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Fracturing Technical and Sales Engineer

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
March 01, 2018

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Fracturing Technical and Sales Engineer

Personal Details

About me

I have a petroleum engineering Bachelor’s degree with 7 years oil field experience. I started my career in fracturing operations as Service Supervisor for 2 years within Halliburton Energy Services. I joined Schlumberger to be able to start my fracturing engineering career where I had the necessary knowledge for designing, executing and evaluating treatments in sandstone formation “high/mid/low temperature, high/low perm, Deep/shallow wells, vertical, oil/tight gas”; shale plays using slick water and hybrid fracturing fluid systems, Schlumberger technology “HiWAY”. As a fracturing engineer within Halliburton Energy Services and in addition to the regular duties, I was part of the team who implemented the “ConductorSM Frac” technology, in terms of designing using data that belongs to a given well or an offset well as well as executing the treatment on location. I was part of the solution team who optimized a fracturing design to re-fracturing a complex tight formation in Algeria. I have a relevant experience in fracturing fluid rheology and lab testing for both Halliburton and Schlumberger service companies as this was part of my duties on creating laboratory requests, reviewing the results and supervising the laboratory technician in the district laboratory and on location. Recently, I have been in charge on exploration fields fracturing projects. As a project manager and site coordinator, I was in charge of collaboration of the work between: Fracturing, Coiled tubing, Wireline, Slick line and well test department in one hand and the customer in the other hand. Full Name Abderaouf NECHAKH

Home Address Makoudi 2, Lot N 159 Oued Semar, Alger, Algeria Telephone Number Home +213-***-***-**

Telephone Number Mobile +213-***-***-***

Date of Birth July 7th; 1986

Nationality Algerian

Marital Status Married

Country of Residence Algeria

Home Airport Algiers

Job Role Desired Fracturing Engineer; Consultant

E-mail Address

Abderaouf NECHAKH: Fracturing Technical and Sales Engineer Phone: 002**-***-***-***

E-mail Address:

Job History

From To Company Job Title

December 2014 date Halliburton Technical Professional Frac/Acid

- Develop and maintains personal relationship with the technical customer base in designated area.

- Function as a communications link between customer and the Solutions Team. Develop solutions to the customer and present them in professional manner.

- Prepare activity forecast and submit the chemicals request to line management based actual inventory.

- Use different required software to deliver adequate services at high SQ level, it includes: FracPro PT, IFS, CyberString.

- I self-educated the use of the following software: Prizm and Gohfer for formation evaluation interpretation.

- Engineer in charge of the first multi-stage fracturing operation performed in shale formation by Halliburton in Algeria using Slick Water and Hybrib fuid systems.

- I was a key employee in achieving record annual revenue in the country by executing the multi-stage fracturing operations.

- I was engineer in charge of designing and executing a fracturing campaign for BP-Statoil joint venture for one year.

- I was a project manager in introducing and executing ConductorSM Frac technique in Algeria.

- Engineer in charge of designing and executing Pillar fracture on re-fracturing complex formations in Algeria. Co-Author of an SPE paper.

- Engineer in Charge on the execution of multistage Acid fracturing in Carbonate formation in Kuwait.

- Project manager and site coordinator of several oil and gas exploration fields including: CTU, Wireline, Slick line, Well test and fracturing.

From To Company Job Title

October 2012 November 2014 Schlumberger Fracturing Engineer II

- Supervises jobs at the well site as a responsible for job execution and all aspects of the pre and post-job planning as per all the Key Service Quality Requirements.

- Complete Designs, Execution and Evaluation of assigned job and interacts with the client on location and in office to ensure all job objectives are known and achieved.

- Clarify to DTE / GMTE the contracts lowlights and possible solution to maximize the profit.

- Optimize the fluid recipe to maximize the fracturing treatment revenue and decrease the PCPR and adopt the fluid system to the contract.

- Attend Service Quality Meetings with client and works on action plans to improve performance.

- Prepare job packet and field ticket and submit it to the finance team.

- Use Schlumberger fracturing and evaluation software: FracCADE, FracCAT, LGZones, MiniFallOff, PipeSim, WellTest, HiWAY Advisor, Field Ticket Light, SPAN, WellBook.

- Participate in fracturing treatments in shale formation through vertical wells using Hybrid fluid system. From To Company Job Title

December 2010 July 2012 Halliburton Frac/Acid Service Supervisor

- Provide leadership on job preparation and execution.

- Lead in the HSE and Operational Excellence initiatives.

- Provide reporting to customers and prepare the Job Packet.

- Promote and take action in quality and safety awareness and environmental improvement processes. Abderaouf NECHAKH: Fracturing Technical and Sales Engineer Phone: 002**-***-***-***

E-mail Address:

Professional Development:

November 16th to November 20th 2015: Training at a Halliburton Learning Centre, Duncan Oklahoma. Proppant Stimulation Design teaching how to enhancement the production of an entire well by applying Proppant hydraulic fracturing to each productive interval. November 9th to November 13th 2015: Training at a Halliburton Learning Centre, Duncan Oklahoma. Reservoir Engineering For Stimulation Design covering: Petroleum Geology, Fundamentals of Rock Properties, Fundamentals of Reservoir Fluids, Fundamentals of Reservoir Fluid Flow, Basic Well Testing Analysis, and Predicting Oil and Gas Well Performance.. December 9th 2014: Re-employment within Halliburton Energy Services as Fracturing Technical Engineer. March 10th to April 19th 2014: Well Production Services, Technical School at Kellyville Learning Centre; Oklahoma, USA. Covering: “Reservoir drive mechanisms, reservoir fluids. Formation evaluation Interpretation. Well Testing. Nodal Analysis. Logging for mechanical properties. Perforation for fracturing. Skin determination. Acid Fracturing. Data Frac Analysis, Frac design, Introduction to Shale plays. Completion optimization. Production forecast,”

March 18th to May 10th 2013: Well Production Services, Operational School at Kellyville Learning Centre; Oklahoma, USA. “Geology and reservoir engineering for stimulation, Introduction to: Drilling, Cementing, Well Testing, Coiled tubing and Formation evaluation. Rock Mechanics, Fracturing modelling and design methodology. Matrix acidizing: Sandstone, Carbonates. Frac fluids and additives. Foam Fracturing. Frac jobs execution”

October 22nd to 29th 2012: OFS-1; Introduction to Schlumberger and Oil and Gas Industry at Europe Learning Centre; Paris, France.

October 22nd 2012 to date: Employee within Schlumberger as Fracturing Engineer. February 27th to Mars 9th 2012: Stimulation II Fracturing & Acidizing at Halliburton Training Centre; Ipoh, Malaysia (University Technology PETRONAS). Fracturing and Acidizing calculations. April 1st to April 21st 2011: Petroleum Technology at Halliburton Training Centre; Ipoh, Malaysia

(University Technology PETRONAS). Introduction to Halliburton Oil Field Industry. December 11th 2010 to July 1st 2012: Employee within Halliburton Energy Services Company as Frac/acid Service Supervisor.


July 2013: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Petroleum engineering from World Education Service; Canada


July 2010: Bachelor’s degree in “Oil and Gas reservoirs development. Option: Production” at Boumerdès University. Algeria.

June 2005: leaving-school certificate, scientific branch (13.17/20). Languages:

- Arabic: Native

- French: Native

- English: Fluent. February 2017: Had level 7/9 in IELTS “International English Language Testing System”

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