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C Nd

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States
February 20, 2018

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April S mith



Customer S ervice M anager w here m y e xperience c an b e u tilized t o i mprove c ustomer s atisfaction Skills

Expertise i s U sing M icrosoft T ools n amely w ord, E xcel, P owerpoint, O utlook A ccess a nd, W ord P erfect EXPERIENCE

Dan V aden C hevy

9393 A bercorn S t

Savannah G A 3 1406

Administrative A ssistant

• H ighly s killed i n p erforming g eneral o ffice t asks i ncluding b ookkeeping, f iling, taking m inutes a nd m anaging r ecords

• A ble t o h andle i ncoming c alls a nd r oute t hem t o t he a ppropriate p erson o r department

• C ompetent a t u sing f ax m achines, a nd o ther a utomated e quipment

• W ell-versed i n o rganizing c alendar, a nd s cheduling a ppointments

• I n-depth k nowledge o f k eyboarding a nd c omputers; c alendaring a nd s cheduling programs i ncluding M icrosoft O ffice S uite

• A ccounting, h andling m oney, d irect c ontact w ith i nsurance c ompanies, h elping with i nsurance c laims a nd m aking s ure t he c ustomer s igns p roper p aperwork. Daily d eposit

Fairway L incoln M azda

10101 A bercorn E xtension

Receptionist, 0 4/17/2011-still p resent

Able t o w ork i ndependently a nd, p erform c lerical a ssignments, D epth a bility t o o perate office e quipments, E xcellent s ervice a nd p hone s kills, G ood c ommunication a nd w riting skills, S trong a bility t o r ecognize d ifferences a mong d ata, o bjects, f acts a nd m aterial, A bility to w ork i ndependently a nd w ithin a t eam, K nowledge o f f iling a nd r ecord k eeping, A bility t o perform c omplex d ata e ntry t asks, E xcellent a bility t o g reet v isitors, t o h andle p hone c alls and t o g ive i nformation t o c ustomers a nd v isitors, A ble t o f ollow w ritten a nd o ral instructions a nd, C omputer l iterate.

Econo L odge

3 G ateway B lvd. S outh S avannah G A

Assistant M anager, 0 9/01/2010-04/15/2011

Promote a nd m arket t he b usiness.

Assume a uthority f or t he h otel i n t he a bsence o f t he G eneral M anager And, s erve a s A ssistant G eneral M anager f or a ll o perations w ithin t he h otel. Ensure t hat e very d epartment h ead i s a ware o f o perational g oals a nd, Hence i s m ade a ware o f t he n ecessary t ools. Manage b udgets a s w ell a s f inancial p lans, M aintain s tatistical-financial r ecords. Recruit a nd m onitor r elevant s taff f or t heir s pecific o perations. P lan w ork s chedules a s p er requirement. M eet a s w ell a s g reet c ustomers. D eal w ith c ustomer q ueries a nd c omplaints. Address c ustomer p roblems a s w ell a s t roubleshoot. E nsure e vents a nd c onferences r un without i nterruption. S upervise t he s upplies a nd f urnishings. D eal w ith t he c ontractors a nd suppliers.

Best W estern B radbury S uites,

155 B ourne A ve P ooler G a. 3 1322

Director o f S ales, 0 7/01/2009-09/30/2010

Worked d irectly w ith t he c ustomers, a nd s erving a s t he i nitial p oint o f c ontact, M anaged t he total s ales e fforts w ithin t he h otel & t he a rea s ales o ffice t o g enerate p ro-actively r evenue, Maintained a nd d eveloped k ey a ccounts/prospects, E nsured t hat t he h otel c onsistently disposes o f a dequate, m otivated a nd s killed p ersonnel w ithin t he s ales t ea, M aintained confidentiality r elated t o t he p eople a nd c ontents o f e vents, E nsured t imely p rocessing a nd Ensured q uality c ustomer s ervice

Wingate b y W yndham

109 O ’Leary R d

Front O ffice M anager, 1 1/12/2005-07/01/2009

Recruited, t rained, a nd r etrained a ll d epartments a s p er r equirement. H andled a ll c onditions such a s s olve c ustomers’ i nquiries, p rovide c ustomer r equirement e tc. Helped t o c arry d aily p rocesses t o i ncrease t he s peed o f t otal w ork, c ompleted a ll c ash related a ctivities o n r equired d ate, a nd k ept a ll d ocuments u sed i n t raining p eriod t o u se i t in f urther d evelopment w ith m inimum t ime. P roduced t he d ocuments a s n eeded EDUCATION

Sol. C J ohnson H igh

3012 S unset B lvd

Savannah G a.

Diploma, 1 999

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