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Design Engineering

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
February 08, 2018

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St. Johns Florida, *****


QUALIFICATIONS: Over 33 years as a Sr. SolidWorks/AutoCAD/CREO Designer utilizing engineering abilities and skills obtained from education and work experience and applying them to project responsibilities and requirements, working independently or as a cooperative team member in the design of machinery and mechanical equipment, including any hydraulic and pneumatic requirements, along with process piping and HVAC requirements as well as on-site support for machine and/or equipment installation.


ALION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: (Aug. 2017-Current as Contractor)

SR. DESIGNER: Responsible for designing, detailing and updating CREO assemblies, details and drawings for NAVAIR modifications and upgrades required to fleet requests. Changes for component rack mounting, supporting and anchoring completed using 3D software and AutoCAD 2014.

ABCO AUTOMATION: (Nov. 2016-Current as Contractor)

SR. DESIGNER: Responsible for designing and detailing commercial/industrial robotic components and machinery including, (but not limited to) product specific conveyors, support structures, lift systems, inspection and dust collecting "Tunnels" and Guards of sheet metal design, product centering or guiding fixtures and mechanisms using SolidWorks 2016/2017 and DraftSight to create parts, assemblies and drawings for fabrication, shop assembly and installation. Designs and fabrication details held to industry and internal precision tolerances utilizing GD&T. File management using EPDM Vault.

GE OIL & GAS: (Contractor)(Nov. 2015-Oct. 2016)

SR. DESIGNER: Responsible for designing and detailing commercial/industrial control valve units using SolidWorks 2014 and AutoCAD 2009.

Detail and design parts, assemblies, schematics and creating drawings for fabrication, shop assembly and installation. Parts and fabrication details held to industry and internal tolerances utilizing GD&T. Construct customer drawings and BOM's using the "SAP" and EPDM vault formats.

STELLAR ENERGY: (Contractor) (March 2015-Nov. 2015)

SR. DESIGNER: Responsible for designing and detailing commercial/industrial chiller and cooling units, using Bentley Plant and AutoCAD 2012.

Detail and design modules for housing pumps, chillers, heat exchangers and electrical equipment, creating drawings for fabrication and structural assemblies and accurately calculate shipping weights and dimensions.

FOX EQUIPMENT: (March 2014-Nov.2014)

SR. DESIGNER: Responsible for designing and detailing industrial damper systems containing large stack dampers, louver and wafer dampers and expansion joints using SolidWorks 2014 and AutoCAD 2012. Redesign or improve existing vent damper operating systems using different materials, less materials for reducing costs.

JEDSON ENGINEERING: (Contractor) (June 2012-Aug. 2013)

SR. DESIGNER: Develop complex engineering piping drawings utilizing a solid level of understanding within the piping discipline. Designing and detailing pipe layouts, Iso’s, ortho’s, including supports, hangers, etc, from new or existing P&ID’s and field measurements. Prepare designs and drawings using project specifications and associated written and verbal instructions in accordance with established design practices, standards, and procedures. Perform design calculations to support the overall project design where applicable. Review vendor documents for accuracy and use that information in design. Assist in design and detail of pipe support towers and ventilation systems for pulp and paper mills, machine guards, catwalk bridges, machine modifications using SolidWorks 2012 and general plant layout updates or additions using AutoCAD 2012.

MOFFITT CORPORATION: (March 2011-May 2012)

SR. DESIGNER: Responsible for designing and detailing industrial ventilation systems containing large roof vents, wall louvers, (fixed as well as adjustable), wall fans and roof labyrinths using SolidWorks 2012 and AutoCAD. Redesign or improve existing vent damper operating systems using different materials, less materials or reducing costs. Designs or improvements are verified and confirmed in analysis with a computational fluid dynamics software, CFD/AutoDesk Simulation program.

ROSENBLAD DESIGN GROUP: (March 2009-March 2011)

SR. DESIGNER: Design and detail Evaporator equipment for the paper mill industry, including any interconnecting piping and large diameter ductwork, using SolidWorks 2010. Solve fabrication and assembly issues in the shop. Adhering to any and all OSHA and/or client regulations regarding safety of access to equipment and design of platforms, stairs and ladders. P & ID drawing creation and modification, requiring updating or creating piping Iso’s, standard layouts and schematics with AutoCAD.

WALT DISNEY WORLD: (Contractor) (June 2008-Feb. 2009)

SR. DESIGNER: Ride and Show Engineering Group, working with engineering staff and park engineers to design ride upgrades, including mechanical ride components, safety features, physical attributes and appearances and improvements to ride “ADA” requirements and accessibility. All equipment redesigns and modifications also entailed any necessary field verifications of dimensional restraints and clearances, including safety compliances. All designs were completed using SolidWorks 2007 and AutoCAD 2007, adhering to ANSI Y14.5 GD&T specifications. Hydraulic and pneumatic requirements were also evaluated to accommodate the new modifications.

TECHNICAL ASSOCIATES: (Nov. 2005-May 2008)

CONSTRUCTION MANAGER/ SR. DESIGNER: Oversee site development and construction for the telecom industry. Utilize experience to coordinate with general contractors to have projects completed per customers’ specifications and adhere to local, state and any federal regulations that may apply, and to assure completion according to schedule and budget. Use computer skills in Word & Excel to set, create and track project progress. Work with Project Managers to make and maintain construction and equipment delivery schedules, as well as progress reporting from the field on project status. Also responsible for the design and layout of telecom sites, equipment platforms and mounting skids using AutoCAD 2004.

LOAD KING INDUSTRIES: (Contractor) (Jan. 2005-Nov..2005)

SR. DESIGNER: Provide Sales Dept support with selection and design of merchandizing fixtures and cabinetry for retailers. Design or redesign modules (Kiosk sections) using SolidWorks 2006 and AutoCAD 2004, creating accurate 3D models and detail drawings for fabrication and assembly.

POWELL’S CUSTOM METAL: (July 2001-Dec. 2004)

LEAD DRAFTSMAN: Duties include custom design and detail of commercial and residential safety railing, security and ornamental fencing, manual and automatic gates. Detailing of miscellaneous structural items, such as elevator beams, canopy support beams, maintenance platforms and machine support frames utilizing AutoCAD 2002.


LEAD DESIGNER/DETAILER: Responsible for AutoCAD R13 & R14 design drawings of machines, mechanisms, including any hydraulic and pneumatic requirements, along with basic engineering calculations for Processing/Galvanizing Lines. Design & Draw equipment foundation outlines and furnishes anchor bolt schedules. Provide designers and detailers with supervisory and technical support for various projects. Assist with the design and detail of ductwork and support steel structures for that ductwork. AutoCAD design drawings of machines, mechanisms, adhering to ANSI Y14.5 GD&T requirements and using basic engineering calculations for new or existinging Processing/Galvanizing Lines. Design equipment or machine sections to replace or retrofit onto standing mill machinery. Detail portions or entire machines complete with Bills of Materials. Inspect machinery fabrication, machining, aligning, testing and supervise equipment installation at project site location.


DESIGNER/DETAILER: Design and detail machines and machine parts, including any hydraulic and pneumatic requirements, for various steel and aluminum rolling mills using AutoCAD R12 and board skills. Redesign equipment for re-manufacturing of existing equipment lines. Solve design and manufacturing problems on related equipment. Perform basic calculations on designs. Check and design details of machine parts. Prepare purchase requisition from Bills of Material.


ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN: Design new machines for paper and diaper mill prototypes. Update existing machines by redesign. Inspect fabrication and supervise installation of machines or renovations. Designer, HVAC Group. Design special HVAC systems for new product mills or rework existing HVAC to upgrade the system. Design motor cooling and ventilation systems. Design and inspect new piping and HVAC systems related to machine update.

Degree(s): Associates in Specialized Technology, Associate in CAD Drafting & SolidWorks Certification

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