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Data Analyst

El Monte, California, United States
February 25, 2018

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626-***-**** LosAngeles, CA


Computer and Information Systems graduate student with excellent time management and problem solving skills. Highly organized, multi-tasker and a quick learner who is enthusiastic to take up new challenges. Looking forward for Full time opportunities.

Work Experience

Intern, Storyverse Studios, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Fall 2017,Cal State LA)

Worked as data analyst intern at Storyverse Studios. Analysing the Kickstarter campaign’s social media data and Indigogo campaigns data for the story blaster tool using Python and R.

Developed the statistical models to evaluate success rate of campaign,

Implemented different data mining algorithms using R to analyse the success rate of the campaign.

Worked on clustering methodologies to predict the success rate and contribution to the campaign at particular time stamp using Python.

Interpreted the percentage of the success rate of the campaign at various levels of campaign.

Graduate Research Assistant (Spring & Summer 2017, Cal State LA)

Worked under Dr.Shilpa Balan in developing an android application for the university to create awareness about the problems caused by tobacco smoking and its impact on the lifespan of a person. Developed application depicts the reduction in the lifespan of a human being and how the smoking impacts on respiratory diseases and implementing an IEEE paper as a part of research.

Research Assistant (Fall 2017, Cal State LA)

Worked under Professor Dr. Shilpa Balan developing an Educational App using android studio for the university which is user friendly for students and professors.

University Tutor (Fall 2017, Cal State LA-Present)

Working as an University Tutor at California State University, Los Angeles

Intern, Industrial Training Laboratory, Tumkur, Karnataka, India (June 2014 – August 2014)

Worked on Open Source Technology-UNIX

Worked on Redhat Enterprise Linux, Server Installation and Troubleshooting

Managing DNS, WEB, NFS, Apache, Samba, Cups Servers and Configuring Firewalls.

Understanding IPV4, IPV6 and various network configuration and setup’s.


M.S, CIS(Management Information System), California State University, Los Angeles, CA, USA(GPA : 3.7/4) May2018

B.E, Computer Science, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, India (GPA : 3.87/4) June 2015

Technical Skills

Programming languages: Java,JavaScript,PHP, C++, C,R

Technologies: JSP, HTML, BI tools and concepts, Python, Angular JS

Cloud Platforms: Hadoop,Spark

Database(SQL/NOSQL): MySQL, HiveQL, Scoop, PIG,ORACLE

Tools: Eclipse, Dreamviewer, GitHub, Bluemix,Tableau,Andriod Studio

Academic Projects

R Project (Spring 2017, cal State LA)

Analyzed the Oil Pipeline Accidents dataset in R Studio to find out Failures of oil pipelines caused from various causes, including technical reasons or external impacts, as well as human error. Graphical representation of accidents per year and damages caused by these oil pipeline accidents.

Tableau Project (Spring 2017, cal State LA)

Analyzed the US Food Imports dataset in Tableau to find out insights about the US Food imports to find out which food products are imported maximum and their impact on the country’s economy. This analysis helps users to track long term growth patterns. Implemented various visualizations to make it explanative and very understandable.

HIVE Analysis and Representation of the UFO Sightings across USA (Fall 2016, Cal State LA)

Huge raw data was loaded into and managed on the Hadoop File System using HiveQL, Scoop and PIG . This data was analysed and visualized geospatially and graphically for a broader understanding in BLUEMIX and also loaded into GitHub for reference along with a term paper.

Voice Driven Media Player an Android Application [JAVA,Android,Javascript) (Fall 2014, SIT)

For android based smart phones, there are various media player but none of them addresses the requirements of a visually impaired person. Additionally it becomes a very tedious task for a user to scroll for a particular song from a huge collection. Thus it becomes the need of the hour to address these issues. We aimed to develop such application that should be able to recognize voice commands and play song of user’s choice given as voice input.

Reliable and Secure Bulk Data Dissemination in Delay Tolerant Networks [JAVA] (Fall 2015, SIT)

Packets within the same segments are encoded together. So there is a less time delay. Pipeline technique is exploited in this method so we transmit the data’s in fast way. The encrypted data is divided into packets. Each packet is assigned a segment ID and TTL factor. The packet is sent. Source node waits either for the ACK message or the retransmission message from neighbouring node.

Paper Presentations

Presented Poster on Hive Analysis of UFO sightings across USA in Women in Data Science Conference (WIDS) held at Cal State, LA in February 2017.

Presented the paper on Hive Analysis of UFO sightings across USA in Symposium held at Cal State LA on February 24th, 2017.

Presented paper on “Global Wireless E-Voting System” in May 2015.

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