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Project Manager Construction

New York, New York, United States
March 03, 2018

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Professional Summary:

As a passionate and motivated leader, I have been able to evaluate and advance the development and construction processes for the firms for which I have worked; having been in challenging and fast paced positions with first class owners, developers and contractors for the management and guidance of their construction projects through precise and intelligent administrative oversight, I bring the integrity that I have learned through hard work. Always taking a real-world approach to the business of construction management, with a style that consistently puts the project’s requirements first, I have developed a creative, flexible and resourceful ability for the procedures of construction management and the professional administration of the work.

Professional Experience:

Edifice Group

New Construction in the New York Metropolitan Area

October 2015 to Present: Consultant/Owner’s Representative

Drove the creation of comprehensive scopes of work; expanded on contract matters in avoidance of problems within the project scope; reviewed and tracked schedules for reality based reporting and lead in the preparation of CM proposals for multiple out of the ground projects.

Monitored construction sites and advanced the ongoing work with specific recommendations for the excavation, foundation, geo-tech exploration, and drywell installations. Solved site access problems by initiating a strict, enforceable and real-world schedule based on ongoing work and habits.

Advised owners and GCs on how best to implement project filings with city agencies and wrangle design teams on issues towards their constructability; stewarded projects through to completion while reducing their cost overhead by eliminating any extraneous general conditions

Crafted CM proposals for project opportunities as they became available; attended all critical path meetings.

Pav-Lak Contracting

SLS Hotel Project (100,000 sq. ft.)

September 2014 to September 2015: Sr. Project Manager for CM

Directed and led team members in all aspects in the building of an Alt 1 hotel, lead trades in all aspects of the structure for the new core. Tracked progress against expectations and identified design issues as they occurred.

Negotiated, wrote, and oversaw the contracts, scopes, and exhibits.

Worked with Design Team for development and clarification of documents; solved on site constructability problems.

Solved structural issues by implementing an innovative steel decking attachment assembly with the engineers.

Administer Agency and NYC requirements for MWBE, NYSERDA, OER, working closely with owner’s design team.

BFC Partners, LLC

City Point – Tower One (252,000 sq. ft.) Residential Apartment Building

November 2013 to August 2014: Sr. Project Manager for Development Firm/GC

Directed the erection and construction of 27-story Girder Slab tower in coordination with the podium partners.

Negotiated and wrote contract scopes and exhibits for $65ml buyout.

Administered Agency and NYC requirements for MWBE, NYSERDA, DOB and DOT. Supervised APMs, estimating and accounting for project and the in-house concrete division for owners.

Oversaw design/consultants and met regularly to provide direction, management, and clarifications.

ALFA Development Management Inc.

April 2011 to May 2013: Sr. Project Manager/Representative for Developer

Coordinated and oversaw the out-of-the-ground construction of residential projects in New York City from site selection, demolition, foundation and building design, budgeting, DOB coordination, including buyouts, scopes of work, personnel.

Added oversight to bank requisitions and payment applications and expediting.

Implemented changes to invoicing tracking and routing, cost codes and budget. Oversaw on-site construction with site superintendent and contractors daily, coordinated site work.

Initiated and directed the installation of Schoeck thermal breaks at balconies on both the Chelsea Green and 199 Mott projects the first residential buildings to do so in NYC, for LEED credits to the projects’ certifications.

Summit Construction Services Group

October 2006 to March 2011: Sr. Project Manager for the CM Division

Set up and oversaw NYC CM office; implemented changes to invoicing tracking and requisition system resulting more efficiency; streamlined the accounting and requisition process for client’s lenders and the invoicing applications for the CM division; provided oversight to on-site construction with site personnel and contractors daily.

Administered day-to-day operations on the Construction Management Division; coordinated PMS and APMs in the construction of various residential and commercial projects in New York City.

Initiated the interior demolition and fit out for the cooperative residential and retail spaces.

Coordinated owner’s designs and set up the construction of model apartments & sales office for a 120-unit coop conversion in midtown Manhattan.

CB Development LLC/GB Construction/Charles Blaichman & Associates (1996-2006)

February2003 – May 2006: Project Manager/Construction Manager – - 195 Bowery

Coordinated and managed the on-time, on-budget construction process for a highly complex 85,000 sq. ft. Alt-1 mixed-use, steel superstructure building. Facilitated façade construction by creating a modified hanging bridge assembly.

Supervised every phase of $17M project including initial modifications to existing building, foundation, steel assembly, concrete decks, elevator installation, brick veneer, HVAC & boiler, plumbing, electrical, Boffi kitchen installations, and general fit out of building.

June 2002 to March 2003: Owner’s Representative – Dance Theatre Workshop Building

Monitored for owner, the out-of-the-ground plank construction by contractor, a 11-story mixed use loft condo and dance theater building, and later worked closely with the architect while overseeing the C of O punch list and turn-key delivery to tenants.

Solved site access problems with real time schedule implementation and redesigns.

May 2003 to July 2004: Owner’s Representative – 173 & 176 Perry Street

Supervised site preparation and demo of existing structures. Worked with architects. Simultaneously oversaw post construction management functions for two 16-story buildings (90,000 sq. ft.), one out-of-ground mat and one pylon (both reinforced concrete with curtain wall systems). Contributed to design modification to ensure on-time, within-budget completion. Played key role in the construction of the large-scale granite plazas.

June 2001 to January 2003: Construction Manager – 47/50 West 14th Street

Directed the completion of a 60,000-sq. ft. steel and concrete 11-story 67-unit apartment building, including two lobbies, two elevator towers, a connecting ground floor, and a retail commercial space.

Saved overall costs by redesigning unit layouts to coincide with existing structures in the remaining building, reducing demolition and construction time.

November 2000 to April 2001: Construction Manager – 60 West 14th Street

Revitalized and redirected the in-process construction of a steel frame, concrete slab 11-story mixed use residential and retail space. Completed job ahead of schedule by compartmentalizing the work into separate project in competition.

May 1999 to November 2000: Construction Manager – 17 East 13th Street

Facilitated the on-time, within-budget completion of 11-story rental apartment building with two commercial spaces by deftly negotiating and diffusing conflicts between subcontractors, maintaining schedule, and on-site supervision

Mattiello Manhattan Inc.

May 1982 to April 1999: Owner and Chief of Operations

Owned and operated a high-end niche millwork company which grew into an interior renovation firm; completed various projects that required original design and skunk works engineering; provided original architectural wood work for residential, commercial ventures and restaurants including cabinetry, furniture and prototype designs for clients and juried shows, provided project management on contract for future employers and developers.

Areas of Core Professional Strengths:

I have worked as a liaison for and representative of owners and developers in all aspects of project realization; Processing strong stakeholder relationship management and team building skills for both residential and commercial construction operations while exercising judgment to know when to bring issues to the owner or client.

The ability to oversee a broad range of construction project management functions such as: developing critical paths, account management, directing project control cycles, selecting key personnel, providing project data to relevant team members in a timely manner, creating contracts, overseeing worksite safety and security protocols, establishing TCO work calendars, formulated multiple what-if scenarios, broke down projects into activities and work sequences, ensured code conformity and anticipated/managed the change-order process to deliver timely accounting for the project costs.

Reviewed and analyzed all contractual documentation, the plans for core and shell, specifications and estimates and ensured strict adherence to Federal, State & City regulations, including relevant Building Department codes. Engaged expediter for violation adjudications or self-perform when necessary. Coordinated TR1 assignments and other sign-offs with owner’s design professionals and achieve C of O for owners and developers.

Reduced costs through sleeves-up, lead-by-example plan reviews and management. Directed and streamlined several logistics and procurement processes, and established and maintained exact crew requirements appropriate to the scope, implemented stringent inventory controls and secured more competitive bids/vendors when required due to budgetary constraints. Developed policy administration to streamline operations.

Performed closely with developers, lenders, project directors, architects, engineers and contractors, relying on my highly effective verbal and written communication skills to ensure strict project deadlines are targeted early in the planning.

Capitalized on over twenty-five years of construction management experience while overseeing every phase in the project management cycle including pre-construction and RFIs; RFPs and well scoped bid packages; square foot, itemized and unit price estimates for inclusion in contracts; administered contractor awards; submittals; change orders; buyouts; estimated project activity duration and overall duration; for critical course corrections; set up and attended meetings with architects, engineers and lenders on a regular and as required.

I have worked with support of excavation scopes; sheet, pile and lagging type shoring; soil nails and tie backs; secant piles and under pinning; foundations: mats; step footings; grade beams; concrete piers; and soil grouting systems.

Set up and administered CM operations; training and development of staff; accounts receivable; implementing templates for requisitions, logs, scheduling, contracts and scopes of work, billing, cost tracking; generated comprehensive punch lists and negotiated change order proposals.

Data literate with a strong focus on analytics. Social media savvy and able to integrate cutting edge tech with old school experience.

I have directed and provided supervision of concrete superstructures implementing forward thing sequencing, concrete cast in place details, thermally broken block work and brick veneer walls as well as facade waterproofing.

I have built structural steel assemblies from the ground and podium-up, including girder; organized steel picks & craning operations; put into form steel partitions, floors & decking, elevator shaft assemblies and catwalks.

Coordinated requirements for government and private agencies, including obtaining approvals of construction and site logistics plans; worked with department chiefs, expediters and legal representatives for the pro-active mitigation of construction issues.


Certification of Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management (FAAPM)

LEED Green Associate - ProCore Certification - 30-Hour OSHA


MS Office - AutoCAD – Project - Smart Sheet Procore

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