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Data Software Engineer

Medford, Massachusetts, United States
February 22, 2018

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Jane Konnikova

*** ******* ******

Arlington, MA 02474

978-***-**** (c)


IBM Certified Database Associate – DB2 9 fundamentals

Solid experience in financial services, developing software applications and tools, performance monitoring systems, and database management systems for various platforms, Web development. Proficient in a number of programming languages, including PERL, COBOL, PL1, JS, HTML, PHP, C. Vast experience in the development of mainframe applications and JCL programming. Excellent background in the development of Financial Data delivery systems, Performance Monitoring tools, and system integration.

Technical skills:

Operating systems versed in: MVS/ESA, VM/CMS, TSO/ISPF, Linux.

Languages: Perl, C, COBOL, REXX, SQL, PL/1, JCL, HTML, JavaScript, PHP

Source Control Systems: CVS, SourceBank.

SQL Databases: DB2 (application development, support and system administration), Oracle.


2015 – current Web Developer

Design and development of responsive websites for various clients using WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,

JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP.

Used SEO best practices.

Sites examples:

Currently working on websites for two private clients that will be published shortly.

1998 – January 2015 Technical Services Specialist, Interactive Data Corp, Bedford, MA.

Security Information Retrieval Service (SIRS) Development Group

Designed and developed retrieval algorithms and delivery mechanisms for reference data system (SIRS) for the following security types: options, equities (US, Canadian, and international), UITs, asset-backed (CMO and MBS), and fixed income (corporate bonds, municipal bonds, international bonds). The SIRS system delivers reference data to hundreds of major banks and financial institutions.

As code owner of the SIRS system on mainframe platform and major contributor to SIRS development on Linux platform, designed and implemented algorithms for reference data items creation (Perl, C, REXX, XDMS).

Provided development-tier, real time 24x7 troubleshooting and support for resolving production issues in time-sensitive environment.

Responsible for migration of mainframe-based data processing system to Linux platform. Implemented agents for FTP monitors and schedulers on Linux platform, as well as agents for batch execution on mainframe host.

Designed algorithms for solving consistency problems for simultaneous read and write access to production data.

Implemented synchronization of mainframe and Linux-based data sources (Perl, REXX).

Designed dynamic customization module for data processing according to client requests and automated on-demand data delivery (C).

Global Early File (GEF) Development Group

Reorganized DB2 data base for Global Early File (GEF) pricing system to improve performance and satisfy complex data requests.

Created and populated multiple DB2 databases with raw data. Designed and developed DB2 retrieval system to deliver customized products with pricing data extracted from DB2 using JCL and COBOL/REXX embedded dynamic SQL queries on VM/CMS.

Designed and developed UI for customer’s requests on TSO/ISPF.

Designed and implemented multiple currencies pricing for domestic and international customers using JCL, C, SQL,

Cobol and PL/1.

1990 - 1998 Senior Software Engineer, BGS Systems, Inc. Waltham, MA.

Designed and developed major functionality for CRYSTAL/DB2 EXTRACTOR - BGS's interactive mainframe product for automated system performance monitoring and modeling.

Designed and developed algorithms and software for extraction and analysis of DB2 catalog and user's PLAN_TABLE data. Developed and implemented algorithm and software for user defined transaction aggregation (i.e. Plan name, DBRM, Collection name, Package name).

Developed software for processing of DB2 TRACE measurement data in SMF and GTF formats. Developed algorithm and software for merging and analysis of DB2 TRACE and DB2 CATALOG data.

Designed and developed algorithm for Dynamic SQL processing and integrated it into DB2 EXTRACTOR.

Designed and developed algorithm and software for combined analysis of the results of SQL EXPLAIN and full text of SQL query for the processing of the complex SQL queries.

Designed and developed algorithm and software for the analysis of DB2 Referential Integrity and Referential Integrity Report Generator.

Designed ISPF user interface for DB2 EXTRACTOR.

Since 1994, assumed full responsibility for support of the company's CRYSTAL family products:

development of new releases of the product;

upgrades to new releases of DB2 (3.1, 4.1, 5.1);

product enhancements;

problem analysis, determination and resolution.

Designed and developed algorithm and software for the processing and analysis of type 100 and 101 SMF records for DB2 subsystem of MultiCapture/Visualizer product.

Performed integration of MVS, IMS, CICS, and DB2 subsystems of MultiCapture product into Visualizer Online, an interactive real-time SMF trace data processing product.

Responsible for design and modifications of CRYSTAL and MultiCapture products for YEAR 2000 compliance.

1986 - 1988 Senior Software Engineer, State Library of the USSR, Moscow.

Developed library information systems utilizing relational databases. The system was based on the MINISYS relational database on HP3000.

Responsible for file architecture and data dictionary design for computerized library catalogs and book reservation requests. Developed interactive utilities for catalog data input and maintenance.

Designed and developed user-friendly interfaces for document retrieval and database search routines, to be used by the library staff and the general public.


1991 IBM Advanced DB2 applications programming.

1979-1984 B.S. in Applied Mathematics,Moscow Institute of Transportation, Moscow, USSR.

References available upon request

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