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Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
February 15, 2018

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Chikah E lechi

*** * **** * *. K alamazoo, M I * 9007 2 69.377.0610 c Summary

Dedicated p rofessional m aintenance t echnician w ith e xpertise i n a utomotive a nd i ndustrial e nvironments. Q uick learner a nd h ard-worker w ith s trong t ime m anagement, i nterpersonal, a nd c ommunication s kills. P roject oriented w ith c omprehensive k nowledge a nd h ands-on e xperience i n q uality c ontrol, c ost c ontainment, a nd compliance.


● Scheduled m aintenance

● Device t esting a nd d iagnostics

● Equipment c alibration

● Critical t hinking

● Industrial M aintenance

● Automotive T echnician

● Documentation

● Safety-conscious

● Regulatory c ompliance

● Project m anagement

● Supervisory E xperience

● Cnc M achine O perator


Meridian M agnesium, E aton R apids, M I M ay 2 017 t o C urrent Maintenance

● Troubleshoot a nd r epair d iecast p resses, C NC d rill m achines

● Troubleshoot a nd r epair m otoman, a ab, a nd f auca r obots

● Troubleshoot p lc’s, p umps, m otors a nd c onveyors Master F inish, G rand R apids M I November 2 016 t o M ay 2 017 Maintenance

● Troubleshoot a nd d iagnose r ectifier a nd p lc’s

● Troubleshoot a nd d iagnose m otors s ensors

● and e lectrical c omponents

● Run e lectrical w ires a nd c onduit

Summit P olymers, K alamazoo, M I July 2 015 t o J une 2 016 Industrial f acility M aintenance

● Troubleshoot a nd d iagnose h ydraulic i njection m old p resses.

● Troubleshoot a nd d iagnose e lectronic a nd p neumatic f ixtures.

● Maintain 1 5 t on o verhead c ranes a nd m aterial d riers.

● Repair a nd m aintenance f acility a nd a ll c omponents. Musashi, B attle C reek, M I April 2 013 to July 2 015 Industrial M aintenance

● Identify c auses o f e quipment m alfunctions a nd p lan r esolutions.

● Coordinate w ith o utside v endors f or l arge i nstalls a nd c omplex r epairs.

● Overhaul a nd r epair e xisting e quipment o n 4 00+ m achines.

● Document r epair a ctions a nd t urn l ogs i nto m anagement o n a d aily b asis.

● Maintained c ommunication w ith m anagement t o e nsure a wareness o f m echanical r epair p roblems Elwood s taffing, I ndianapolis I n

M arch 2 008 t o O ctober 2 012

● Cnc M achine a nd s cale r epair

● Cnc M achine a nd s cale c alibration

● Machine O perator

● Forklift O peration a nd R epair

Packerland, P lainwell M i

M ay 2 007 t o F ebruary 2 008 Forklift r epairs

● Forklift r epairs

● Scale r epairs a nd o peration

Gene’s A uto S ales & S ervice, K alamazoo, M I A pril 2 003 to September 2 007 Auto T echnician & M aintenance

● Responded t o s ervice c alls f or f acility e quipment i n t enant s paces.

● Diagnosed v ehicle m alfunction a nd r ecommended a ppropriate r epair a ctivities

● Completed s ystem d iagnosis, e xplained t echnical d iagnosis t o c lients

● Road-tested v ehicles t o e nsure q uality o r r epair a nd m aintenance

● Hire a nd t rain n ew p ersonnel t o w ork a s t echnicians a nd m echanics Education

High S chool D iploma College P rep Loy N orrix Kalamazoo, M I Certificate Automotive T echnician KVCC Kalamazoo, M I

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