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Management Data Entry

Arlington, Virginia, United States
February 11, 2018

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Harita M. Rao

**** *. ****** **** *****, # ***

Arlington, VA 22204



Washington DC Metro Area

Highly proficient at conducting research and comprehensive analysis. A selfless team player who can adapt by bringing multiple simultaneous editorial projects to completion with comprehensive professionalism and accuracy


MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop, Adobe Illustrator, Productivity Edge Concordance Database, Correspondence Management System, Acrobat Reader 4.0, Acrobat Writer Pro


•Knowledge of MS Word Merging, MS Publisher graphics, MS PowerPoint presentations

•In depth knowledge of document and change control management

•Graphic/Text Scanning Content Business Management, Internet Research Skills

•Creative, attention to detail with excellent communication skills

•Coaching federal clients/interns on managing database within the organization and coordinating tasks

•Remarkable experience in writing/editing technical documents, correspondence, and presentations

•Sound knowledge of the methods and techniques of desktop publishing

•Ability to learn advanced technology and tools

•Possess strong management and organizational skills

Independent Contractor Arlington, VA 10/16-12/17

Remote Freelance Technical Editor/ Graphics Editor

•Collaborate with various clients independently by manipulating the design properties like font style, type size, spacing, column width and placement to improve looks

•Produce detailed visuals and illustrations/presentations while creating designs specific to client requests and desires using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Publisher, and MS PowerPoint

•Provide variety of visual aids and graphics samples for clients to select by collecting and organizing text, photographs and content in a pleasing and readable manner

•Resize, cropped, and edited photographs using latest version of Photoshop and created 3D logos in Adobe Illustrator

•Manipulate correspondence documents with images or logs for client/contractor marketing events


Government Freelance

CPS Professional Services

Program Analyst – Secretary of Defense for Personnel Readiness Pentagon 06/13/2017-09/02/2017

•Performing editing and rewriting for awards correspondence to tailor content for specific audiences with varying degrees of expertise under the Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readings for the military and civilian awards

•Perform research on selected literary texts for supplement accuracy and completeness on Correspondence and Tracking Management System (CATMS) website

•Reviewing, gathering, and analyzing all correspondence including narratives, action memos, congressional letters and citations for coordination of proper grammar, font, alignment policies and converting to PDF format after approval

•Formatting narratives, citations, certificates and memos in MS PowerPoint and MS Word for defense/joint meritorious awards to the military and civilian awards

Maintain up-to-date knowledge of all award packages by updating in an MS Excel spreadsheet on a daily and weekly basis regarding government and civilian awards

•Communicating with Washington Headquarter Service (WHS) and Military Personnel (MILPERS) on status of awards

Global Executive Staffing Washington, DC 02/23/2017 –06/05/2017

Technical Editor/Administrator - Office of Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

•Providing support to the Office of the Executive Director in, publications on monthly newsletters, studies and distribution instructions in final form or rough draft

•Assembles, prepares and edits correspondence and brochures in respective business area; presents analysis/data in MS Publisher or MS PowerPoint to the OST-R and Communications teams in support of statement of work for monthly Town Hall meetings

•Editing monthly DOT congressional letters for DOT events and utilizing an automated Controlled Correspondence Management System (CCMS) to assist in appropriately through various levels of approval within OST-R and throughout the Department of Transportation

•Edited templates for advanced project work to organize information effectively by providing editorial assistance on correspondence and documentation by proofreading and making alignment changes to text like fonts, paragraph spacing, grammar, and punctuation or adding charts or graphs as required by subsequently resolving issues.

Technical Editing/Publishing

Computer Science Corporation; CSRA;

Assistant Publishing Specialist Arlington, VA 12/21/15- 02/3/17

•Providing web content and editing support to DHS website for the Office of Cyber Security and Communications External Affairs for NPPD

•Assembles, prepares and edits correspondence and brochures in respective business area; presents analysis/data to the Cyber Security and Communications team in support of statement of work for monthly Town Hall meetings

•Use manual and automated tools, graphic techniques, and computer software to write and produce publications from draft

•Ensures that manuscripts reflect logical, sequential organization; contain correct grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation

•Implement updates to maintain administrative Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to carry out detailed customer functions

Technical Editor – PMS 385 Naval Sea Logistics Contract Washington DC

•Formatting and editing Logistics Support Information (LSI) naval technical manuals for PMS 385 Naval Contract on the development of ship equipment using MS Word for USNS Montford, USNS John Glenn and USNS Lewis P. Puller according to the Navy Guide Manual

•Translated and standardize technical information to compose clear, readable documents, ensuring ease of reading by both technical and non-technical personnel for the Navy

•Editing Navy technical manuals for accuracy, completeness, grammar style, font and alignment/format by reviewing and editing ship drawings, table of contents, adding tables, and additional text regarding changes of equipment to the technical manuals for Naval Sea Logistics Center

•Imported edited technical manuals into Project Management System database (PMS) database after correcting discrepancies for approval of LSI package

•Engaged with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Program Managers to refine and conduct technical content and reviews

Logistics Systems Incorporated Washington, DC 01/24/11 – 12/11/15

Lead Correspondence Analyst/Database Administration– Office of Research and Development

•Managed activities within a team by coordinating tasks to interns in file organization, assisting clients, editing Congressional correspondence, newsletters and congressional letters into Correspondence Management System (CMS) and maintained a digital and hardcopy filing system

•Converted and merged congressional letters into PDF for future retrieval and formatted certificates/memos in MS PowerPoint and MS Word for civilian government awards by using templates

•Edited templates on environmental health policies to Congress, Senate and White House by providing editorial assistance on correspondence and documentation; proofreading and making alignment changes to text like fonts, paragraph spacing, grammar, and punctuation or adding charts or graphs as required by subsequently resolving issues

•Created detailed list of elements contained in each document including fonts, paragraph spacing, grammar, and punctuation; adds graphics as required by subsequently resolve issues through correspondence and, where necessary, oral proceedings

•Edited STAA Awards, Career Certificates and Rachel Carlson responses in MS Word and made recommendations for incorporating best practices.

•Prepared congressional correspondence in MS Word and MS PowerPoint for the Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC), Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB) and Human Studies Review Board to be imported into CMS database and defines writing program goals and objectives.

•Handled the designing and formatting tasks for employee monthly newsletters for review at ORD through CMS database

•Interacted with senior management and ORD Administrator monthly regarding the distribution of correspondence responses within the EPA and to Congress regarding operations, compliance with regulatory requirements

CACI International Washington, DC 07/09/07 – 12/15/10

Documentation Specialist – Department of Justice Litigation SPENTFUEL

•Provided project management support for the SPENTFUEL Litigation team in serving as lead by reviewing all documents for accuracy and compliance

•Created and maintained legal correspondence, charts, MS Excel Spreadsheets or graphs into Concordance database for future referral

•Analyzed continuous flow of legal documentation to develop reports and recommendations by interacting with senior executives

•Collaborate across all functional teams to develop program-mandated documentation and deliverables

•Prepared, monthly reports, and correspondence, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and timely delivery to DOJ clients of vital documents in MS Excel and MS Word by collecting data and through Concordance database

•Leverage archived/historic program and corporate documents to develop highly-technical proposal and corporate documentation in Concordance database at Department of Justice

•Meet with authors and other team members to review documents, compile inputs/corrections, resolve incompatible comments, and provide final publishable documentation in accordance with established standards

DeVry University, Student Services Crystal City, VA 03/02/04 - 01/16/07

Career Services Coordinator – Student Services Department Part-time

•Organized student files and scanned documents into DeVry Intranet; created PowerPoint slides, edited correspondence/publication

•Maintained student information Spring/Fall registration in DeVry University database

•Participates in the design and development of marketing brochures, conference programs, public relations announcements, and other materials when requested

•Provided content organization, terminology, and art guidance to help managers achieve content and content quality goals

•Communicated with academic management in updating and proofreading correspondence

Advanced Engineering Research Associates Crystal City, VA 06/12/01 – 02/23/04

Junior Analyst– Naval Surface Warfare Professional Technical Support Contract

•Assisting senior systems analyst in editing Technical Directives templates in MS Word by critical review, adding bullets, spacing, creating tables, and adding government logos on the Professional Technical Support Contract for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, Ships Systems Engineering Station

•Contributed to new program development and high-level design including evaluation plans and project coordination and managing, producing and designing projects from brief to fulfillment

•Updated technical directives in grammar, spelling, punctuation and graphics using DOD plain language guidelines

•Enhanced ship drawings in Paint Shop Pro by converting them into PDF and finally inserting the drawings into documents using Adobe Acrobat Writer

•Ability to grasp information quickly and work synergistically in a team environment by analyzing and communicating effectively in determining on providing logistics support to supervisor and Navy shipyard teams

Coordinated duties by assigning tasks to interns on office duties on scanning, organizing files, creating copies, edited technical directive correspondence

•Assisted senior analysts by formatting and editing Technical Navy Directives by developing original content and update existing content including SOPs, Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), strategic plans, checklists, use cases, job aids, document templates

•Evaluated and maintained documents to ensure compliance with technical requirements, including system capabilities, deficiencies, and performance

•Uploaded signed technical directives, including charts and graphics into company database system ensuring clarity and consistency

Claygency Inc. Annandale, VA 12/99 – 06/01

Telecommunications Analyst/Graphic Illustration Cavitat Project

•Created PowerPoint presentations used for business growth and development

•Involved in designing advertisements, brochures, handouts, flyers and online graphics for the Cavitat Project

•Enhanced and created company brochures and slides presentations in MS Publisher and MS PowerPoint for client marketing purposes by using good personal computer and business solutions software skills

•Reworked designs, banners, presentations, and brochures as required for client and senior management

•Upload and store all charts, graphic images, graphic masters, original artwork, presentations, and electronic briefings in identified location with appropriate archiving tags and meta-data for ease of searching and retrieval.

•Provided graphics assistance with preparations of news releases, press kits and various promotional materials

AEGIS and DEEPWATER Contract – Litton/PRC

Personnel Coordinator/ US Coast Guard DEEPWATER Contract Crystal City, VA 07/98 – 12/99

•Maintained a letter and ensure all letter/memos are posted on the company internal database system for the USCG Deepwater contract

•Created and maintained graphics, charts, briefings, slide presentations for monthly meetings in VISIO

Data Analyst/ AEGIS Ship Building Program Support Contract Crystal City, VA 02/97 – 07/98

•Verified and entered data on the AEGIS Data Management contract for senior officials

•Prepare technical directives for discussion and negotiation with Navy client and senior management to resolve final matters

•Scanned government documents and converted them into tiff format; imported in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDF format

•Indexed imported documents into Productivity Edge Software, AEGIS Document Management System.

•Imported and exported electronic files in a variety of format, as well as, scan images into digital formats

•Provided data entry support using MS Access; extracted data to populate database system of U.S. Navy business sensitive historical files

•Coordinated duties in data entry in Access for a staff of junior editors, proofreaders, copywriters, on security documentation

Non-Profit Volunteering

Foster Care Department and Ombudsman Program Fairfax, VA 05/99 – 09/2000

•Provided excellent volunteer service by entering financial information in MS Access database regarding adoption

•Updated the cabinets by filing recent copied adoption papers, organizing subsidy letters, and finance document

•Good communication skills with adoption agencies and parents on the procedures of adopting

Epilepsy Foundation of National Capital Area Washington, DC 12/95 – 12/98

•Assisted the employment coordinator in recruiting members into the organization by having weekly meetings, workshops or events about the causes of epilepsy

•Ensures documents meet editorial and customer specifications and adhere to standards for quality, graphics, format, and style.

•Reviews, researches, and edits information for preparation of correspondence documents


•DeVry University March 2007 – Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Technical Management: Concentration in Business Information Systems

•Courses in Project Management, Business Systems Analysis, Career Development, Advanced Excel

•Secretary of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (DeVry University)

•Stephen F. Austin State University December 1994 – Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science

•Concordance Training – July 2007, Department of Justice

•Correspondence Management Database Training – January 2011, Environmental Protection Agency

•Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator Training – October 2015 to December 2016

•Productivity Edge – AEGIS Contract 1997 to 1999

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