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Electrical Engineer Engineering

Dearborn Heights, Michigan, United States
February 08, 2018

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-Experience with automotive embedded systems, signals processing and communication interface among devices in the system.

-Experience using Siemens PLC and HMI design.

-Would like to use the experience with various HMI development applications for industrial electrical controls design, update, development, testing purposes using different tools.


Electrical Engineer- Excalibur Engineering (Sept’17-Present)

- Programmed Siemens PLC S7 1200 using ladder logic and PID controller algorithm for WWTP blower project

- Experience in using tools like PLC SIM, SIMATIC WIN CC, Siemens TIA PORTAL

- Worked on HMI design, and development, interface testing, on site implementation and material handling of required equipment under close supervision of Controls Manager

- Provided start up validation assistance, hardware upgrade, testing, troubleshooting, communicated with the customers

- Experience in Radio research project.

Research Engineer - Autonomous Vehicle team FORD Motor Company, Dearborn, USA (Nov’16-August’17)

-Providing leadership from System Engineering team in resolving various issues associated with delivering a feature, function, or other item to a customer (usually a program) for Autonomous Vehicle Platform feature control and feature status, Autonomous Vehicle Platform start up and related items

-Part of the team work which involves generating Ideal functions, P- diagrams, DFMEA, Requirements specification document, quality deliverables

-Leading the cross-functional development of one-pagers, specifications, quality deliverables (e.g., requirements documents, FMEAs) for BCM, HVAC which involves work from the activities to make sure that all contributions are harmonized and meet customer (program) needs

-Tracking (in Microsoft Project) the schedule for all deliverables for assigned work with the knowledge of software lifecycles, specification, system design, modelling. Also, tracking different issues related to project in JIRA.

-Willing to take the experience to next level and work with subject matter experts, validation team, assembly plant quality team and end of line team to align test processes and procedures with the help of different tools like CANalyzer, VSEM, CATIA, HIL, and more.


Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Certification (Feb’17)

-Situation Analysis and Hazard Identification, Hazard Rating S, E C, ASIL, Safety Goals.

VSEM certification (Requirements Management Tool) (Jan’17)

-Creating/ importing specifications, requirements, derived requirements, and associating requirements and system components.

Functional Safety (ISO26262) Awareness Course (Feb’17)

-Concept of Functional Safety, scope and levels of ISO 26262, main steps of functional safety workflow.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) course (Feb’17)

-A disciplined method to organize potential failure modes and their effects and to establish associated resolution actions.


Designed Low Frequency Signal Generator and Scalar Network Analyzer using ARM Microcontroller


- Designed a system capable of capturing Analog signals and generating various waveforms on Oscilloscope as well as Graphical LCD (ST-7565) using SPI protocol.

- A virtual COM power using 115200 baud, 8N1 protocol with no hardware handshaking provided with support to the following commands sine, saw tooth, square, sweep, reset and calibrate input/output by saving the values in the EEPROM.

- Hardware used is Tiva C series TM4C123GH6PM Cortex M4F using C and assembly language in Code Composer Studio. Proficient with Oscilloscopes, Network Analyzers, Signal Generators etc.

- ARM supports emerging automotive applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Vehicle to Vehicle communications as well as factory automation applications and Human-Machine Interface.

- Automotive embedded system applications like Powertrain and chassis control, Infotainment systems, body electronics, multimedia applications, integrated systems and real time applications with different kernel functions required to perform the specific task.

Designing of SDRAM controller to embedded interface with 80386SX processor: (Jan’15–May’15)

-Worked on a complete controller solution including state machine, row, column, and bank signal generation, providing data masking, data flow, ready logic, and refresh support. Interfaced ~ADS, W/~R, and M/~IO control signals and also the READY logic when the memory is accessed. Supported the sending of AUTO REFRESH commands at a rate sufficient to ensure memory integrity and also supported burst length of 4.

- SDRAM controller can also be implemented for Low end FPGA.

Automatic Toll Tax Collection using Microcontroller: (Jan’11 – May’11)

- Microcontroller 89c51 is used to perform complete work such as reading vehicle data from RF receiver, Display the information, opening gate, sensing Infrared signals and then closing the gate.

- The user’s account information is stored in EEPROM memory IC-24C32.

- This system can be advanced from one lane to two or more by replacing the gate with the overhead panel with increased range of transmitter and receiver.

Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter: (March’10 – May’10)

- Visitor counter which measures the number of persons entering in any room like seminar hall. Microcontroller 8051 is used for operating Visitor counter section, Display, Automatic Room Light controller section, LCD Display, Relay.

- It can be enhanced with voice alarm system for keeping the room well and comfortably occupied and secured saved data can be sent to remote location using mobile or internet and can be accessed by the user anytime from any geographic location.

Performance analysis of Space Time Trellis Code (STTC) for Wireless Communication system:


- Design of space time trellis code for the given burst structure frame.

- Includes STTC Decoder or Viterbi Decoder for 2 states BPSK and 4 states BPSK.

- Two MIMO cases: Two transmit antenna and one receive antenna and two transmit antenna and two receive antenna and also includes 4 different case analyses each for RICIAN and RAYLEIGH fading channels.

-Performance on the basis of Bit Error Rate (BER) vs Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) are plotted and evaluated.

Studying the operation of interface between a computer and internet: (April’16–May’16)

- Identified the series of packets related to opening a web page and observed the procedure a system uses to find and display the webpage. Also, Identified IP address, physical address, DNS server and DHCP server with the help of appropriate command console command. Located and examined DNS query and response for the new webpage in the Wireshark.

- Captured the traffic for the whole video flow played on you tube. Determined port number and IP addresses for the TCP stream, total downstream and upstream data size for the conversation using sequence and acknowledgement numbers, the window size of upstream and downstream at the end of conversation.

- Analyzed Ipv6, Ipv4, UDP and different protocols in addition to TCP three way handshaking for connection establishment. Analyzed data collection by Wireshark for video flow on internet with the study of lost acknowledgments, transmission errors and retransmission process. Traced route from source node to destination node and noted the port number for the flow.

- Advanced applications like: To analyze network security at the packet level, to analyze applications using real world transactions, to leverage advanced analytics to streamline troubleshooting, to assess available tools for faster resolution.

Projects on Image Processing using MATLAB: (Jan’16–May’16)

-Developed linear, non-linear and zonal filters for image enhancement.

-Implemented image restoration and image enhancement techniques using histogram equalization and filters.

-Implemented algorithms of edge detection.

DTMF decoder using MATLAB which can recognize the number sequence: (Nov’14)

- Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) is used to encode the dial digits of keypad on communication devices. The combination of two distinct but standard frequencies produces a unique tone that corresponds to a digit.

- The decoding of the tone and extraction of the digit dialed is done using Fourier transform in MATLAB.


Languages: C, C++, SysML Database Applications: SQL server.

Applications: LFMA tool, Microsoft Visio, MagicDraw, Code composer studio, LTSpice, Tera Term, Wireshark, JIRA, MATLAB, AUTOCAD, Siemens TIA Portal, Microsoft office, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft One note.

Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

Device Drivers: ADC, Interrupts, Timer.

Communication Standards: SPI, UART, CAN (CANalyzer), LIN, USB

Networking skills: Knowledge of LAN, Ipv4, Ipv6, TCP/ IP protocol.

Wireless Technologies: CDMA, GSM, 4GLTE, FTCP.


The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Courses : Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Microcontroller System Design, Microprocessor Systems, Power Electronics), Microelectromechanical Systems, Digital Image Processing, Wireless Communication, Advance Wireless Communication, Digital Communication, Data Communications Engineering, Advance Data Networks, Linear Systems Engineering. (August’14- May’16)

G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur, India BE in Electronics and Telecommunication Courses : Digital Circuits, Signal And Systems, Microprocessor Interfacing, Control Systems, Communication Electronics, Line Communication, Computer Organization, Television Engineering, Advance Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, Radar Engineering, Electronic System Design, Mobile Communication, Optical Communication, Computer Communication And Networks. (June’07-May’11)

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