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C#, SQL, .NET Software Developer & Programmer Analyst

George Town, George Town, Cayman Islands
February 08, 2018

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Ryan ( Hathaway) N kanginieme P aumier

Programmer A nalyst

Bodden T own, C ayman I slands U S: 330-***-****


Software D eveloper w ith o ver 1 0 y ears o f e xperience a nalyzing d ata o n a ll M S W indows a nd Linux o perating s ystems. E xpertise i n t he e valuation a nd d evelopment o f s ystems a nd s oftware to f it c lients’ s pecific n eeds. S olid b ackground i n i nformation t echnology, i ncluding e xpertise i n database a pplications a nd i ndustry s tandard p rogramming l anguages. E xceptional troubleshooting, t raining, d ocumentation, a nd c ustomer s ervice s kills. Programming L anguages a nd S kills

● ASP.NET ● C# ● Database D esign ● JSON

● LaTeX ● Linux ● Oracle P L/SQL ● SQL

● Subversion ● Web A PI 2 ● Web S ervices ● Data m odeling Experience

Oct. 2 007 - J an. 2 016 Analyst P rogrammer Stark C ounty A uditor ( Canton, O hio)

Analyzed, p lanned, d esigned, d eveloped, a nd m aintained information s ystems. E stablished a nd i mplemented n ew a nd upgraded s ystems a nd p rograms. P rovided s upport a nd e nsured issues w ere p rioritized a nd r esolved o r e scalated. S upported m any successful d evelopment a nd s upport p rojects f or i nternal a nd external c lients. P roven w illingness t o l earn a nd u tilize n ew methodologies a nd t echnologies a nd s pread k nowledge w ith p eers. Key p roponent i n p romoting t he d epartment b eyond t he w aterfall methodology a nd t owards t he a doption o f a gile m ethodology.

● Generated a nd m aintained t he I nteractive E lection R esults

(IER) a pplication f or S tark C ounty b y u tilizing t echniques t o increase i ts r esiliency a nd a vailability t o t he p ublic.

● Provided s upport t o c lient c ompanies a nd e nd-users i n t he USA a nd C anada.

● Managed a nd S upported t he I T n eeded f or a P ublic R eview

(PR) o utreach p roject b y w riting w eb a pplications f or t he Auditor s o t he p ublic c ould l ook u p t heir p roperty t ax information a nd s tart a f ormal p rocess t o r equest a r eview o f their p roperty's i nformation t ax a ccuracy. L anguages u sed for a pplication i ncluded C A, O racle, a nd L ATEX. Saved t housands o f d ollars o n t he > $60,000 o f o utreach m ail associated w ith t his p roject w ith a c ombination o f t echniques.

● Worked w ith a t eam t o c reate t he A CS P AYMENT SPLITTER ( APS) a pplication w hich e nabled S tark C ounty Auditor s taff t o e nter p ayment i nformation m ore a ccurately and e fficiently.

● Created t he D aily T ransfer S heet ( DTS) a pplication f or t he transfer s taff o f t he A uditor’s o ffice i n o rder t o h elp t hem t rack finances a nd p revent f raud a nd a buse.

● Developed t he A CS C AUV S oil U pdater ( ACSU) u sing C # and O racle f or t he S tark C ounty A uditor’s C urrent Agricultural U se V aluation d epartment.

● Programmed t he A CS C ustom R esult S et G enerator

(ACRSG) f or t he A uditor/IT s taff t o a llow s taff t o m ore e asily interface w ith d esired r ecords i n A CS L RM A pplications.

● Developed t he S tark C ounty C oroner C ase M anagement System t o h elp t he C oroner’s s taff m anage t heir d aily w ork and m eet a ll l egal o bligations m ore e fficiently.

● Upgraded m any a pplications f rom A SP.NET 3 .5 t o 4 .5.2.

● Worked d irectly w ith t he C hief D eputy A uditor t o c ompute and a nalyze d ata a nd a djust r eal e state v aluation a lgorithms and a djustment f actors t o e nsure t he e ntire c ounty’s 19B Market) r eal e state t ax b asis d ata w ere u pdated i n a f air, accurate, a nd u niform m anner t o e xceed t he s tandards required b y t he S tate o f O hio T riennial U pdate ( ORC 5 713) and t he D epartment o f T ax E qualization ( Ohio D TE). Mar. 2 005 - A ug. 2 007 Production I T S ystems S upport P rofessional ASC I ndustries, I nc. ( North C anton, O hio) Administrated W indows d esktops a nd s ervers, n etwork, a nd o ther hardware f or a f actory/warehouse e nvironment.

● Drastically r educed W indows r einstallations b y t ransitioning many W indows P Cs a way f rom l ocal a dministrator l ogin accounts.

● Part o f r esponse t eam t hat s upported a ll I T a spects o f a corporate m erger. R ewrote p ortions o f e xisting R eturn Goods A uthorization ( RGA) A pplication u sing c lassic A SP and S QL S erver d atabase s tored p rocedures.

● Worked w ith e xternal s oftware v endors a nd c onsultants.

● Wrote s oftware u tilities s uch a s M aterial H andler O pen B ins.

● Created s cripts t o a utomate m any r outine w orkloads.

● Supported m any s pecialty b arcode p rinters a nd s canners.

● Supported m any s pecialty m obile c omputers. Education

1999 - 2 004 B.S. i n C omputer S cience a nd E ngineering University O f T oledo, c um l aude

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