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Account Receivable

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
February 08, 2018

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Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Fared

Address: * ***** ***** ***** **, Cairo, Egypt Date of Birth: 12 /07 / 1986 Mobile: 010******** - 012******** Military service: Postpone E-mail: Phone: 022*******


Preparing for PFA (professional financial accountants)

Bachelor Degree May 2008 from-Faculty of Commerce, Ain shams university, Major: Accounting.

Work Experience:

1-Corex services limited company.

Work Period: Since 1/12/2009 Till now.

Job Title: Accountant Receivable & Banking.

Job Description:

1- Assist upper management in calculating the rebates and bonus % Scheme for each customer.

2- Preparation of Cash Flow Analysis.

3- Calculate and prepare invoices, follow up Accounts Receivable, reconcile monthly accounts receivable and Prepare and discuss Aged Debtors Report.

4- Analytical review of balance sheet & income statement before trial balance submission.

5- Responsible for closing activities and making sure records are matching Accounting standards

6- Recording and sorting the prepayments & Accruals Accounts.

7- Report to the Accounting Manger, financial controller and Directors.

8- Review invoices listed prices.

9-Prepare journal entries and reconcile general ledger.

10- Recording and sorting the prepayments & Accruals Accounts.

11- All transactions of the bank (1-letters of guarantee (follow up its status)

2-chq is acceptable payment and deposit of chq, chq cashing)

3-Bank reconciliation

4- Bank Statement and the cash to cover the over draft & loans payment.

12- Using Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP System

2-Technopharma Company (Delmar & Attalla pharmacy)

Work Period : Since 1/07/2008 to 30/11/2009

Job Title: Accountant Receivable /Payable

Job description:

A/P Accountant:

1.Responsible for represents an entity's obligation to pay off a short-term debt to its creditors.

2.Responsible for making payments owed by the company to suppliers and other creditors using softech system.

3.Make the journal entries.

A/R Accountant:

1.Build up strong business partnership with sales team to support Sales performance.

2.Responsible for issue litter of guarantee and follow up it’s status

3.Reconcile Company's banks against books.


1- Acquired basic business skills including sales, Banking accounting, trading on line system, internal auditor using ( Microsoft Navision).

2- Accountant in " United International Company " from July 2006 to Sep. 2006.

3- Sales Representative in " RADIOSHACK company " from July.2005 to Nov . 2005.

4- Training in Alarabia financial consultants (Data entry).

Skills and personal traits:

Very good command in both written and spoken English(Pass level 8 in '' The armed forces Language Institute'')

Proficient User of Microsoft platform windows and applications ( Windows Xp, Vista, W 7 and office versions up to 2007 ) also a professional user of internet application + ICDL .

Finished part 1&2 on SAP (Specialized program Accounting).

Ability to work under tremendous pressure, solely and in groups.

Ability to lead groups according to my personal Charisma and experience.

Human development:

10 keys of success (By Dr. Ibrahim El-Fiky).

How to control your emotions (By Dr.Ibrahim El-Fiky).

Communication skills.

Time management.

Creative thinking.

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