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IT Support, VoIP- Cable-Modem

Akron, Ohio, 44308, United States
February 18, 2018

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Kathy J. Robinson 650-***-****

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Plus One Communications

Customer Support Representative/ Tier 1 11/2017 - Present Plus One Communications, a Tier 1 Residential Support for C ox Communications. Troubleshooting inbound calls for Email, Ethernet, Modem / Router and Cable connectivity issues. The algorithms reveals First Call Resolution 100% and Customer Satisfaction at 100%.

Uber Technologies HQ

Uber Gold Partner 5 Gold Star Award Partner 2013 -2017 Providing an exceptional customer experience within the Uberx and Uber Black Limousine Industry. 8x8 Inc. A VoIP Company 2004 - 20012

2 008 - 2012 “ Escalations / Billing / Resolution Specialist” Accepting escalated emails and claims from other management sources related to customer hot issues, in order to assist and resolve customer complaints. A 80% success rate towards a win-win solution. 2006 - 2008 "Technical Installation Lead"

Took on a customer leadership and training role as a Technical Installation Lead (TIL) setting up and configuring entire VoIP call phone systems from a bare-bones setup and through their desired call flow depending on business needs. 2004 - 2006 "Technical Support"

Started as a support agent taking all inbound calls regarding any challenges faced by our customers. Skills

• MS Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint

• Account Management Applications: Siebel CRM, Peoplesoft CRM, HP Credit

• Numerous In-house Application Tools to utilize and resolve complex issues. Education

• Lifelong Learning Seminars

• Cisco Systems- Cisco Certified Network Associate - California

• De Anza College – Business – California

• Garfield - Diploma - Akron Ohio

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NOC Engineer I

Kathy is a highly dependable and motivated team member who is extremely proactive in coming in to work to go beyond the basic just getting the job done. She has been there many a times to pull the team ahead in difficult times and assist when she is needed most. A definite plus for any organization who hires her. Her happy and friendly demeanor will also positively affect her colleagues. May 4, 2012, SYED ALI ISMAIL worked directly with Kathy at 8x8, Inc. Michael Peterson

Director, Trident Furniture Group, Inc.

Kathy helped structure our services with our needs and saved our company, Trident Furniture, money on our telephone systems. She was professional, fast and got the job done. M ay 3, 2012, Michael was Kathy's client

Bob Lulich

Billing Analyst at 8x8, Inc.

Kathy has been a joy to work with. She has a great style when working with customers always looking for the win-win. In retention/escalation we get a lot of customers who haven't found resolution through other channels at 8 x8 and we need to find a solution to their problem. K athy always maintains a professional dialogue with customers that is respectful and strong when she needs to be to protect 8 x8' s interests. In my book, a great combination. In the 3 years that I have worked with her she is consistently among the top producing people in the group and is very dependable March 29, 2012, Bob worked directly with Kathy at 8x8, Inc. John Kahermanes Open Networker

Helping businesses solve their biggest challenge, getting more bandwidth. Offering dedicated Internet Access. Call today

Kathy has been a valuable person in the success of our sales group. Her knowledge of the inner workings of 8 x8 is outstanding, and as a retention person, she is the best. K athy always has a keen insight to both the customers and companies issues and can sift through the and always get a resolution that both parties are able to live with her fair judgment and ability to work through sometimes difficult issues is outstanding. K athy is a very pleasant woman to work with, always a smile, always positive and always with a nice word to everyone. I have enjoyed working with K athy in her other capacities at 8x8, and when I see her name on a Trouble Ticket, I know the issue will be resolved M arch 24, 2012, John worked with Kathy at 8x8, Inc.

Faith Green

Sales @ Fly Guys

Kathy is proficient, professional and very pleasant to work with. My customers have only had excellent things to say about their interactions with her. I greatly appreciate her level of excellence and I would recommend her to any company who settles for nothing less than outstanding customer assistance. February 29, 2012, Faith worked with Kathy at 8x8, Inc.

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