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Customer Service Human Resources

Columbus, Georgia, United States
February 28, 2018

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Brenda Green

Columbus, GA ***** - 706-***-****

Retiree seeking part-time work from home.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Human Resource Specialist (Retired)

Civilian Personnel Office - Fort Benning, GA -

October 2010 to June 2016

Hrs Per Week: 40

Duties: This was a trainee position and has reached the target grade of GS-11. Serving as an HR Specialist working in a CPAC, Utilize an expert level of knowledge and skill in applying the full range of HR methods, principles, practices and evaluative methodologies sufficient to advise on and/or resolve the full range of operational problems precedents sufficient to provide expert HR management advisory and technical services on complex and wide impacting customer functions and work practices. Use detailed analytical methods to identify, evaluate and recommend in-depth alternatives with impact for delivering effective HR services to Army and no-army customers. Provide written and oral communication techniques sufficient to develop and deliver briefings, project papers, status/staff reports and correspondence to mangers to foster understanding and acceptance of CHRA finds and recommendations.

Processs actions from cradle to grave consistently reviewing the status to ensure that they are within the recruitment timeline imposed by CHRA by managing suspense provided to Managers to return actions or certain documents needed in a timely manner. Create and publish announcements for positions. Screens requests for personnel action and related documents for completeness and accuracy. Review all applicants to determine if they are qualified to be referred to the manager for consideration for selection of the position and reviewing applicant information for eligibility for referral according to the Area of Consideration imposed for the position. Ensure that all applicants rated ineligible are valid. Send notification to applicants reference Respond to customer inquiries using email applications such as Microsoft Outlook to provide answers pertaining to recruitment such as status and updates. Keep supervisor abreast of on-going actions and their status. Ensuring that the Event History is current on all actions. Respond to e-mail and telephone questions reference Human Resource Questions.

Apply classification standards as necessary to determine proper position title, series and grade/pay and. Provide Human Resources advisory services, develops and maintain partnership with serviced organizations. Provide correspondence to assist them in properly assignment of the major duties and factor levels. Prepare evaluation reports to justify proper title, series and grade of a job description. Discuss findings with management and employees to ensure understanding of outcome of the position classified. Create new position description in FASCLASS.

Reviews and interprets regulatory guidelines, policies, and standard operating procedures pertinent to personnel programs and operations. Provides advice and assistance to organizations. Counsels management in developing and maintaining sound organizational structures to ensure the effective use of people, money, and materials. Makes recommendations on realignment or consolidation of functions. Recommends methods of implementing actions so as to minimize impact on incumbents, while still accomplishing missions and attaining desired manpower levels. Makes recommendations for reclassification, transfer or abolishment of positions; reviews new and revised position descriptions and provides classification guidance and advice to managers; keeps management advised on personnel allocations, employment ceilings, and vacant positions. Makes recommendations for establishment of new FTP, temporary, WAE, and/or overhire positions based on knowledge of types of positions needed and tasks involved. Review information and resumes provided by spouses and determine what series is appropriate to register them in the PPP. Apply the appropriate Priority Placement Rules depending on the type of recruitment actions. Determine if the action is an exception to the PPP or if joint quals determination is to be provided for a match. Contact spouses that appear on the list to inform them of the position and the need to apply. Appropriately code Report Action Codes by determining how the vacancy was filled. Stay abreast of servicing activity personnel and organizational structure. Perform Strategic Recruitment discussions with selecting officials and managers to determine what questions will enable him/her to select the best applicant for the position. Review the position description with the manager to ensure that the position description is accurate and assist the manager in developing question for the announcement questionnaire. Review organizational structures and organization charts of serviced activities. Ensuring that the structure and grade composition of the structure is valid and provide advice on how to improve structure of the organization. Perform internal audit on co-workers actions reviewing for accuracy and possible omitted processes. Coordination is made throughout the CPAC and serviced communities for various projects. Serves as project manager for various projects and assignments that may include, but are not limited to program evaluation, serving/leading internal audit teams, coordinating and implementing new/improved operating systems, evaluating operating procedures for efficiency, testing new procedures and promoting standardization. SPECIAL PROJECTS/SITE VISITS:

• eOPF project – Cleaned up eOPF for Fort Benning employees, checking for accuracy to ensure that the documents belonged to the employee who’s file it was in and removing documents that were not authorized or should not have been in the eOPF.

• Wage Survey Coordinator – Coordinate with area businesses to obtain the current wages for wage grade type positions for the Columbus, GA Wage Survey Area. Obtain information, coordinate and make arrangements for committee members and data collectors to ensure manuals, survey worksheets and training are provided for the survey. Coordinate with The Wage Survey Department of Defense Project Officer to ensure project goals are being met.

• CRB BRIEFING (TRADOC & IMCOM Activities) Develop and provide briefing and instructions to employees on how to retrieve, review, update and utilize the Civilian Record Brief.

• DIVISION SPECIAL EMBEDDING SESSIONS - Actively go out to all serviced organizations to provide one on one services to the employees reference various HR questions they may have.

• Participate in Site Visits to familiarize myself with the serviced organizational structures and how the organization works.

• Assisted the Fort Polk CPAC with recruitment actions from beginning to end.

• Master Comp Level Project – Reviewing all PD and Series for Fort Benning, Updating and ensuring that Comp Levels are accurate and consistent.

• Air Traffic Control – Special retirement coverage project. Ensuring that all Fort Benning PD’s are approved for special retirement coverage. Prepared ATC PD approval packets to ensure that the PD supports the special retirement coverage. Reviewed individual employee records and initiate/ input or update information in the ARC Audit Tool.

• Participate in activity town hall meetings representing the CPAC HR Specialist

Human Resources -

March 2010 to October 2010

Human Resources Assistant (Classification/OA) GS-7 Fort Benning, Georgia United States

Hrs Per Week: 40

Duties: Perform limited technical assignments to assist classification specialists with review of individual position actions. Create Request for Position Assignment (RPA)’s, perform position builds, verifying accuracy of position data in DCPDS.

Personnel Assistant

MEDDAC - Fort Benning, GA -

August 2008 to March 2010

Administrative Support Assistant (OA)

Fort Benning, Georgia United States

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Serve as Human Resource Liaison between Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) and Martin Army Hospital managers for personnel actions. Independently plan assignments, determine priorities, and provide management advice on operating procedures. Provide guidance and assistance reference a full range of personnel actions, referral lists, vacancy announcements, in/out processing, advance leave requests, change in work schedule and incentives. Advise management on recruitment strategies, sources and provide advisory services on complex organizations personnel request. Asssist customer reference filing applications and submitting resumes. Independently resolve issues/problems requiring consideration of the entire human resource management program. Assist in developing short and long range staffing plans to meet mission requirements. Attend meetings and inform staff members of office commitments. Provide technical assistance to administrators and managers in preparation of job descriptions. Assist managers/administrators and employees by providing individual instructions on utilizing Army Regional Tools (ART) and assist in the utilization of the Internet to access vacancy job announcements, obtain user ids, passwords, and pins to access programs of a personal nature such as submitting resumes and status of resumes, access to Army Benefits Center (ABC) where employees can make changes and/or elections, etc., to their benefits and entitlements. Maintain various suspense files such as pay retentions due for physicians, and comparability allowances due for physicians.

Generate Request for Personnel Actions (RPA's) on Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) and route appropriately. Screen requests for personnel action and related documents for completeness, accuracy and regulation compliance. Advise management on a wide range of staffing issues such vacancies against their TDA authorizations and requirements, recruitment methods and special pay incentives. Track all hiring/ classification actions from initiation by management through completion. Take all appropriate steps and actions to appoint, promote, detail, reassign, demote, transfer, RIF, etc., in accordance with established policies, regulations and program goals. Receive referrals and determine the management official who should receive the referral based on positions that are vacant. Advise management on referral restrictions and candidates that can be reached and their estimated arrival on duty. Identify problems and recommend solutions to continuously improve the service provided to all customers. Coordinate recruitment actions and referrals with CPAC and managers, ensuring suspenses are met and requests are submitted for expeditious hiring of personnel. Maintain RPA reference log and data on employees and personnel actions to facilitate inquiries from managers reference submission of personnel action requests. Retrieve information from various sources to input, compile and prepare various analytical reports and briefs for Department Administrators, Managers and Chief, Human Resources.

Respond to walk in applicants and telephone callers who are interested in obtaining employment. Explains employment procedures and reviews resumes for Direct Hire positions. Based on candidate's previous experience, determine appropriate specialty and forward to management official as appropriate. Make regular and recurring contacts with employees, supervisors of clinical, medical, ancillary and administrative services, representatives of other organizations such as the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center and the Civilian Personnel Operations Center. Contacts are made during face-to-face meetings or written correspondence/ and or electronic mail or by telephone.

Financial Aid Counselor

Columbus State University - Columbus, GA -

November 2003 to August 2008

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Serve as Financial Aid Counselor

Provided Customer Support and assistance to parents and students reference Financial Aid for college Financial Aid Assistant

Columbus State University - Columbus, GA -

June 2002 to October 2003

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Financial Aid Assistant in a fast paced, high volume office. Human Resources Specialist

South East Civilian Personell Office (SECPOC) - Fort Benning, GA - January 2001 to March 2002

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Served as Position Classification Specialist in a trainee capacity in a fast-paced environment. Met all suspenses and deadlines. Dealt with sensitive and confidential personnel matters. Provided technical advice to staff in Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers (CPAC) to include a wide variety of complex problems and/ or situations. Available for assistance with controversial or unusual problems such as reorganizations and realignment of positions. Wrote job descriptions, task lists, and performance standards. Provided position management and classification support to assigned organizations under various personnel systems. Advised managers on the position classification process, and the use of various classification references and automated tools. Advised management on recruitment strategies, sources, and special programs. SECPOC (03/01/1999 - 01/02/2001) - Classification Assistant Fort Benning, Georgia United States

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Provided expert administrative support to the Branch Chief and servicing specialists. Reviewed all Personnel actions for completeness. Secured necessary information and resolved discrepancies on Personnel Actions. Served as lead for support staff, monitoring each employees in-box to ensure that all actions were processed within the standards set forth by the Business Process Map timeframe. Trained personnel in processing applications and building positions. Provided guidance to four personnel clerks. Reviewed organization listings and assured accuracy of position data in Defense Civilian Personnel Data System

(DCPDS). Informed Classifiers of unusual error conditions. Input position builds and assured accuracy of position data. Typed memorandums and decision papers. Retrieved data and prepared reports, statistical charts, and graphs. Performed briefings reference information obtained. SECPOC (03/01/1998 - 03/01/1999) - Personnel Clerk Fort Benning, Georgia United States

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Worked as a member of an office support team. Entered information obtained from Request for Personnel Actions to accurately build the position requested by the serviced installation in the automated system. Briefed team leader/supervisor regarding situations, notifying of unusual situations. Conducted analyses, provided briefings, prepared graphs, charts, spreadsheets to the Directorate reference personnel actions. Filed all request for personnel actions chronologically according to service installations. Served as liaison between the chief and/or supervisor of assigned organizations, collecting necessary information and making related decisions and/or recommendations. Advised manager reference personnel matters. Performed staff support work, personnel office administrative duties. Directorate of Public Works (06/01/1993 - 03/01/1998) - Administrative Assistant (OA) GS-0326-05 Fort Benning, Georgia United States

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Served as Personnel Liaison for the Directorate with Civilian Personnel on personnel actions, employee problems, and employee appointments for services such as health insurance, Thrift Savings Plan, Disability, Retirements and the other personnel problems. Provided technical assistance to supervisors and employees in support of a variety of personnel activities. In-Processed and Out-Processed all employees in the Directorate. Provided orientation to new employees explaining rules, regulation and policies. Created all personnel actions in the automated system for the entire Directorate. Kept abreast of vacancies and positions to be filled making sure employees were placed against correct vacancy. Coordinated employee release dates with divisions and Civilian Personnel. Prepared manpower report and submitted to the Budget Office Monthly. Processed all performance appraisals for the Directorate, checked for accuracy and ensured all required signatures, dates and correct rating. Prepared and processed personnel related actions for civilian employees, to include annual performance appraisals, incentive awards, training requests, SF-52 preparation for appointments, promotions, reassignments, removals, details, etc.

Directorate of Public Works (1987 - 1993) - Supply Clerk Fort Benning, Georgia United States

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Performed property book support work to ensure the effective operation of supply program for the Directorate. Work required knowledge and ability to apply established supply policies and regulations. Maintained an accountability record for all supported activities for the Property Book Officer. Posted issues, turn-ins, and validated physical inventory of government property within the organizations' control. Provided guidance to hand receipt holders by compiling items to be inventoried, preparing inventory listings, and reviewing results of inventories, requesting necessary corrections, and recording final results of inventories. Shopped at Self Service Store for the Division purchasing office supplies and expendable supplies, staying within the budget allocated for the division. Provided the property book officer with requested estimated and actual cost of equipment programmed or received. Maintained calendar of appointments for the Property Book Officer.


Masters of Science in Hunan Resources

Troy State University - Troy, AL

May 2005 to October 2006

BS in Human Serviced

Troy State University - Troy, AL

September 2002 to May 2005


Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, printshop, (10+ years) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION


• GSA Smart Pay Travel Card Training (1 Hour) Federal Acquisition Service

• Preventing Workplace violence for Employee course, December 19, 2013

• Delegated Examining Initial Training, March 27, 2014

• PPP Training, April 22, 2014

• SHARP, May 1, 2014

• Identifying and Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

• Off Duty Safety Awareness Presentation, May 8, 2014

• Priority Placement Program Procedures for Organization Under Hiring Freeze, May 16, 2014

• Countdown-Project Management, CHRA, June 10-11

• Intermediate Classification, CHRA, July 8 – 11

• Wage Grade System for Basic Staffing, June 19, 2014

• Retirement Coverage Determination Training, June 25, 2014

• Intermediate Classification 23-27, CHRA

• Information Assurance Fundamentals formerly known as the (IASO), 22 July 2014

• Advanced FES (23 July 2014)

• EEO Anti-Harassment & No Fear for non Supv, 22 July 2014

• Customer Focus 7/25/2014

• Active Shooter Course 7/31/2014

• Classification QC, CHRA Aug 14 & 15, 2014

• Save A Life (SALT) Training August 25, 2014

• Suicide Prevention Awareness, September 18, 2014

• Making Coverage Determinations, September 24, 2014

• Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Exam, October 8, 2014

• Cold Weather Injury Prevention, October 2014

Additional Information/Training: CPOL Portal for Army HR Professionals, Apr 10, The Fair Labor Standards Act, Apr 10, Human Resources Orientation Feb 10, Basic Classification Feb 10, No Fear Act Aug 08, Guide to Processing Personnel Actions (GPPA) Nov 08, Reasonable Accommodation Procedures Training Oct 08, Reduction in Force Course (CBT) Jun 01, Action Officers Course (CBT) Aug 99, Basic Position Management

& Classification Skills and Principles, May 99, Introduction to Excel 8.0, 1998, Introduction to PowerPoint 8.0, 1998, Microsoft Outlook, 1998, Personnel Actions, 1998, Guide to Processing Personnel actions, July 1998; Personnel Clerks & Assistants Course, 1998, DCPDS Training, 1998, Persact Training, 1997, Intermediate Word, 1997, Microsoft Office, 1996, Personnel Liaison Training, 1996, Introduction Word for Windows 1996, Violence in the Work Place, 1995, Aids in the Work Place, 1995, Starcips-R, 1995, Introduction to DBASE III, 1990, Dealing with the Public, 1986, Federal Occupational Safety & Health Training, 1986, Lotus 123, 1986, Personnel Clerk Functions Course, 1985, CIMAS Training, 1984. Performance Appraisals:

2014 - Exceptional

2013 – Exceptional

2012 – Exceptional

2011 – Exceptional

2010 - Overall Performance (Level - 1) Highest Rating Level 2009 - Overall Performance (Level -1) Highest Rating Level 2002 - Exceptional

2001 - Exceptional

2000 - Exceptional

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