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pharmacist - clinical pharmacist

Doha, Doha, Qatar
February 07, 2018

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Personal information:

Name: Mostafa Amin Mohammed Mahmoud Eisa

date of birth: 5/3/1992

Nationality: Egyptian

Telephone: 002***********


Qatar residence permit

Place of birth: Egypt

Sex: Male.

Marital status: Married

Vacant position: pharmacist - clinical pharmacist - hospital pharmacist Education:

Bachelor of clinical pharmacy Mansoura University + 100 hours clinical training Grade 85.93 %

Pharm D degree (post-graduate pharm D degree ) Tanta University Experience & training

25 months experience as hospital pharmacist & clinical pharmacist:

Hospital pharmacist from September 2014 to October 2015 in central hospital

Clinical pharmacist from November 2015 till now in central hospital

Responsible for drug information center

Responsible for drug monitoring center

100 credit hour of clinical training

2 months training in Oncology Center Mansoura university Practice:

Assess the status of the patient’s health problems and determine whether the prescribed medications are optimally meeting the patient’s needs and goals of care.

Evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of the patient’s medications.

Recognize untreated health problems that could be improved or resolved with appropriate medication therapy.

Follow the patient’s progress to determine the effects of the patient’s medications on his or her health.

Consult with the patient’s physicians and other health care providers in selecting the medication therapy that best meets the patient’s needs and contributes effectively to the overall therapy goals.

Advise the patient on how to best take his or her medications.

Support the health care team’s efforts to educate the patient on other important steps to improve or maintain health, such as exercise, diet, and preventive steps like immunization.

Refer the patient to his or her physician or other health professionals to address specific health, wellness, or social services concerns as they arise.

Provide a consistent process of patient care that ensures the appropriateness, effectiveness, and safety of the patient’s medication use.

Consult with the patient’s physician(s) and other health care provider(s) to develop and implement a medication plan that can meet the overall goals of patient care established by the health care team.

Apply specialized knowledge of the scientific and clinical use of medications, including medication action, dosing, adverse effects, and drug interactions, in performing their patient care activities in collaboration with other members of the health care team.

Solve health problems through the rational use of medications.

Rely on their professional relationships with patients to tailor their advice to best meet individual patient needs and desires.

Interfere in case of drug - drug interaction, drug – food interaction & drug – disease interaction.

Reviewing and providing assistance with patients on multiple medications

(polypharmacy) to help to simplify medication regimens.

Providing critical input on medication use and dosing.

Working with patients to solve problems with their medications and improve adherence.

Consulting with primary care team members about medication-related issues.

Pharmacoeconomics principles & cost benefits safety rules

Effect of renal impairment in drug excretion.

Interfering with lab data of patient & interaction with drugs. Seminars:

Sharing blood donation campaigns 2012 & 2013.

Sharing "145" Diabetes campaign 2011.

Sharing Anti-tobacco campaign.

Attendance of pharma lounge training program 20 October 2016 Skills:

Clinical pharmacy

Clinical research


Communication skills

Hospital pharmacy & drug mixing

Infectious disease



Patient history .

Clinical pharmacology & pharmacotherapy.

Clinical trials.


Direct patient care.

Community pharmacy.


Drug information.

Drug interactions.

Dispensing drugs.

Avoiding of side effects.

Contraindications of drugs.

pharmacy practice.

Language skills:

Arabic: native

English: very good

France: poor

Computer skills:




Movie maker

Communication skills:

Listening skills, verbal, nonverbal communication skills, clarity, Concision, confidence

& open-Mindedness during dispensing drug, listening to patients, providing medical advice to patients & dealing with patients.

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