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Engineer Quality

Houston, Texas, United States
February 15, 2018

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Knowledgeable and innovative professional with practical experience in research, development, quality/reliability, manufacturing and management Strategic thinker and solver of complex problems. Motivated teams to achieve $7.47M in savings for products and services. Major strengths;

R&D, materials, reliability, quality and management

Materials, specification, testing and selection

Technology, process design and development

Metallurgy, semiconductors, HVAC, oil & gas

Heat transfer and anti-corrosion simulation testing and design

Electro-optics and lasers beams interactions with materials

Designs evaluation/testing, Failure Analysis, Risk Management

Kaizen, Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Enterprise, sustainability


Danfoss Group, Arkadelphia AR 2017

Customer Quality and Reliability Manager

Managed commercial compressors quality and reliability, involving field returns analysis and corrective actions implementation. Supervised 5.

Oversaw line and field rejects investigation, reporting and corrective actions for compressors and condensing units.

Improved lab equipment at 1/50 of initial price and started process and safety improvements for products analysis at 25% of initial budget.

DRIL-QUIP INC., Houston, TX (One of the largest offshore oil and gas equipment provider) 2014-2016

Principal Engineer

Worked on new subsea, surface and offshore products developments, involving analytical simulation, design, manufacturing and quality.

Involved in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) with design manufacturing and quality teams to mitigate products risk.

Prepared quarterly field data and statistically improvements designed to save time and money using root cause analysis.

Led Design for Reliability (DfR) with Reliability Maintainability and Availability (RAM) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analysis for subsea trees and controls systems design and managed up to 90 APQP national and international projects resulting in improved products quality and reduction of manufacturing cost.

BORETS-WEATHERFORD U.S., INC. Tulsa, Oklahoma (The largest oil and gas electrical submersible pump provider) 2013-2014

Principal Engineer

Participated in artificial lift new products development related to research, design and manufacturing.

Used design, reliability (Weibull ++ 9), Six Sigma and economic tools to mitigate risk, identify most economic and efficient projects for future improvement and growth.

Developed methodologies for Product Development Management (PDM) in R&D and field support and created 13 template documents in line with expectations and engineering capabilities.

Selected and tested elastomers, polymers, mechanical sealing and magnet wire isolation for high temperature applications.


(An Oil and Gas Fortune 300 with 57,700 employees)

Product Reliability Engineer

Initiated and organized corporate design, testing and reliability programs.

Built Corporate Design of Experiments (DOE) & Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA) standards, completed 20 FMEA, fishbone, and root cause analysis to mitigate risks for Tenders, Fishing, Coil tubing, Cementing, Fracturing, Drilling designs and operations.

Trained and coached 133 managers and engineers in design and process Six Sigma methodologies.

Tested elastomers (hydrogenated rubber) and polymers (PEEK and PTFE) for oil and gas applications.

Contributed to 30 R&D projects (>$34M/year projected sale) related to design for reliability requirements and testing.

Reduced design cost 62.5% and testing time 57% using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with DOE for design optimization and Monte Carlo simulation for reliability evaluation.

VICTOR CURICUTA, Ph.D. 972-***-**** Page 2

GOODMAN MANUFACTURING INC., Houston, Texas 2004-2008

(R&D and manufacturing of Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Corporation with 5,000 employees)

Corporate Reliability Manager

Developed corporate reliability and managed corporate quality/reliability lab and programs supervising up to 6.

Built, in record 6 months’ time $1M quality/reliability laboratory equipped with Extreme Environmental Chambers (EEC), Ultra Violet testing (UV), Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) & Stress Screen (HASS), corrosion, transit tests and failure investigation capability such as Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), Ion Gas Chromatography (IGC), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with low elemental detection Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX), micro hardness and metallurgical evaluation.

Received customer weekly visits to lab via marketing which increased efficiency and corporate sales to $3B from $1B annually.

Created 81 reports on reliability and field FMEA and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) which improved product quality.

Produced process, design FMEA, evaluated and predicted Reliability, Maintainability and Warranty for electro-mechanical systems.

Designed, constructed and analyzed many Simulated Tests (ST) and Accelerated Tests (AT) for AC, HP and furnaces systems and components (compressors, motors, valves, circuit boards) designed to increase corrosion resistance and overall product quality / reliability.

Delivered effort on $5.5M annual savings based on new aluminum brazed heat exchangers (HX) technology with minimum changes to existing manufacturing process.

COOLIGY INC., Mountain View, CA 2004–2004

Senior Process Development Engineer.

Developed computer Central Processing Unit cooling new system using ionic pump and new HX.

Reported to Principal Process Development Engineer.

LENNOX INTERNATIONAL INC., Carrollton, Texas (R&D of fortune 500 with 22,000 employees) 1999-2004

Corporate Manufacturing Staff Engineer, Senior

Ensured HVAC reliability and R&D for new designs and processes. Managed metallurgical and process quality and reliability tests.

Discovered methods to increase corrosion resistance in HX, increased air conditioning (AC) efficiency 13% and built HX with 9% savings.

Saved $1.5M in HX replacements by improving manufacturing process.

Initiated and completed 16 reliability/quality test programs, 4 using DOE for materials, components and units selection using Six Sigma tools, FTA, FMEA, Pareto, Histograms, Regression, Control Charts, Gage Capability Study to improve and make selection to save time and money.

Built internal standards and requirements for Material test Reports (MTR) and certification requirements.

Submitted patent applications (2 pending) designed to increase product quality by reducing cost.

Improved reliability by constructing new test system and designed new accelerated corrosion test protocols. Project completed on time and under budget. Completed 10 failure analysis investigations improving quality and reduced warranty exposure.


(R&D and manufacturing for HVAC Corporation with 3,200 employees)

Materials Engineer I (Reliability/Quality)

Managed Materials & Components Reliability Lab. Introduced and led corporate reliability program under ISO 9001 guidelines. Oversaw 1 engineer and 1 technician.

Established formal quality and reliability program after training under ASQ and SAS.

Saved $320K annually in warranty claims by implementing special formulated oils with formicary corrosion inhibitors for HVAC coils and $150K by replacing corrosion resistant alloy for secondary HX furnaces.

Utilized Weibull analysis to predict supplier products and design problems, and regain warranty claims.

Used failure analysis investigation methodologies, Kaizen principles and Pareto charts to correct quality and reliability problems.


(A university research group part of a campus with 5,000 employees)

Research and Teaching Assistant

Researched programs relating to laser application and materials investigation and taught Electrical Engineering.

VICTOR CURICUTA, Ph.D. 972-***-**** Page 3

Invented methodology for direct bonding of metals to ceramics using laser beams.

Modeled heat transfer on metal/ceramic materials processed in oven and with laser beams.

Completed training and applications in x-ray diffraction (XRD), EDX, Auger and Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy (RBS).

Performed materials interaction with CO2, excimer, argon ion, Nd:YAG and femtosecond laser beams and ion beams.

Examined materials and interfaces using SEM (JEOL JSM-840A) and high resolution transmission electron microscope (JEOL 2010).

Relocated from Romania to the United States and worked at several technical jobs in Lincoln, Nebraska while learning the English language.

I.P.R.S. BANEASA, Bucharest, Romania (a semiconductor plant with 4,500 employees)

Process Engineer

Managed in-plant productivity provided processing service, quality improvements in reduction of precious metal consumption by 20% and new products and design in power semiconductor under AEG Telefunken Corporation license. Supervised 1 technician and 2 supervisors.

Developed metal ceramic, polymer metal and metal ceramic polymer packaging for IC, individual and hybrid power semiconductors.

Optimized wet chemistry processes, PVD, photolithography, brazing and plasma arc welding.


Languages: SQL, SAS, FORTRAN

Software: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Excel

Database Systems: SAS, Watcom-SQL, Access

Operating Systems: UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows

Platforms: Silicon Graphics, IBM PC

Statistical Software: SigmaPlot, Minitab, WinSMITH, BlockSim, Xfmea5, Statgraphics Plus, Weibull++, ALTA, RGA, Xfmea, DOE++

Computational Software: Matlab, Mathcad, Maple.


Sustainability MBA from Anaheim University CA and Akio Morita School of Business, 2012

Ph.D. Engineering (Chemical & Materials Engineering), University of Nebraska, Lincoln NE

Master in Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln NE

Master in Science, Physics Technological Engineering (Nuclear Materials), University of Bucharest, Romania


Offshore Drilling and Production, Subsea Wellhead, Platform Drilling & Subsea Completion, Specialty Casing Connectors, 2015

Computational Fluids Dynamics, Oil and Gas Tools Products, Systems and Applications, Well Completion (Casing Exit) & FMEA (Xfmea software), HyperStudy, nCote in Houston, Texas 2009 to 2012

Reliability Eng. & Life Data Analysis, Accelerated Life Test Analysis, System Reliability, Tucson, Arizona 2006

Lean Enterprise System Design, University of Tennessee

Six Sigma Expert (Black Belt), University of Texas at Austin

Advanced Topics in SPC & Short-Run Applications, American Society for Quality

Reliability Engineering, American Society for Quality


Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Society for Materials International, American Society for Quality, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and ASTM.

VICTOR CURICUTA, Ph.D. 972-***-**** Page 4


V. Curicuta et al. “Method of Direct Bonding of Metals to Ceramics“ USA Patent # 5586714 issued 12/24/96.

V. Curicuta et al. “Brazed aluminum heat exchanger” USA Patent #6,886,349 issued 05/03/05.

V. Curicuta “Aluminum alloys corrosion protection by elemental distribution” (10/26/00), patent pending.

V. Curicuta et al. “Improved Evaporatively Cooled Condenser” (10/07/03), patent pending.


V. Curicuta et al.”Laser method of direct bonding of metals to ceramics,” Published in Trends in Optics and Photonics (TOPS) by Optical Society of America on February 1996.

V. Curicuta et al.”Furnace and Laser Method of Bonding of Metals to Ceramics: Phenomenological Investigation, “ Published in Materials Science and Engineering B68 (2000) 186-195.

V. Curicuta et al. ”Furnace and Laser Method of Bonding of Metals to Ceramics: Interface Investigation,“ Published in Materials Science and Engineering B68 (2000) 196-203.

V. Curicuta et al. “Evaluation of the Tendency Towards Formicary Type Corrosion of Copper Tubes in the Heat Exchangers for Air Conditioning,“ Published in MATEHN’02 conference presiding.

V. Curicuta et al. “The Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum Brazed Heat Exchangers,” Published in Materials Solutions, 2002 conference presiding.

V. Curicuta et al. “Reliability Investigation of Aluminum Brazed Heat Exchangers for HAC Applications”, Published at 13th International Invitational Aluminum Brazing Seminar, 2008 presiding.

V. Curicuta et al. “Reliability Simulation of an Expandable Liner Hanger” published on ARS North America, New Orleans 06/13/2012 conference presiding.


V. Curicuta et al. “Laser Method of Bonding Metals to Ceramics,” Poster presentation at the 1996 Optical Society of America Annual Meeting, Rochester, New York - October 23, 1996.

V. Curicuta et al. “Interfacial Characteristics of Laser Bonded Metals to Ceramics,” Oral presentation at the 1997 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics / Pacific Rim ’97, Chiba, Japan - July 18, 1997.

V. Curicuta et al. “Laser Bonding of Metals to Ceramics,” Presented at the International Conference on Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, Beijing, China - July 21-23, 1998.

V. Curicuta et al. “The Corrosion Behavior Investigation of Aluminum Brazed Heat Exchangers after Corrosion Tests,” Presented at Materials Solutions, 2002 on 7-10 October in Columbus, Ohio.

V. Curicuta et al. “Reliability Investigation of Aluminum Brazed Heat Exchangers for HAC Applications”, Presented at 13th International Invitational Aluminum Brazing Seminar, 2008 on 29-30 October, Detroit, MI.

V. Curicuta “Introduction to Reliability with Practical Examples” presented at BHI, CTI on 04/24/2009.

V. Curicuta “Design of Experiments Methodology and Practical Examples” Tech Forum on 09/03/2009.

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