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Special Education Administrator, Special Education Reading Teacher

Los Angeles, California, United States
Part-Time 65,000 Full-Time 94,000
March 02, 2018

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Tangye Valise Watson


Objective: Seeking a full time position as a Special Education Support Teacher (Mentor Teacher) for Georgia Schools Pre-K – 12th


University of California, Irvine

B.A. in English Literature with minors in Linguistics and Spanish (1996)

University of Southern California Law Center

Jurist Doctorate (J.D.) (1999)

California State University, Dominguez Hills

M.A. in Special Education/Moderate to Severe Disabilities (2003)

Education Specialist Credential (Mild/Moderate Disabilities) (2002) (K-12)

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (2010)

Work Experience

Intensive Diagnostic Educational Center Specialist for Students with Disabilities (IDEC Reading Specialist)

South Division of LAUSD (September 2016 – present)

Train 93rd Street Elementary School teachers on reading programs to support and enhance the student learning; many curricula designed to work with dyslexic students

Develop Professional developments to assist teachers and teacher assistants with differentiation of instruction and meeting the needs of struggling readers and English Language Learners with disabilities

Select and refer highly motivated teachers to different trainings that will support the learning within their classrooms

Work with students on reading programs to help them read at grade level and develop foundational reading skills before they leave for Middle School

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Specialist

Central Division of LAUSD (October 2015 – June 2016)

Ensured that Special Education Departments in all LAUSD-dependent Charter schools used best practices related to Special Education compliance

Contacted Charter School Administrators to support the development of compliant special education practices

Worked with school IEP teams to ensure that best practices were followed

Assist with the development of professional developments to support site Administrators in the area of Special Education

Worked with Charter Schools in finding Surrogate Parents for foster youth with IEPs

Worked closely with Charter School Administrators to assist them in finding the proper supports for students with difficult behaviors or needs beyond the Charter School’s capacity

Worked as a Liaison between the Charter Schools and the Charter School Division

Assistant Principal, Special Education

ISIC Division: 153rd Street Elementary, La Salle Elementary, and 107th Street Elementary (March 2015 – October 2015)

Opened and locked IEPs

Generated IEP forms

Put organizational systems in place to maintain compliance

Provided and presented professional developments related to IEP referrals, the IEP process, accommodations, modifications, and behavior management

Informed parents of their rights related to the IEP and the IEP process

Developed and presented Professional Developments to staff (Special Education Compliance, Behavior Management, and Classroom Management)

Met with all stakeholders to ensure that the Special Education Department thrived and met the diverse needs of our students with disabilities in a highly transient population with many children in the Foster System

Special Education Coordinator- San Pedro High School

San Pedro High School (July 2014- March 2015)

Assisted teachers with differentiated instruction for students with disabilities

Ensured that the high school complies with the new mandates of the Modified Consent Decree

Assisted special educators with the development of IEPs

Assisted special educators with classroom management issues

Wrote integration plans for students with severe disabilities who are included in general education classes

Graduate Professor School of Education (Special Education)

Loyola Marymount University, EDSS 6303-Education, Assessments, and Differentiation of Instruction (August 2014-Decemeber 2014)

Provided lectures on differentiation of instruction and methods of instruction

Provided lessons on assessment and using assessments, both formal and informal, to inform instruction

Assisted graduate students in using data to help guide instruction

Reviewed compliance and the processes related to IEPs

Community Based Instruction Teacher

San Pedro High School (August 2013-June 2014)

Teach life skills, academic skills, and social skills through the use of community learning and an alternate curriculum

Use differentiated instruction throughout the day to help students access the curriculum and meet the standards

Write Individualized Education Plans for each student based on the students’ unique needs

Develop relationships and volunteer opportunities within the local community to help ingratiate the students into the community and form lasting relationships

Dean of Students (Interim)

San Pedro High School (December 2013- March 2013)

Assisted Administrative Team with developing and implementing a Tardy Sweep Program at the high school

Wrote memos to parents and staff which focused on disciplinary concerns at the high school

Counseled students and held meetings with students and parents regarding disciplinary issues at school

Wrote change of placement IEPs for the students who needed to be transferred to alternative placements

Developed meaningful connections with school personnel at other local schools to support student success

Special Day Class Teacher (Summer Session) (Multiple Disabilities Orthopedic) (ages 10-22)

Pacific Boulevard Special Education Center (June 2013 – August 2013)

Helped non-verbal students with significant physical and mental disabilities to access the alternate curriculum

Developed a differentiated academic program within the small classroom setting

Assisted the health assistants with the feeding and toileting/diapering needs of the children

Worked very closely with service providers to ensure that the students maintained progress toward IEP goals in a safe, secure environment

Special Day Class Teacher (English 9 and English 10)

San Pedro High School (August 2012 – June 2013)

Prepared students for CASHEE prep

Worked with students to help them meet their new common core standards

Differentiated instruction in order to help students access the general education curriculum

Collaborated with other teachers within the department to maximize student learning

Wrote Individualized Education Plans for students on my caseload

Resource Specialist Teacher(K-5)

Denker Avenue Elementary School (September 2010 – June 2012)

Used a variety of multi-modal techniques to ensure student learning

Used collaborative and “push-in” models based on the student’s diverse needs

Wrote and designed Individualized Education Plan based on students’ needs

Helped design integration plans for many students in the SDC program

Administered KTEA formal assessment and the Brigance Comprehensive formal assessment

Supported teachers, students, families, and administration in SST meetings for students who were struggling in a traditional classroom setting

Wrote and Presented Professional developments on Integration Plans, Behavior Modification, Disability Awareness, and Modifications vs. Accommodations

Special Day Class Teacher (3-5)

Denker Avenue Elementary School (November 2009 – June 2010)

Wrote and designed Individualized Education Plan based on students’ needs

Helped design integration plans for many students in the SDC program

Administered KTEA formal assessment and the Brigance Comprehensive formal assessment

Used differentiation of instruction to give all students access to the general education curriculum

Inclusion Facilitator for Moderate/Severe Disabilities (Itinerant) (Pre-K – 12th)

LAUSD (Department of Instructional Initiatives) (September 2006 – November 2009)

Designed integration plans to incorporate students with moderate to severe disabilities into general education classroom programs with appropriate accommodations and modifications in place

Coordinated a program for a student with moderate to severe disabilities which included working with general education teachers, service providers, parents, administrators, and advocates

Developed Individualized Education Programs for extremely high profile cases

Managed a network of service providers, parents, general education teachers, paraprofessionals, and advocates and administrators to ensure that the student had consistent growth throughout the year

Facilitated professional developments for teachers, administrators, and parents championing differentiated instruction, integration, and disability awareness

Special Skills:

Fluent in Spanish

Linda-Mood Bell Seeing Stars Training (2016)

Linda-Mood Bell LIPS Training (2017)

Math Recovery Specialist Certification Training 2017

Orton-Gillingham Certification Training (ongoing)


Alison Yoshimoto-Towery – Deputy Superintendent of Instruction- LAUSD 310-***-****

Joasia Garza- Least Restrictive Environment Specialist (LAUSD) – 323-***-****

Christine Hupka – School Psychologist (Anaheim School District) 949-***-****

LaToya Polk – Assistant Principal Special Education (LAUSD) 323-***-****

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