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Sr. Welding Engineer

Denton, Texas, 76207, United States
February 17, 2018

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Metallurgical & Welding Engineering Services

**** ******** **. ******, ** 76207 USA 469-***-**** 21-SEP-2017 1

Personal Details: Gregory D Stark

8808 Bradford St., Denton, TX 76207, USA

(C) +469-***-****


Objective: Contract or Direct Hire position supporting Oil and Gas, Construction, or Manufacturing Corporations for Metallurgical and Welding Engineering activity. Diversified background in Metallurgical and Welding Engineering, and Quality Engineering in: Steel Manufacturing and Fabrication - Oil & Gas (Sour & Sweet) Prod., Transmsn - Structural Steel & Aluminum Construction – Gas & Refinery Plants & Equipment (S&S) – Petrochemical Plants & Equipment - Marine Hardware – Subsea Pipelines & Equipment - Offshore Platforms Construction - Heat treating Alloy Systems – All Major Welding & Brazing Processes - Aerospace Flight & Transport Hardware – Metallurgical Processing and Coating – Pipe Manufacturing and Mill Survey - HFI Pipe Sour Gas Qualification Service – Vessels & Process Piping – Failure Analysis & Investigations – Forged Flanges, Fittings & Equipment – Specification Development - Fitness for Service (FSS) – Statistical Process Control (SPC) – NDE Systems–VT, MPT, DPT, UT, RT, ET– Technical Paper Presentation (NACE) - International Specifications: ABS, AMS, API, ASME, ASTM, AWS, BSI, BV, CEN, DIN, DNV, FED, ISO, JIS, MIL, NACE, NASA.


Greg Stark Consultancy Metallurgical & Welding Engineering Consultant Denton, Texas 9/07 - Present

Current & Past Projects:

Eaton Corporation – Manufacturing Development Engineer (Dec, 2016 – Present) – Welding and manufacturing process improvements and design (GMAW, GTAW & RSW), equipment selection, improve producibility and productive maintenance.

Aramco Overseas Company (AOC) – Designated Welding Representative (DWR) (Apr. – Aug. 2017) for Saudi Aramco Consulting Services Department in support of the AOC Out Of Kingdom Offshore Fabrication Division in Dubai, UAE. Supporting the current and future projects for platforms and SSS Jackets, Platforms, and Decks for current projects such as Marjan, Berri, Safaniya, Zuluf. This is a long-term agreement to provide Welding Engineering Support as required by projects of interest by Saudi Aramco.

Jacobs Engineering – Welding Engineer (July, 2015 – Mar, 2016) – Review welding procedures for various refinery and petrochemical projects such as Phillips 66 Sweeny Tier 3 Gasoline upgrade, Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery, Flint Hills Resources, Exxon and others.

Noble Energy Consultant (Feb & May, 2015) – Survey welding qualifications, in terms of ASME Section IX, for fabrication of Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT) for down hole well completion; directing qualification at vendor.

ExxonMobil Development Company Consultant (May, 2012 – December, 2014) – GREG STARK CONSULTANCY LLC

Metallurgical & Welding Engineering Services

8808 Bradford St. Denton, TX 76207 USA 469-***-**** 21-SEP-2017 2

Metallurgy and Corrosion Group, Houston, for welding engineering support to various project locations such as Barzan, Pt. Thomson, Hebron, Banyu Urip, Marine Well Containment System, ERHA North Phase 2, SubSea Standardization, Odoptu Stage 2, Damar, as well as on site project support such as Ulsan, South Korea and Scotland. Guided EPC/Vendor qualification of Super Duplex Stainless Steel piping, and API 2W grades and ASTM A514 Grade Q structures for offshore platforms.

National Pipe Company Saudi Arabia (Mar., 2012) – Performed consultation and third party Quality and Production Audit of production facility for compliance with API 5L/ISO 3183 for Saudi Aramco Engineering requirements projects.

Red Sea Refining Company (Aug, 2011,-Feb, 2012) – PMT Welding Representative for Yanbu Export Refinery Expansion Project joint venture previously between Saudi Aramco and Chevron. EPC2, EPC3 and EPC4 packages, as well as WASIT Gas Project, all in Seoul, S. Korea.

Oil States Industries (2011) – Metallurgical engineering consultation for gas carburization of wire rope traction winch fabrication using ASTM A131, Gr. EH36 for McDermott vessels.

National Pipe Company Saudi Arabia (Jan., 2011) – Performed consultation and third party Quality and Production Audit of production facility for compliance with API 5L/ISO 3183 and Saudi Aramco Engineering requirements projects.

Lan Do Development Project by BP (2010 & 2011) – Reviewed subsea pipeline welding specifications and developed corrosion testing matrix for 13Cr and Inconel 625 clad X65 pipe joints. Recommendations accepted by BP prior to EPC bid selection.

National Pipe Company Saudi Arabia (May, 2010) – Performed third party Technical Capability Audit of production facility for compliance with API 5L/ISO 3183 and Saudi Aramco Engineering requirements prior to five year tender agreement.

Bergrohr GmbH Siegen (2010) – Conducted specifications review and gap analysis for product development of Berg-Lay CRS lined pipe in accordance with API 5LD

Panhandle Energy (2010) – Phase VIII for Florida Gas Transmission; developing Welding Qualification Matrix and Plan, and welding procedure qualification review.

Technip USA (2010) – Metallurgical & Welding engineering for Jubilee Project offshore Ghana API 1104, Appendix A, welding procedures for subsea piping and PLET construction. (API 5L X52 & X65, ASTM A694 F65, ABS EH36, EN10025 S275 and S355

Oil States Industries (2009) – Metallurgical & Welding engineering consulting for marine winches, structures (ASTM A514 ABS EH36), and ship equipment and hull attachments

(ASTM A514) for Hatlapa (North Sea vessels) and Atlantico Sul for Petrobras (ASTM A829 Gr 4130, ABS EH36, ASTM A487 Gr 4 Cls B {8630})

Turner Industries Group (2009) – Welding inspection surveillance of fabricated carbon steel and stainless steel pipe spools for BP refinery upgrade to process sour Canadian Crude Tar Sands. Included PMI verification for all CRA components and finished spools

Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Company (2008) – Metallurgical & Welding Fitness For Service assessment prior to start-up for 2.25Cr and 321 piping for refining section and 316L piping for ethylene and propylene service, Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

Tatsa Mexico (1994) (now Trinity Industries) – Failure analysis and fabrication improvements for Ammonia transportation truck tanks and chassis fabrication (ASTM A517 cracking)

Litton Precision Gear (1991) – Consultancy for Electron Beam Welding (EBW) support contractor for process improvement and reliability upgrade. Assisted client during vendor survey for helicopter transmission gear fabrication. GREG STARK CONSULTANCY LLC

Metallurgical & Welding Engineering Services

8808 Bradford St. Denton, TX 76207 USA 469-***-**** 21-SEP-2017 3


Diversified background includes metallurgical engineering, welding engineering, and quality engineering in steel manufacturing, fabrication, construction, heat treating, aerospace flight hardware, and upstream or downstream oil and gas production and transmission (sour and sweet), and refining. Very familiar with all major welding and brazing processes including “hands- on” experience with SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, & RSW. Experience includes test bed design, metallurgical processing for many alloy systems, welding metallurgy, welding technology, metallurgical failure analysis, specifications, and extensive failure analysis using SEM, mechanical testing, and metallographic techniques. Fabrication of ground based structures, pressure vessels and systems, maintenance and repair, and welding research experience. Alloy expertise includes familiarity with processing of most steels and stainless steels, aluminum, and titanium. Limited experience with copper, nickel, and magnesium alloys. Reviewed, and developed, many welding procedures in accordance with internationally recognized specifications. Extensive work included ABS, AMS, API, ASME, ASTM, AWS, military and federal welding codes and specifications, BSI, BV, CEN, DIN, DNV, JIS, ISO, NACE, welding procedures for pressure vessel, structural, and aerospace applications. Developed first internationally recognized qualification system for Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe which supports ASME and API. Familiar with NDT and inspection techniques (MT, PT, RT & UT) used on castings, forgings, wrought shapes, weldments, and brazements, and vibration analysis on rotating equipment.

Saudi Aramco Oil Company Metallurgical & Welding Engineer Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia 8/96 to 9/07 (retired) Member of Consulting Services Dept., Materials Engineering & Corrosion Control Div., Materials Engineering Unit.

Responsible Specifying Authority (RSA) for structural commodities, and fasteners, for buildings and alternate applications such as space frames and scaffolding.

Surveyed Enventure Global Technologies for expandable downhole tubulars demonstration at Citra Tubino at Batam Island, Indonesia

Evaluated use of Thermal Spray Coatings (TSC) for corrosion and wear resistance for process piping, vessels, and structures and published Corrosion Technology Item

Surveyed various vendor pipe mills & forging factories for compliance with Aramco Standards.

Reviewed national and international vendor submitted welding procedures to be in compliance with Saudi Aramco Engineering

Developed first internationally recognized specification and rationale for the qualification and process control of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) (including High Frequency Induction Welded (HFIW) line pipe, structural pipe, and OCTG casing and expandable tubing

Conducted numerous failure analyses of components (carbon steel, HSLA, 2.25Cr- 1.5Mo, 5Cr, 304, 316, 309, 310, 904L, 256SMo, Duplex, IN600, IN625, IN800, AA6061) throughout the company

Performed material selections, and specified processing requirements, various plant and processing locations (Upstream production, platforms, mooring piles, well head, subsea rigid and flexible pipe and flanges, onshore pipelines for sour liquid and gas, pumping stations, separators/slug catchers, gas plants, refineries, bulk plants, and tankage).

$50MM was saved by implementing insitu cement lining process for rejuvenation of fire water piping systems rather than full replacement


Metallurgical & Welding Engineering Services

8808 Bradford St. Denton, TX 76207 USA 469-***-**** 21-SEP-2017 4

Served on various Value Engineering committees with approved vendors for improvements to company specifications (typical savings: $5 - $50MM). Publications: Qualification of ERW/HFI Manufactured Pipe for Wet, Sour Crude and Gas Services – NACE MECC10

Raytheon Engineers and Constructors, EBASCO Div. Principle Engineer NASA/JSC Houston, Texas 3/90 – 8/96

Metallurgical, Welding, and Quality Engineer in Special Processes Group providing technical support to NASA directorates and contractors.

Materials selections, metals processing, heat treating, and welding engineering for ground based pressure vessels, systems, facilities construction,

Qualified and published several orbital arc tube welding (GTAW) procedures (210 welded joints) using 304L, 316L and Inconel 718 tubing for the Special Apparatus For EVA Rescue (SAFER) for manned maneuver in space

Developed and qualified numerous other welding or brazing procedures and personnel performance tests in support of MIL-STD-1595A, MIL-STD-2219, MIL-W-6858, ASME Section I, IV, VIII and IX, B31 .1, B31 .3, B31 .5, B31 .9 and AWS B2.1, and B2.2, Cl .1, C3.4, C3.6, C3.7, Dl .1, Dl .2, Dl .3, and D9.1

Earned NASA Manned Flight Awareness Award while member of failure investigation team of leaking Space Shuttle high pressure helium tanks

Specified and directed welding repair of aluminum motion base flight simulator for astronaut training

Developed and implemented framework for Space Center-wide welding program formally endorsed by NASA Engineering for all hardware built by or for Johnson Space Center

Performed metallurgical failure analysis and evaluations on ground based assemblies McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co. (now Boeing) Member Technical Staff Ill Mesa, AZ 12/84 - 2/90

One of several welding engineers responsible for metallurgical and welding engineering for AH- 64 Apache Attack Helicopter and MD50 Commercial Helicopter

Material selection and regulations for Design, Manufacturing, Product support

Member Conceptual Design Team for MD50 NOTAR (No Tail Rotor) patented design

Optimized Electron Beam Welding (EBW) at approved vendors for fabrication of rotor drive transmission helical gear (carburized E9310).

Performed numerous failure analysis using SEM and metallographic techniques on airframe, drive train, ordnance, and ground support equipment

Evaluated fabrication procedures and inspection results for transmission test stand oil piping system built to ASME B31.1, and recommended vendor corrective action ARMCO, Inc. (now AK Steel) Research Welding Engineer Middletown, OH 5/81 - 11/84

Responsible for process and product development and technical services for many product lines at various corporation plant locations throughout the country: Product Support -

Technical direction of welding wire product line from melting, rolling, wire drawing and GREG STARK CONSULTANCY LLC

Metallurgical & Welding Engineering Services

8808 Bradford St. Denton, TX 76207 USA 469-***-**** 21-SEP-2017 5

coating, and product qualification to AWS A5.17 and A5.28

Responsible for qualification of production weld wire to AWS for fabrication and heat treatment requirements for ASME vessel and piping applications to ASME Section IX

Corporate products supported –

o Steel plate products for storage tanks (API 12D) o ASME & API vessel and pipe fabrication

o Structural construction projects (AWS D1.1, D1.3, D1.6) o Line pipe (API 5L) and Well casing (API 5D)

o GTA welded stainless piping (API 5CRA) for refinery applications o Drill through equipment (API 16A) and Well head equipment (API 6A) Research Activity -

Developed a forgeable, heat treatable, NACE accepted (MR0175), high strength, high toughness (-50 F) weld wire (GTAW, GMAW, SAW) for ASME and API applications

Qualified MIL100S-1 GMAW and SAW wire for Navy QPL to MIL-E-23765/2 for fabrication of HY-80 plate for submarine hulls

Developed detailed welding procedures for forging dies, and strip cladding.

Developed proprietary coated SMAW electrode for repair welding of 3l6L piping for pulp and paper industry

ARMCO, Inc. (now AK Steel) Product Metallurgist

Kansas City, MO 6/69 - 5/81

Resident plant welding metallurgist supervised Metallurgical Services Group. o Responsible for Structural Steel Bar Joist and Joist Girder Quality Assurance

Product metallurgist for fabrication and testing of wire rope, concrete post-stressing wire and strand, and spring wire

Product metallurgist for hot rolled products: Blooming mill, Merchant bar and structural shapes mills, Rod mill

Associate product metallurgist in Electric Furnace steel making and hot rolling facilities for product and process improvements


Professional Engineer (Metallurgical Engineering) Missouri, No. 15896 (Inactive)

- Ohio, No. 046577 (Inactive)


ASQC Certified Quality Engineer - No. 31523 (inactive) AWS Certified Welding Inspector- No. 91040411 (ASME Sec. VIII & API 1104) (inactive) ASNT - Certified Level II UT inspector per SNT-TC-1A (inactive) PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

American Society for Metals - Member, Secretary (1976) American Welding Society - General Member and previous Committee (C7B & D17) member American Society for Quality Control - General member EDUCATION

1969 Colorado School of Mines; Golden, CO; Prof. Degree (BS), Metallurgical Engineering 1976 Raytown Vocational School, Raytown, MO; Certified Welder in SMAW, GMAW

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