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Manager Nurse

Ajman, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
February 10, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae


Seeking a challenging career opportunity to work in field of nursing administration, supervision, senior head nurse, health educator, or in- service education – utilizing my back ground and relevant experience.

Desire position that will provide an exciting opportunity to significantly contribute to the organization efficiency, growth and development and also my succeed and satisfaction.

Career profile:

• A skilled, talented and professionally as manager nurse with seventeen years of extensive experience in providing quality patient care.

• Able To supervise and manage nursing services and personnel on assigned units

• Ensure quality client care. Plans and coordinates all units’ activities.

• Ensures that patient care is delivered in line with policies, procedures and JCIA standards.

• Ensure clinical resources based on patient volume and acuity.

• Implements systems and processes to facilitate continuity of patient care Works in close collaboration with the Infection Control Manager and Quality Control Manager to continuously improve operations based on quality metrics Assists in executing the quality plan.

• Completes performance appraisals for nursing staff of all grades working in the unit.

• Mentors staff on clinical nursing practice specific to the unit/ward so as to enhance their professional development.

• Maintains competency checklists on all staff in her areas of responsibility and utilizes those checklists in completing development plans with (and for) staff Collaborates with the health team members to ensure high quality client care.

• Performs other job-related duties and unit based competencies as assigned In case if the Director of Nursing is not available, shall report to the nursing supervisor.

• Able To effectively coordinate and supervise services.

• To ensure delivery of quality client care .

• Responsible for the oversight of nurse staffing based on patient load and patient acuity.

• Assists in the determination of appropriate use of on-call staff Directs.

• Supervises and evaluates the activities of assigned nursing units/wards in the absence of nurse managers.

• Ensures performance of nursing practice remains in line with policies, procedures and standards.

• Responsible for bed management Ensures compliance with MOH requirements.

• Ensures appropriate utilization of clinical resources and continuity of patient care.

• Identifies, analyzes and resolves administrative problems by direct.

Personal Data

Name : Nahid Mohammed Ibrahim Al Kilani

Age : July 22nd 1979

Nationality : Palestinian

Sex : female

Marital Status : Single

Contact Number : +971*********

Address : P.O Box: 1678 UAE- Ajman

E-Mail Address :

Professional strengths:

• Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Good team player with a positive attitude

• Ability to uplift patient's spirits

• Possess good logical and critical thinking to provide dignified and competent patient care

• Flexible and ability to adapt quickly to new working environment and work schedules

• Ability to understand the needs and concerns of patients

• In-depth knowledge of procedures and principles of nursing administration

• Possess knowledge of general and mental health treatment and conditions

Educational Qualification summary:

• Graduated with twelve standard form high schools in Ajman from 1990 -1992.

• Three years diploma in Nursing in (Sharjah Institute of Nursing) graduated in 1993 – 1996

• BS nursing from astana medical university and bachaelor in hospital administration and management from MIM Bharathiar Indian University from RAK –United Arab Emirate 2014.

• Post graduate certificate in diabetes 50 credit hours 1 year from Rashid hospital Dubai approved from DHA April 2012.

• Diploma in health care quality and management from Cambridge University -UK, approved from knowledge village -Dubai 2015.

Professional Experiences:

Current post:

Diabetes educator in RCDR(Rashid center for diabetes and research) started date 02/07/2017 till now

Previous post

Diabetes educator and quality Auditor at alzahra hospital sharjah from October 2014 to 31/05/2017

Nurse Manager in ICU, CCU and nursing supervisor in Al baraha hospital, Dubai. (Sep 2007 –sept 2014)

As nurse manager

• Performed clinical procedures by using various invasive and non-invasive monitoring equipment

• Responsible for updating reports to the supervisor of the medical unit to communicate floor status

• Provided good care for different patients from initial stage to recovery

• Educated families and patients regarding medication, treatment and prevention

• Managed and trained staff nurses in scheduling and assignment delegations

• Supervised the use of crash cart during respiratory and cardiac arrest

• Handled the tasks of managing life threatening complications by exercising strong observation and assessment

• Assisted research project manager for adult care unit

• Managed areas like blood pressure tests, senior care services and provided medical needs especially for women's

• Summary of job description: Team leader who is able to create a positive working environment that uplifts patients’ spirits.

• Maintains critical thinking skills essential to providing competent and dignified patient care.

• Advocate for patient’s rights; strives to understand a patient’s needs and concerns.

• Hardworking and energetic; flexible; adapts easily to change of environment and work schedule

• Taking care of ICU, CCU patients.

• Documentations

• Monitoring

• Nursing care & hygiene

• Filling

• Computer work concerning patient’s admission, discharge, transfer, checking blood results & bed vacancies as well.

• Charting all procedures & documenting patients status & all procedures applied, action taken & my observation in an hourly basis & when needed.

• Monitoring the patients, ECG, V/S, Ventilator mode & setting, CVP, Arterial pressure.

• All action & procedures done to the patients should document in different forms & filed as per hospital policy.

• Handling narcotic medication..

• Taking round with the doctors and following all the orders.

• Giving medication ORALLY/ IV / NGT.

• Dealing with ventilator cases, CPAP machine cases, BIPAP machine cases.

Previous post :

In sharjah Kuwait hospital

As nurse registered

• Responsible for the physical examination, work-up, treatment and diagnosis.

• Assisted medication reviews and psychiatric follow up.

• Performed medical procedures and treatment.

• Supervised and trained staff nurses in areas of policies of health center and patient care

• Assisted in the discharge planning activities.

• Worked with different levels of medical professionals like nurse manager, physical therapist, dietician

• Handled the tasks of administering medications.

• Responsible for generating information about pain management techniques and medications for patients and their families.

• Provided general nursing care services like feeding tubes, vital signs, catheters, phlebotomy, EKG

Qualified staff nurse, male surgical word, immediately upon graduation on (Feb1997/ April 1997):

• Dealing with surgical patient in pre & post-operative period close observation in addition to regular nursing duties& dealing with all types of dressing, medication, IV fluids regime, bleeding site, admission, discharge procedure.

Qualified staff nurse in Male Medical word from (april1997-march 2000):

• dealing with all medical cases as admission, arranging files, V/S, close monitoring, collecting blood, handling all the procedures, giving medications, personal hygiene, health education,discharge & transfer out.

Qualified staff nurse male orthopedic ward, from (April 2000 until 25.04.2004):

• Dealing with trauma patients &all types fracture (Open, Close) fractures. (External Fixation,POP care) either special need addition to regular nursing job And for pre-post operation

After head injury throw the close observation & monitoring EVD (external ventricle drain) and Glasgow coma Scale, cannulation, medication, IV fluids regimen, checking CSM (Circulation system maintained well after surgery, monitoring for any bleeding, dressing site.

Qualified staff nurse in ICU & CCU word from (04-2004, 04-2005) again till 02/2006)

• dealing with patients throw (monitoring, close observations, physical assessment, thrombolization & defibrillation etc.) medication, cannulation,ABG collection,TPN regime,resusetation CPR,CVP monitoring,Abdominal pressure monitoring, CSF level manually monitoring by helping the doctor in the procedure, ventilator cases care invasive and noninvasive,close monitoring,invasive and noninvasive BP,care the patient on C PAP machine and BIPAP machine,weaning procedure, also participated in the regular nursing duties in general nursing care

Qualified staff nurse in A/E for three months from (26.04.2005 until 25.07.2005.):

• dealing with all Emergency cases, resuscitation, Triage, observation room, collecting blood & handling all the doctors order, suturing, dressing, medication

Special courses Attended:

• Certificate from Medidata University with Rave EDC Essentials for clinical research coordinators.(GCP) Expiry date 03/2016

• Patient safety at the sharp End symposium from Cambridge university hospital simulations on November2014 - 6.25credit hour

• ECG course Training Program done on June 26-28, 1998 for (18hours)

• Basic Life support trains the trainer’s course done on 26 -28 June 2002 in Arab health exhibition center. Renewed on jun2012 in Al baraha hops Dubai valid till jun2015, renewed on October 2016.

Updated on alzahra hospital at 20/10/2016 expiry on 06/10/2018

• Update in EMS seminar done on 14/10/2003.

• Certificate of reorganization has attended a pediatric medic First Aid course done on 19/03/1998.

• ICU-CCU course done for 42 hrs. From 1St April until 15th July 2003. .and renewed in 2010(18hours) in alqasemi hops sharjah

• Preceptor course done on 26th – 27th 2002.

• The effective use of Research on Educating EMS practitioner workshop duration 2.5 hrs. from 10-12th October 2004

• To Resuscitate or not – the Ethical consideration workshop duration 2.5 hrs. from 10-12th October 2004.

• Training with smart Resuscitation Manikins workshop duration 2.5 hrs. from 10-12th October 2004.

• Infection control and prevention course held at sheikh khalifa hops Ajman on 10th April 2010

• Breast feeding course 20 credit hours (May 2013)

• Diabetic educator course 2012 credit hours 50 hrs.

Summary of responsibility as diabetes educator:

• Provide the services in patients Alzahra hospital, outpatient clinics and local community and other settings.

• Facilitate behavior change by counseling patients and families on how to adopt informed lifestyle decisions and incorporate healthier choices into their self-management.

• Focus on seven key behaviors that promote successful self-management.


• Healthy eating

• being active

• monitoring

• taking medication

• Problem solving

• Healthy coping

• Reducing risks.

• Provide self-management training/education and Diabetes Self-Management Support other interventions to prevent the development of diabetes. An important part of sustaining outcomes (or continual improvement) is to ensure that ongoing support and reinforcement is provided for all patients and health workers in alzahra hospital.

• The key to coordination of the interdisciplinary diabetes team and development of the plan of care for the individual patient.

• improving the quality of patient education by evaluation of each diabetic patient. An assessment of not only what that individual knows about his illness and where his educational needs lie but also of each person's readiness and to spend time with the patient and family. One must listen to what each individual has to say about his diabetes and other problems and to start the teaching-learning process.

• Skilled in the teaching-learning process and have a good background and understanding of diabetes, including diabetes complications and problems and to have the capability and the responsibility to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching and learning that are done.

• Using conversation Map in teaching method.

• Applying CGMS for glucose monitoring and use electronic system to download the result after details insertion.

• Applying insulin pump machine with carb Ratio calculation training.

Membership and leadership

Diabetic Educator link nurse in Al baraha hospital Dubai.

Infection control link nurse (ICU).

Summary about responsibility as infection control link nurse:

• Collect, analyze and interpret infection-control data

• Notify local, state and federal authorities about reportable diseases as required

• Plan, implement, manage and evaluate infection prevention and control activities

• Conduct infection control risk assessments for construction and renovation projects; equipment inspection, and pest control

• Educate individuals and groups about the risk, prevention, transmission, and control of infection, disease-specific care, appropriate precautions, and appropriate assessments

• Establish accepted standards and develop, implement, monitor and revise infection control policies and procedures to assure compliance with the standards

• Investigate, manage and conduct surveillance of suspected and confirmed outbreaks of infection and implementing disease outbreak intervention procedures in affected areas of the hospital and by notifying the appropriate public health authorities in the event of an outbreak. They also collect, record and analyze hospital records and lab reports to assess the extent of a disease outbreak in order to make the appropriate recommendations for action.

• General Knowledge about microbiology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, sterilization and disinfection, medication, vaccine for all staff and antibiotic usage, statistics, and regulatory requirements are essential. Skills such as consultation, teaching, data analysis and interpretation, and project management.

• Provide consultation on infection risk assessment, prevention, and control strategies As a direct result of a Preventions practice, environments are safer; patients, staff and the community

• recommend, implement and monitor policies and procedures for hospital staff regarding sterilization, disinfection and decontamination of personnel, instruments and equipment

• educate patients and their families

• Hold community or public outreach sessions regarding disease prevention and conduct education sessions for hospital employees.

• must communicate with all divisions and departments of the hospital as well as with outside public health offices

CME programs:

Attended so many conference & seminars for:

• Health care & business ethics in new global ERA on 26/04/1998.

• Arab health pharmaceuticals & biotechnology conference on 26/01/2001.

• One day Ultrasound training program for chest pain in children & adult the role of echo on 19/02/2001.

• Certificate of participation in attended 1.25hr, CME seminar for CNS tuberculosis- Diagnosis & management from Aga khan university hospital,Karachi.

• .breast feeding done in March 2009.

• 7th UAE international conference on anesthesia, critical care and pain medicine and management,the 9th pain Arab federation of societies of anesthesia, intensive care and pain management congress from 31stjan to2nd Feb. 2009ay sharjah university.

• 8th UAE international conference on anesthesia,critical care and pain medicine and management,the 9th pan Arab federation of societies of Anesthesia, intensive care and pain management congress from 4-6 Feb. 2010 at sharjah university.


• Program in wound and scar management from European academy of wound technology done from 21to22may2011-09-11.

• International hand hygiene day CME credit hours2 done on 26/may/2011.

• The 2nd Asia Africa conference of the WFSICCM (world federation of societies of intensive critical care medicine) done on 25to27april2010.

• Breast feeding friend’s conference done on 8th november2008 in cultural palace in sharjah UAE.

• Primary health care department (vaccines up date)(2 hours) done in Albaraha hops on april2008 .

• Patient Safety at the Sharp End Symposium Thursday on 27 November 2014 from Cambridge University Hospitals (6.25) credit hours.

• T2DM Therapy meeting on 15/04/2016 HAAD 3CME hours.

• 1St hypoglycemia Summit in Alqasemi hospital sharjah on 3rd/06/2016 with 2.5CME hours.

• 4th Annual Diabetes and Endocrinology conference of the northern emirates on 29-30/04/2016 with 14CME hours.

Computer skills:

• Studied general secretarial skills intensive course for six months including typing (Arabic & English), Office organization, Reception work & front office skills & Computer Software (Microsoft).

Technical skills & development summary:

• Experienced in the field of ICU nursing for more than 5 years.

• Very accurate reporting and medical treatment procedures.

• In-depth knowledge of medical terminology.

• Very strict, instructive and record the values accurately in medical treatment.

• Excellent communicational and interpersonal skills.

• Strong ability to deal with the patient's queries and problems.

• Deep knowledge of the cardiac

• Resuscitation (BLS, ACLS).

• Triage

• Defibrillation

• Thrombolization

• Intubations

• Suturing

• Assisting with CVP & arterial lines insertions.

• Recognition of cardiac Arrhythmias.

• Urinary Catheterization

• Interpretation of ABG's.

• Handling respirator, Life care Machines, feeding pumps, syringe pump & the Bedside Monitor.

• Administration of total parental nutrition (TPN).

• Dealing with all types of dressing.

• Dealing with abdominal pressure monitoring

• ECG reorganization if there any changes.


Fluent in Arabic and English (speaking, reading and writing)


Holding MOH no: RN008542 (Valide till 2018), DOH no: 200********** license (expired)



Matron: Zinab Abdulla (DON) in Albaraha hospital -Dubai

Mrs.: Alia Ali assistant DON

Tel No: 04 7078212, Al Baraha hospital Dubai

Matron: Shazia amen in AL Zahra hospital shj (DON)

Tel No: 06 5168839

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