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Security Manager

Fresno, California, United States
February 17, 2018

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Constantine Paulo Diala

**** *. ****** ***., ******, California, USA

Tel: 1-559-***-**** Cell: 1-559-***-****

Email: or

Availability: Anytime

Citizenship: US/Filipino

Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Work Experience:

Commander Logistics Group Western Pacific

PSC 470 Box 2873

FPO, AP 96534 United States

07/2015 – 12/2017

Salary: 72,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0080 Pay Plan: Equivalent to GS Grade: 12

Security Specialist

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Acts as the key Security Specialist and Deputy Force Protection Officer for Commander Logistics Group Western Pacific/Task Force 73 (COMLOGWESTPAC/CTF-73) in the full spectrum of operations in the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM) Theater of Operations. Develops and reviews Antiterrorism Force Protection (ATFP) plans in support of operations and exercises under the cognizance of the Operations and Plans Directorate as required by all OPORDS and applicable higher authority.

As the Action Officer for ATFP planning and execution for multiple phases of Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT), Pacific Partnership, Asian Defense Ministers Meeting and Counter Terrorism (ADMM+), and Southeast Asia Cooperation Against Terrorism (SEACAT) Exercises. Co-chairs the Joint/Combined U.S.-Host Nation ATFP Working Group (ATWG) and Threat Working Group during various exercise planning conferences; organizes and conducts security assessments of commercial and military seaports, airfields, hotels, routes, and ashore installations. Coordinates and leads Pre-Arrival ATFP Coordination meetings with U.S. Embassy, Host Nation Military and Government Officials, U.S. Navy contracted Husbanding Service Provider (HSP) and other U.S. Federal Agencies prior to Navy assets arrival in foreign countries. Recommend changes to CTF-73 ATFP policy and guidance providing input to COMPACFLT and COMSEVENTHFLT Operations Order (OPORD). Additionally, he provide seminars/training on Basic Law Enforcement to host nation military and law enforcement personnel on most joint exercises throughout the Southeast region in coordination with US Embassy Force Protection Detachment enhancing relationship in the Western Pacific.

Manages Pre-Travel Requirements Program and the Individual Antiterrorism Plan (IATP) process for COMLOGWESTPAC. Makes recommendations for policy changes in support of this requirement and provides necessary communications to the staff on a periodic basis to ensure uniform compliance. Also designated as Unit Manager for COMLOGWESTPAC for the Personnel Recovery Mission Software (PRMS). Assigns managers and ensures all assigned personnel are in compliance with Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) requirements.

Administers the periodic review of COMLOGWESTPAC, Navy Region Singapore, and NAVSUP ATFP plans and conducts annual assessments. Develops, reviews, and approves the process of Directed In-port security Plans (DISP), In-port Security Plans, Exercise Force Protection Plans (EFPP) and Special Events Force Protection Plans (SEFPP).

Governs the ATFP aspects of deployment of staff personnel, advance teams and compliance verification functions. Ensures assigned personnel have adequate ATFP aptitude to complete these functions, and that standards of performance are met. Ensures all travelers are in compliance with Pre-Travel Requirements, Foreign Clearance Guide and Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR). Travel coordination duties also extend to other conferences and working groups as required.

Assists the COMLOGWESTPAC ATFP Officer and Operations/Plans Directorate Staff in the budget planning process to ensure sufficient funds are budgeted and meet mission constraints.

Supervisor: LCDR(Sel) Larron White 315-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

PSC 473 Box 76

FPO, AP 96349 United States

02/2011 - 01/2014

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0080 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 13

Security Specialist (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As the Operations Officer of the NCIS Far East Detachment, responsible for total mission execution in concert with the Security Specialist in Charge. This is the largest NCIS overseas office and is composed of 4 naval officers, 10 senior enlisted and 15 civil service personnel conducting fitreps, evaluations, disciplinary issues, and appraisals. In this role, I coordinate with senior members representing the Commander 7th Fleet and subordinate commands to ensure 100% successful conduct of vulnerability assessments and requirements- based training and level of protection requiring secure information from threats. Missions conducted include vulnerability assessments or physical security surveys of over 80 Navy facilities, foreign ports, airfields, hotels, high risk personnel or dignitaries, Military Sealift Command ships, liberty venues and other areas to determine any breaches of security, loss and/or criminal activities.

I effectively forecasted detachment-level budget requirements and human capital requirements from single mission to annual estimates; ensuring mission costs are controlled and conservatively or strategically executed. By applying my familiarity with the Area of Responsibility and mission requirements, I was able to better coordinate mission planning to realize cost savings and efficiency of time.

I ensured all AOR personnel complete Individual Anti-Terrorism Plans (IATP’s) and PACOM Travel Tracker entries. I also coordinated the generation of and regular updates to individual Isolated Personnel Reports (ISOPREP) for the largest overseas detachment of NCIS. I assisted command members with travel security requirements such as ensuring required pre-travel training was accomplished, that visit requests and Individual Anti-Terrorism Plans/Travel Trackers (IATP/TT) were properly submitted. I reviewed all operational mission plans to identify personnel assignments. In addition, while conducting various assessments I liaised with host nation government officials to include law enforcement, ministries and defense entities. Developed, implemented, and managed the anti-terrorism and force protection (AT/FP) program, Navy physical security, information and personnel security, crime and loss prevention, and DoN safety regulations within Western Pacific and subordinate activities within the AOR.

Managed the NCIS STAATPAC Far East Anti-terrorism and Force Protection Assist Program, providing in depth evaluation of security, law enforcement, crime and loss prevention programs, and anti-terrorism programs and provide "best practice" training, information and suggestions to assist in alleviating Security or Anti-Terrorism Vulnerabilities. Analyzed over 100 data’s to develop and evaluate Anti-terrorism/Force Protection and Physical Security to defend operating units. Assisted Navy Security Officers, Anti-Terrorism Officers, and Commanders in the development and implementation of 30 installations Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Plans.

Analyzed, interpreted, evaluated, and made recommendations on the new construction or design of 12 facilities with coordination with engineers or contractors. Provided investigative, counterintelligence and physical security to the Navy and Marine Corps activities by implementing three war fighting strategies which are prevent terrorism, protect assets, and reduce crime.

Ensure proper handling, storage, transmission, and protection of classified information up to the Top Secret Level. Developed and implemented policies and procedures for personnel and information security, JPAS determining suitability or interim security clearances/eligibility for job position, tracks due dates for security determinations and retention. Reviewed and processed over 50 Navy SAARs review, authorization, and computer access. Advised higher management on results of investigation and personnel assurance programs, security inspections and surveys, and prepare formal reports to include findings and recommendations for noted deficiencies. I ensured all personnel are familiar with and can execute the local plan for the destruction of classified material. Managed, oversees, evaluated work, and provided over 20 security training for the needs of installation personnel.

Senior level and strategic engagement included participation in Fleet planning conferences and working groups; providing program briefs formal or informal to Navy and Regional Security Officers up to the Flag level with the Commander 7th Fleet to synchronize assessment requirements and scheduling, and the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the largest NCIS Field Office.

Qualified to deliver the following courses: Antiterrorism Officer Level II, Naval Physical Security, Security First Responder, Surveillance Detection, and Law Enforcement Techniques. I also conduct Inter-Operability Program (IOP) Seminars throughout the Far East in coordination with US Embassy Force Protection Detachment enhancing relationship in the Pacific.

Supervisor: Jonathan Greenstein 315-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa

PSC 480 Box 1100

FPO, AP 96370 United States

01/2008 - 02/2011

Salary: 80,000.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Installation Security Officer

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As the Installation Security /Anti-Terrorism Officer and Security Department Head, I was responsible for directly managing over 300 Naval Security Forces and 25 Master Labor Contract Guards in a Joint-Service environment for five geographically separated installations and home to over 30,000 personnel. Conducts evaluations, appraisals, and disciplinary reviews or actions. Assets included a Naval Communication Site, flight line associated with squadron aircraft; comprising the largest Combat Wing in the Pacific, three port facilities including Military Sealift Command vessels, 15 tenant commands, and two housing areas and the Naval Hospital to ensure physical surveys are conducted to determine any security breaches, loss, and or criminal activities within the covered assets.

Chairs the Anti-terrorism Working Group (ATWG) and Threat Working Group. I provided direct input on Security program policy, crime prevention, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP), and related issues. Ensured command level personnel were apprised of changes in force protection policies; inclusive all commands within the region were in compliance with Higher Head Quarters (HHQ) policy and guidance. Disseminated important information concerning vulnerabilities, threats and mitigation actions, made recommendation to commanders on risk appetence and cost effect ways to mitigate vulnerabilities. Overall responsible for the management of ATFP, physical security, loss prevention programs to ensure policies and guidelines were meet in regards to vulnerabilities and threats.

Managed the review of the overall force protection posture of the region; ensured budget requirements were met and provided strategic direction to the working group on ways to enhance the ATFP program. Organized the ATFP Executive Committee Working Group, and informed senior leadership on changes in force protection policy and guidance, as well as provide updates on current status on force protection readiness and changes throughout the region. Wrote 18 concise and detailed Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, Crime Prevention Policy, Physical Security Plans, Operating Procedures, and Instructions. I evaluated, assessed, and recommended alternate solutions for 15 newly constructed facilities in order for them to meet established physical security standards.

Based on my extensive administrative, operational, fiscal and program management expertise I was responsible for Defense Travel System (DTS) and Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application (SLDCADA) certifications for 33 civilian personnel. Managed time management and training requirements for 300 Security personnel including 25 local contract guards. Conducts, managed, and oversees ATFP Training and crime prevention awareness program to 800 command personnel.

External coordination and support included secure and safe cargo movement for over 120 Military Sealift Command ships, security support for the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit for on/off load to include Mobile Security Squadrons and EOD/UDT. I was the driving force in the installation’s successful Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (JSIVA) and Explosive Safety Inspections (ESI). Established and maintained extensive liaison with Japanese military and law enforcement agencies on all matters concerning law enforcement, crime prevention, and installation force protection.

As the primary installation General Military Training trainer/instructor, I provided ATFP, crime prevention awareness briefings, safety programs, information awareness, ESAMS program to permanently assigned and transient personnel. Managed and tracked the Visitor Authorization Requests (VAR) for military, government, civilians, and civilian contract agencies. Supervise employees and Security personnel, evaluate their work ethics and provide training as required by higher authorities.

Organized and managed 10 anti-terrorism exercises and drills including region and Navy wide mandated; writing comprehensive After Action Reports that documented lessons learned. Analyze Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosives (CBRNE) security issues to develop and/or revise operational response plans. Oversees the development of CBRNE physical security methods to accomplish security objectives. Provided guidance and input to corrective action for all areas that were noted as being below standards; resulting a security force postured for any emergency in an all-hazards environment and collaborate with other government officials to ensure an effective CBRNE.

Identified over 20 vulnerabilities into the Core Vulnerability Assessment Management Program (CVAMP) or Mission Assurance Readiness Management Systems (MARMS); ensuring the vulnerabilities were properly documented and forwarded to HHQ for resourcing and action.

Supervisor: Joseph L. Yount 315-***-****)

Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

U.S. Navy


FPO, AP 96631 United States

12/2004 - 01/2008

Hours per week: 40

Afloat Force Protection and Security Officer

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As the Security and Anti-Terrorism Officer Afloat I directed, managed and trained more than 250 Ship Self-Defense Force and 25 Brig personnel for forward deployed naval ship Western Pacific conducting fitreps, evaluations and disciplinary reviews/actions. Planned and coordinated all security, Anti-terrorism/Force Protection procedures and policies; ensuring operational readiness and the safety of over 4,000 Sailors and Marines. Successfully managed over 30 incident-free foreign port visits.

My efforts and recommendations greatly improved security postures for U.S. and MSC personnel and were critical to the success of annual joint exercises such as Foal Eagle, Tandem Trust, Cobra Gold, Balikatan, PHIBLEX, and Coordination and Readiness Afloat Training (CARAT). I also developed a detailed route and security procedures for U.S. dignitaries and senior inspectors, conducted site surveys and assessments of all mission areas prior the start of any humanitarian and community missions ashore.

Administers and responsible for a robust training program that led to the successful ATFP and Afloat Brig certification to include CBRNE training; applauded by both Chief of Naval Personnel and Afloat Training Group. Planned and coordinated successful Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO); receiving over 800 evacuees from multiple countries.

As the senior ATFP person assigned I coordinated with U.S. Embassy and Attaches’, NCIS agents, host nation military and civilian police officers to ensure adequate law enforcement personnel were present during all ashore visits and in mission areas. Coordinated with each host nation to ensure the personnel assigned could perform all force protection measures to protect the assigned assets both ashore and afloat- coordinated the assignment of host nation assets to augment the deployed detachment; ensuring all vulnerabilities and risks were mitigated.

As Security Officer, assisted the Security Manager in implementing procedures, guidelines, awareness and policies for personnel and information security, JPAS, processed Navy SAARs, computer access programs, tracks data for determining suitability or eligibility of the command. Advices the chain of command on the results of the investigation and provide recommendations for corrective actions in regards to deficiencies.

Additionally, managed and coordinated all loading /unloading of cargo to ensure proper stowage and reviews proper shipping documentations to ensure accountability. Coordinates with other port authorities or higher headquarters for staging and planning cargo operations. Develop, integrate, and coordinate marine transportation plans and programs and/or interpret transportation policies, procedures and guidelines.


Trident University International Cypress, CA United States

Bachelor's Degree 04/2010

GPA: 3.8 of a maximum 4.0

Credits Earned: 120 Semester hours

Major: Business Administration Honors: Magna Cum Laude

Job Related Training:

DOD Security Specialist Course (1 week/40 hrs), MAR 2013

DON Security Manager’s Course (1 week/40 hrs), JUN 2012

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, NCIS Basic Physical Security Course (4 weeks), AUG 2011

Department of Labor-Master of Homeland Security Specialist (8 weeks), SEP 2011

NCIS First Responder’s Course (40 hrs), SEP 2011

NCIS Surveillance Detection Course (40 hrs), SEP 2011

DHS Institute for Preventive Strategies, Terrorism Prevention for LE Professionals (40 hrs), JAN 2011

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Joint Service Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Training (40 hrs) OCT 2010

United States Coast Guard NIMS Incident Command System Course (40 hrs), APR 2010

United States Coast Guard NIMS Incident Command System Advance Course (40 hrs), APR 2010

Commander Navy Installation Command-Emergency Operations Center Incident Management Team (40 hrs) FEB 2010

NCIS Physical Security and Law Enforcement Supervisor (80 hrs), MAY 2009

USAF Individual Anti-Terrorism Program Manager Course (40 hrs), NOV 2009

Navy Security Force Officers Course (120 hours), FEB 2006

NCIS Anti-Terrorism Training Officer Course (40 hrs), FEB 2006

NCIS Anti-Terrorism Officer Course (40 hrs) OCT 2003

Department of Navy Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Level III Course (40 hrs), DEC 2002

Department of Labor –Police Officer I (9 weeks), FEB 2000

DOJ Federal Emergency Management Agency –Response to Terrorism (40 hrs), FEB 1999

Navy Law Enforcement Specialist Course (160 hrs), JAN 1999

NCIS Ground Engagement Tactics Course (40 hrs), FEB 1998

Navy Security Guard School, Lackland AFB (240 hrs), JAN 1997

CNIC-Command Management EO Program Manager Course (80 hrs), JAN 2009

CNIC-Command Training Team Course (40 hrs), MAR 2002

US European Command Headquarters-Military Customs Inspector (20 hrs) APR 2001

US Department of Agriculture Quarantine Enforcement Inspection (40 hrs) APR 2001

Department of Navy Urinalysis Program Coordinator Course (40 hrs), JAN 2004

Department of Navy Manager’s Internal Control Program Training for Manager (40 hrs), JAN 2008

Department of Navy First Line Leadership Development Program (80 hrs), AUG 1999

Department of Navy Primary Leadership Development Program (80 hrs), NOV 2002

Department of Navy LDO/CWO Leadership and Indoctrination Course (4 weeks), OCT 2004

Bureau of Naval Personnel Detachment Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor (40 hrs), DEC 2001

Department of Navy Personal Financial Management Program (40 hrs), FEB 2010

Department of Navy Trafficking In Persons Training, MAY 2009

Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist, NOV 1997

Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, OCT 1996

Boiler Technician “A” School, Great Lakes, 12 weeks, APR 1992

Language Skills:




















Force Protection Officer


Maria Theresa Aranas MCSFE

Security Specialist





Donald Price MSCHQ

Director Plans and Operations

757-***-**** Indicates professional reference

Additional Information:

Possesses over 20 years of Experience, in Administrative Organization, Management and Leadership as well as Program data collection and analysis. Possesses comprehensive Working knowledge, skills and abilities in the principles and practices essential to the field of Physical Security and Security Management, to include COMSEC/CMS, Crime prevention, Law Enforcement Management and supervisory techniques. Possess a thorough Working knowledge Department of Defense (DOD), Department of the Navy (DON), United States Fleet Forces Command (UFFC) and Naval Installation Command (NIC) policies, procedures for installation internal and perimeter security systems, measures and associated systems. As well as the ability and experience to develop and establish, multi-layered, internal and external perimeter installation security systems to protect installation's operational, industrial and residential areas. I have a thorough knowledge of the basic policy and rules governing the monitoring of a proactive CMS account. Knowledgeable in Information Assurance, Derivative Classification and a basic understanding of Special Access Program (SAP) and National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). Computer literate with strong working knowledge of MS Word, excel, and PowerPoint programs. Able to type 60-80 words per minute. Possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities as well as experience to develop policies and programs, make improvements and liaison with and provide guidance and recommendations to Senior Leadership and Management. Have extensive practical experience and understanding of Emergency Management (EM), to include Command, Control and Communications with relation to Force Protection and other areas of Consequence Management, allowing for valuable on the ground event assessment management and training in concert with Anti-Terrorism, Force Protection and Physical Security disciplines. I have over 15 years’ experience in criminal investigations to include evidence collection and processing; Managing evidence depositories, Interviewing and Interrogation skills, preparation of detailed investigative reports, crime scene processing. I have extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining, managing the Core Vulnerability Assessment Management Program (CVAMP) or Mission Assurance Risk Management Systems (MARMS) and Combating Terrorism Readiness Initiative Fund (CbTRIF).

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