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Project Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra, India
February 22, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae-Rup Singh Rajpurohit Dec, ****


1. Proposed Position: Sr Manager / AGM

2. Name of Firm: Tata Projects Limited

3. Name of Staff: Mr. RUP SINGH RAJPUROHIT

4. Father’s Name: Lt. MAN SINGH RAJPUROHIT

5. Date of Birth: 10/01/1967 6. Nationality: Indian 7. PAN No: ANJPR7942J.

8. Passport No: H5665587 9. DL: Indian Driving License. 10. Education: BE Civil 2005, Diploma Civil Engineering 1992. 11. Contact No: +91-941*******, +91-823*******.

12. EMAIL:, Name of Institution/University Degree Obtained

Emperial Institute of Management Science & Research Deihi.

BN Collage of Engineering Pusad MH.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.),

Specialization- Civil – 2005.

Diploma in Civil Engineering – 1992.

13. Countries of Work Experience: India

Countries of Project / Professional Experience: India 14. Languages:

Language Speak Read Write

English Good Good Good

Hindi Good Good Good

Gujarati Good Good

Marathi Fair Good Good

Rajasthani Good Good Good

15. Employment Record:

Date: June 2017 – continuing

Location: India

Company: Tata Projects Limited.

Position: Civil Quality Expert

Date: Dec 2014 – June 2016

Location: India

Company: WinDForce Management Services Private Limited. Position: Manager

Date: April 2014 to Dec 2014

Location: India

Company: M/S RAY INFRASTRUCTURE Pvt. LIMITED VADODARA. Position: ACM (for Consultancy Services)

Curriculum Vitae-Rup Singh Rajpurohit Dec, 2017

Date: Feb 2012 to March 2014

Location: India

Company: M/S Shriram EPC Limited Chennai.

Position: Deputy Manager Civil (Site Incharge)

Date: Sept 2010 to Feb 2012

Location: India

Company: M/S Shree Shubham Logistics Limited Mumbai.


Position: Asst. Manager Projects

Date: Dec 2007 to Sept 2010

Location: India

Company: M/S SUZLON Infrastructure Services Ltd Pune. Position: Senior Project Engineer

Date: Jan 2006 to Nov 2007

Location: India

Company: M/S Ramawat Construction Pvt Ltd Jaisalmer. Position: Site Incharge

Date: Dec 2004 to Dec 2005

Location: India

Company: M/S Hariom Project Pvt Ltd Bhuj.

Position: Site Engineer In charge

Date: Aug 1997 to Dec 2004

Location: India

Company: Anoop Construction Company Dungarpur.

Position: Site Engineer

Date: July 1992 to July 1997

Location: India

Company: M/S Kheteshwar Construction Company Dungarpur. Position: Site Engineer

16. Detailed Tasks Assigned

Summary Profile:

Mr. Rajpurohit is Quality Expert at Tata Projects Limited. He has 25+ years of work experience in project execution and quality monitoring of Road, Bridge Culvert, Buildings, Ware House, Wind Power, Solar thermal Power Projects and Grid Substations. He is responsible for following major activities:

- Inspection of incoming materials at store yard.

Curriculum Vitae-Rup Singh Rajpurohit Dec, 2017

- Verifying material at site as per quality norms like sand, aggregate, cement, admixtures etc. and carryout the test for the same in site lab.

- Verifying the safety at work place.

- Preparing reports within the speculated time.

- Working as per customer requirement and satisfaction. Civil Engineering and Project Planning:

Planning and monitoring the project execution as per client specifies residential and commercial buildings, Wind Energy, Renewable Energy power projects and Water supply project.

Preparation of planning as per commissioning and Operational Hand Over target.

Listing down the resources needs for projects, after considering the budgeting parameters.

Checking of work as per drawing and giving its instruction to contractor with notice.

Preparing and sending daily, Weekly and Monthly progress reports to higher authority.

Allocation of work to vendors, considering his capacity to attain target of commissioning.

Monitoring project status during course of periodic project review meetings.

Updating management on progress and status of project.

Inspecting work as per architectural drawing and maintaining the record of inspection.

Preparing record of executed work reports after execution, daily progress report. Site/ Construction management:

Managing the machinery, material and man power at site as per site requirement.

Supervising all construction activities including providing technical inputs for methodologies of construction & coordination with site management activities.

Leading and Motivating large teams of workers and professionals and handling allocation of tasks with teams based in skill profile.

Estimating quantity of different items as extra quantities for approval from H.O.

Overseeing all civil activities like foundation casting, construction of earthen road, electrical yard, Central Monitoring Station, construction of ware houses and cold storages, renewable power projects with interior roads.

Motivating all vendors to achieve target of commissioning and Hand Over.

Preparation of planning to complete the project within time line.

Planning the work execution and Monitoring the daily activity of construction.

Identifying vendor capacity of work in that judgment allocation the work to avoid failure of project.

Coordinating with technical service group for new modifications.

Filling history cards to with respect site condition.

Testing of material required for work like steel, sand, aggregate and cement.

Checking condition of construction equipment of vendor with calibration to avoid stoppage of work in progressive stage.

Monitoring the survey of roads for estimating extra quantity of cutting & filling.

Facing technical audits with all documentation.

Identifying & developing vendor source for achieving cost effective purchase accessories and timely delivery.

Quality Assurance:-

Monitoring the quality for different items in buildings, footings, columns, beams,

Foundations, masonry work, plastering, fencing in electrical yard, CMS buildings, road works in wind mills, ware houses, cold storages & renewable power projects.

Checking of quality of work as per work order & drawings specifications.

Searching the problems for bad quality in work and giving its proper technical knowledge behind it to avoid bad quality.


Name of company: M/S Tata Projects Limited Hyderabad. Duration: June 2017 to Till Date.

Current Project: 400/220 KV GIS Project at Magham Baramulla (J&K). Client: Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Ltd.

Past Projects: 10 MW Solar Power Project at Jamkhed Ahmednagar (Maharashtra). Client: Rays Power Infra Pvt. Ltd.

Name of company: M/S WinDForce Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon. Duration: Dec 2014 to June 2016.

Current Project: 50 MW Wind Farm Project at Bercha Ratlam (M.P.). Client: Orange Wind Power Pvt. Ltd.

Past Projects: 100.8 MW Wind Farm Project at Tejuva Jaisalmer (Rajasthan). Client: CLP Wind Farm India Pvt. Ltd.

Curriculum Vitae-Rup Singh Rajpurohit Dec, 2017


I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date: Signature:

Place: Rup Singh Rajpurohit

Name of company: M/S RAY INFRASTRUCTURE Pvt. LIMITED VADODARA. Duration: April 2014 to Dec 2014.

Project: Ratangarh-Sujangarh Water Supply Project – Churu (Rajasthan). Client: PHED.

Name of company: M/S Shriram EPC Limited Chennai.

Duration: Feb 2012 to March 2014.

Project: 1x50 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant, Nokh – Jaisalmer (Rajasthan). Client: Abhijeet Group (CIAL).

Name of company: M/S Shree Shubham Logistics Limited Mumbai (Subsidiary Company of Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited).

Duration: Sept 2010 to Jan 2012.

Project: Construction of 6000 Metric Tonne capacity Cold Storage with brine chilling system at Jodhpur


Client: RSAMB.

Name of company: M/S SUZLON Infrastructure Services Ltd Pune. Duration: Dec 2007 to Sept 2010.

Project: Construction of 250 MW Wind Farm at RKB & 100 MW at Ossian Jodhpur, 150 MW at Jaisalmer (Raj), 125 MW at Nandurbar (MH).

Name of company: M/S Ramawat Construction Pvt Ltd Jaisalmer. Duration: Jan 2006 to Nov 2007.

Project: Construction of 120 MW Wind Farm at Jaisalmer (Raj) Client: Suzlon Infrastructure Services Limited.

Name of company: M/S Hariom Project Pvt Ltd Bhuj.

Duration: De 2004 to Dec 2005.

Project: Construction of Bomb Dump Buildings, Retaining wall & watch towers. Client: MES.

Name of company: M/S Anoop Construction Company Dungarpur. Duration: Aug 1997 to Dec 2004.

Project: NH-8 Bitumen work for 8 km as well as various terrain roads, Buildings and CD works. Client: PWD.

Name of company: M/S Kheteshwar Construction Company Dungarpur. Duration: July 1992 to July 1997.

Project: Terrain Roads, Hume pipe culvert, Cause ways and Govt. Buildings work. Client: PWD.

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