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Legal Assistant Teacher

Kings County, New York, United States
February 21, 2018

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Re: Employment as Paralegal or Legal Assistant

To whom it may concern:

I am a highly educated senior citizen who recently published a book. Because writing is not lucrative, I now need a paying job. I do not have a conventional resume. My qualifications are best shown by my writings (available on request and linked in the accompanying summary). I provide three items herewith: (1) a summary in lieu of a resume; (2) links to most of my writings; and (3) a sample of comments about my work product. I offer you a unique opportunity to obtain, for paralegal pay, the professional services of a mature, highly educated and motivated individual with outstanding skills: easily understood, yet documented, jargon-free writing; Microsoft Word proficiency; superior research ability (including legal research); and experience in preparing successful legal documents. I also have the capacity to quickly educate myself regarding anything I do not yet know but might be required by any given task. Very truly yours,

Lester Jackson, Ph.D.


Former College Teacher

Extensive Writing Experience:

Just Published Book

Numerous Articles

Legal Briefs, Motions and Petitions


I have experience as a college teacher (political science), litigant and writer. As a pro se litigant, I have prepared numerous briefs, motions and petitions, which you are invited to inspect upon request. I have argued before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (published opinion in my favor, cited countless times as a precedent), the New York State Appellate Division (Second Department) (published opinion in my favor, with story on front page of New York Law Journal) and won a multi-year rent reduction from the New York State DHCR.

In addition, I am an experienced writer about the United States Supreme Court, the federal judiciary, capital punishment, and American Government and Politics. My numerous articles and recent book are available on request or in the links section below. As a result of my numerous writings, I have become very proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, internet research and emails. My just-published book (URL below) contains six appendices 1645 endnotes and 64 footnotes.


Ph.D., Political Science (New York University, 1975) SKILLS

Legal Research and easily understood jargon-free writing; Internet Research; Microsoft Word proficiency.


Recent Book


Only the Death Penalty will protect every citizen, and every person should read this to KNOW WHY!

All Surviving Victims Want Justice

(“a must read ... excellent book ... by a brilliant and gifted author ... highly recommend[ed Appellate Opinions (Any or all documents filed in these cases available on request.) 569 F.2d 119 (1977).

74 A.D.2d 621 (N.Y. App. Div. 1980).

Facebook and Twitter

Websites [brief bio and major articles]. 2 Collections of Articles

Articles: Lester Jackson Archives - American Thinker. Lester Jackson PhD Death Penalty Articles Presented by Homicide Survivors. {Contains most of my articles.} Enter Stage Right.;brevity=full;options=no-change. Radio Interview WRITINGS: SELECTED COMMENTS



Catherine Burke

“Thank you very much for your very well written and cogent remarks on the death penalty and victims... I truly appreciate you defending we the victims-very few people do; at least very few people do so publicly. Many people speak with me on parts of what you wrote about, but only privately ... There is very little truth out there about the DP, mainly obfuscation... You have clearly hit the mark and have stated the case well.”

Dr. William A. Petit,


a MUST READ ... one of the best I have ever read about the Death Penalty and I've read more than a few ... Rarely do I find something so well written and so courageously truthful that I am compelled to post the entire piece ...great substance ... one of those rare articles that has the power to change things ... summed up beautifully what we, as a people can do, must do, in order to invoke the changes that need to take place to better insure the safety of our loved ones and ourselves... Thank you Lester Jackson, for being such a devoted advocate of revamping our Death Penalty process and well as our entire justice system.” Laurel O’keefe

“Great ... Thanks for your right-on insights to how family members are brutalized by the so called justice system.”

Patti March

I ... commend you mightily for your ... article. ... Keep up your good work. Please don't wonder if what you're doing "is worth the effort." For some of us, it surely is.

William T. Harper

pleased to read your article ... re-reading it. You obviously have a deep understanding of ... the death penalty issue as it relates to victims. ... your words will be shared and that surviving relatives of homicide victims (like myself) appreciate your attention to this subject. Good work sir!” Wayne Uber

“You are ... RARE! Most advocates do get a paycheck. Most people I know, do not handle murder, and those that do, receive a paycheck. ... You are maybe one of the ONLY persons I know who advocates for the cause without a paycheck... Advocates are the court paid advocates, the DAs, the judges, the detectives...all those in my eyes are paid.

Nancy Aguilar



Article: very impressive ... well written and argued ... reflects an enormous amount of research.”

Recent book: “a valuable call for balance in criminal law.”

Law Prof. Lino A. Graglia

“ ... how refreshing it is to read a well-written article that is in touch with reality and recognizes the hypocrisy of the abolitionist claims.

Alice B. Lustre, Deputy Att. Gen., Cal.

“You have said insightfully and forcefully what many of us feel. Great work!”

Steven D. Stewart, Clark County, Indiana

Prosecuting Attorney

splendid article Richard Clark, Capital Punishment UK website


“intensely and meticulously argued.”


Pleszczynski, American Spectator

a great piece! ... You have much to offer our country! Absolutely terrific work! Well done! Awesome! Monumental effort ... Great work for what I believe is an inspired cause!”

Steve Farrell, Liberty

Letters; The Moral Liberal

This is terrific! It is well argued, well written, passionate, and persuasive...

... Your scholarship .. is excellent Thanks for the extra effort. You earned a prominent place on our pages ... obvious you put in a huge amount of work ...

Thomas Lifson,

American Thinker


“This written very well. I used to be against the death penalty but have changed my mind on this matter.

Joel retired teacher

“I’m so thankful for your reasoned articles. In particular, your last article on our representative’s betrayal of us was thorough and so helpful. . Anything you write is worth my time. You nailed this one-once more I look forward to all of your articles. I am most interested in your work I have passed along many of your articles to friends ... They represent a treasure ...of great value

Prof. Bill Stiles

Kentfromohio “This article states the reality ... with absolute clarity.” alogger “It's a breath of fresh air compared to much of the ... propaganda we've been expected to swallow

irieites a brilliant article on the state of our political system, and the failure of our representative democracy.

mdavmd “Thank you, Lester Jackson, for giving us insight into the legislative process and what is REALLY HAPPENING.”

Alecto “Dr. Jackson, that piece brilliantly illuminated the truth “The article is long [but] worth your time.”

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