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Mental Health Medical Records

Santa Rosa, California, United States
$15.-20 hr
February 22, 2018

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For resume Holly Nash at Laurus College Samantha Howell med 170 200-430pm

**** -**** ******* ******** ***** cane striper 401 I st Marysville cal 530-***-**** or 741-5125

Job description included

Checking in gift deliver to right room check if any reactions on list before

Stocking store

Use of register for products bought from store

Checking on patients rooms for quest and given room number if in or out

Delivery of news paper, refreshment and books checking if can have fluids, sugar before giving to patient

Stocking cart before leaving to patients rooms

Checking in at nurses station before entering room

General relive welfare at welfare itself 1984-1984 3 or 4 months sutter county 1-877-***-****

Stapling multiply form togeater put stamp on envelope to send out and stuff

General relive welfare 1986-1986 3or 4 months medical records sutter county 1-877-***-****

Welfare #

Front office

Filing test results alphabetical manually

Checking in patients for the dr

Putting in test results in patient records

Mental health medical records 1965 live oak bl yuba city ca 95991 phone # 530-***-**** 1998-2000

Job included

Multiply orgazation workinh in

Haldol clinic dong stamping appointment cards pluse taking off warpers on band aids

Inpatient services desk stamping names on order forms or seprate order forms running errands for staff

Conseterver for patients making a detailed list of all patients in all group homes alphbtically by group home then alphebtically by all patients

Doing a xmas party for consevertor

List of x-mas gift per patient after receiving them and including outside patient attending the x-mas party

Making a x-mas carol list for the party

Helping warp x-mas gift pior year

Helping set and set down x-mas party pior year

Planning for two story self help program house 8 room fill in future and what room for what with head of mental health conservator program

Getting mulpltiy surverys by staff organize for program and self help house over a year period

Setting up security measures for self help program house

Go over with head of staff next steps for program to proceed multiply meetings

Complied information for self help house program keep on me to add more when neccarry I worked on the set up of the house while my partner toke on surverys and compled both until she left

Went over money allowed for self help house program and how long comply information like surverys and room set ect and where at in the house for self help

Drug and actolhol program

Making copys of multiply packages for each patient and multiply pages for n/a classes 1-50 per patient

Medical records

Computers looking for patient charts

Organizing test results for patients

Putting test result in patients charts

Taking off and replacing charts for staff and placement holders who got and retuned to shelve

Are tell if someone else who got the chart

Putting patients charts in dr boxes for next day patient visits

If have extra time shred and take grage out

Working for two surviosers mody and

Could not get the names of the two mental health patients but one felmale on 24/7 call helped with house cleaning went to store kept company when she felt a treat to self in lake county 2015

Two male live in housekeeper clean house shopped for him kept company cooked for breakfast,lunch and dinner lake county 2015

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