handling systems, Electric motors, Refrigeration systems, Boilers and steam systems.

Food Security

Quality Control, HACCP, Food Safety and GMP in Manufacturing, Processing, Packing or Holding of Drugs. Food Security efforts, including conceptualizing the tecnics and applying new tools and methodologies to agribusiness and food security programs; track food-security activities implemented through donors, public-private partnerships (seeds, fertilizer), regional trade or other development programs; and build and maintain contacts with other sectoral and analytical experts in changing global food trends and other areas of concern.

Create a food defense plan with comprehensive security requirements covering every aspect of its facilities including: processing, materials handling, personnel storage, shipping/receiving, site security, utilities connections and the use of cybersecurity. HACCP programs ask processors to understand their food processes, to identify key areas of risk and to control potential contamination at those critical juntures.

Facilitate compliance with OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) and EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) rules by: Developing and implementing a process safety audit program including: developing and implementing audit protocols, development of corrective action plans, tracking corrective action plans to closure, selection of third party PSM auditors.

Assist sites in the identification, justification and implementation of process safety projects.

Develop global policies, strategies, and programs to assure compliance with applicable process safety and risk management laws, regulations, and directives.

Lead and manage the outcome of the Process Safety Team in a manner that will result in consistent, compliant and cost effective resolution to process safety issues across the enterprise.

Facilitate the development of technical and/or engineering standards that support design and mechanical integrity activities related to process safety.

Monitor new or changing regulations and industry best practices related to PSM / RMP and assist the individual sites with developing strategies for implementation.

Act as a subject matter expert in the safety aspects of ammonia refrigeration systems

Facilitate the development of a enterprise wide process hazard analysis process (PHA) and create a process for the development of internal PHA facilitators including a mythology for verifying competency

Assist country’s agriculture programs through providing technical guidance, identifying problems, developing and designing projects, improving program and management quality in agriculture and natural resources management. Ensure that the programming reflects the agency program quality statement for agriculture and focus on farming systems, sustainable agriculture, and promotion of agro-enterprise development for small farmers.

Provide leadership in research agenda and manage the analysis/assessment of key or new/emerging issues related to the improvement of agriculture engineering, mechanization, automation, biotechnology and genetic engineering, subsistence farming for increased food security and poverty alleviation; the promotion of agro-based SME (small and medium enterprise) develompement with focus on an agro-based enterprise cluster concept, and design and develop programmes to address them. Establish and/or strengthen partnerships with UN agencies, civil society groups and other regional partners on promotig knowledge networking and implementation of strategies and policies related to development of the agricultural sector. Cocieve, plan and manage expert group meetings, seminars and similar consultations that disseminate good practices and contribute to the fulfillment of the work programmes.

With a Master in Irrigation/Drainage/ Environmental Eng. and vast experience in the development of irrigation and water resources projects, specifically in the arid and semi-arid zone of the world, I was able to successfully coordinate and implement all the activities of the projects related to water use efficiency in agriculture.


Land O’Lakes, Inc. Dairy Food Western Region. California


Project Manager. Improves manufacturing operations; recommends and implements equipment upgrades; develops equipment purchase proposals; complete cost projections; monitors, improves, and tracks equipment performance; meets manufacturing requirements.. Responsibility for systems maintenance and engineering, facilities and equipment maintenance ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment, while minimizing downtime and ensuring employee safety.

Compania Agro-Industrial Frutos Del Maipo. Chile


Providing complete Project Management, designed and execution for a 3.5MM expansion

to the IQF (individually quick frozen) processing facility. This vegetable freezen plant was

subjected to a complex scheduling effort necessary to maintain regular operations.

USAID- Chemonics-Afghanistan, Kabul. Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program. ASAP

Mazar Food Project

Agro-Industrial Manager


Provide technical advice to the agribusiness investments and coordinating the provision of technical support services. Work closely with the Agribusiness Development team to ensure that the business

Plans are technically sound and advice on the construction design of processing facilities,

Pomegranate juice concentrating plant, installation of green houses, construction of cold storage

facility design and procurement of agribusiness equipment.


Dreid fruit processing plant: raisins, pistachio, almonds.. Two cold storage facity design to

GPM compliance, Energy and water needs for consumption and cost estimation. Labor force requirement with training strategy. Solar Greenhouse`, plug operation, high tunnel and low tunnels

Design and execution. Review plan on licorice plant layout design and licorice farm.

2006-2008 ConAgra Foods, Inc. Food Dehydration Plants. California/Nevada/Omaha.

Senior Improvement Processing Enginer.

Responsible for managing complex and significant company-wide projects, typically with large budgets and sizeable staff through advance project management skills focusing on schedule,cost, and quality.

Directing project team efforts to ensure key business objectives are met. Delivered process improvements through rigorous and disciplined project management techniques, to ensure business aligment and customer satisfaction.

Implement solutions for strategic change initiatives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fuctional areas.

The dealing at a Corporate level with system process analysis and design, testing and evaluation activities at the system level as well as the component level in the dehydration process. These activities include: Analytical modeling of mechanical and electrical systems. Developing analytical and test methods to evaluate systems and components performance. Developing and prototyping equipment and process modifications by the application of electro-mechanical systems components, including sensors, actuators, signal conditioning and data acquisition electronics.

Increase drying efficiency by increasing the effectiviness of the dryers through quantifying the current dryer processes and finding methods of improvement in energy cost .

Managed, directing, monitoring, schedule, scope and implementation of plant Projects and Maintenance Programs. Responsible for providing plant operations leadership and management.

2005- 2006 USAID/DAI/Winrock International AgFin+. Andijan, Uzbekistan


Design /Build $2 millions dollars facility for cooling and storing tomatoes and cucumbers in Andijan, Uzbekistan, prior to transporting them to the Moscow market’

A “Fast Ripe Tomatoe/Cucomber Cooler” with 35 Ton tomatoes per 8 hours cooling capacity, and with 300 tons Cold Storage capacity was design and build, including a Dual Fan Pressure Cooler, Refrigeration Skid Package and a “Cooler Building +35F” -100Ft x 120Ft x 19Ft High Metal Steel Building supplied with insulated Panels (Expanded Polystyrene Core) and Stucco.

Conducted technical survey of the 42 Green Houses

Elements included: management problems and procedures, temperature, air,and water

Paramout reduction in operational cost was generated by: a) Knowledge of the magnitude of seepage losses. b) Adequate water control devices and water measurement. c) Use of suitable, properly design system which will distribute the required cuantity of water uniformly. d) Workable and economic methods, instruments, and criteria on which to base the decision of water application.

2000 – 2004 SPECTRA – PHYSICS LASERS. Inc. Mountain View, CA

Industry leader in high power solid-state laser technology and one of the largest manufacturers of lasers and optics world wide.

Sr. Facilities Engineer Manager

Responsible for planning, procurement and management of facilities, equipment and documentation of repairs and upgrades to all cGMP operations in a FDA and ISO 9000 regulated environment

Directing the overall engineering activities of the seven (3.5MM ft) manufacturing facilities as well as managing the construction of two Class 100 Clean Rooms. (5MM).

Strategic planning for long-range needs, focusing on the establishment of life cycle costing, asset management, reliability-centered maintenance. Project leadership, performance measurement and strategic resources planning.

Manage the classified Space and Environmental Systems; Steam Systems, Water Systems (WFI, RO/DI). Electrical and Energy Systems and Gases Distribution Systems (N2,C,Nh3)

1999- 2000 PORTOLA Packaging Inc. San Jose, CA

VP International Marketing

Capital Equipment manufacturer, developed International Market Analysis and plans to determine customer product and support requirements resulting in a 65% increase on sales worth $ 3.8 M plus.

Finding, selecting and training sales representatives to support the marketing.

Areas covered: Spain. Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Surinam, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile

1996 – 1999 EMC Corp. Aptos, CA

Consultant Engineering Services

Consultant assignments:

United States Agency for International Development U.S.A.I.D:

U.S.A.I.D.-Uganda. Chemonics Int. Inc. IDEA Project “Feasibility Agro Processing Fruit Juices & Marketing Study”

Consultant to visit growers in Rukungiri and Kasese District and assess the suitability of their passion fruit for processing. Evaluation of existing levels of production and determine the scale of processing which would be appropriate. Estimates of cost of an alternative system were made. A model was develop for local market development and possibilities for export marketing of passion fruit juice

Define and help to develop the floriculture business in the country.

PRIVATE SECTOR.NGO.Agri-Industrial Complex. Managua Nicaragua

Technical Auditing of the State Owned Agri-Industrial Complex.

Estimates of cost on operational reviews were made.

U.S.A.I.D.-Morocco. DAI/AMI

Mobile IQF Pre-Feasibility & Marketing Study.

Perform feasibility study on the introduction of Mobil IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) freezers to Morocco. The financial feasibility of the unit based on two different management models. For freezing of existing crops of strawberries, broccoli, apricots, French beans, bell peppers, artichokes, and melons. Technical evaluation, Operating Simulation, and SWOT (Strenght Weakness-Opportunities-Treat) analysis to establish the variables critical to success or failure of the Mobil unit compare to a fixed freezing plant.

U.S.A.I.D.-Agricultural Marketing Improvement Strategies Project in collaboration with the Agribusiness Association of Kenya

Prime contractor: Abt & Assoc. Inc

Constraints in the Kenyan Fruit Juice Processing Industry

Study to catalogue the economic, institutional, infrastructural, and technological constraints perceived by fruit juice processor and fruit growers in Kenya. Some of the conclusions are: that farmers are bedeviled by rising chemical, transport, and fertilizer prices; lack of financing; and poor extension services. Juice processing plants constraints were the rapid increase in the cost of packaging; the weak business climate that has dampened sales and deterred investments in new equipment; and the limited availability of quality raw material.

U.SA.I.D.- Morocco. DAI/AMI

Study of the Processed Fruits and Vegetables Sub sector and Recommendations for Project Activities. Review technologies and identify their needs to improve management of the overall process, to approach the European market.

United State. Trade & Development Program. Daniel D. Stain, Director.

Argentina. GIC Agricultural Group

Definitional Mission. To investigate the feasibility of developing new sources of income in the agro industrial areas of Argentina. Specific under develop areas of the country were define and these areas will sustain a labor-intensive type agro-industrial project. An integrated project for production, processing and packaging of fruit/vegetable products for export offers a competitive potential return.

Direct advisory /consultation with Mr. Menem President of Argentina and Dr. Juan Ferreira Pino asesor and secretario General to complement and organize meetings with the mayor players of the Argentinian Agro-Industry sector.

Presently feasibility study under way.

The World Bank, Chile

Verify that the beneficiary the $250 MM. loan for the reclamation, drainage of 25,000 hectares of flooded (tsunami 1960) agricultural land had the proper organization / infrastructure to support the project.

Water District for Irrigation and Drainage for agricultural land did not exist in Chile. In meetings with the Ministro de Obras Publicas (Minister of Public Works) Mr. Lagos now President of Chile, efforts were made to advise the government’s authorities and, as a result the California water District system was adopted as a Model.

1988 – 1996 Sverdrup Corporation, St. Louis Mi

Director, Projects, Remediations, and Facilities Sverdrup Corporation. St. Louis Mi.

Engineers-Architects-Planners-Construction Management-Design Build.

Responsibilities include new business development, marketing, sales and providing project management overview of company projects.

Accountable for all aspect of the department’s capital projects including but not limited to: scope definition, funding approval, detail planning, design, engineering, construction management, cost and schedule management, project reporting, management of design and construction consultants and responsible for contract management and negotiations.

Provide HQ support for proposal development and presentations; provide direct technical assistance to field programs and building relationship with US and International Customers.

Projects included:

Hazardous Waste treatment for Morton Thiokol. Waste water from Thiokol’s rocket motor manufacturing operations in Bringham City, Utah, contains incendiary, mass detonable and other hazardous materials. Developed an effective treatment system on a fast-track schedule to meet the EPA compliance deadline and conducted treatability study, pilot test, deigned the system, control software and required structures, and provided start-up assistance.

Hershey Foods Chocolate Processing Facility. Hershey, Pennsylvania

Total Project Management helping Hershey design and built a $100 MM processing facility. The 130,000-sq-ft facility incorporates a new, highly automated process to receive and process milk, bulk sugar, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter into fluid milk chocolate for use in the manufacture of confectionery products.

Oscar Mayer Ham Plant. Kirksville, Missouri.

On a fast truck schedule design, built and start-up a ham processing and packaging plant for Oscar Mayer. The plant cures, smokes, slices and vacuum packs 60,000 pounds of premiun quality ham daily. The project involved the design of cold rooms, a sophisticated foundation and drainage system.

Hops Processing Facility. Miller Brewing Company. Watertown, Wisconsin.

The 28,000-sq-ft facility refines liquid CO2 extracted hop resin into several specialty hop extracts. These extracts are added to the brewing process to refine and adjust flavors used in maintaining product consistency and in producing new products.

This $10.5 MM facility that houses office, sequential batch processing, packaging and warehousing functions.

Bristol-Myers’ Waste Water Facility.

New 600-gpm pretreatment system design for a Bristol-Myers’ plant in Evansville, Indiana. The $2 million system includes a 1- mgd lift station, a 1,500 –ft force main, and systems for neutralization, strong-waste collection and waste water monitoring.

Water Supply Tunnel Rehabilitation

Providing planning, permitting, design and construction management services for the rehabilitation of the 114-year-old Sudbury Aqueduct for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. The aqueduct will supply metro Boston with 200 million gallons of water per day. Almost 8 miles of the project will be bored tunnel. The remaining 17.5 miles will require replacing the existing surface conduit with a larger pipe. The approach under consideration involves digging out the bottom of the old masonry conduit and inserting an elliptical pipe with de capacity of a 10-ft circular pipe. This approach will keep construction-related disruptions to a minimum in the residential and commercial areas along the historic aqueduct’s route.

1987-1988 Raimond Production Systems

Project Manager

Responsible for beverage (glass and can, PET, container systems) filling lines and high speed conveyance systems. Manage a 600 labor manufacturing facility

1985-1987 Arcata Graphics

Engineer Manager

Responsible for the direction and execution of installation of Reveere Press, with a 250 men work force 24hrs 6 mo. (Cerrutti), klishograph, solvent recovery system, and bindery equipment.

1981 – 1985 Televideo, Systems Inc. San Jose CA.


In-charge of design, presentation, negotiations with local, state, federal agencies, and construction of a computer aided manufacturing plant for manufacturing computers. Based on “Just-in time” concept, including clean rooms, burn-in systems, working stations, etc

1974 - 1981. FMC Corporation International Div.

V. P, Project Management

Responsible for preparation, negotiation, development, and implementation of turnkey projects. Managed design, construction and start-up facilities for Riyadh Airport (Saudi Arabia).

Director, for Integrated Agro-Industrial Systems.

Responsibilities include New business development ( High level contacts and presentations at International Trade Shows) marketing, contract negotiations, proposal preparation/ presentation and the overall implementation and project management.

Agro-Industrial Systems is based on a comprehensive systems approach that includes conceptual development, implementation and project management. Extensive research is used to determine project feasibility. Topography, climate, hydrology, transportation, market and other factors are all closely examined with regard to their effect on ultimate project profitability. Working from these findings a master implementation plan is formulated. The projects involved all facets from the established farm, where irrigation systems, tillage techniques, croppings, spraying, and harvesting procedures are employed and finish with tons of fresh product either packaged for fresh market or processed and canned for use long after the growing season.

Projects included:

Develops Land Never before Used for Agriculture. Saudi Arabia

Successfully established a 160-hectare farm to produce thirty seven vegetables for local consumption. The project call for development of a drainage and irrigation system, construction of a modern vegetable packing and cold storage facility, and supply of all land preparation and farming machinery. Also the management and operation of the farm for two years.

Within six month of project start-up, 72 kilometers of drain tile was installed. And two months later, 1800 meters of gated pipe and 29 kilometers of portable irrigation pipe serving 2400 sprinklers were assembled in the field.

Irrigation water for the farm comes from four 300-meter deep wells with 150-kilowatt pumps drawing from aquifers deep beneath the desert. While developing the wells, the water was used for leaching salt from the desert soils prior to planting.

A 2500 square meter column-free packhouse and cold- storage facility, including all packline and refrigeration machinery, water supply, electric power generation and distribution, fuel handling, and waste disposal.

Farming operations are conducted from September through May, for daytime temperatures in excess of 49 degrees C preclude cropping in June, July, or August. Two and sometimes three crops can be obtained in the nine-month growing season. Most of the product is shipped to the client’s commissaries, which serve oil industry employees. The remainder is available for the local market.

Agri-Development and Training, Oman

Under contract with the government of the Sultanate of Oman we undertake to develop the agricultural resources of Oman

Scope of work:

Initial planning and implementation was identified under five- phase programs: Agricultural Area Survey, Date Enterprise Development, Animal Industry Enterprise Development, Citrus Enterprise Development, Vegetables Enterprise Development.

Four segments of the program were isolated. They included a) Enterprise development to serve as a basis for in-field experience. b) Survey of the market structure, plus water, soil, chemical and other physical characteristics analysis for raw research data, and the establishment of on-going data collection systems. c) Manpower training programs with emphasis on the need to rapid dissemination of agricultural expertise.

Demonstration farms were established in conjunction with existing government facilities. These farms use the desired technology and equipment in each enterprise and serve as a base for training and management programs including field days and extension activity.

A system of “communication flow” was achieved through our experts working with Omani “enterprise specialist”. These specialists then go out into the field to train local village farm leaders. The village leaders, in turn train the farmers of the local area.


A 6 metric tons per hour Date Processing Plant that manufacture “date power bars” for the school program was build. A Dairy product Laboratory, Citrus Juice Concentrating Plant .Tomato juice Concentrating Plant, and a Multi-purpose cannery for vegetables products.

Plans for new export markets were developed as the domestic nutritional levels improve

Other Projects

Fresh vegetables packing/sorting/hydro cooling plants in: California, Chile, Argentina, Morocco, and Brazil.

Apricot Dehydration- Turkey. Onion-Garlic Dehydration- Chile. Pineapple Juice Concentration- Martinique. Reconstituted milk plant. Belize. Apple juice concentration – Hungary and Chile.

Tuna Fish Cannery – Chile. Processed Meat -Venezuela. Citrus Juice Concentrate- Morocco. Peach Canning, Pineapple canning, Tomato Paste- -Brazil.

Soft Drinks& Carbonated Beverage – Korea.. Tomato Concentrating Plant- Iran.

Baby Instant Formula Plant. Balta- Soviet Union. Meat Baby food Plant- Tikhorets-Soviet Union. Citrus Concentrating Plant – Algeria.

Motor oil filling Plant Maraven- Venezuela. Passion Fruit Concentrate- Guyana/ Guatemala. Banana Flakes Plant – Ecuador.

1971 – 1974 Carnation Company. Contadina Food Div

Process Engineer-Plant Manager.

Processing potato chips; tomato paste, catsup, stew tomatoes, peaches, confectionary foods, prepared foods, milk processing, and aseptic filling.

Built for the Corporation in California a 400 Ton/Hr totally automated tomato concentrating plant in Hanford California

1967-1971 Del Monte Corporation

Engineer Manager.

Responsible at a Corporate Level for the Farm Irrigation, Cultural and Practices. Directed/Design/Construction of the Irrigation Systems in USA, Mexico, Spain, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, and Chile. Manage city-government negotiations, construction and implementation of Del Monte Food Processing Plants in: California, Mexico, Sud Africa, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Hawaii.

1965 – 1967 California State Water Project


Involved in Engineering- Design- Studies of the 444 miles long California Aqueduct: San Luis Canal, California Water Project, conducting studies of water quality, water infiltration, and hydraulic design of computer operated flow control gate system. Managed, design, the complete mathematical model of the San Luis Canal, including pumping station. Conducted and directed deep well perforation, well development, well casing in the San Joaquin Valley for the water districts. Water management and drainage.

1963 - 1965 Jack M. Swagerty Company, CA

Manager Farming Operations. Sutter County, CA.

Manager of rice farming operations. Responsible for design of sub-irrigation (sugar-beets, blackeye beans, safflower); sprinklers

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