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Java Software

Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
February 09, 2018

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Rogers, Ar Mobile: 510-***-**** Email:

Completing Masters of Science in Software Engineering from Loyola University Chicago, I had extensive learning and hands on opportunity on various languages like java, C#, Object Oriented Programming, Data Base programing. I love building new thing starting from conceptualizing it on a piece of paper or whiteboard and eventually transforming into something which is valuable professionally. Being an excellent team player, self-motivated individual, I am always optimistic in overcoming every difficulty that appears in my way and love to be in a work driven atmosphere.

Date of Graduation: 05/2017



Well versed with creating visual diagrams using white boarding and MS tools, UML, ER diagrams to derive functional and technical specifications with different stakeholders.

In-depth knowledge of system analysis, requirement gathering, software design and development overarching complete SDLC.

Extensive knowledge in understanding the structure, policies, and operations of an organization.

Designed and developed several projects using Java, Android development, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, My SQL, Material Designing, Intrusion Detection.

Experienced in managing processes and documents to make more efficient system mappings.

Exposure to agile methodology, stand-up meetings, review meetings, retrospective discussions, sprint and formal and informal demos.

Key contributor towards innovative ideas for process improvements and recommendation for best


Excellent Analytical, Communication skills and Leadership qualities for working in a global team environment.


1) Monster Game:

The game was created using core java and object-oriented concepts.

At each level monsters needed to be killed to move to the next level. Number of monsters to be killed increased with each level. Monsters appeared randomly on screen in either protected or vulnerable state and needed to be touched to kill.

Maintaining the grid for fixed number of monsters appearing in each level was challenging.

The state of the application was preserved during screen rotation.

2) Database project - The Mega Mart

Using this website users could rent spaces for various purposes.

Designed database and the tables in it and created DDL to populate them.

Connected the database to the website Using PHP programming and built necessary queries to extract and display search results.

3) Myco-Security:

We were given a situation where a company had undergone serious security breach. We had to identify what went wrong and the find the best way to handle the situation.

The proposed solution included a redesigned infrastructure, outsourcing of web-services, repositioning and incorporating more firewalls among others to tackle vulnerabilities.

4) WANDER-LUST – A travel website

Designed using HTML, CSS and Java-script.

The website had a search bar to receive input of what the user wished to see and displayed matching results.

Implemented using Google Maps, Places and Weather API. We also used J-query and JSON.

2) Drawing Shapes:

Created different shapes using designs and pattern principles like visitor, decorator, adapter and factory.

The main challenge was to code using these principles recursively to create complex shapes.

3) Built the Connect Four Game:

This was built using Java.

Applied Agile Principles and methodologies.

Followed a TDD (Test Driven Development) approach.

Technical skills: Java, C-sharp, Object oriented programming, Network Security, MY SQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, Agile Software Development, Intrusion Detection, Interface designing, Data structures, Algorithms.

Platforms used: Eclipse, Xamarin, Android-Studio, Comodo, WAMP stack,

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