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Engineer Chemical Engineering

Monroeville, Pennsylvania, United States
February 14, 2018

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Accomplished and experienced in plant and R&D environments for over 18 years.

Proven leadership capabilities, coordinating and managing a $275,000 project for Philip Morris USA, a $1.2 MM project for GE (General Electric Company), and multiple projects for Booz Allen Hamilton and Westinghouse. Skilled in staff supervision, training, and cost control.

Extensive background in technology portfolio management and consulting.

Background includes developing new processes and products ranging from custom-designed catalysts to process machinery with patent applications filed with the U.S. and European patent offices.

Expert in evaluation, design, simulation, development, and optimization of chemical and power processes.


Project Management Certification

PMUSA OSHA Training Certification

GE Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Professional Experience

Westinghouse Principal Engineer, Pittsburgh, PA (2012~Present)

Led the development of new techno-economic product packages and presented them to the customers

in collaboration with the sales and marketing teams to secure multi-million dollar deals.

Provided creative and mature engineering solutions in anticipation of the unprecedented technical

problems in novel gasification systems. Maintained effective communication with the business

directors and managers in persuasion of the technically critical issues and finding the suitable


Made recommendations with important impact on the efficiency and efficacy of the engineering


Booz Allen Hamilton Associate Principal, Pittsburgh, PA (2010~2012)

Analyzed and managed a multimillion dollar technology portfolio for the U.S. government and presented the results.

Developed techno-economic solutions to problems related to energy conservation and use.

Provided subject matter expertise to management to drive large scale projects related to energy efficiency, resulting in multimillion dollar savings.

Consulted clients on the greenhouse gas emission savings due to technology retrofits.

Assisted in preparing and packaging funded technical proposals related to green energy. The proposals covered a range of subjects including smart grid, cogeneration, and hybrid generation of electricity.

Developed work plans for the junior staff and supervised their work.

General Electric, Energy Infrastructure Lead Engineer, Greenville, SC (2007~2010)

Identified and analyzed promising processes on the conceptual level.

Supervised and managed a cross-functional team of engineers to design a novel product.

Monitored the budget and maintained the projects focused on the goals. Communicated the results to the upper management and made suggestions accordingly.

Trained other engineers and brought them up to speed to ensure timely delivery of the results.

Developed process simulations and economic estimations for evaluating power plants and CO2 capture technologies including detailed HYSYS/Aspen Plus/Aspen Icarus amine-based models.

Built innovative unit operation simulations using Aspen Custom Modeler (ACM) including membranes and ejectors for integration with plant simulations in HYSYS/Aspen Plus.

NanoScale Corporation Senior Scientist, Manhattan, KS (2006~2007)

Coordinated activities on a project and ensured successful execution of the project tasks.

Assisted in preparing funding proposals, developing reports and presentations.

Reviewed and kept abreast of the current literature and giving technical recommendations.

Philip Morris USA Engineer/Scientist, Richmond, VA (2001-2006)

Coordinated activities on a customized mixed catalyst project valued at $275000.

Oversaw projects financial aspects including budget, cost control, and process engineering.

Supervised other staff, ensuring cost effective utilization of labor.

Provided the executive management with documentation of the project management including

technical reports.

Prepared flow diagrams (PFD) using ChemCAD and AutoCAD.

Procured process components and chemicals.

Presented complex technical issues effectively to the upper management that secured an additional

$38000 to procure an automatic BET system.

Saved 15% on the total budget by modifying an existing Gas Chromatography (GC) system and

developing an interactive data acquisition system using LABVIEW.

Designed and built a PID control system, which accomplished steady-state operation of the exothermic

CO oxidation reaction in a tubular reactor.

Designed experiments (DOE) using Minitab and prepared plans for cost/time efficient utilization of the

resources and executed them including the detailed experimental.

Developed an integrated kinetic/reactor model to investigate a mixed metal oxide catalyst.

Assisted with writing and implementing SOPs.

Illinois Institute of Technology Chemical Process Design Teaching Assistant,

Chicago, IL (2001)

Gas Technology Institute Graduate Research Assistant, Chicago, IL (1999-2000)

Developed models for plug flow and fluidized bed reactor to evaluate a novel sorbent.

Scaled up the laboratory data to pilot plant.

Prepared flow sheets using HYSYS and AutoDesk. Performed heat and material balance calculations.

Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) Petrochemical Co. Process Engineer, Iran (1997-1999)

Additional Skills

Statistical data analysis.

Chemical/Energy process design and simulation: HYSYS, Aspen Plus, Aspen Dynamics, Aspen Custom Modeler, (ACM), Aspen Icarus (Aspen Cost Estimator), PRO II, Thermoflow, GTPRO, VMG, and Thermoflex.

Computer skills: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, MATLAB, Minitab, ChemStation,

LABVIEW, AutoCAD, KaleidaGraph, and ANSYS.

Analytical instrumentation: GC, MS, BET, XRD, DSC, TGA, HPTGA, Capillary Aerosol Generators

(CAG), and Condensation Particle Counter (CPC). Knowledge of the Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) techniques.


Virginia Commonwealth University, VA, USA

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, USA

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Ferdowsi University of Mashad, Mashad, Iran

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Minored in Natural Gas Engineering, top 1% among all the examinees in the national entrance exam

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