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Service Air Force

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
February 20, 2018

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From: Roberto Bernate

*** **** *****, ********* ***

Arlington, VA 22202


I am writing to express my sincere interest in and enthusiasm for a position in your organization to share my 20+ years of experience working within East Asia Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), which will allow me to continue to utilize and apply my professional experience in a new opportunity. I offer outstanding experience in conducting intelligence analysis to support personnel and government employees as well as a full understanding of the entire Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination, (TCPED) process. I am seeking a position where talent is recognized and rewarded with potential growth and greater opportunity.

This interest is a marked departure from my current tradecraft; nonetheless I strongly believe I would be a valued asset to your organization given my demonstrated expertise in Program Management, Information Technology, Business Management and Task Organization.

As demonstrated in the attached resume, the document illustrates my superior communication skills to be highly effective at all organizational levels as well as my excellent organizational skills to maximize limited resources and personnel, resulting in a proven accomplishment track record. I have a solid career background in the intelligence community and structure, missions, and capabilities with experience using advanced analytical tools commonly used in the IC. Additionally, I have military and intelligence (technical and operational) experience working within East Asia Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and globally. As a result, my skills and experience will allow me to make a significant impact to your organization.

Currently, I am seeking a position to apply my extensive professional experience in order to further development of your organization, provide analysis in response to specific threat reports, and create incident reports, as required. I would be an excellent fit for organizations seeking a seasoned professional who can work independently and efficiently – leading and conducting a full range of C4ISR functions. As a member of your team, I am confident that my results-focused approach will make an immediate contribution to your operations.

My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding positions in your organization. Please call me at your earliest convenience to further discuss my qualifications. I will also follow-up with you directly in the next few days in regards to career opportunities.


Roberto Bernate


Roberto Bernate

801 15th Street South Apartment 617 Arlington, VA 22202 703-***-****

Summary Of Qualifications

Results-driven professional with 24+ years of military and intelligence (technical and operational) experience working within East Asia Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and globally. Outstanding experience in conducting intelligence analysis to support personnel and government employees at all levels. Committed to working in partnership with military members and leaders to resolve problems. Strong aptitude to analyze intelligence requirements of policymakers and problem solving via critical thinking. Superior communication skills and highly effective at all organizational levels. Proven organizational skills to maximize limited resources and personnel, resulting in a proven accomplishment track record. Equipped with an excellent work ethic, a strong sense of responsibility, and an outstanding track record of dependability.

Military Experience

U. S. Special Operations Command – B Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment 1992-1996

Combat Squad Leader

Was responsible for morale, health, welfare, training, and discipline of a 9-man special operations squad.

1st Battalion Training NCO

Led all training, deployments (combat and training), and awards for B Company, 1st Battalion.

Affiliated with the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Association (NCOA) (lifetime), the 75th Ranger Regiment Association, and the Special Forces Association.

Professional Experience

CYBINT – Cyber Intelligence. Instrumental in assisting to design and create NGA’s first Cyber GEOINT division, now one of the most-respected CYBINT offices in the Intelligence Community (IC). Since this was originally an offshoot of the C4ISR heavy reliance upon this expertise was used.

GEOINT – Geospatial Intelligence. Mainstay of tradecraft expertise. Winner of multiple GEOINT analysis IC and Director – level awards for tradecraft. Awarded the two-only GEOINT professional certifications: GEOINT Proficiency Certification – Fundamentals (GPC-F) and Proficiency Level II (GPC-PLII).

HUMINT – Human Intelligence. Assisted DIA’s HUMINT Office to develop the class for the HUMINT Operations Tasking & Reporting tool (HOTR). Had very close associations with all levels of the HUMINT processes with US Forces Korea (607th, 608th, 7th Air Force, as well as Partner assets such as the Korea Intelligence Service (KIS) Korean Intelligence Production Center (KIPC), Korea Ministry of National Defense (MNDD). More detail below. This affiliations occasionally required subject matter expertise (SME) in Defector debriefing. CONUS and OCONUS

MASINT – Measurement and Signals Intelligence. Worked with DIA MASINT, DIA UFAC-3 (Underground Facilities Analysis Center), Central MASINT Organization, and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for multiple research projects to characterize adversary underground facilities and various other MASINT signatures.

OSINT – Open Source Intelligence. Maintained close working relationships with CIA’s Open Source Center (OSC) and Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) which lead to multiple OSINT discovery and successes.

SIGINT – Signals Intelligence. Worked closely with CIA’s Clandestine SIGINT (CLANSIG) Office on multiple IC tasks which were successes (cannot give more detail). An IC/NGA Master Arbitrator/Approver handling SIGINT issues on behalf of NGA & NSA under NSA SIGINT dissemination processes. More detail below.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), formerly the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) – East Asia (C4ISR) Analysis Branch (AORIA) Springfield, VA

Senior GEOINT Analyst 2016 – Present

As Senior GEOINT Analyst provide team leadership for East Asia Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Analysis Branch (AORIA).

Interpret, analyze, and capture imagery observables of all types in support of national, military, and local security goals, concerns, and strategies. Conduct multi-INT research; populate and exploit intelligence databases; and produce and disseminate written, graphic, and oral intelligence products.

Perform regional and functional analysis of military force structure, weapons development and proliferation, emerging technologies, capabilities, posture, and vulnerabilities of countries and non-state entities.

Conduct and execute all required analyses related to the environment, treaty monitoring, counter narcotic, natural and man-made disasters, infrastructure, underground facilities, and counter-terrorism activities.

Multiple Positions 1999 – Present

Additional duties include being an recognized Intelligence Community (IC) Master approver and custodian for NGA-Level CIA WIRe, NGA-Level CIA JEMS (Joint Entitlement Management Services (GIMMEE), NGA-Level Authorized Intelligence Community (IC) Personnel (AICP), NGA/NSA GATEKEEPER access custodian for AICP users, and Intelligence Community (IC)-Level i-Space (all versions).

Ensure all the subordinate Office of Transnational Issues (AOR) Analysts can access critical information. Fully responsible for representing NGA user issues to DNI and CIA to improve NGA access and use of critical applications.

Technical duties extend well beyond the Divisions to the broader NGA and the IC as Acting AOR TX, when needed. Responsible for electronics (computers, light tables, etc.) in the vaults in the respective locations.

As NGA-Level Senior Tester and the only NGA-permitted General Dynamics Adjunct Team Member for the Integrated Exploitation Capability (IEC) Program Development Team and Program Management team and the IEC Troubleshooting Team coordinated and conducted all software and hardware testing and implementation, such as: NES, IAE, IEC, ARC, GANDER, COE, CEDALION, SBC and many others hardware upgrade/replacement testing as required. These programs ran the expanse of not only NGA, but implications throughout the Intelligence Community.

Executive Officer (XO) 2012 – 2016

Worked as XO for the Cyber Analysis Division (AORC), Economic Security Division (AORE), and the C4ISR and Underground Analysis (AORI) Divisions within the Office of Transnational Issues (AOR). Divisions span work locations at NGA Campus East (NCE) - Springfield, VA, St. Louis, MO, and Reston-1, VA.

Duties included all administrative responsibilities, such as: travel, meeting scheduling, awards, rosters, and oversaw the Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Subordinate duties included: custodial owner, maintainer, and developer of all websites, SharePoint sites, and SharePoint calendars.

Highly regarded in assisted internal/external access to critical mission and administrative information.

Was responsible for all official taskers, CIA Taskers, NSA GATEKEEPER, and COLISEUM Taskers for the divisions, including the creation, development, and deployment of the replacement daily activity report to the FOG – called the AIR DRoP.

NGA – Time-Dominant Operations Center (TDOC) Ft Belvoir, VA

Technical Executive Staff Officer 2007 – 2012

Was responsible for all imagery integration and reporting mechanisms into NGA/TDOCs 24/7 Operations Center, as well as testing upgrades of new imagery platforms, software, and hardware for TDOC and NGA use. Supporting Imagery Analysts furthered as part of daily operational and support structure within all Imagery Analysis branches and divisions spanning Washington, DC (all locations), St. Louis, MO, Buckley, Air Force Base, CO, and Las Cruces, NM.

TDOC intelligence is promulgated to all echelons of the United States government.

Senior TDOC Imagery Analyst 2007 – 2012

Supported the time-dominant operations 24x7. Developed methods system's and software that allowed TDOC analysts to view, exploit, and report using airborne and commercial imagery for the for first time in a time-dominant fashion, in addition to normal imagery analysis duties. Instructed numerous analysts and managers analysts how to retrieve/exploit/report on non-traditional imagery sources.

Worked 24/7 as Senior Global Issues analyst, overseeing all issues/countries pertinent to TDOC's mission.

C4ISR Trainer 2006 – 2007

Initiated, developed, and instructed a C4ISR training to eight-different intelligence agencies in East Asia – the instruction material, including a book publication is still being used for instruction.

Senior GEOINT Analyst 1999 – 2007

Recognized as global expert for C4ISR issues, collections management, and softcopy substantive matter expert for intelligence production systems to include airborne and commercial imaging (CI) systems and collections.

Presented briefings on various East Asia topics to agencies and individuals to include the United States Secretaries of State and Defense, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), DNI North Korea Mission Manager (NKMM), Assistant Secretary of Defense (ASD3I), and all 17 Intelligence Agency Directors.

Served on a Collections Board which included the US Ambassador to South Korea, Deputy Director for Collections, NGA/DIA/NSA Directors, US Embassy Seoul, Deputy Director of Operations Central MASINT Organization, NIMA Corporate Board, JWAC Commander, as well as commanders and staff of PACOM, JICPAC, USFK, KRSOC, NSA, CIA, DIA, KIPC, UFAC, NOOTW, 607th AIS, 608th AIS, 7th Air Force, Inspector General Committee, North Korea Working Group, Weapons Space Systems Committee, and the Sensitive Signatures Committee (WSSIC).

Created web pages, which received more hits than any others for Information Operations, C4I, and Underground queries on the Intelink High-Side Web service. Was self-taught HTML editing. Designed and managed Office of Transnational Issues division Websites before dedicated personnel were available. Was a standing member of Sensitive Analytic Technics (SAT) committee, the Weapons & Spaces Systems Intelligence Committee (WSSIC), Intelink board, IA Tradecraft Award Panel and PW Peer Awards Panel Chair.

Assisted in creating the framework for NGA's Infrastructure Websites. Created framework for IAI/PRI/AIR/AOR Infrastructure web page used in posting reference images and facility baselines.

Designed Buried Cable web page, assisted in creating Arc IMS Communications Networks web page and is still used by multiple agencies.

Developed and coordinated the creation of the first softcopy and hardcopy KN communications network map releasable to the Republic of Korea (RoK), which is now a standard for US and RoK analysts in Korea. Was a founding member of the Intelink Panel and contributor to NIC board NIE.

Served as PW Custodian for the Library of National Intelligence, HUMINT Online Tasking & Requirements (HOTR), Geospatial Intelligence Requirements System (GIMS), and GEOINT Tools Kit (GTK).

Awards, Training, & Commendations

University Award for the Highest-Grade Point Average (GPA), 4.0, Savannah State University (1997)

University Award for Graduating Summa Cum Laude, (3.96 GPA), Savannah State University (1998)

Letter of Commendation from J-39 Deputy Director of Operations (Information Operations) (2003), Letter of Commendation from NIMA Director (2003), and Letter of Commendation - P Office Director (2004)

Superior Accomplishment Award for Significant contributions to the Intelligence Community (2001)

Superior Accomplishment Award for Outstanding Work in Area of Responsibility (2003)

Exceptional Analytical Effort (2003)

Tradecraft Award: Junior IA of the Year (2003), Database Management (Finalist) (2004), Issue-Oriented Area Exploitation Award (Finalist) (2004), Teamwork (Nominee) (2005), and Database Analysis Award (Winner) (2005)

Exceptional imagery analyst providing guidance to seniors and peers (2005)

Katrina Award-Tier Three: Outstanding Contributions Supporting Hurricane Katrina (2006)

Meritorious Unit Award for Support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) (2002)

Award of Excellence for Support to OEF (2003)

Distinguished Service Award for Support of Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) (2003)

10-Year Federal Service Pin (2005)

Individual Time Off Award - Exceptional imagery analyst guidance to seniors and peers (2005)

Individual Cash Award - Exceptional imagery analyst providing guidance to seniors and peers (2005)

Certificate of Appreciation from the Government of the Republic of Korea (2007)

Certificate of Appreciation: NGA Family Day (2007)

Superior Accomplishment Award in a Leadership Working Group (2007)

Letter of Appreciation, NGA Image Quality & Utility Branch (NIQU) (2009)

Outstanding Support for NGA East Family Day (2010)

Meritorious Unit Citation (2010) and Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2010)

15-Year Federal Service Pin (2010)

Individual Time Off Award - Judiciously testing systems and software, mentoring analysts and staff (2011)

Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2012)

Group Time Off Award - In recognition of significant reduction of key intelligence gaps (2013)

Individual Time Off Award - Helping to establish Integrated Analytical Environment (IAE) in AIRI (2013)

20-Year Federal Service Pin (2015)

Meritorious Unit Citation – The Defense Senior Intelligence Oversight Team (2016)

Time Off Award – AIR DRoP Development (2016)

Expert Infantryman's Badge, Parachutist Badge, and Egyptian Parachutist Badge

Expert Badge (Rifle, Pistol, Grenade)

Humanitarian Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Army Lapel Button, National Defense Service Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Army Achievement Medal (4th Award), and Army Commendation Medal (2nd Award), Army Service Ribbon, and Combat Leaders' Tab

Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2nd Award)

Combat Lifesaver Course (1994)

Certificate Signal Crafters Power Line Carrier Application Engineering Course (2000)

National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), NIMA Imagery Analysis Course (NIAC) (2000)

NIAC Intelligence Writing Course (2000)

NIAC Briefing Techniques Course (2000)

Synthetic Aperture Radar Course, Azimuth Inc. (2002)

Wireless Technologies Course, Compass Inc. (2002)

Certificate DIA SAFE Message Retrieval Course (2002)

Certificate DIA Korean Language Course (2003)

DIA Electric Power Utilities Course (2002)

Records Management Training (2012)

NGA Floor Warden and Training (2011 – 2017)

GEOINT Professional Certification – Fundamentals (GPC-F) (2016)

GEOINT Professional Certification – Proficiency Level II (GPC-PLII) (highest achievable) (2017)

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