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Web Developer Professional Experience

Gainesville, Florida, United States
February 27, 2018

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Sakshi Garg

**** ** ** **** *********** FL-***** 352-***-**** EDUCATION

Masters of Science in Computer Science GPA: 3.20 Aug 16 - May 18 University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Course Work: Analysis of Algorithm, Advanced Data Structure, Concurrent Programming, Pattern Recognition, Distributed Operating System, Programming Language Principles, Database Management System, Network Algorithms & Data Structure Bachelors of Technology in Electronics & Communication GPA: 3.54 Aug 11 - May 15 Galgotias University, India

Course Work: Computer Organization & Architecture, Data Structures using ‘C’, Database Concepts, Computer Programming and Problem Solving, Computer Networks


• Languages: (Proficient) Java, C, C++, Python, Elixir, C#, Ruby on Rails

• Web Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Node.js, Express, REST API, XML, Salesforce, AJAX

• Operating Systems: MacOS, Linux, Unix

• Others: SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, JDBC, Apache Tomcat Server, Phoenix, JSON API, OpenGL, Blender, Meshlab PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ( Salesforce Web Developer Intern UF Enterprise Systems, Gainesville (Salesforce, AJAX, Javascript, Oracle) Aug 17 - Dec 17

• Worked on piloting Salesforce Advisor Link – Setup and configuration of Admin, Advisee and Advisor links

• Created custom Objects, Tabs, Formula Fields, Field Dependencies, page layouts Validation Rules, Work Flows, Approval Processes for automated alerts and Email generation according to application requirements

• Developed and customized user interface in using Visual force and Apex Controllers & worked with SOQL Web Developer Intern Planaby, New York (Node Js, Express, Mongo DB, HTML5, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap, Javascript) Jun 17 - Aug 17

• Worked remotely on the company’s front-to-backend web development to design user-centric and high-impact website

• Used RESTful routing to establish a mapping between HTTP routes and CRUD which significantly improved existing routing thereby enhancing web functionality and speed

Programmer Analyst Trainee Cognizant Technology Solutions, India (JAVA, JDBC, Oracle, MYSQL) May 16 - Aug 16

• Developed log in, register new user, sender/receiver and customer information module for client’s online banking system

• Followed MVC architecture to develop UI using core Java and JDBC for backend connectivity

• Designed and optimized SQL queries to extract relevant information from Oracle 11g and performed unit testing using JUnit PROJECTS ACCOMPLISHED

Huffman Coding (JAVA)

• Generated Huffman code using three different data structures- Binary heap, 4 Way Cache Optimized heap, Pairing Heap and measured their run time for the given data

• Designed an encoder to generate code table and decoder tree for 4 Way Cache heap as it was efficient of all data structures giving output in 9.13 seconds

Implemented a Programming Language compiler (JAVA)

• Implemented a scanner and designed a recursive descent parser to parse the valid tokens for the given context-free grammar

• Used visitor pattern for object oriented implementation of the abstract syntax tree and implemented symbol table for scoping rules

• Displayed error along with the line and the exact position for test cases tested using JUnit MIPS Simulator (JAVA)

• Developed a disassembler which takes the MIPS binary files as input and outputs assembly code equivalent

• Implemented a simulator to simulate cycle-by-cycle MIPS execution pipeline which outputs intermediate and final execution results 3D Face Model using OpenGL (C++, OpenGL, Meshlab)

• Displayed the face model through control mesh, by fitting in grid to the model and then loaded the control points.

• Rendered a smooth surface using bi-cubic Bezier curves and used tools like Blender and Meshlab to create objects such as hair Face Recognition in Python (Python, OpenCV)

• Coded and decoded the face images to extract relevant information and compared it with the database of models

• Computed Eigenfaces and used the concept of Principal Component Analysis to represent the data efficiently

• Programmed the code on OpenCV with Python interface supported on MacOS and implemented it on Linux Implemented a Twitter Clone and a client tester/simulator (Elixir, Phoenix, JSON API)

• Implemented the engine with functionalities- register account, send tweet, subscribe to user’s tweets, re-tweets, query tweets with specified hashtags and mentioned user

• Engine performed efficiently for a maximum 12000 users and 200000 tweets when tested using server’s IP address

• Designed the Websocket interface using Phoenix framework and a JSON based API for client-server implementation

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