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Truck Driver Manager

South Africa
February 08, 2018

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Surname : Mnguni

First Names : Toney Nhlonipho

Identity Number : 850-***-**** 087

Postal Address : P.O. Box 3229

: Sundumbili

: Mandeni

: 4491

Residential Address : Majuba Reserve

: Sundumbili

: Mandeni

: 4491

Contact Number : 063-****-***

Nationality : South African

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Single

Health : Excellent

Criminal Record : None

Drivers License : Code 14 with DGP Permit

Home Language : IsiZulu

Other Language : English and Xhosa

Hobbies : Soccer, Reading and Socializing

Passport : Yes

Email Address :


Last school Attended : Udumo Senior Secondary School

Highest Grade Passed : Grade 12

Year Obtained : 2004

Subjects Passed : IsiZulu

: English

: Accounting

: Economics

: Business Management


Name of Institution : Thuthukani Security Training Centre

Course of Study : Security Officer

Level : Grade C/ Psira Certificate

Name of Institution : Galilee Training and Development

Corse of Study : First Aider

Level : One

Name of Institution : Projects Safety

Course : Health and Safety Representative

Level : Certificate

Name of Institution : Projects Safety

Course : Fire Fighting

Level : One

Name of Institution : Professional Driver Training Academy cc

Course : Dangerous Goods

Level : Certificate


Name of Company : Thofo Construction

Position Held : Store man

Duration : From 08 January 2005 Till 31 May 2005

Duties : I was responsible for all building material & tools in the shed to safe keep them at all the time. I was in charge of filling the workers register and making sure that after work all tools are back

and are cleaned.

Reason for Leaving : Job Completed

Name of Company : Fidelity Security Services

Position Held : Weighbridge Attendant

Duration : From 09 January 2007 Till 15 August 2007

Duties : I was responsible for capturing all information regarding of everything that’s entering in the

Company and that’s leaving the site via transport e.g. Raw material that was coming in and

Production (Paper Reels) that was going to the customers etc.

Reason for Leaving : Contract Terminated

Name of Company : House of Paints

Position Held : Code Ten Driver/Massager

Duration : From 25 November 2007 Till 19 November 2010

Duties : It was my responsible for filling the pre-inspection checklist before and after using the vehicle,

checking that the vehicle license disc is still valid and that the vehicle is road worthy, handing all

the slips to the supervisor an e.g. fuel & toll road slips .I was also reliable for making sure that

deliveries are done in time to the customers.

Reason for Leaving : Retrenched

Name of Company : Interwaste Pty (Ltd)

Position Held : Truck Assistant

Duration : From 01 January 2013 till 31 December 2013

Duties : I had to make sure that the truck is clean, the net for covering the waste bin when we are doing

collections to the customers is in the truck, guiding the driver when he is reversing out of the

company, also responsible for operating the PTO to lift, dropping or tipping of the bin.

Reason for Leaving : Retrenched

Name of Company : Interwaste Pty (Ltd)

Position Held : Code 14 Driver/ Truck Driver

Duration : From 27 January 2014 till 12 May 2016

Duties : Pre inspecting the truck, filling the drivers daysheet, keeping the truck clean, making sure that I

use the correct truck for specific bin for example: we’ve got a roll-on truck that lift tanker bin and

the 30 cubic meter bin or as per customer request, handing all paper work to the office,lastly I

like to keep my company name shinning into our clients by rendering the best service to them.

Reason for Leaving : Contract Expired


Name of Person : Miss Lily Mzimela

Position Held : Clerk (Thofo Construction)

Contact Number : 072-***-****

Name of Person : Mr. J Mzimela

Position Held : Inspector (Fidelity Security Services)

Contact Number : 082-***-****

Name of Person : Mr. BT Maphumulo

Position Held : Manager (House of Paints)

Contact Number : 078-***-****

Name of Person : Miss Marcia Mzimela

Position Held : Director (Izwilethemba Construction)

Contact Number : 072-***-****

Name of Person : Mr. NV Mkhize

Position Held : Depot Controller (Interwaste Pty Ltd)

Contact Number : 071-***-****

Name of Person : Mr. Mbongeni Ntuli

Position Held : On site Supervisor (Interwaste Pty Ltd)

Contact Number : 071-***-****

Office Number : 031-***-****

Email :

Name of Person : Mr. Bruce Kannigadu

Position Held : Controller ( Interwaste Pty Ltd )

Contact Number : 084-***-****

Office Number : 031-***-****

Fax to Email : 086-***-****

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